Scott Rodman <>

    Seeking information on James Rodman, who was killed by Robert Sellers
in Shelby Co. IL.  Interesting to see that James Rodman's sister was
married to a John Sellars in Perry Co OH.  Also, would like information
on Nancy Rodman's parents.  Are they John Rodman & Roseann Cusac Rodman?
Please drop me an email or write Scott Rodman  811 Kirkland Wy Kirkland
WA.  98033      Thank you.

SCOTT, Thanks - We have a few members working on the RODMAN/SELLERS and I
am sure they/we
would appreciate your info you have collected. Can you send us a few
ALSO, very interested in the Perry Co, OH marriage - my marriage index
only goes to
1840/50 and I don't believe it is on there. Thank You for sharing. marie,

Hi Marie:
  Thank you for getting back to me.
In my clan, my gg grandfather Dr SW Rodman older brother James Rodman
did move to Shelby Co IL to purchase property in 1840.
  James m. Mary Guysinger 11Feb1830 in Perry Co OH by LDS igi sheets as
well as by County Records on file.
  James was born outside Frankfort KY about 1803 by biography written
about his son Captain Carson Porter Rodman.
  James & Mary also had son Dr. James Rodman & a daughter named Rose.
James mother Roseann Cusac Rodman is reported to have had one of her
younger brothers marry a Sellars man in OH by Andrew John Cucac family
records sent me.  I can check that name later if needed.
  The Sellars, Rodman, Cusac,  Delong, Moore, Martin,were among pioneer
families that lived in Mifflin PA by Cusac family research sent me.  The
Cusac clan report these families were related in Pennsylvania.
  After arriving to Perry Co, Rodmans, Cusacs, Moores, others were early
members of Unity Presbyterian Church outside NewLexington by Cusac
family research & by Church records provided by Perry Gen Society sent
  Interesting to report that James Rodman's sister Martha Rodman married
John Sellars 10Mar1817 in Muskingum Co. by igi sheets & by Perry Co.
Courhouse records.
  John Sellars & Martha Rodman Sellars listed on my ggg grandfather John
C Rodman property records on file in Perry Co. for 1830s I have
  In Perry Co, other Rodman clan married Moore, Delong, Guysinger,
Strawn, Hezrandt, Fackner, Cookson family members. This info is on file
& igi sheets list it also.
  Note by 1830s, most of the Rodman clan relocated to Marion Co & Boone
Co IN. Infact, James was one of 30 early pioneers there.
  DR SW practiced medicine in Zionsville IN.  He was also a teacher, as
was his brother John Rodman.

As for Shelby Co IL, James was killed by Robert Sellers.  We did not
know he married Nancy Rodman. (Have your contacts located her parents?)
  Shelby Co Gen society has kindly provided data on Rodman as well as
inlaws that traveled to that locality.
  Their records of court trail list that Mr. Sellers was not hung.
After his jail release, he was killed by being thrown off a bucking
horse.  I'm sure some felt that was probably fitting!
  In Shelby County, James Rodman sister Margarett Rodman Moore & her
husband James Moore resided. They married 21Dec1826 in Perry Co.  I
understand, Moore clan still live in that area by an IL researcher.
related to Margarett.

  In Shelby Co. Mary Guysinger remarried the younger brother to Hannah
Strawn who married James Rodman elder brother William Rodman.  Hannah &
Wm. married 20Nov1822 in Perry Co.
  This Strawn fellow was adopted by Wm after the Strawn parents were
died.  I recall the 1st name to be William but will have to recheck that
for accuracy.
  In closing, I am searching Carson Porter Rodman's great grandparents &
am trying to find Porter, Carson, Rodman, Guysinger marriages in
Maryland, Virginia, Kentucky, & Pennsylvania.
  I would also welcome any info your researcher have on Rodmans of
Shelby Co & previous localities they lived in.
  Write anytime.

Scott Rodman
811 Kirkland Way
Kirkland, WA.  98033