sharon schmidt

  I stumbled across your Sellers Family page and have a question for you.
Actually, after looking at the messages I think that I may have solved my
own mystery.  However, being the Sellers 'expert' I would appreciate any
input you may have.

I am a descendant of Shite (his name according to census records) and
Susannah Sellers listed in the Henry Co. Alabama 1860 census.  "Shite" is
listed in the 1850 Henry Co census as S.W. Sellers.  I assume he died
sometime between 1860-1870, as Susan Sellers is listed as the head of
household in teh 1870 census.

Since discovering that S.W. Sellers was my ggg-grandfather several years
ago I have attempted to locate his parents (at least father) with no luck.
According to census records, S.W. is from N.C. and was born abt. 1825.
looking at the Sellers that located to Henry Co, AL, I assumed they must
related somehow.  I even thought that Mathew MUST be his father!  But had
no proof as the name Shite doesn't seem to exist except in the 1850 Henry
Co census.

Then, tonight, as I was looking through all the Sellers names I had a
thought!  Maybe his name wasn't Shite.  Maybe the census enumerator
he heard Shite - maybe he (my ggg-gf) said S. Wright!  I noticed that
Mathew and Jane has a son named Wright that appears to be born after Rufus
D. (another Henry Co transplant) which would be about right with regard to
the ages.  Also, S.W.'s oldest son named one of his children Wright C.

I guess you can tell I'm a little perplexed as to the origin of "Shite"
Sellers.   My questions to you are:  Other than the mention of Shite in
Henry Co census have you heard of him?  What ever became of Wright
Mathew and Jane's son?  If you have him listed with wife and family then
I'm definately wrong.  However, if you have nothing on Wright maybe I'm

Thanks for letting me share this with you.  I appreciate ANY help you can
give me.  Also, I went ahead and signed up on the Sellers e-mail list.

Sharon Schmidt

S.W. Sellers married Susanna (Susan) b. c. 1825 S.C. (according to census
records)  I have record of six children
child 1.  Misoura A. Sellers (f) b.c. 1848 AL (no other information)
child 2. John Hamilton Sellers b. 11/18/1850 AL d. 10/15/1923 (Lived in
Cottonwood, AL)
        m.  Caroline V. Granger  on 11/3/1873
        child: John Hamilton Sellers, jr.  b. c. 1874 AL
                m. Nancy J. ? b.c. 1871
                child: Iva Lee b.c. 1902
                child: Corrine b.c.1905
                child: Mattie V.  b.c.1907
        child: Lilla V. Sellers b. 9/4/1875 d. 4/8/1950
                m. William H. Merritt in 1895
                child: Little Hamp Merritt b. 3/17/1896 d. 8/14/1911
                child: Gifford H. Merritt b.c.1898
                child: Rachel C. Merritt b.c. 1900
                child: Carabelle Merritt b.c. 1902
                child: Anton E. Merritt b.c. 1904
                        m. Lora ?
                        child: Lonell
                        child: Elizabeth b.c.1936
        child:  Wright C. Sellers b.c. 1877
        child:  Ola (f) Sellers b.c. 1878
        child:  Arner D. Sellers b. 11/26/1878 d. 6/25/1962
        child:  Flora Sellers b.1879
        child:  Tempy Sellers b. 3/9/1880 d. 1/22/1962
        child:  Clarence Crofton Sellers b. 2/3/1882 d. 7/3/1938
        child:  Willie Sellers b. 1/24/1884 d. 1/29/1968 m. Balkom
        child:  Otis A. Sellers b. 6/5/1885 d. 11/13/1957 m. Ruby L. ?
        child:  Hilton Addison Sellers b. 9/6/1887 d. 4/19/1976
        child:  Haisten Linden Sellers b. 6/15/1891 d. 4/24/1975
        child:  Jester Durrell Sellers b. 6/15/1895 d. 4/11/1971
child 3: James Wilburn Sellers b.c. 1855 AL     (Don't have any info on
other than this)
child 4: Andrew Jackson Sellers b. 3/14/1858 AL d. 6/28/1919 (Lived in
Cottonwood, AL)
        m. Mary Alice Granger in 1882
        child: Infant
        child: Martha Suzanna Sellers b. 7/20/1888 d. 1/13/1973 (Lived in
Cottonwood, AL)
        m. John Franklin Bradberry on 8/21/1910
                child: Gladys Mae Bradberry b. 10/09/1911 d. 7/24/1952 m.
                child: Myrtice B Bradberry b. 11/06/1913 d. 04/17/1991
(Lived in
Cottonwood, AL)
                m. William Talmadge Frank Meadows on
                        child: Virginia Ann Meadows (Moved to Maryland,
now in Florida)
                        m. Kenneth J. Gallagher on 11/24/1954
                                child: Stephen David Gallagher b.
ME >>>>>>>                      child: Sharon Denise Gallagher b.
8/21/1959 m. Schmidt
                                child: Richard Alan Gallagher b. 8/19/1961
m. Flickinger
        child: Robert Gatson Sellers b. 12/26/1891 d. 2/4/1976 m.
Henrietta Huff
        child: Alma Sellers b. 9/13/1893 d. 12/05/1958 m. Joe Bradberry
        child: Lorna Mae Sellers b. 4/21/1896 d. 6/17/1979 m. Hinson
        child: Erie Nelda Sellers b. 8/30/1898 d. 3/7/1983 m. Pynes
        child: Berlin (f) Sellers b. 1901 d. 1901
        child: Mamie Sellers b. 1904 d. 1905
        child: Burke Sellers b. 5/29/1905 d. 1/1992 m. Lonie ?
child 5: Nancy T. Sellers b.c. 1859 AL (Lived in Cottonwood)
child 6: Amanda L. Sellers b.c. 186? AL m. Langston (Lived in AL)