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  Thu, 25 Jul 2002 19:57:53 -0600
       "Claudia Cannady" <>
Subject:  [NCBLADEN-L] Barnwell, SC/Cannady

I typed info as written regarding a John Cannady in
Barnwell County, S.C.  With these connecting family
names, (sons-in-law, etc.) would you see if can find any
other info on this John Cannady, wife Whitty, daughter
Whitty (Sellars)  and his two sons, John and Edmund.

As always, thanks in advance.

>From "Court of Equity Records of Barnwell District, S.C."
Abstracts of Genealogical Data found therein - First Book
Pages 1-50; Compiled by Folks 42, 43.

James RANDALL vs. John CANNADY, et. al.
Partition.  Filed Oct. 13, 1847.
     This proceeding relates to a tract of 100 acres of land
in Barnwell District (B.D.) bought Sept. 13, 1804 by John
CANNADY, SR., from William Moseley, Sr., deed recorded
in deed book D, page 519 of B.D., which land CANNADY
owned at his death in 1822.
     EXHIBIT A:  Will of JOHN CANNADY, SR., dated Feb. 15, 1819,
probated in B.D., May 24, 1822, devising all his estate to his wife
Whitty for her lifetime and after her death to his sons,
John and Edmund CANNADY and sons-in-law, William BURKHALTER,
James BURKHALTER, John SELLERS and William BRYANT.  Execurtor:
James BURKHALTER.  All parties resident of  B.D.
     Said John SELLARS died before his father-in-law did, and
was survived by his wife Whitty (a daughter of said John
CANNADY, SR.) and four children, viz. Ann, John, James, and
Sampson Sellars, all of B.D.  Leter, on (blank date) said
Mrs. Whitty Sellars died, and thereafter said Sampson Sellars
became 21 years of age, and he and his brother James deeded
their interest in said lands to petitioner.  Petitioner alleges that
certain parties are in possession of portions of this land under
some claim unknown to him, viz. The South Carolina Canal &
Railroad Co., Mary Swartz, John Gardner, Rachel Barrs, and
the Intendent & Wardens of the town of Aiken "otherwise called
the Town of Aiken."
     The proceedings show this land laid inside the new town
of Aiken, and a plat of same is in the file showing the railroad
running through the n.e. corner of the tract, the Aiken Town
Academy standing in the northwest corner, and lots on the
northeast side of railroad being in possession of Schwartz,
Gardner and the R.R. Company.  Plat made by Wm. Burkhalter,
Dept. Surveyor, Sept. 2, 1847.  No final decree or disposition
of case is in the file.