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Looking for info on ancestors and descendants of Samuel J. SELLERS. He was
born abt 1793 in Town Creek, Brunswick County, NC. He died between 1890 and
1900. I believe he had two wives: Nancy Ann and Druscilla.

Any info on this line would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

Sherry Cornwell

Mailed All Brunsewick Info on Census =- No response or Connection, msh

 Thomas A. SELLERS was born 1826 in Brunswick
County and married to Charity ROBBINS. Charity was born 1824 and died 1902. Who are
Charity's parents? Thomas and Charity had four children: James Benjamin, George W., Arthur P.,
and William R. Would like to know when and where Thomas died.

Samuel J. Sellers was married to Nancy Ann and Druscilla. Samuel was born abt 1793 in Brunswick
County, NC.

Any help on the SELLERS would be greatly appreciated.

SHERRY, we do need work on these BRUNSWICK CO, NC families = 

MAYBE, if more people can connect a child ?? 
WENT to same area?
RELATION living with same in later census?
HISTORY relating to same?

SHERRY - send what you have - will try and link to counties/townships if
marriages and WHERE children went  =
AND will keep adding to NC - 

marie, iowa

        Erin Bibles
        Sun, 15 Nov 1998 20:21:53 EST

I was wondering if either one of you could give me Erin Bibles email
I have misplaced it and I was trying to send her a Sellers gedcom. I would
appreciate any help you could give me.