John Michael Sellers 1760 by Sherry

Marie and All,
I am really not certain how to proceed next, but perhaps I should review the children of John Michael Sellers, adding two that I think belong to the list and modifying two that I think need modifying.  As nearly everyone has noticed, there are problems with Catherine (Dillman) Sellers pension application. I will not go through all of the material, just that reflecting on the children. Catherine was deposed in 1853 when she was 90 years old, making her date of birth abt. 1763.  I do not believe that we have a date of death for her. She married John Michael Sellers, usually just listed as Michael, on 20 Dec. 1786 in Bourbon Co., KY. Michael died June 4, 1836 in Bracken Co., KY.  At the time of the deposition, she stated that she had been living with son Phillip since Michael's death, but she is not found in his household in Covington, Kenton Co., KY in the census of 1850, nor have I found her anywhere else. 
There were supposed to have been ten children, but only seven names are given, so we must assume that three are already dead. A William Lawler who was deposed stated that George was the eldest and nearly 70 years old and that Phillip was about 65, with  grandchildren about 15.  I believe that the record also states that George lives at Ripley, Brown Co., OH.  I cannot find this George Sellers in the 1850 census. 
There was a George Sellers living at Augusta, born abt. 1865 who seems to be 20 yrs. too old to be Michael's son, and a George A. Sellers who married a Ruth Sellers in 1841 who is about 10 years too young.  I believe Michael's son, George, was married to Ruth Fee and at least some of the Fee girls were born in the 1790's.  George Fee died in 1831 and his estate was settled about 1832/33, so his daughter Ruth was already married to Sellers by that time. Also, the Ruth Sellers who married George Sellers in 1841 was still bearing children around 1850, I think too late for any of the Fee girls.  There was a George Morford on the bond, and there are women named Ruth in that family, so maybe she was a widow? They turn up in Bracken Co. in 1850 and 1860 but Brown Co. OH in 1870, so perhaps this George, born abt. 1799 is related. I will leave the name George as Michael's eldest son, but I will not use George A. Sellers data, since it does not fit.  I do think he belongs to this family and may have been a cooper (like Richard Tibbles). 
Phillip's age seems to be correct, as in census records he seems to have been born about 1790.  A Richard Shockley stated that Catherine Perry , living Kenton Co., KY was the youngest and at least 35 years old.  Census records for her agree more or less, showing her birthdate about 1812.  The other living children are given as Michael in  Kenton Co., Henry in Bourbon Co. KY, Sarah McDonald of Augusta, Bracken Co. and Polly Shane of Bracken Co.  I have never found the latter two women, and I believe that they should be listed as Polly McDonald (McDaniel) and Sarah Shawhan.  Although it is a bit of a stretch, I have reason to favor Shawhan and might have found her in the census—not sure.  As already mentioned, Michael had ten children, and I want to add John Sellers who married Elizabeth Fee and Elizabeth Sellers who married George Washington McClanahan to the list. 
I want to emphasize that this list of the children of John Michael Sellers is my BEST GUESS at present and not completely proven and their ages also reflect some guesswork.  The first two cannot be children of Catherine Dillman. Tentative list of children of John Michael Sellers and spouses
1.  John Sellars b. abt 1782 m. Elizabeth Fee m. 08 Aug 1798 John Sellars and Michael Sellars, secs. William Jones attest to marriage bond, married by John King, father of bride, George Fee, consent. John Sellers died in 1833. (I am pretty sure of one son, John Jr., and think there are several more.)  I will provide a list of descendants that I think belong to this family.
2.  Polly Sellars b. abt. 1784 m. John McDonald/McDaniel 15 Mar 1800 John McDaniel and Michael Sellars, secs.  M. Marshall attest to marriage bond, married by Joseph Morris.  They had at least eight children, perhaps nine. The couple did live in Bracken Co. but are not in the 1850 census (or found thereafter). The children have been listed before and no descendants can contribute DNA, so I will skip them.  John McDaniel's brother, Benjamin, married Nancy (Ann) Fee a daughter of George Fee. 
3. George Sellers b. abt 1787/8 OR 1790's? may have had a previous marriage but probably m. Ruth Fee before 1831 (proved by George Fee's estate settlement of 1833 that she married a Sellers.)  From some of the sale records of Bracken Co., Henry Carter Sellers seems to be a son.  I think we have some data on him.
