I'm tying to establish the connection between Dr. T.L. Sellers family and the

Peterson family. I understand 2 of Sellers daughters married into the

Peterson family and one of them may have been the first wife to my husband's

gt-grandfather Daniel Peterson. They had at least one child togehter Walker W.

Peteroson b. ca. 1883 GA.


I've wondered why Daniel's family lived in Monroe Co., AL for a period. And I

see that the Sellers family also lived there. It also ties in with the civil

war story I've been hearing about with the Dr.


If any one has information on the Seller - Peterson marriages, I would love

to hear from you.


Sharon Marks



Oct, 2003

Tammy Fraser []

Yes Martha Ann Priscilla Sellers married William

Peterson and lived in Holmes County, FLA, where they

are both buried.  Her sister Finetta Victory Liddie

Sellers (Dora) married Daniel Franklin Peterson, they

are both buried in Five Run Cemetary in Andalusia, AL.

They did have a son named Walker, I have his birthdate

as Feb. 1889.  Walker married Myrtle Roundtree and had

one child named Hershel, Walker then married again and

had a child named Myrtice and a child named Lois.

Does any of this information fit into your line?  If

so, I have more info. on this family.  T.L. was my



Tammy Fraser

Oct 2003

Thanks for the quick response. I have seen reference on the net to Finetta

Victory Liddie Sellers (Dora) married Daniel Franklin Peterson and some of the

names and places are similar, but the dates are off and my Daniel Andre

Peterson married a second time before 1894 to Emma Andrews "Pinkie" (dau. of Thomas &

Sarah Jane (Brownell) Andrews, b. 1870 FL). The family lived in both Monroe

County, AL and in Escamia County, FL. According to the 1900 census, Dan and

Emma raised their family in Pit.5.Kemville, Monroe County, Alabama. Dan worked

for the L&A Railroad as a section foreman and Walker W.  is is age 18, born in

1881 in Florida. He had been working as an RR laborer for two months at that



This is where I'm getting confused and hope you can help since you are in

Tomas Sellers line. I think there are 2 Daniel Petersons that married into the

Sellers familiy. Mine is Daniel Ander Peterson born 1860 Georgia.


I'm unsure as to who Daniel's first wife was, but my new found Peterson line

seems to believe that it was a Sellers. He definatly grew up in there

household and I would like to find out more about that. Daniel died Oct. 19, 1940 in

Escambia County, FL and is buried in Jordon Cemetery. There was always a story

in the family that he was adopted and that his father went into the civil war

for someone and was killed. I recently found a lost section of the Peterson

family and they had a similar story but had more details.


It was told to me that Molly Peterson Arrant told the following story: Mr.

Peterson's (1st name unknown) wife was a French woman who died shortly after

Daniel was born, leaving him with four children to tend to, one of which was a

baby. Now, Effie's sister had married a farmer by the name of Sellers who was

called into the army during the Civil War. Sellers was a financially secure

farmer, while Peterson was a struggling laborer with children to care for.

Peterson and Sellers agreed that he would go into the army in his place, if he would

take care of his children until he returned". (Any ideas as to which Sellers

married a French Woman? From what I've been hearing they came into port in



I found on the net that a Charlie Sellers in a 1975 interview said: "Now

grandpa was practicing medicine there out in Westville vicinity, Westville and

Caryville. And the people of the community got together and hired a man to go to

war in his place, so he could stay at home with the women and children, only

doctor there was for miles".


Patricia Sellers commented: "There was a Dr. Thomas Sellers in Westville,

Florida who got a call to the army. Since he was the only doctor in Westville,

the residents took up a collection of $150.00 and hired a man to go in the

doctor's place".


Molly Peterson Arrant went on to as that "Peterson was wounded in Atlanta and

released from the army, as was the custom. He made his way back to his

brother's place near Fort Gains, Georgia, and word was sent to his children. By the

time Dennis and William made their way back to their father, he had died.

Peterson's brother tried to persuade the boys to stay in Georgia, but they wanted

to go back to Florida where Matilda and Daniel were".


The 1860 census for Ponce De Leon, Holmes County, Florida we find Angus and

Malcolm living next to each other and listed as farmers. Angus Peterson, age

57, born North Carolina; Martha Peterson, age 45, born Georgia, domestic; George

Peterson, age 18, born Georgia; Jackson Peterson, age 14, born Georgia; Lucy

Peterson, age 9, born Alabama; Alex Peterson, age 7, born Alabama; Daniel

Peterson, age 4/12, born Florida. I'm personally wondering if this is my Daniel,

Angus is a name that has been handed down in the family.


In the 1870 census for Holmes County, Florida (post office: Miller) we find

Daniel Peterson at age 10, born Florida. He is living with Lydia A. Sellers,

age 40, born Alabama; (? Can't read name), age 30, born North Carolina (farm

Laborer); Sarah Sellers, age 26, born Alabama. Next door to them is Simeon

Sellers, age 43, born North Carolina (farmer); and Martha Sellers age 65, born North

Carolina. Patricia said that Liddie was the doctor's sister, and that Daniel

married Sellers. This maybe the first marriage and where Walter W. Peterson

comes in.


Our Aunt Emma talks about Walker Peterson as being a 1/2 brother to her

mother. He was born circa 1883 GA  and married a woman named Edna. The 1920 census,

Stapelton in Baldwin County, AL we found Walker listed as a laborer. We have

lost track where this section of the family.


As you can see I have a lot of pecies that almost fit together. Hope someone

out there can help straighten out how this whole connection works.