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  My name is Sheila Sellers Burks and I am a new subscriber to the Sellers
list.  I am connected to the Sellers family of Pike County AL through
George Michael Sellers, son of Julius Sellers (1813-1895) and Elizabeth
S. Reeves.

George Michael "Coot" Sellers was born 15 June 1855 in Pike County AL.
He married Elizabeth Madison there and my grandfather, James William
Sellers, was born 13 June 1877 in Banks.  George and Elizabeth Madison
Seller also had 4 other children, Jess, Carrie Elizabeth, Mable and
Mattie Lou.  About 1885 they left Pike County and migrated to Wood
County in East TExas.  George Michael Sellers died JUne 22, 1918 and is
buried in the Hopewell Cemetery in Wood County, Texas.

James William Sellers (1877-1962) met Clemmie Browning whose family had
also come to East Texas from Pike County just before the turn of the
century.  They married on Sept. 21, 1902.  Seven children were born to
this union including my father, James William "JW" Sellers.

I am attempting to identify descendants of George and Elizabeth Madison
Sellers and to gather information about this branch of the Sellers

SHEILA  - Thank You - We have several working on the PIKE CO, AL SELLERS -
It helps to know where the kids went, so we can follow them and know which
SELLERS are where.
Then we can link the state/county to You and people can contact you -
probably receive letters from these Pike Co SELLERS to help you. We put
info at=
you can follow the links on your page to others, etc. marie, iowa