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* Haplogroups in green have been confirmed by SNP testing. Haplogroups in red have been predicted by Family Tree DNA based on unambiguous results in the individual's personal page. This has been placed on this GAP page for your ease and convenience. Please note that for any predicted results we see no reason for ordering a SNP test to confirm the Haplogroup. If a is in the HAPLO field then we feel that the comparative results are not clear and unambiguous and if the kit holder wants to know their SNP with 100% confidence they may consider ordering a SNP confirmation test.




OCT 2009

Next week, we will implement changes to the way we store, match, and display mtDNA results. The primary purpose of these changes is to shift all results to the same nomenclature and maximize the quality of matches. The vast majority of these updates reflect shifts in nomenclature and advances in science rather than errors or mistakes in the original analysis.

Updated motifs
In some cases, a single mtDNA sequence may be written in more than one way. We have identified these cases among our customers, and in the update we will adjust all of them to a consistent nomenclature. This will affect a very small number of participants.

In the past we have also varied in how we report insertions and deletions in the 513-524 stretch of mtDNA. In the update we will adjust all of these to the same nomenclature.

We are adding the capability to store and use heteroplasmies to our system. We have saved heteroplasmy information for all mtDNA tests performed in the last 5 years. This information will be added to their account. The matching system will search for matches based on either result present in the heteroplasmy. For full sequence results, heteroplasmies will also be considered when identifying a participant’s haplogroup branch in case their lineage is experiencing a back mutation.

Learn more about heteroplasmies!

Updated haplogroups
In some haplogroups, branches which we once predicted can no longer be confidently predicted without full sequence results because the same HVR1 mutations may be found in more than one branch of that haplogroup. Individuals previously predicted to belong to these branches will see their haplogroup prediction reduced to the point which we feel we can confidently predict. Please note these affect only predictions of haplogroup branches; root haplogroups are confirmed with SNP testing.

Additionally, as the tree has changed, so have some haplogroup names. We will update all participants according to the current sub-haplogroup prediction system. All participants with full sequence results will have their haplogroups updated according to the current tree as reported in literature. The full sequence haplogroup definitions currently in use will be available on our website.

All Mitosearch records linked with Family Tree DNA IDs will be synced with their updated records in the Family Tree DNA system. The list of haplogroups in Mitosearch will be expanded to allow all possible haplogroups according to the current tree as reported in literature.

Display of results
The mtDNA Results section will change slightly in how we display the participant’s sequence in comparison with the CRS. Currently a pair of charts at the bottom of the mtDNA Results page shows the CRS sequence in both HVR1 and HVR2, and highlights the positions where the participant’s sequence is different. We will replace this chart with tables very similar to the tables showing the participant’s results at the top of the page. These new charts are expandable to show the CRS and participant’s values side by side for each position in the region. The positions that have mutated are colored differently to distinguish them from the positions where the participant’s sequence matches the CRS.



Jim explained that mutations are random, so there's nothing to stop a mutation on a marker from occurring in one son while another son of the same father doesn't have that mutation.

In that case, the father and one son would match 12/12, while the second son would be an 11/12 match with his father and brother. But they'd still all be in the same paternal line.

Of course, if each of those sons had sons and grandsons, etc., you would be able to distinguish the two different branches of that paternal line by the one mutation difference.

Mike Maddi
Now, I wonder if this 11/12 son continue to show this mutation? If so, we could tell which kids went to this father? Wouldn't that be nice. If I get an answer will send copy. marie, iowa

1) If you are a female and have MtDNA tested, you will only match other females.  Mitochondrial/MtDNA is sex related and passed from mother to daughter unbroken. Females have the same mitochondrial DNA as their grandmothers, mothers, sisters, maternal aunts, etc. While you will share this DNA with your brother, since he inherited from your mutual mother, it is not normally tested in males since males do not pass it on to their offspring. MtDNA is on the X chromosome.
2) If you are a male and have Y-chromosome testing, you will only match other males.  Y-DNA is sex related and passed from father to son unbroken.  Males have the same Y-chromosome DNA as their grandfathers, fathers, brothers, paternal uncles, etc. You do not share it with any female relatives, as they do not have a Y-chromosome.
3) Both MtDNA and Y-Chromosome DNA testing can tell you that you share a common ancestor in the distant past. 
4) Everyone has autosomal DNA which determines characteristics such as color of hair, eyes, skin, various conditions of health--practically everything other than sex.
Everyone inherits half from each parent, one quarter from grandparents, etc. which is why siblings share the most DNA, cousins next, etc. Most autosomal DNA tests will find close relatives but are less accurate as relationships become more distant, and distant cousins may not show as a match at all because you do not share any DNA OR they did not test for the segment(s) that you do share.

On a personal level I have shown an increase in matches wherever I have multiple common lines OR a double dose of the same line (a cousin marriage for example).
I also know one man who assumed he knew his male line.  It turned out that his Y-chromosome matched men in his mother's line.  He now knows that his male ancestor had to have been fathered by someone in his mother family, although he does not know who or why it was not acknowledged.


I didn't catch the particulars on the case in response, and I don't want to "pollute" the Sellers list with talk of statistics or cytology, or really even genetic genealogy. My interest was just to make sure that the readers of Sellers-L did not take the "distant past" mention to preclude the past that is within the genealogical time frame with respect to mtDNA. Too often I read something like "mtDNA is only good to see where your maternal line was thousands of years ago." The idea that this is its ONLY use is clearly untrue. I am not saying you did this, Sherry, I am just saying that for a 3rd party who may have read similar messages, this could be understood to be a reinforcement of that view.

For my part, I get as many proxy DNA samples as I can, Y-DNA, mtDNA, autosomal, all. I think I have 5 lines sampled via proxy mtDNA, and my own. I used mtDNA in my wife's case to essentially prove Native American origins for her. Based on her matches, she descends from a Thayer daughter who was born about 1700, leaving a gap of 130 years between to be filled. Still, that's success. This mtDNA study also falsified a widely held view on traditional Thayer genealogy.


So anyway, at the risk of further "pollution", I just want to say this about DNA testing for genealogical purposes:



Sorry for the shouting :)

Gregg Bonner
Gregg Bonner <>




14430 =

Robert Willard Sellers, 1940 Dec Co., Ia

James Willard Sellers, 1911 Dec Co., Ia, father

Jay Wilton Sellers, 1881 Dec Co., Ia, grandfather

John Sellers, 1841 Madison Co., In , Ggrandfather

Monos T. Sellers, 1785 Va, GGgrandfather

married December 29, 1820 Pickaway Co., OH




14438 =

Thomas W. Sellars 1956 Walker County, Texas

Fred T. Sellars, Jr. 1927 San Jacinto County, Texas (Father)

Fred T. Sellars, Sr. 1899 Bexar County, Texas (Grandfather)

George A. Sellars 1853 Jasper County, Mississippi(Greatgrandfather)

George W. Sellars 1815 Alabama or Georgia (GGgrandfather)

Young Sellars 1789 North Carolina (GGGgrandfather) not proven

David Sellars abt 1760 (GGGGgrandfather) not proven



14441 =

Howard Terry Sellers 1938, SC

Howard Thurman Sellers, 1915, Ga. or Ill.

Leonard Styles Sellers, 1881, Ga.

Ephram Newton Sellers, 1860, Ga.

Conrad Sellers, CSA, 1820, Ga.

John "Blacksmith" Sellers, 1789, N.C.

Francis Conrad Sellers, 1760, Pa. or Va.?

