Believe I have established that John and Hannah (Tibbles) Sellers appear to belong to the family of John Michael Sellers.  John is referred to as John Jr. until after the death of John Sellers who m. Elizabeth Fee.  He is also associated with him in some sales of land and property which makes me favor John Sr. as his father; however, it is possible that he is a son of George.  Since John and George appear to be John Michael's eldest sons, I will start with their descendants first. Here is a list of his known children, and I will try to post further on them, since they stayed in Bracken Co. KY over time and a male descendant of this family would be a great candidate for DNA.
I am still working at assembling data, but I thought I would post what I have put together so far.
>From Bracken County Kentucky Marriages & Bonds 1797-1859
John Sellers m. Hannah Tibbs [sic] Tibbles in 1825 John Sellers and George Sellers, secs. Robert C. Flora attest to marriage bond, mother of bride Margaret Tibbs, consent.  ? Anderson witness to consent. (I believe that the parents of Hannah Tibbles were Richard Tibbles and Margaret Gibb.  Richard Tibbles was a cooper in Mason Co., KY.  According to Tibbles records, his wife was Margaret Gibb and they had eight daughter total.  I have the names of seven.) Dates for John and Hannah compiled from several sources.
Children of John Sellers b. 01 Nov 1804 Bracken Co., KY d. 02 Apr 1882 and Hannah Tibbles b. 24 Dec 1805 (died bef. John)
1. John Richard Sellers (usually listed as J. R. Sellers) b. abt. 1826 Bracken Co., KY m. 14 Feb 1856 Bracken Co., KY to Mary Ann Frank/Fronk b. abt. 1839  dau of George H. Fronk and Malinda Day. Married by Geo W. Coons, George O'Neal and Mortimore Byers, witnesses to marriage, Richd J. Hughey, attest to marriage license.  Children:  Leslie (male), Lizzie, John H, William A,  Ava, Mary G., Anna T., Charles C., Webster, Ida R. (poss. Lettie) John Richard Sellers may have had a second wife, Mary Owens, and a daughter Winnie Sellers who married a Bravard.
2. Malissa B. Sellers b. abt. 1829 Bracken Co., KY m. 22 Jan    1844 Bracken Co., KY to William S. Wiley b. abt 1821 KY.  William Wiley and Payne R. Lucas, secs. Jas. M. Warren attest to marriage bond, father of bride John Sellers consent, Payne R. Lucas witness to consent, married by William S. Patterson.  In 1850 census, couple lived next door to her parents.
3. James S. Sellers b. abt. 1832 m. (prob. Sept)  1856 Bracken Co. KY to Susan B. Taylor. Married by John T. Brooks at William Taylor's, Richd. J. Hughey attest to marriage license. Richard Byers, Bethia Jane Byers and David Brooks, witnesses to marriage.  (Bethia Best m. Richard Byers 12 Sept 1856, perhaps a week before this wedding.)
4. Eliza Margaert Sellers b. 27 Mar 1836 KY m. 11 Feb 1857 to William Marshall Byar son of Jacob M. Byar and Mary C. Tibbles
William M. aged 28 and Eliza aged 21, both born Bracken Co.,  KY and listed as first cousins at time of marriage (mothers were sisters).  Married by F. T. Johns at John Sellers, George Taylor and Lucy Mathews witnesses to marriage, Richard J. Hughey attest to marriage license. At least four known children: Florence, Corwin, Iona, Charlie M.
5.  Madison A. Sellers b. abt 1839 Bracken Co., KY m. Jane/Jennie (prob. married after 1859 when my record of marriages ends) No children found
6.  William Johnson Sellers b. abt 1848 Bracken Co. KY seems to never have been married.
Miscellaneous info from KY birth and death recors.  )See 1930 census notes for more.)
Madison B Sellers son of  John Sellers and Hannah Tibbles b. Oct 1836 Bracken Co., KY d. 13 Apr 1926 Bracken Co., KY, resident of Bracken Co.