4. Philip Sellers m. Nancy Cooper 1809 Philip Sellers and Micajah Cooper, secs. S. D. Davidson attest to marriage bond (They had at least one child, Eliza, possibly a son George and maybe more.) Philip Sellers m. Keziah Green 09 Feb 1828 Philip Sellars and John Wilson, secs. Keziah Green her own consent—she is 22—John McDaniel witness to consent, married by J. M Blackerby John Wilson was a McDaniel in-law, and I believe Blackerby acted as Catherine (Dillman) Sellers' legal representative.  The couple had eight known children.  DO WE NEED A LIST OF MALE DESCENDANTS?  THINK WE HAVE AT LEAST ONE LINE OF DESCENT FROM ANDREW JACKSON SELLERS.
5.  Michael Sellers m. Caty Cowel/Cowell 27 Oct 1812 Michael Sellers and John Hill secs. Wm. T. Taliaferro attest to marriage bond, married by George Tarvin.  I have not found this family beyond the marriage (and I question the bride's surname—would like to see the bond). Assumed to be John Michael Sellers son. 6. Henry Sellers was supposed to have been living in Bourbon Co. in 1850.  I did not find him.  If he married very late, he could be the Henry Sellers who m. Amanda Sellers 28 Apr 1842 Henry Sellers and John Leatham, secs. John Payne attest to marriage bond, married by E. W. Simmons.
7. Elizabeth Sellers m. George Washington McClanahan 16 Jan 1820 Washington McClanahan and Michael Sellers, secs. John Colglazer attest to marriage bond, married by Jeremiah Lawson. While I did not look this family up again, I know that Elizabeth died before 1853.  The couple did have offspring, and I think a descendant is a member of the Sellers list.  The Michael Sellers on the bond and some McClanahan ties to my McDaniel family suggest that Elizabeth is a missing child.
8. Sarah Sellers.  If daughter Polly should be McDonald/McDaniel, then Sarah should be Shane.  I did find a Joseph Shawhon/Shawhan in Bracken Co. in 1850 with a wife named Sarah, but Shawhan records show Joseph m. 1st to Elizabeth Hellman or Hillman in Mason Co., KY in 1821 and 2nd to Sarah Nesbitt in Harrison Co. 23 Dec. 1825.  The childrens' ages in the 1850 census are 23, 20, 14, 9, 8. The gaps in their ages makes it possible that there was a third wife.  Unfortunately, I have no proof and the death records for two children who died in 1853 simply lists their mother as Sarah Shawhan.  A daughter, Sarah, married Ira Waters in 1857. Joseph Shawhan may not be the right spouse, but I do think the surname "Shawhan" is a good possibility.  The progenitors of the Dillman family are supposed to be Elias and Maria Catherine (Hielman) Dillman m. 1713 Illingen, Germany.  Notice that Joseph's first wife was a Hellman or Hillman.  I also found a Nesbitt/Byers marriage in early Bourbon Co.  There is also a Michael C. and Margaret (Nelson) Sellers living with David and Elizabeth Byer in 1850 Campbell KY.  Finally, there are the Byar/Tibbles marriages in Bracken.    
9.  Catherine Sellers b. abt 1814/18 m. John S. Perry (date and place unknown).  I found them in 1850 Covington Ward 2, Kenton KY with 5 children, 1860 Falmouth, Pendleton KY with 7 children, and 1870 Covington, Kenton KY with two children remaining in household.  I can copy, if needed but they are not candidates for DNA, and I think we may already have their names.
Finally, I think the only undisputed line from John Michael Sellers to the present are descendants of Philip Sellers and perhaps of George's son, Henry Carter Sellers. The only ones that can contribute to the DNA study are direct male descendants. Do we have info on them?
As stated in another note, I am going to provide information on John Sellers and Hannah Tibbles, as I believe that John Jr. was the son of John and Elizabeth (Fee) Sellers.  Their descendants also remained in Bracken Co. for many years and can probably be found. 