25 marker test one marker off from Craig Lee Sellers (Y37) #32883



14445 =

Michael Isaac Sellers, 1958 GA

James Wilton Sellers, 1925 GA, father

Isaac Sellers, 1899 GA, grandfather

Conrad Mitchel Sellers, 1865 GA, Ggrandfather

John Henry Sellers, 1848 GA, GGgrandfather

Conrad Sellers, 1820 NC, GGGgrandfather

John Blacksmith Sellers, 1789 NC, GGGGgrandfather



14454 =

  Robert Phillip Sellers, Sr

Gurley H. Sellers b: Jan. 17, 1802  Nash Co., N.C. d: October 26, 1898 in            Jefferson County, Alabama

   (wife) Delila (?) Wyatt b: April 24, 1805 in Nash Co., N.C., d: July 03, 1899     in Jefferson Co., Ala, m: Jan. 31, 1826


            Simon Sellers b: May 21, 1835 in Nash Co., N.C. ,

                d:April 31, 1915 in Jefferson C., Ala


                  (wife) Cynthia Caroline Lawson b: April 25, 1839

                            d: November  23 1910 in Jefferson Co. Ala.,                   

                              m: November 08, 1857



                          Oley Wellington Sellers, Sr., b: October 21, 1880

                            d: Jan. January 17, 1931

                            (wife) Elizbeth Mary (Mae) Dunn m: January 20, 1907


                                   Oley Wellington Sellers, Jr., b: Feb. 16, 1913 d:

                                     March 01, 1988

                                       (wife) Chloe Phillips


                                            Robert Phillip Sellers, Sr. b: July 26, 1937

                                                (person tested)

                                             (wife) Betty Spivey, b: March 14, 1937



14465 = = (sept 2004)

Edgar R. Sellers Jr. (self) 1936 TX

Edgar R. Sellers Sr. (father) 1895 OK-1942 TX

Jonas Lafayette Sellers (grandfather) 1853 TN-1944 TX

James M. Sellers (g-grandfather) 1827 TN- 1866?TN

James Sellers (gg-grandfather) 1806NC?- 1843 TN

John Sellers (ggg-grandfather) abt 1786 - ???? (Not Proven)





14803 =

Carl Elbert Sellars 1933 Williamson Co.IL

Father John Louie Sellars 1908 Williamson Co. IL

GFather Harmon Leroy Sellars 1870 Williamson Co. IL

G-GFather James Sellars 1847 Jasper Co. MS

GG-GFather Burwell Sellars 1808 Pendleton Dist. SC

GGG-GFather Young Sellars 1789 Chatham Co. NC

GGGG-GFather David Sellars ca1760 Orange Co. NC


16186 = (Terri Leinneweber [])

John Allen Sellers, DNA donor, TX
Allen Wesley Sellers, 1912, father, TX
John L. Sellers, 1890, grandfather, TX
Allen Sidora (Sedora, Cedora are spellings I have seen), 1847, ggrandfather, MS
Allen D. Sellers. 1819, gggrandfather - Unknown where


16669 =

Keith Alan Sellers =

(I know Keith has a better chart than this, please send, msh)

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN SELLER 1872/1972 and Martha COGBURN 1881/1973,

James Leonard Sellers of CLARKSVILLE , GA

mother of same: Mary Jane Anderson.
brother of James Leonard Sellers:

Isaac Sellers.

msh = I believe it =

HENRY SELLERS 1820 NC and REBECCA PRINCE son (Habersham Co, Ga) from Lin/Hay Co, NC

JAMES LEONARD SELLERS, b. May 22, 1852, GEORGIA; d. August
16, 1889, GEORGIA. and Mary Jane Anderson, SON
BENJAMIN F. SELLERS 1872 and Martha COGBURN 1881/1973

16695 =
Robert C. Sollars

Ignatius Sollars Va, Ross Co, Oh, Verm Co, IN


17130 = ( march 2004)

Michael Sellers

Henry SELLERS ca 1853 Jackson County, WV

Lemuel E. SELLERS March 24, 1876/ Nov 5, 1957 Meigs Co., Oh

William Homer SELLERS Oct 12, 1899/Dec 6, 1948 Meigs,Oh or Wood Co, WV

Jack Lester SELLERS July 22, 1926/Oct 10, 1999 Wood Co, WV

Michael Anthony SELLERS March 19, 1958


19464 (new) OLD


ARTHUR WARD SELLERS, b. 1886 Cedar Point, TX; d. 1978 Tarrant Co., TX (father)

MARVEL WHITNEY SELLERS, b. 1853 LA; d. 1928 Gillespie Co., TX (grandfather)

JOHN WARD SELLERS, b. 1825-27 AL; d. 1889 Ft. Glorieta, NM (greatgrandfather).

   Census indicate both John Ward Sellers' parents were born in NC.  He married


   b. 1828-30 NC to father, SIMON GODWIN b. abt. 1794 Bladen/Columbus Co., NC, 

   & mother, BETHANIA FAULK b. abt. 1796 Bladen/Columbus Co., NC. 

Joseph Sellers, b. 1789 NC, d. c. 1859 Coryell Co., TX; GGGrandfather
James Sellers, Jr., b. 1760-1770 NC, d. bef. 1850 Pike Co., AL; GGGGrandfather
James Sellers, Sr. b. prior to 1744 NC; GGGGGrandfather
to Benjamin b. prior to 1744 NC and of age by at least 1761 Edgecomb &
Brunswick Co., NC.; GGGGGGrandfather


23792 =

Richard Zeller

ggg Grandfather Jacob Zeller [ also Zoller ] was born April 18 1777 in Pennsylvania died 1848 in Brecknock Township, Lancaster Co., PA

His widow Anna Maria Shupp born in Brecknock Township April 13, 1777 and daughter of George Adam Shupp and Anna Maria Keiffer Shupp, moved to Darke Co., OH [ AGE 78] with her son George and his family


23989 = Franklin Sellars =
5404 Chaperito

Arlington, TX 76016

United States


young sellars b abt 1789 in chatham co

north carolina.d bet 1861 to 1870 in jackson co alabama


young monroe sellars

was b in jackson co 1843 .after

sival war date not known.moved to hunt

co texas.d 1909 in hunt co tx


sam bane sellars was b 1886 hunt co tx

d 1938 in bowie co tx


26552 = Warren Stewart Sellers

e-mail: (dec'd)


1710 Charlestown-New Albany Pk. #22

Jeffersonville, IN 47130

United States

I believe he connects to ROBERT SELLERS 1765-1827 WASH CO, IN, msh


26843 Jeffrey Calvin Gee
son of
son of
(matches my mtdna )



Billy Sellers (feb 2005)

e-mail (old)



3204 Buckhorn Court

Plano, TX 75074-2817

United States

Billy Morris Sellers, born 1926, Choctaw County,Oklahoma

Lon Morris Sellers, born 1903, Paris,Lamar County,Texas, Father

Alfred Henderson Sellers, born 1859, Hot Springs,Arkansas, Grandfather

James H. Sellers, born abt. 1819, Alabama, G. Grandfather, Sebastian Co., AR, Jackson Parish, La

Joseph Sellers, born abt.1789, North Carolina, G.G.Grandfather

James Sellers Jr., born abt.1760-1770 North Carolina, G.G.G. Grandfather, d. bef. 1850 Pike Co., AL

James Sellers, Sr. born before. 1741 North Carolina, G G G G Grandfather

Benjamin Sellers,Sr. born about 1710  North Carolina or Virginia G G G G G Grandfather 


Sources: Census Records and

Records Pertaining to the Sellers Family of Brunswick County, N.C.,

compiled by James I. Marlowe, Ph.D.



