Chester Co. was created in 1785, and was part of Camden District, which included York, Chester, Fairfield, Lancaster, Richland, Claremont and Clarendon Counties. Abbeville Co. was part of 96 District, which also included Edgefield, Newberry, Union, Laurens, and Spartanburg Cos, and "Indian Land". In 1791, SC re-arranged everything, and reformed new districts. What was Chester Co. became part of the Camden District, along with York, Spartanburg and Union counties. In 1800 (apparently unable to make up their collective minds), what were "districts" vanished, and everything that was called a county before was then called a district, and the term county no longer used. They started calling them counties again in 1868.



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State: Arkansas Interviewee: Birch, Jane "I was three years old when the Yankees come through. I can't recollect a thing about them. Ma told us children if we don't be quiet the Ku Kluck come take us clean off but I never seed none. When we be working she say if we don't work the grass out pretty soon the Ku Kluck be taking us out whooping us. So many of us she have to scare us up to get us to do right. There was fifteen children, nearly all girls. Ma said she had good white folks. She was Floy Sellers. She belong to Mistress Kary Sellers. She was a widow. Had four boys and a girl. I think we lived in Chester County, South Carolina. I am darky to the bone. Pa was black. All our family is black. My folks come to Arkansas when I was so young I jes' can't tell nothing about it. We farmed. I lived with my husband forty years and never had a child.