PENDLETON , SC  ( made in 1798 from WASHINGTON CO-Discontinued in =)
lays/laid next to = (now Anderson, Oconee and Pickens Counties)
In 1826 Pendleton District was divided into Pickens and Anderson Districts,

"Pendleton District", and to provide a forum to
                      exchange information and place queries relating to Pendleton District.

                      Prior to the 1769 organization of seven judicial districts, Pendleton did not exist.
From  1769 until 1789, the area known as Pendleton District lay within the unorganized Indian lands
(though some maps show a portion was within the northern boundaries of  Ninety-Six District).
This Indian Land area had been taken from the Cherokee during the American Revolution.
In 1786, Greenville County was carved from this area, and
in 1789  Pendleton County was established.

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 The Old Pendleton District SCGS publishes ten 24-page newsletters a year, loaded
with information on the area and people of the District (now Anderson, Oconee and Pickens Counties).

Fred Hawthorne []
Thu 9/19/2002 8:59 PM
 Old Pendleton District of SC

PICKENS CO was made in 1825 from Pendleton dist
ANDERSON CO was made in 1826 from Pendleton dist


           "Carl & Sherry Sellars" <

Now appears a David Sellars buying land in Pendleton Dist, SC on the 12-mile creek/river…9 Dec 1797.  this land also joined on Golding creek.  Was witnessed by Willouby Pugh, David Pugh, and John Kirksey.

He is also a witness to a land deal on 13 Sept 1799 of an Enoch Smith on Golding and Rice creeks.

Recorded in the Federal Census…SC…Pendleton Dist. Of 1800.

Now we have a Young Sellars witnessing a land deal on 8 March 1808.  Between a Charles Hunt Jr and a Richard Nall on Conneross creek.

We also have recorded of a Jacob Light living on 12 Mile creek/river adjoining land with a Nathaniel Newman living in very close proximity to David Sellars. We also know that Jacob Light is the father of one Temperance Light who married a James Newman and had a child,  Mahala Newman, who later married a Burwell Sellars in Al…Burwell and Mahala list their state of birth as SC.


There is a CONNEROSS town in OCONEE CO, SC (MADE in 1868 from PICKENS CO, SC)=
344243N-- Longitude: -- 0830413W
There is a GOLDEN CREEK in PICKENS CO, SC = 344648N  --    0824518W  ---  Six Mile
There is a RICES CREEK in PICKENS CO, SC=stream= 344840N---0824441W---  Liberty
There is a TWELVE MILE RESERVOIR in PICKENS SO, SC=345718N-- 0824212W-- Pickens
and 345630N--- 0824130W--Pickens


David 2-1-0-1-0-3-1-1-1-0-0-1 Pendleton=

Need Neighbors =

Edward Tatam Pendleton District, South Carolina 7 2 9

Edward Tatam Pendleton District, South Carolina 6 1 2 11

1799 May 15 - Indenture made between Edward Tatum of South Carolina, on
the one part, and Laird Sellars, of  Chatham County, NC, on the other part, witnesseth
that said Edward Tatum for and in consideration of the  sum of 225 pounds to him
in hand paid by said Laird Sellars doth grant a tract of land where the said dward Tatum
family lived in Chatham County containing 325 acres on the east side of Haw River on
the waters of Pokeberry Creek.  Boundry neighbors:  Gunter, Lassiter, Sellars, Joseph
Hackney Senior.

Signed by Edward Tatum.  Witnesses:  Titus Atwater, John Tatum.  [Book

S460 SOLLER       Hugh          M-252 061   155 NdRcd            No Twp. Listed
S460 SOLLER       Isaac         M-252 061   164 NdRcd            No Twp. Listed

S146 SPILLERS     Judith        M-033 120   221 000000 01001     No Twp. Listed


JAN 18, 1825 We, Sophia GUESS of Pendleton & James GUESS of DeKalb Co., GA to James CARY. $200. 80 A on George's Creek and Wolf Creek...Wit: John BOWEN JR, Archible H. BURTON P.27-8

OLD PENDLETON CO, SC DATABASE  (post on separate page? )

I just received the new "Old Pendleton Database" CD which
list over 300,000
souls that lived in the old Pendleton of South Carolina or
descended from
people that did.  The people on the SELLERS list have been
so helpful in my
search for lost relatives that I would like to try to return
the favor by
doing look ups on this CD as well marriages from the Old
96th Dist/Abbeville
County, SC (1774-1890).  I have already checked this list of
marriages and
did not find a Sellers listed, however, I'm sure that there
are some maternal
surnames listed that can be of some value.