#28450 Raymond B. Sellers

619 Story City, Iowa 50248



Raymond B. Sellers (b. 7 Apr 1917 in Vienna Twp., Marshall Co., IA -15 July 2007 Ames, Story Co., Ia)

Clarence Elwood Sellers (b. 17 Jun 1885 in Vienna Twp., Marshall Co., IA - d. 21 May 1957 in Marshalltown, Marshall Co., IA)

Edward Campbell "Ed" Sellers (b. 14 Apr 1863 in Eldora Twp, Hardin Co., IA - d. 10 May 1921 in Marshall Co., IA)

George Sellers (b. 13 Feb 1821 in Brown Co., OH - d. 15 Jul 1891 in Marshall Co., IA)

Jacob Sellers (b. 4 Dec 1793 in KY - 12 Dec 1857 in New Boston Twp., Mercer Co., IL) (He fought briefly in War of 1812.)


#29690 Thomas Sellers

Group: Sellers

Kit Number: 29690

Test: DNAPlus

Test: mt-H (feb 4, 2005)




4007 Marion St.

Mullins, SC 29574

United States


Thomas Galen Sellers, 1935 Marion Co., S.C.
Thomas French Sellers, 1910 Marion Co., S.C., father
Thomas William Sellers, 1855 Marion Co., S.C., grandfather

Bryant Jordan Sellers, 1827 Horry Co., S.C., Ggrandfather
Jordan Sellers, 1763 N.C., GGgrandfather
Benjamin Sellers, 1740 Virginia or N.C. GGGgrandfather
Family (William) originally came from England (Welsh) as indentured servant and settled in Isle of Wight County, Virginia.




Craig Lee Sellers

2080 Greenwood Rd.
Independence, OR

donor born 1969 OR

George Sellers, Sr. ca b. 1780's, Bucks Co. PA?

George Sellers, Jr., b. 1807, Franklin Co. PA

David Sellers, b. 1835, Summit Co. OH

Walter Sellers, b. 1878, Ness Co. KS

Frank Sellers, b. 1914, Polk Co., OR

Don Sellers, b. 1936, Marion Co., OR

me b. 1962, OR, and my brother who is taking the test, b. 1969, OR.

Lynn (Sellers) Mack

Lynn  Mack []

Test: Y-Refine12to37 (april 19, 2005)
25 marker test one marker off from Howard Terry Sellers #14441



Claude Alexander Sellars

Houston, TX

My father Claude Alexander Sellars,
b.10/7/1905 in Bering, Polk County, TX; d. 8/23/1985 in Houston, Harris
County TX was the brother of Tom's grandfather Fred Thomas Sellars, Sr.
Tom Sellars, (14438) who you know and who has done a huge amount of genealogy
for the family is my second cousin.


Roger Sellers

Kit Number: 35356
Test: Y-DNA12

806 Creed Ave
Las Cruces, NM 88005
United States

JOHN LEONARD5 SELLERS born November 22, 1782 in Bucks Cnty PA, and died September 03, 1860 in Allen Cnty OH

son JOSEPH6 SELLERS, b. March 09, 1828, Franklin Cnty,  Waynesboro PA; d. August 11, 1894, Auglaize Cnty  OH.



William Sellars

Kit Number: 36092
Test: Y-DNA12

C/o Doug Meharry
P.O. Box 3062
Monterey, Ca 93942,
United States
William SELLARS (Richard William, William Raymond, John David, William,
unknown) -- baby boomer.

Richard William SELLARS(William Raymond, John David, William, unknown) --
born January 19, 1913 in Walla Walla, Washington. Father.

William Raymond SELLARS (John David, William, unknown) -- born July 24, 1886
in Rich Hill, Missouri, and died October 15, 1965 in Spokane, Washington.

John David SELLARS (William, unknown) born August 20, 1846 in
Crawfordsville, Indiana, and died July 10, 1915 at the Soldiers Home in
Orting, Pierce County, Washington. Great Grandfather.

William SELLARS (father unknown -- believed to be James or Isaac or one of
their brothers) born April 14, 1816 in Ohio and died November 5, 1893 in
Montgomery County, Indiana. GG Grandfather.

# 37924

Byron O. Merritt
Test: Y-Refine25to37
Sarah (Sally) Thornton (see lineage V, VIII, and IX) (see Sellers Project)

David Thornton Merritt b 30 Sept 1823 Sampson County NC.

d 1865, after being wounded in the War Between the States m. Elizabeth Ann Brown 

Willard Hinton b Oct 1845, m Attalay Beatrice Tipton

Robert Alger b 16 Mar 1849, d 1 Jul 1901 m Mary Elizabeth Minter 37924 - Byron [budjanice-dna AT]


John Sellers
Group: Sellers
Kit Number: 39122
Test: Y-DNA12

4249 Crimson Dr.
Hoffman Estates, IL 60195
United States

John Sellers

(William, John Henry, Grover, George of Licking, Delaware and Highland counties, Ohio) =

John Henry Sellers, 1821-1890, lived in Greenfield, Highland, OH in 1870).

son WM H. born 1842



Robert Sellars
Group: Sellers
Kit Number: 41098
Test: Y-DNA12
e-mail: ( = preferred)

2645 East Cedar Avenue
Denver, CO 80209
United States

Family Tree DNA

William Carroll Sellars, b. 1812?. (I have the correct date at home and he is buried ( 1880's) in Decatur, Texas where I was born and grew up.

His father was Laird Sellars, b. 1771 d. 1862 in Missouri. Both of these men had large families and married twice. W. C. had a son born in his first marriage, Marcus De Lafayette Sellars, b. 1846, d. 1917. He is my great grandfather.




Group: Sellers
Kit Number: N6568

Y-DNA12, Y-HAP-R1b




Billy Zellers
Kit Number: 42758
Test: Y-Refine25to59
21287 George Brown Ave
Riverside, CA 92518
United States


1920 Billy B. Zellers, Joplin, Mo. Me
1891 Ray Irwin Zellers, Joplin, Mo
1861 Andrew Frank Zellers. Jasper Co. Mo
1825 Isaac Zellers, Prebel Co, OH
1792 Ephraim Zellers, Prebel Co. OH ? He added the s
ABT1768 Henry Zeller/Sellers, Rockingham, VA My information is he had been a black sheep to the family and used both Seller & Zeller
1735 Johannes Zeller/Seller, Mottgers, Hesse, Germany, Came to this country 16 Sept. 1738 on the Queen Elizabeth
from Rotterdam, then Deal. Master of the ship was Alexander Hope. They were referred to as Palatines,
XXXX Hienrich (John Henry) Zeller, Gernany



Harold Sellers
Kit Number: 47747
Test: Y-DNA12


HAROLD SELLERS 1920 Fayette Co., Ky
Son of Pearl Lee Sellers 1895/1973 Butler Co., Oh
Son of Noah Henry Sellers 1868/1941 Perry Co., Ky
Son of John F. Sellers 1842/1908 Pulaski Co., Ky
Son of Henry Sellers 1816/1895 Pulaski Co., Ky
Son of John R. Sellers 1794/1873-79 Pulaski, now McCreary Co., Ky


# N12156
Test: Y-DNA12
Test: Autosomal DNA Transfer (april 2014)

son of
7. James Kenneth Sellers b. 06Dec1902; d. 21Jul1970
son of
1. William Jackson (Oscar) Sellers b. 07Sep1866 Bessemer, Ala; d.
son of
8. Isaac Gurley Sellers b. 24May1849 Ala; d. 26Apr1936; m. 28Aug1865

son of

GURLEY SELLERS b. 17Jan1802 in NASH CO., N.C.; d. 26Oct1898 JEFFERSON CO.,



Billy Zellers
Kit Number: 42758
Test: Y-Refine25to59
21287 George Brown Ave
Riverside, CA 92518
United States


1920 Billy B. Zellers, Joplin, Mo. Me
1891 Ray Irwin Zellers, Joplin, Mo
1861 Andrew Frank Zellers. Jasper Co. Mo
1825 Isaac Zellers, Prebel Co, OH
1792 Ephraim Zellers, Prebel Co. OH ? He added the s
ABT1768 Henry Zeller/Sellers, Rockingham, VA My information is he had been a black sheep to the family and used both Seller & Zeller
1735 Johannes Zeller/Seller, Mottgers, Hesse, Germany, Came to this country 16 Sept. 1738 on the Queen Elizabeth
from Rotterdam, then Deal. Master of the ship was Alexander Hope. They were referred to as Palatines,
XXXX Hienrich (John Henry) Zeller, Gernany