Note George Fee died in 1831.  His land was divided among his living children, including Nancy (Ann) Fee b. 1794 who m. Benjamin McDaniel b. 1787 (dates from a family Bible).  Ben and Nancy (Ann) had moved from Bracken Co., KY to OH and sold their land. Extract from Deed Bk. J, p. 247
10 Apr 1832
Benjamin McDaniel and Ann his wife sell to John Sellers, Jr. land that came to Ann McDaniel, Polly Holton, Sally Carter, Elizabeth Sellers, and Ruth Sellers children of George Fee.  (George's wife was deceased.)
Daughters of George Fee
Elizabeth m. John Sellers 1798
Polly (Mary) m. Tilly Holton 1803
Sally (Sarah) m. Henry Carter 1800
Ruth m. prob. George Sellers date unknown
Nancy (Ann) m. Benjamin McDaniel 1810
This dau may have been dead already
Rachel m. John Klingler 1808
I believe that John Sellers, Jr. who married Hannah Tibbles was the son of John Sellers, but he could have been a son of George Sellers. 
There is a tie to Philip Sellers family as follows:
John Sellers, Jr. married Hannah Tibbles
Two of Hannah Tibbles sisters married Lucas men.
Philip Sellers son, Andrew Jackson Sellers, married a Mary Jane Lucas
There are quite a few Holton connections, such as Alexander Holton m. Nancy Sellers 3 Sept 1829 with Alexander Holton and George Sellers Sr. on the bond
>From 1826, Bracken land and probate, Book H, p. 91
John Holton to Henry Carter Sellers, son of George, Henry cousin of John Holton, a horse $100 (same page) John Sellers, Sr. to John Sellers, Jr. furniture, livestock and crops $200
>From 1827, Book H, p. 207
John Sellers, Sr. to John Sellers, Jr.
Furniture, livestock, and crops
1832, Book J, p. 261
Holton Sellers to Samuel Poe, John and Eliz. Sellers, John and Hannah Sellers, George and Ruth Fee, and Mary Holton. (I copied this from a copy and think I must have mistyped "Fee" for "Sellers." Except for Samuel Poe (married Hook), all were relatives, I am sure.  John who married Hannah often ref. to as John, Jr.  After John Sr. died in 1833, that designation is dropped.
Need to write up family of John and Hannah (Tibbles) Sellers.  Will send in a day or two.


I can try to address your question of ages and birthplaces in another note, but believe me, it is a real swamp. John Michael is said to be much older than Catherine, and I accept that.  She was born around 1763 (90 yrs. old in 1853).  I assume that he was born no later than the early 1850's, prbably earlier to be considered much older.. Some think he may have been born in the 1740's.  I do not know.  He died in 1836, so in my mind, the 1740's is the early limit. There was a George Sellers in Bracken born about 1765 with a PA birthplace.  Since George is such a popular name in the family, could he be related?  John Michael's son should have been born abt. 1787/78, assuming that he was Catherine's eldest son and about 70 in 1853; however, the George Sellers born abt. 1799 who was in Bracken in 1850 and 1860 (and was a cooper) would seem to fit this family.  If he was a grandson--maybe son of John and Elizabeth (Fee) Sellers--it is possible.  On the other hand, he could be John Michael's son if the deposition informant was completely wrong regarding his age. George would also have had to have had two or three wives and two named Ruth. I do not know. This George was in Brown Co., OH in 1870, as was Henry C. Sellers and wife Amanda Sellers (her apparent maiden name).  He too was a cooper, and I assume that he is the proven son (from sale records) Henry Carter Sellers of George Sellers, son of John Michael.  He is young enough to be George of Brown Co.'s son.  I cannot ignore the coopers--Richard Tibbles, George Sellers, Henry C. Sellers, 
To throw another monkey wrench into the mix, Philip Sellers lists his birthplace as PA in the 1850 census. John Michael and Catherine were married in 1786 in Bourbon Co., KY.  Philip was born abt. 1790.  I cannot imagine that Catherine went back to PA for the birth, so again, there must be an error. The Dillmans were reportedly from Adams, Berks (and maybe Lancaster, PA).  I believe Michael was born in Germany, and as the application says, was raised in Lancaster.  Whether his family (or just Michael) made their way to VA, I do not know, but I assume they had some contact with other German PA families and perhaps knew one another in PA but were not in constant contact, especially during the war.  Catherine indeed may have been guessing some about Michael's whereabouts, as I do not think they were in contact at the time of his enlistment. 
Again, I will post some census and other records.  They enlighten some but also confuse. Sherry