"Lumber River Scots and Their Descendants"


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A few tidbits from a book titled "Carolina Scots" by Douglas F. Kelly and Caroline Switzer Kelly, 1998.  In no particular order, here they are:
Pages 341-2 -- In Robeson Co., the family of Gilbert and Chriosdaidh McMillan, married 1723.  Their 7th child was Mary McMillan who married Archibald Sellars in Robeson Co.
Page 339 -- Daniel MCCallum, born 1740, Kintyre Scotland. He and his wife emigrated to Wilmington, NC in 1770.  By 1771, his wife and all their children had died.  He married Isabel Sellars in 1773 and died in Robeson Co. Feb. 3, 1814.
Page 199 -- Duncan Buie and wife Flora Baker Buie, Cumberland Co., NC -- third child was John Buie b. 1816, d 1897 in Cumberland Co.  Married Eliza McEachern Oct 1820 who was the dau. of Archibald McEachern and Effie Sellers. Neill Buie married Sallie Torrey McEachern dau. of Archibald and Effie.
That's it Marie.  Not much, but it's all the Sellers/Sellars I could find in this book.  Might help someone fill in a few blanks.

PS Marie  -  Something is wrong  with the marriage date for John Buie.  According to the book, he married when he was 4 years old. 

OK Marie, here's the rest of the story from page 199 -- John Buie married Eliza McEachern Oct 1820.  She was the dau. of Archibald McEachern and Effie Sellers.  Neill Buie married Sallie Torrey McEachern dau. of Archibald and Effie.
Sorry for any confusion.
(1820 probably her birthdate, see census, msh)
Marie  -  For the edification of those who asked, all the Sellers/Sellars families in my mini-report came from Scotland.

 CARL, thank you. The book states that? I thought it appeared they married into Scotland families. Please send us the complete statement that explains this. and thank you for sharing, marie, iowa


Marie  -  In the introduction of the book, the author states that this is a history of the Scots who emigrated from the Scottish Highlands, and the off shore islands, to the Carolinas.  One of the sources he cites is a friend of mine named John McPhaul, now deceased.  I once told you about another book that I had access to, and it was a long time coming--that book belonged to Jack McPhaul, and it was about that time when he became very ill and died about one month later.  Thus the reason for the long delay.  To the point--Jack knew many of the Sellers/Sellars clan from Robeson Co.,(where Jack's family came from), Cumberland Co., and Bladen Co.  Descendants from those Sellers/Sellars families still reside in those areas, and most are still Presbyterians, as were their ancestors in Scotland.  I can find no definitive statement in the book that says positively that all those Sellers/Sellars were derived from Scottish ancestry, however, I also cannot find any statement that says they are other than Scots.