George Garrett Sellers
Kit Number: 59776

Test: Y-DNA25

George Garrett Sellers, 1920, Philadelphia, PA
Howard Benson Sellers, 1892, Philadelphia, PA, father
Alfred Sellers, 1851, Chester Co., PA, grandfather
Frederick Sellers, 1822, PA, Ggrandfather


James Sellers
Kit Number: 61670

Test: Y-DNA12

James Logan Sellers born 3 July 1941, son of

James Henry Sellers born 15 September 1903 Whitley Co. Indiana , son of

Jesse Sellers born 1869 Indiana , son of

W. H.(Henry) Sellers born 06 13 1843 /1899 Whitley Co., IN


63732 (TEST NOT REC'D dec 2008)

Michael Sellers
2312 N. Green Valley Parkway, #121
Henderson, NV 89014
702- 433-0713. (2008)


MICHAEL H. SELLERS (self): born Nov. 29, 1965, Augusta County, Virginia

Father - DENNIS W. SELLERS: born Dec. 14, 1943, Augusta County, Virginia

Gfather - WHITFIELD T. SELLERS: (Dec. 8, 1907 - May 7, 2002), Augusta County, Virginia

G-Gfather - GEORGE W. SELLERS: (Aug 12, 1871 - June 19, 1950), Augusta County, Virginia

GG-Gfather - JEROME HOWARD BROWN SELLERS: (Nov 14, 1825 - Feb 27, 1910), Augusta County, Virginia

GGG-Gfather - JOHN SELLERS: (Mar 11, 1797 - Jan 19, 1872), Augusta County, Virginia

GGGG-Gfather - HENRY SELLERS, Sr.: (Abt 1766 - June 1843), Rockingham County, Virginia

GGGGG-Gfather - ADAM SELLERS: (1742 - April 1821): Adam presumbably born in PA. Moved to now-Rockingham County, Virginia, in 1748 at age 6 and lived there until age 75 (1817) when he moved to Springboro, Warren County, OH.

GGGGGG-Gfather - HEINRICH ZELLER (aka Henry Sellers, John Henry Zeller): born August 17, 1704, in Mottgers, Hesse, Germany - died about 1775 in then-Augusta County, Virginia, but is now-Rockingham County, Virginia. Migrated to America on September 16, 1738, aboard ship "Queen Elizabeth", landing at Philadelphia.



Richard H Sell 1940- IN
Carl E Sell 1905 IN-1993 WA
John Jacob Sell 1878 PA- 1967 IN
Jacob Sell 1815 PA-1882 PA
John Jacob Sell 1781 PA- 1855 PA
Jacob Sell 1742 PA- 1825 PA
Abraham Sell 1715 PA- 1786 PA
Hendrick Zellen a.1665 Ger.- 1749 PA

All PA action was in York/Adams Co, PA

Richard (Dick) Sell
Scottsdale, AZ




Bruce Abernethy
Kit Number: 65492
Test: Y-DNA12

son of



John Blakemore Sellers
Kit Number: 66525

Test: Y-DNA12

son of John Clark Sellers 1920, son of Mathew Bacon Sellers 1869 Baltimore Co., Md, son of Mathew 1800 Livingston Co., KY

Randy Sellers
Group: Sellers
Kit Number: 67741
Test: Y-DNA12
e-mail: .

1708 Bell Avenue
Ft. Worth, TX 76131
United States

son of


KIT 65434

Scottsdale, AZ

Richard H Sell 1940- IN
Carl E Sell 1905 IN-1993 WA
John Jacob Sell 1878 PA- 1967 IN
Jacob Sell 1815 PA-1882 PA
John Jacob Sell 1781 PA- 1855 PA
Jacob Sell 1742 PA- 1825 PA
Abraham Sell 1715 PA- 1786 PA
Hendrick Zellen a.1665 Ger.- 1749 PA

All PA action was in York/Adams Co, PA



Gerald Sellars
Kit Number: 81503
Test: Y-DNA12

Need parents, grandparents = please send.



Douglas Sellers
Group: Sellers
Kit Number: 94442
Test: Y-DNA37+mtDNAPlus

1915 Graves Creek Rd
Cottonwood, ID 83522
United States

Family Tree DNA

Dad's name: Donald R. Sellers; born Oct. 17, 1915 in Flint MI
Granddad: William Weston Sellers; born Jan 22, 1887 in Flint MI
G-Granddad: George Henry Sellers; born Nov 29, 1854 in Flint MI
G-G-Granddad: Peter Sellers; born about 1811 in Devonshire, England



Timothy Sellers
Kit Number: 96235
Test: Y-DNA37


Curtis Sellers
Kit Number: 100906
Test: Y-DNA12

connects back to
Elijah S/J Orphan Sellers ca 1820 AL/1899 probably Greene Co., Al and wife Nancy Jane Drummond.


#102179 = see 185114 below

Dewey Sellers
Kit Number: 102179
Test: Y-DNA12

Dewey Sellers Jr. born in Monroe La. April 4th 1933
son of
Dewey Paulette Sellers was born on 04 Sept 1898

son of
WilliamAlfred Sellers born 1860
son of
James Wesley Sellers,born1823 in Ga
son of
Alfred Sellers, born @ 1800-married to Elizabeth Anderson  in Dec 1818,died before 1850



Larry Sellers
Kit Number: 102846
Test: Y-DNA12

son of Walter Sellers 1906MO
son of Jerry Sellers 1864
son of James Sellers 1824 Dent Co., MO
James, 1824, b. Grainger Co., Tn.
Married Catherine Bowers, 1847
Married Catherine Francis Wilhite, 1878
son of James, 10/29/1791, Chatham or Burke Co., NC
Married Elizabeth Brock 1817... Married Winney Wickliff 1842




my grandfather's info.
He was Nathan Sellers, b. 1873 in Tarboro, NC - son of
Joseph Sellers, b. ca. 1847-48, NC married to Martha O'Berry of Tarboro
son of William S. Sellers, 1820 married to Mary Sherrod
I think William was probably the son of Joseph Sellers married to Elizabeth Longbottoms,
Nash County, NC.
Margaret Sellers Kessels  (march 2008) (old)



son of
son of





son of

son of

son of



Gary Sellers
Kit Number: N60915
Test: Y-DNA12


Wilbert (Pete) Glen Sellers
C/o Vicki Sellers Canipe
son of

My father is Hugh L. Sellers Jr. born Sept. 4, 1919.
Pete (Wilbert Glen) Sellers, father is James W. Sellers. His line is James
W. Sellers, Alexander Sellers, Alsey Sellers.


son of Arthur "Bud" Sellers 1916 Cherokee County, OK
son of  Robert L. Sellers 1892 AR
son of Isaac Marion Sellers 1852 TN
son of John S. Sellers 1822 NC
son of Isaac Sellers 1800 NC



Henry K Sellers
e-mail: (don't use) (contact)
Test: Y-DNA67

son of  Charles Roy Sellers 1908 Pike Co., Al

son of Henry Charles Sellers 1867 Jefferson Co., Al

son of Daniel Jackson Sellers 1849 Pike Co., Al

son of Julius Sellers 1813 NC

son of  Mathew Sellers 1760 Brunswick Co., NC



Mike Sellers
17950 E. Brown Pl.
Aurora, CO 80013


Michael Donald Sellers b.1956 Aurora, CO
Donald R. Sellers b. 1930 Tipton, KS Father
Fred Thomas Sellers b. 1901 Tipton, KS d. 1962 Grandfather
Charles Nelson Sellers b. 1865 Attica, IN d. 1919 G Grandfather
Thomas Jefferson Sellers b. 1843 New Castle Tnshp, Coshocton Co. Ohio d. 1883 GG Grandfather
Abraham Sellers b. 1794 Virginia d. 1864 GGG Grandfather

