Family of William Lewis Sellers, Cleveland and Kansas City

                      "Shelley Aley" <>
I am looking for information on the family of my father, William Lewis
Sellers, who died in Kansas City, Missouri in September of 1969.  I only
met him once and am doing some work on the family line.  He was originally
from Cleveland, Ohio.
His father was named Lewis Sellers and his mother
was Lillian Zornow Sellers.
Lewis and Lillian had eight children, four
boys and four girls. 
One of my father's brothers was named Clarence and
another was named Gene, who may have lived in California. 
I have no
knowledge of how to get in touch with any of these Sellers or their
relatives.  My father also had a daughter by a second marriage.  I do not
know how to get in touch with her.  Can anyone researching Sellers help me
find the information I need?
Shelley Sellers Aley
Forsyth, Missouri

Does anybody have information about William James Zollars who was married
Dec. 25, 1861 in Coshocton Co., Ohio, to Rachel Gardner?  William's
father's name is John H. Zollars.  He was born Oct. 28, 1814 in
Pennsylvania.  They were of German descent.  William James and Rachel
Zollars lived in Henry Co., Ohio.  They had four children that we know of:
Laura (b.1868), Jennie (b.?) who married a Carver, Charles (who remained
single), and Sarah Ella (b. 1882).  Laura Zollars married John Henry Shelt
on June 6, 1886.  She died in August of 1935.  They had 13 children!  

If anyone knows about these Zollars back from John H. Zollars, we would
appreciate the information.