Alley and Willey Wiley (twins, I assume) female(s) b. 23 Jul 1855 Bracken Co, KY. Parents William Wiley and Malissa Sellers. Joseph D Wiley son of Wm Wiley and Melissa Sellers b. 10 Mar 1858 Bracken Co., KY Eliza (Sellers) Byar daughter of John Sellers and Hannah Sellers b. abt 1836 d. 29 Jan 1903, aged 67 Corwin Byar son of Wm Marshall Byar and Eliza Sellers parents born KY b. 12 Mar 1862 KY d. 14 Sept 1921 Bracken Co. KY, residence Bracken Co., aged 59 Charlie M Byar son of William Byar and Eliza M Sillers parents born KY b. 30 Aug 1875 Bracken Co., KY d. 26 Jan 1931 Bracken Co., KY, residence Bracken Co., aged 55 Miss Florence Byar daughter of W M Byar and Eliza Sallers, parents born KY b. 1 Jan 1859 d. 12 May 1934 Bracken Co, KY, resident of Bracken Co., aged 75 (seems to have died unmarried) Iona Byar daughter of Marshall Byar and Eliza Sellers, parents born KY b. 1 Jan 1870 Bracken Co., KY d. 15 Dec 1948 Bracken Co., KY, resident of Bracken Co., aged 78 (possibly unmarried) Susan (Taylor) Sellers daughter of Joseph Taylor b. 6 May 1837 Bracken Co., KY d. 16 Mar 1923 Kenton Co., KY, resident of Kenton Co., aged 85 Unnamed Sellers (male) son of John Sellers and Hannah Tibbs [sic] b. 26 Dec 1847 d. 1 Dec 1919 Bracken Co., KY, resident of Bracken Co., aged 71 (seems to be William Johnson Sellers who, on another entry, died unmarried) Leslie Sellers son of J R Sellers and Mary Frank b. 24 Nov 1856 Bracken Co., KY, parents born Bracken, resident of Bracken Co. Anna (Whitaker) Sellers daughter of M D Whitaker and Sarrah L Petty father born Harrison, mother born Mercer b. 8 Oct 1857 Harrison, KY d. 14 Feb 1943, aged 85.  Spouse Leslie Sellers Charles C. Sellers son of J R Sellers and Mary E Frank born Brooksville, Bracken Co., KY d. 1 Mar 1934 Bracken Co., resident of Bracken Co.  Spouse Ada Sellers Joseph Doniphan Wiley son of William Wiley and Malissa Sellars parents born KY, b. 15 Mar 1858 d. 18 Sept 1941, aged 83.  Spouse Edith Ware
Census records are not complete. I am missing Byars and some Wiley, probably.  For the census records, I have used the spelling "Sellers" only and added the wife's maiden name in parenthesis, where known.
Census of 1850 Bracken Co., KY
John Sellers 46 Farmer
Hannah 45 (Tibbles)
John R (looks like B) 24
James L 18
Eliza M 14
Madison A 11
William R J (or B J) 2
(on death certificate, he is William Johnson Sellers)
William A Wiley 29 Farmer
Malissa B 21 (Sellers)
John W 5
Nicholas 2
Census of 1860 Bracken Co., KY
Eastern District, Post office Augusta
John Sellers 56 Farmer
Hannah 55 (Tibbles)
Madison 21 Farm labor
William 11
James Sellers 28 Farmer
Susan B 22 (Taylor)
John R Sellers 32 Farmer
Mary A 21 (Fronk)
Leslie (male) 3
Lizzie M 1
Census of 1870
Brooksville, Bracken Co., KY
Richard J. Sellers 44 (this is John Richard)
Mary A.  32 (Fronk)
Leslie 13
Lizzie M. 12
William A 8
John H 6
Ava 4
Gertrude 1 (elsewhere, she is Mary G)
Augusta, Bracken Co., KY
John Sellers 65
Mary 63
Thornton Wiley 25
(I think the above John Sellers is the widower of Hannah Tibbles and remarried.  Thornton Wiley might be a grandson.  Not positive.
Census of 1880
Augusta, Bracken Co., KY
Madison Sellers 42 head
Jane Sellers 31 wife (Jennie elsewhere)
John Sellers 76 father
W J Sellers brother
(Info for John Sellers b. abt 1804 states that his parents were born PA and that he is a widower, so Hannah Tibbles is dead.)
Augusta, Bracken Co., KY
James L. Sellers 48
Susan Sellers 43 (Taylor)
Minnie Sellers 17
Anna Sellers 9
John Grinder 18 Farm hand
Augusta, Bracken Co., KY
William S Wiley 61
Malissa B 51 (Sellers)
Anna E 27
Hannah J 24
Joseph D 22
Brooksville, Bracken, KY
John R. Sellers 56
Mary A. 41 (Fronk)
Lesley 23
Lizzie M. 21
William A. 18
Ava 13
Mary G 11
Anna T 8
Charley 6
Webster 4
Ida R 1
Census of 1900
Chatham, Bracken Co., KY
James Sellers 68
Susan Sellers 63 (Taylor)
Anna J Sellers 29
James Stainn/Stainer 7 grandson
Brooksville, Bracken Co., KY
John R Sellers 73
Mary (Fronk) 61
Webster 23
Letie 18
? John Hawkins 12 (forgot to record relationship—do not think family)
Brooksville Town, Bracken Co., KY
Leslie Sellers 43
Anie E. Sellers 41
John M Sellers 10
Census of 1910
District 8, Bracken Co., KY
James L. Sellers 78
Susan 72 (Taylor)
Brooksville, Bracken Co., KY
Leslie Sellers 53
Anna 50 (Whitaker)
John M 20
(several boarders who do not appear to be family)
Census of 1920
Civil District 3, Bracken Co., KY
Madison A Sellers 81
Anna 72
Isaac Orme 55 helper
Brooksville, Bracken Co., KY
Leslie Sellers 63
Anna 61 (Whitaker)
Brooksville, Bracken Co., KY
Charles C. Sellers 43
Ada Sellers 43
Census of 1930
There are notes on the 1930 census information that I submitted already.  I am not repeating those notes here. Brooksville, Bracken Co. KY 49/53 Sellers, Charles 55 Ada 56
Brooksville Town, Lincoln Ave Bracken Co., KY
Anna Sellers 70 (widow)
(Probably Anna Whitaker, the widow of Leslie Sellers)
Augusta, Bracken Co., KY
Jennie Sellers 83 (boarder)
(Probably the widow of Madison Sellers)

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