(ckTippeCo,In and Warren Co, In)


Edgar Eugene Sellers
Kit Number: 130055
Test: Y-DNA12+mtDNA

son of
son of    Johnny Pierce (Pierce) Sellers  b: 28 Aug 1902 in Chesterfield, SC    
son of     Ellie B. Sellers          b: 29 Nov 1876 

son of  John Sellers 1852
son of William Braddock Sellers 1828 Chesterfield, SC



Frank Sellers
Kit Number: 132610
Test: Y-DNA12+mtDNA

son of
son of
son of Samuel Sellers 1829 Logan Co., Oh
son of Henry Sellers ca 1795 Va





Andrew Anthony Fenske
Kit Number: 136024
Test: Y-DNA67+mtDNAPlus

advise how you connect? msh, oct 11, 2008



Carl Sellers
Kit Number: 136341
Test: Y-DNA12

son of Edgar Earl Sellers 1896 Tamaroa, Perry Co., IL/1965 DeKalb Co., IL

son of Joseph Lee Sellers 1859 Jackson Co., WV/1929 Tazewell Co., IL
son of



John Edward Sellers
Kit Number: 138827
Test: Y-DNA12

son of Junior Elmo Sellers 1924 Mills Co., Ia/1973 Spokane Co., Wa

son of Austin Sellers 1890 Decatur Co., Ia/1935 Chicago, Il

son of Louisa Jane Sellers 1869 Decatur Co., Ia/1960 Ft Collins, Larimer Co., Colorado



George Stephen Sellers
Kit Number: 145327
Test: Y-DNA12



#145327  George Stephen Sellers
brother of Carol Herbert []
Daniel Sellers 1828 Johnston County, N.C.
father of George W. Sellers 1858 Johnston County, N.C.
father of Daniel Crawford Sellers 1886 Johnston County, N.C.
father of George Gover Sellers 1907 Johnston County, N.C.
father of George Stehen Sellers 1944 (tested)




richard arlen sellers  
kit #  145517   

son of
son of


Bob []

Y-DNA13-25=New Y-DNA26-37

Robert Walter Sellers b 1938
son of:
Claude Ben Sellers, b 1903 (Had 3 full brothers Henry Edward b 1898, Jesse Lee, b 1906 and Charles Evans,b 1911 and one half brother, (Robert)
son of:
John Henry Sellers, b 1861 (Had 4 brothers Wesley b 1867, George b 1872, and Robert b 1874, and Sylvester, b after 1878, and 2 sisters, Fannie b 1877, and Martha b 1875)
son of:
Henry Emanuel Sellers, b 1841 (Had 2 brothers, Allison, and Henderson) Henderson killed in Civil War, 1864)
son of:
Emanuel Sellers born c.1795, N.C. Moved to Spartanburg SC c.1845, and to Alabama c.1860 with wife Fannie (Rogers), sons Henry, Allison, their families, and probably Henderson and his family.  Emanuel had brother Bennett, and POSSIBLY  Gurley, Jordan, (and ??) We think Jordan went to Indiana. Bennett stayed behind in SC
son of:

EITHER  G. John IV Sellers OR  Henry Sellers of lincoln county NC.  (unproven)  Both Mentioned as full inheritors in John III Sellers will (1815) in Lincoln County. Their sister was named Faithy Sellers.  I personally vote for Henry as the dad of Emanuel, mainly because of the name similarities over the generations from Henry Emanuel.
both John and Henry were sons of:
George Sellers, who was the brother of John III and Arthur Sellers.  George was born Abt. 1710 in Isle of Wight County, VA, and died 1768
in Bertie/Edgecombe/Edgewood County, NC. He married FAITHY (FATHEY) GURLEY Aft. 1729, daughter of
GEORGE GURLEY, SR.. She was born Abt. 1710 in Southampton County, VA, and died Aft. 1768 in
Bertie/Edgecombe/Edgewood County, NC.
son of:

John II Sellers  (JOHN SELLERS, JR.) (JOHN, WILLIAM1) was born 1687 in Isle of Wight County, VA, and died in
Bertie/Edgecombe/Edgewood County, NC. He married ?? Abt. 1708 in Isle of Wight County, VA. She was born
Aft. 1687 in Isle of Wight County, VA, and died in Bertie/Edgecombe/Edgewood County, NC.
son of

JOHN SELLERS,  was born Aft. 1662 in Isle of Wight County, VA, and died Aft. 1737 in VA.
Fact 1: September 05, 1714, John & wife sold lan Seward's Swamp, IOW Co.,VA.
son of

William Sellers, the original immigrant:   WILLIAM SELLERS was born Abt. 1637 in Charlton-On-Otmoor, Oxen, England, and died Bef. 1714 in Isle of Wight County, VA. He married SARAH HARRISON Aft. 1661 in Isle of Wight County, VA, daughter of JOSIAH
HARRISON. She was born Aft. 1637 in Isle of Wight County, VA, and died in Isle of Wight County, VA.
NOTE:   Data after Emmanuel is new to me (and I expect others as well) and was found at . The 1815 will of John III Sellers mentioned is found at the state archives in Raleigh NC. 


Sarah J. Schriver

DNA Kit 148687, for Sarah J. Schriver



son of William Luther Sellers 1896 Adair Co, OK/1962 Okmulgee Co, OK
son of James Fillmore Sellers 1858 McMinn Co, TN/1938 Council Hill, Muskogee Co, OK
son of James M. Sellers 1827 TN/1865 McMinn Co., TN (and Martha Wasson


155256 Alex Sellers
YES 12/27/2010

Test: Family Finder

(1) Alexander Sellers, Jr
born Nov 14, 1940   Ponca City, Okla

(2)Alexander Sellers     (father)
born Aug 23 1891   Needles, California
died: 10 Oct 1966   Winfield, Kansas

(3)Alexander Sellers      (grandfather)
born Oct 1850  somewhere in Va. 
died:  1918?   New Mexico?





son of Ira Franklin Sellers, born January 21, 1927 in Nicholas County Kentucky, died October 20, 1964, Grant County Indiana.
son of Ira Gideon Sellers, born 1880, Nicholas County Kentucky, died July 4, 1939, Kenton County Kentucky.
son of Thomas Vaughn Sellers 1851/1933 Nicholas Co., Ky
son of John Sellers 1811 KY/


son of Charley Sellers b. 22 May 1903 Craig Co. OK, d. 31 JUL 1953, Oklahoma Co. OK

son of Nathan Elmore Sellers b. 19 Nov 1865 Coffee Co. TN, m. McDonald Co., Mo, d. 18 Sep 1929, Kay Co., OK

son of James Manson Sellers b. 1831 Haywood Co., NC, d. AFT 1880
son of James Sellers b. ABT 1796 Haywood Co., NC, d. BEF 1850 + Jane Thompson b. 24 Apr 1797, Rutherford Co. NC, d. AFT 1870 and BEF 1880, Tippah Co., MS

son of  John Sellers b. ABT 1758 NC, d. BEF 1840 NC + Margaret UNK
son of  Robert Sellers, Sr. d. 1800/1810 Burke Co., NC + Sarah UNK



billy joe sellars
Kit Number: 164697
Test: Y-DNA12

which family? (oct 13, 2009, msh)