The following is the format used on the "Old Pendleton
Database".  Note the
reference numbers by each name.  This number, along with the
name, will help
in my search.

Descendants of Howard Thurman /Sellers/
Descendants Birth/[C] Date Death/[B] Date Age F. Age M. Age
1 - Howard Thurman /Sellers/ [231233] + Edna Louise /Case/
[231234] 31 OCT
1915 86?
2 - Judith Ann /Sellers/ [231236] + James Roy /Brown/
[231258] [1 of 2] 21
JUL 1943 12 FEB 1999 55 27 26
3 - Philip Anthony /Brown/ [231260]
3 - Anne Michelle /Brown/ [231259]
2 - Judith Ann /Sellers/ [231236] + Randall Oneal /Parham/
[231256] [2 of 21
JUL 1943 12 FEB 1999 55 27 26
3 - Amanda Rachel /Parham/ [231257]
2 - Howard Terry /Sellers/ [231235] + Lucille /Smith/
[231261] [1 of 2]
3 - Paul Andrew /Sellers/ [231265] + Janine Renee /Hiscox/
4 - Isaac /Sellers/ [231314]
4 - Luke /Sellers/ [231290]
3 - Edna Lynette /Sellers/ [231264] + Kent /Comer/ [231320]
[1 of 2]
3 - Edna Lynette /Sellers/ [231264] + Terry Lee /Hodgin/
[231311] [2 of
4 - Katelyn Tanner /Hodgin/ [231316]
4 - Jessica Lynette /Hodgin/ [231312]
5 - Corey Lee /Hodgins/ [231315]
3 - Angela Carole /Sellers/ [231263] + Jimmy D. /Tullock/
4 - Kelli Michell /Tullock/ [231289]
4 - Nicholas Warren /Tullock/ [231288]
4 - Rachel Lauren /Tullock/ [231282]
3 - Donna Lucille /Sellers/ [231262] + Randy /Parrish/
[231318] [1 of 2]
3 - Donna Lucille /Sellers/ [231262] + Unknown /Father/
[231319] [2 of
4 - Jordan Nicole /Sellers/ [231317]
2 - Howard Terry /Sellers/ [231235] + Alice /Coxe/ [231310]
[2 of 2]
2 - Martha Carole /Sellers/ [231229] + Sidney Robert /Moon/
[231237] [1
3 - Robert Brian /Moon/ [231232] + Wendy /Gillespie/
[231278] [1 of 2]
4 - Adam Robert /Moon/ [231279]
3 - Robert Brian /Moon/ [231232] + Margaret /Corntt/
[231243] [2 of 2]
4 - Cody Ryan /Moon/ [231244]
3 - Jay Thurman /Moon/ [231231] + Sandra /Brown/ [231240]
4 - Chasity /Whisnant/ [231276]
4 - Jamison Walker /Moon/ [231242]
4 - Alyssa Jade /Moon/ [231241]
3 - Larry Allen /Moon/ [231230] + Rosemary /Gavin/ [231238]
4 - Sidney Howard /Moon/ [231239]
2 - Martha Carole /Sellers/ [231229] + Melvin Ernest
/Walker/ [231228] [2

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           "CAROLE S. WALKER" <>

That is my family.  I am Martha Carole Sellers Moon
WALKER(now).  Sid Moon passed away at an early age of 42 and
I married again to MELVIN ERNEST WALKER, my childhood
sweetheart.  Carole in South Carolina

FRED, thanks. we don't have this info posted per se.
And SC is in need of info!

Please Understand my questions =
Is there a way you can post the index on
OR are they ALL set up where if you go to the one name it
lists the Complete
chart/Reference numbers  on that family?

Appreciate you sharing with us and taking the time to do so.
marie, iowa

I have tried all day to find a way to extract a
printable list of Sellers from the Old Pendelton dBASE so that I could post it
and list members could check for a name, but it just doesn't seem to be a way
to do that.  I will be happy to check each and every name that list members
would provide.

It seems that I am related to just about everyone that
settled in (or just passed through) the Old 96th District of South Carolina,
therefore, I have been doing research in the area for many years and have a
huge dBASE.  I would be happy to help anyone that may have a question about
the area or relatives that may have been in the area.  Regards, Fred