son of
son of
son of

Kit Number: 170976
Jesse McDowell Sellers
Test: Y-DNA37


# 175654
Bertram Lynn Sellers, Jr., born 1935 Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey ( Bergen County, NJ,msh)
Test: Y-Refine37to111
Family Finder
Bertram Lynn Sellers, Sr., born c. 1903 Burlington County, New Jersey; died 1995, Niceville, Florida Okaloosa County,msh)
Cornelius Elmer Sellers, born 1874 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; died 1918, Mt. Holly, New Jersey
Cornelius Godshalk Sellers, born 1845 Bucks County, Pennsylvania; died 1877, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Franklin Peter Sellers, born 1800 Montgomery County, Pennsylvania; died 1863, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Abraham Sellers, born c. 1758 Bucks County, Pennsylvania?; died 1831, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania?
John Sellers, born 1731 Bucks County, Pennsylvania; died 1783, Bucks or Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
Philip Henry Sellers, born 1698/99 Weinheim, Baden; died 1769, Bucks County, Pennsylvania
Johann Adam Soller, born 1669 Weinheim, Baden; died unknown age, prob. Weinheim, Baden
Johann Paul Soller, born 1640 Weinheim, Baden; died after 1712/13, prob. Weinheim, Baden Johann Georg Soller, born c. 1615 unknown location (maybe Weinheim, Baden); died prob. Weinheim, Baden

Bertram Lynn Sellers
Kit Number: 175654
Test: mtFullSequence
E-mail Address:


Kit Number: 176272
Terry Sellers
Test: Y-DNA67

Terry Sellers (Jr.)   b 1938 Quinton, Walker Co., AL

son of
Terry Sellers (Sr.)  b 22 Aug 1907 Dora area-Walker Co., AL.  d 14 Feb 1970 Jasper,           Walker Co., AL.  m Lillian Nora Gilchrist  b 27 July 1912 Cordova, Walker Co.,           AL.  d 12 Jan 2001 West Point, Clay Co., MS
son of
Randolph Sellers  b 4 Mar 1883 Dora area - Walker Co., AL  - d 25 Sept 1948 Walker            Co., AL.  m  Delonia Ann Shipp b 31 Dec 1887 – d 25 Jan 1945 Walker Co., AL
son of
Milton Travis Sellers   b 07 Sep 1847 Pike Co., AL  -  d  14 Aug 1922 Walker Co., AL
           m  Mildred Ann Stone (Rollo)  b 15 Apr 1845 – d 14 Nov 1910 Walker Co., AL
son of
Samuel Joseph Sellers (Jr.)  b 09 Feb 1809 Brunswick Co., NC -  d 21 Apr 1887  Dora                area of Walker Co., AL
           m   Rebecca Fowler  b 29 Oct 1820  -  d  23 Oct 1899 Walker Co., AL
son of
Samuel Joseph Sellers (Sr.) b. 17 Apr 1788 Southport, Brunswick Co., NC  -  d 11 Jul         1857 Pike Co. (now Bullock Co.), AL.  He became a minister and Postmaster on         Three Notch Road.   m  Sarah Stanaland  b 04 Aug 1786 Southport, Brunswick Co.,          NC  -  d  17 Jul 1867 Pike Co. (now Bullock Co.), AL
son of
Elisha Sellers  b 1738 New Hampton, Edgecombe Co, NC  -  d 16 Dec 1801 Brunswick Co., NC
         m  Sarah Jane Peoples  b ~ 1745  -  1781
         m  Mary Willets   b 1760 New Hanover Co., NC  -  d > 1813



Kit #90073
Thomas E. Little
(Please send a small chart on family, aug 13, 2009, msh)
son of

son of

son of


KIT #182433
William Eugene Sellers
Kit Number: 182433
my father, Robert Blanton Sellers
his father, Eugene Veazey Sellers
his father, Isaac Sellers
his father, Robert Sellers
his father, Isaac Sellers

Bill & Shelia Sellers
Copperas Cove, TX

Kit Number: 185114
Dewey Paulette Sellers
Test: X-STR Markers Panel 1
Dewey Sellers Jr. born in Monroe La. April 4th 1933
son of
Dewey Paulette Sellers was born on 04 Sept 1898
son of
WilliamAlfred Sellers born 1860
son of
James Wesley Sellers,born1823 in Ga
son of
Alfred Sellers, born @ 1800-married to Elizabeth Anderson  in Dec 1818,died before 1850


Kit Number: 188796
Daniel Leo Sellers
e-mail: (please send chart, msh)
Test: Y-DNA12
son of
son of

(Dan is connected to Thomas through Charles son of Howell Sellars, son of Thomas, carl sellars)



Gaines Eugene Gravlee
Kit Number: 193889
Test: Family Finder
E-mail Address:



195684 Mr. Robert Marvin Sellers YES 1/7/2011



193672 Mr. Kerry Sellers
son of (please send to


Lawson Sidney Stroupe

e-mail: Test: Y-DNA67


Barbara Jane Sellers Kit Number: 86639
Test: GenoProjectConversion


Virgil Pace (see non member chart)
Zilpha Pace and Daniel Sellers had son ca 1857 (Johnston Co., NC
Bastardy Bonds)
McDaniel Pace m. Harriet Wall 1879. Four sons, Leonard, Lester,
William and Oscar. The DNA testee is a descendant of Leonard and as I understand it is the last surviving male line descendant of that line.
I don't know if there are surviving male line descendants of the other three sons.



Jack Sellards
Kit Number: 217388
Test: Y-DNA111



Sam Sellers
Sam Sellers Kit Number: 220591 e-mail: Test: Y-DNA37
carole =
Samuel Stephen Sellers, b. , Spartanburg, SC=
Samuel Stephen "Sam" Sellers, Private - m. Joan Lavender

John Powell Sellers, Sr., March 19, 1914, m. Nellie Lee Wheatley
William Powell Sellers, 1885 - m. Fannie Iola Young Walker
John Powell Sellers, 1858 - m. Rosa Belle Hunt Mainus
Henry Sellers, 1825 - m. Rebecca PRINCE (I connect with him thru the Prince family also)
John "Blacksmith Sellers, 1785 - who married Sarah Christopher (where I connect with him) Francis Conrad Sellers, 1760

John Powell Sellers, Sr., b. 19 Mar 1914, Spartanburg, SC
William Powell Sellers, b. 10 Feb 1885, Seneca, Oconee County, SC
John Powell Sellers, b. 07 Dec 1858, Habersham County, Georgia
Henry Sellers, b. 1825, Canton, Haywood County, North Carolina
John "Blacksmith" Sellers, b. 1785, Canton, Haywood County, North Carolina
Francis Conrad Sellers, b. 1760, Pennsylvania

Rob Sellers
Kit Number: 221253 e-mail: Test: Y-DNA67
Rob Sellers Kit Number: 221253 Test: Z138
Test: Family Finder

son of
son of
son of
please send


Harold Wayne Sellars Kit Number: 224358 e-mail: Test: Y-DNA37
son of
son of
son of
please send


Bradley  Abeyta  Kit Number: 225712       e-mail:        Test: Y-DNA37
son of
son of
son of
please send


Bobby Gene Zeller
son of Vernon Hubert Zeller
son of George L. Zeller 1874

son of Josiah Zeller
son of Andrew Zeller 1805

Peter Zeller who died in Lebanon Co., PA in 1842

Bob Zeller. GeneTree_YDNA_report_20120217[1] jpg file

Test Results: g4.GENETREE from Jim Baucom=

Marker Allele Marker Allele Marker Allele DYS385a 14 DYS385b 14 DYS388 14 DYS389I 12 DYS389II 28
DYS390 23
DYS391 10
DYS392 11
DYS393 13
DYS394/19a 14
DYS394/19b -
DYS426 11
DYS437 16
DYS438 10
DYS439 11 DYS441 17 DYS442 16 DYS444 13 DYS445 11 DYS446 13 DYS447 21.3 DYS448 20 DYS449 28 DYS452 31 DYS454 11 DYS455 8 DYS456 14 DYS458 15 DYS459a 8 DYS459b 9 DYS460 10 DYS461 12 DYS462 12 DYS463 21 DYS464a 12 DYS464b 14 DYS464c 15 DYS464d 16 DYS464e - DYS464f - GATA H4.1 11 GGAAT1B07 11 YCAIIa 20 YCAIIb 21 YGATAA10 15 YGATAC4 24


234338 : PHILIP HERBERT SCAGLIONE Kit Number: 234338 e-mail: Test: Y-DNA111
Test: Deep Clade
Test: Monoamine Oxidase A (Warrior Gene)
E-mail Address:

John Anthony Sellers
Kit Number: 248906
Test: Family Finder + Y-DNA37

Jack Sellards
Kit Number: 217388
Test: Y-DNA111


DNA kit 272022, for Shelba Dawn Sellers (feb 2013)


Jim Sellars <
Kit Number: B8089 Test: Y-DNA111(dec 2013)
90% Western European (England, Scotland, Ireland), which we expected, but also 10% Middle Eastern.

(40% British & Irish, 50% other Northern European)

Descendant of Samuel Sellers (c1720-1776), Cumberland Co., PA

my dad =
Nicholas James Sellars
Kit Number: N113154
Test: Y-DNA12
Test: Y-DNA37

Nicholas James Sellars
son of
son of

Stephen Zeller
Kit Number: 290485
Test: Y-DNA37

Stephen Zeller
son of George H. ZELLER - b: 12 Mar 1903 Bath Twp, Green Co., Ohio
son of William H. ZELLER - b:Aug 1869 Clark Co., Ohio;
son of John Miller ZELLER - b: 31 Aug 1828 York Co. Pa
son of Henry S. ZELLER - b:15 Feb 1805 Shrewsbury Twp, York, Pa
son of Johannes (John) ZELLER - b:abt 1776 unknown location, m: Margaretha SEITZ in 1798 (Shrewsbury Twp, York Co., Pa)

Dale Lee Sellers
Dale Lee 1954 Texas (self), Wichita 
James Glenn  1923. Arkansas, craighead
John Clay 1901 KY, Marshall 
Robert Lee 1871 Kentucky, Marshall 
John Y.  1844 Kentucky, Marshall 
James  1806 Kentucky, Td
Jacob  1779 North Carolina, Chatham 
Robert, Sr. 1735 North Carolina, Chatham 

James F Sellars
Kit Number: B8089 - DNA kit 358471, for James F. Sellars
Jim Sellars <>
Test: Y-DNA111 (april 21, 2014) joined before this?, msh-
Test: Autosomal DNA Transfer v3
son of
son of
son of

Kit Number: 312606
Rodger Chase Sellars
Test: Family Finder


Kit Number: 337406
Jay Sellers
Test: Y-DNA12
son of
son of (note may 15,2014)

Kit Number: 350860
Betsy Sellers (Stephen W. Sellers)
Test: Y-DNA37
son of
son of
son of


Chad Sidesinger
Kit Number: B10894
Test: Autosomal DNA Transfer


358778 (aug 14, 2014)
lee sellers



Linda Paradis Kit Number: B11577 E-mail: Test: Autosomal DNA Transfer v3


Sue Combs

Kit Number: B15291

Test: Autosomal DNA Transfer
Test: Free Autosomal DNA Transfer

E-mail Address:


Chuck Sailors <>

Hello, My name is Chuck Sailors. I have researched my family tree on and traced it all through Phillip Heinrich Söller. I was very careful in tracing it so I am confident this is the case. My family currently resides in NC, while I live in VA. But the last place most of the Sailors family lived was Georgia, then closer to PA where the Söller family was found. If you have any questions, feel free to email me. My email address looks funny but it is just to keep my email safe from spam. Anyway, I thank you for your work on the website and connecting everyone together with our common heritage.

Chuck Sailors
Chuck Sailors <> (MAY 2014)


Lance Tjernagel






Sarah J. Schriver
Kit Number: 148687
Test: mtDNAPlus
Guest: Linda Peacock
Date-Time: Monday, October 27, 2008 at 13:50:41 (CDT)
Testing Company Used: Family Tree DNA
Date MtDNA Test Was Ordered: February 2007
Date MtDNA Test Final Results Received: May 2007
MtDNA Haplogroup: H1a
HVR1 MtDNA Results: 16162G, 16519C
HVR2 MtDNA Test Results: 73G, 263G, 309.1C, 315.1C
FST MtDNA Coding Region (CR) Test Results: 750G, 1438G, 3010A, 4769G, 5747G, 8860G, 12361G, 15326G
Comments: BLACK, Esther b. 17 Jan 1769 Macon Co. NC; d. 23 May 1835 Jackson Co. NC. THOMPSON, Jane b. 24 Apr 1797 Rutherford Co. NC; d. aft. 1870 Tippah Co. MS. SELLERS, Margaret Minerva b. 30 Dec 1825 NC; d. 15 May 1900 Union Co. MS. ROSS, Martha Verlinchia Franklin b. 6 Jan 1849 TN; d. 20 Jul 1913 Myrtle Union Co. MS. DODDS, Sarah Allen b. 29 Sep 1870 Myrtle Union Co. MS; d. 28 Mar 1953 Ruston Lincoln Parish LA. Esther BLACK´s mother may have been Elizabeth UNK md. to Thomas BLACK. Elizabeth BLACK md. 2nd, Morris COX in Lincoln Co. NC.

Email address (To use delete '-Monday-' and add @ sign in that position):


Joy Elizabeth Donahoo

Kit Number: B5041


Test: Autosomal DNA Transfer v3


kit 272022, Shelba Dawn Sellers



Angela Michelle Kerns

Kit Number: 295683


Test: mtFull Sequence



DYS 19 is also known as DYS 394.

It is obvious from our observation of 1000's of samples that some markers change or mutate at a faster rate than others. While that actual 'faster rate' has not yet been definitively calculated, not all markers should be treated the same for evaluation purposes.

The markers in red have shown a faster mutation rate then the average, and therefore these markers are very helpful at splitting lineages into sub sets, or branches, within your family tree.

Explained another way, if you match exactly on all of the markers except for one or a few of the markers we have determined mutate more quickly, then despite the mutation this mismatch only slightly decreases the probability of two people in your surname group who match 11/12 or even 23/25 of not sharing a recent common ancestor.


0=Your perfect 12/12 match means you share a common male ancestor with a person who shares your surname (or variant). These two facts demonstrate your relatedness, however if your name is one of the most common surnames, i.e. Smith, Tailor, Miller, etc, (trades or towns) then we always suggest you utilize our 25 marker test to eliminate the possibilty of a random surname and random genetic match.

1=You share the same surname (or a variant) with another male and you mismatch by only one 'point' on only one marker. For most closely related or same surnamed individuals, the mismatch markers are either DYS 439 or DYS 385 A, 385 B,389-1 and 389-2. To ensure that the match is authentic you should refine to the 25 marker test.

2=You share the same surname (or a variant) but are off by 2 'points' or 2 locations on just 12 markers. It is only possible that you and another related family members' line each have had a mutation. There are two ways with DNA testing to confirm or deny. One is to test additional family members to search for a line that shows a mutation that is 1 point closer to your sample. The other is to order the Y DNARefine 13-marker panel. Refining greatly enhances sciences ability to determine relatedness -- geared towards the most accurate assessment of the number of generations to a shared ancestor. Only by further testing can you find the person in between each of you...this in 'betweener' becomes essential for you to find, and in their absence we feel you are not related.

3=9/12 - is too far off to be considered related. Unlikely but vaguely possible that the rule for Probably Not Related applies.


It is obvious from our observation of 1000's of samples that some markers change or mutate at a faster rate than others. While that actual 'faster rate' has not yet been definitively calculated, not all markers should be treated the same for evaluation purposes.

The markers in red have shown a faster mutation rate then the average, and therefore these markers are very helpful at splitting lineages into sub sets, or branches, within your family tree.

Explained another way, if you match exactly on all of the markers except for one or a few of the markers we have determined mutate more quickly, then despite the mutation this mismatch only slightly decreases the probability of two people in your surname group who match 11/12 or even 23/25 of not sharing a recent common ancestor.


Ysearch Public Database

Many of you must already know: this weekend Family Tree DNA launched - a free public service to the genealogical community. People that have tested with all labs will be able to input their information and compare side by side 2 or more results, independent of the lab that they have tested.
Being this a public site, and not wanting to infringe upon the individual privacy of the users, people can upload as much information as they want - enough to be of value for research - but still allowing to limit that information so that personal identification is not available, if this is one's desire.
To make it easier for our customers, we have included an "Upload" link in the personal page, so that the numerical values will be automatically uploaded.
We hope you join Ysearch and enjoy using it. is pretty much self-explanatory.


Quick Interpretation Guide



Oldest proven SELLERS =





JAMES SELLERS 1759/1842 Grainger Co, Tenn



MATHEW SELLERS 1743/1807(son of Ben1720/1761)

MATHEW 1760/70-1849 son of Elisha 1740/1801




ROBERT SELLERS 1765/1827 WASH CO, IN (from Burke Co, NC)






SAMUEL SELLERS 1745/1794 Effingham Co. Ga




SAMUEL SELLERS 1788/1859 (son of Elisha 1740/1801)












The DNA project will try to establish benchmark Y-DNA profiles of each lines. If the lines are related, we will find that the Y-DNA is the same for all of the related lines. If the Y-DNA is off by one marker, there may well have been a mutation back in the past, which may enable us to differentiate the different lines, even if they are related. If the Y-DNA is different by more than 2 markers, the lines are not related (or at least not closely enough to matter). (Whitney)

Genetic Distance Analysis =






1. If I submit a sample to you for testing and you find that I match exactly with another person, how many generations ago did we have a common ancestor?

Here are the times back to the MRCA when ALL the markers match. For example, with 25/25 (all 25 markers match), there is a 50% probability that the MRCA was no longer than 7 generations, and a 90% probability that the MRCA was within the last 23 generations. Compare these with 12 and 10 -- with 12 markers, there is a 50% probability that the MRCA was within the last 14.5 generations, while with 10 markers, there is a 50% probability that the MRCA was within the last 16.5 generations. 


Table 1. Probability for Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA)

Number of matching markers

50% probability
that the MRCA was no longer than this number of generations

90% probability
that the MRCA was no longer than this number of generations

95% probability
that the MRCA was no longer than this number of generations

10 of 10




12 of 12




25 of 25





FamilyTreeDNA's 25 marker test points to a much lower number of generations to the most recent common ancestor than other commercially available tests. We use exacting statistics appropriate for the non-independent transfer of genetic material on the Y Chromosome.



"The situation with HG2 is more complex. It turns out that several very different branches of the human Y-chromosome tree had been lumped together under the label "HG2". In Europe, the HG2s included members of the F, G, I, and J branches."

" Haplogroup "I" is found in Central and Eastern Europe, but also accounts for almost all the HG2s in Northern Europe and the British Isles.

Haplogroup "I" is thought to stem from a group (Gravettian culture) that arrived in Europe from the Middle East about 25,000 years ago. The

Gravettian culture was "known for its Venus figurines, shell jewellery, and for using mammoth bones to build homes". See:

" The other parts of HG2 - Haplogroups F, G, and J - are more common in Southern and Eastern Europe. They are believed to be the descendants of the Neolithic farmers from the Middle East who were the first to practice agriculture in Europe about 8000 years ago."


from LINDA
Linda Peacock []

The Family Finder test tests autosomal DNA. You get half of your autosomal
DNA from your father and half from your mother and your sister, same. The
chromosomes sort randomly, so you may have received one example of you
father´s chromosome 1 and your sister another and so on for all 22. You are
a 50 percent match with your siblings or parents. If you took a FF test and
your father did, for example, you would be able to sort out whether people
you are matching are via your father´s side or your mother´s side. If your
sister also took a test, because she has received different sets of
chromosomes than you, you will have a better chance of including more

I hope this is helpful and otherwise, the FTDNA site under FAQ´s descibes
what each test can help with and is very good in explaining the FF test.

as to first cousins, one shares 12.5% autosomal DNA, and 25%
with aunts and uncles.

Am sending this link to FTDNA faq sheet as to shared DNA:

Start with the person you are testing in far left upper corner of the chart.




Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with me.
The folks we believe belong to our CTS4466 haplogroup are



Unknown Origin



Unknown Origin






United Kingdom



Unknown Origin



Ben Sellers

United Kingdom



Unknown Origin



John Seller, b.abt. 1636, England





Unknown Origin




They all most likely have a common male ancestor with the more than 600 guys in our group.

We'd be thrilled to have any/all of them join our Project so we can include them in our journey of discovery of our genetic origins.

The link to our Project--and where they'll find a join link--is

We look forward to working with you.

Ed Aber Leek
Ed Aber Leek <>
may 2015


Hello, Everyone.

I am Elizabeth O'Donoghue/Ross, the administrator of the R1b-CTS4466 Plus project, of which Harold Jones is a participant.  Our project is aware of the close match some of the Sellers in your project are to Harold; and my colleague, Ed Leek, contacted Marie last week through the Rootsweb Sellers Forum to see if we might encourage some of those Sellers gentlemen to join our project and participate in the research we are doing, as we describe on the project website.

We hope to discover the ancient history of this subclade - where it may have originated, how old it might be, which groups within it share more recent ancestry and how different branches may have developed and migrated from the time of the common ancestor.

I've included all Sellers email addresses found in the exchange that Harold's wife Jan had about a month ago on your Forum and the two matches with Harold that make their details available.

The SNP CTS4466 defines the Irish Type II haplotype, to which Harold belongs, as do nine of the Sellers in your project, along with a McKinney participating there.  We have identified a number of branches beneath CTS4466 itself, but interestingly, Harold has tested a panel of all the currently known branches and is not positive for any of them. This puts him in a rather unique position, which the Sellers likely share.  Not having any further SNPs downstream of CTS4466 could mean that these gentlemen's ancestors represent some of the earliest men whose Y-DNA mutated to form this Irish Type II haplotype.

With a Welsh name like Jones and one of the Sellers indicating his origins are there it seems likely that these gentlemen all have family origins in Wales, which could mean that the Irish Type II haplotype, though it is present most notably in the province of Munster in Ireland, may have actually originated in Wales.

We hope to pursue further testing to gain more information, and we would very much like to include your Sellers participants in that testing.

You can all browse through our website at, and there is an icon at the top of the page to join the project, which I hope you will all do!  This is an exciting time for us, and we hope that you will share it with us and learn more about your deep ancestry.

Please feel free to ask any questions you might have, and please join us.

Best Wishes,

Elizabeth O'Donoghue/Ross <>
cc = 'Harold Jones' <>


Elizabeth and All,

This is a copy of Eds letter to me last week that I haven’t forwarded on to our Sellers group, till now.  but, it may explain the SNP’s .

Anyone interested in tracing the areas our ancestors came from, may be interested and I’m sure both of you can explain any questions our members may have.



Hello, Marie.

I will forward my note as well to your list.  I should point out that we don't have anyone in the project with less than 37 markers tested (except one gentleman with a Full Genome SNP test) so the two Sellers who only have 12 markers tested so far would need to upgrade for our project to be of much use to them.  I hope they will!

Elizabeth O'Donoghue/Ross <>