OCT 2003

i am searching fot info on the family of peter t sellers who was born in lafayette louisiana on 7-12-1841 he later moved to texas and married delila jane hackney of columbus texas. peter and delila where married in houston texas on 3-24-1860. they had a son named peter sellers who ran a grocery store in houston and a daughter named vada zeolide sellers who married juilus emil schmidt on nov 22 1900. vada's children are as follows: rodney albert schmidt, hiram w. schmidt, and leonard audrey schmidt. my husband is the grandson of leonard schmidt. i have a photo of peter sellers about the age of 80 yr's old. any info would be helpful thank you.


peter  sellers and deliliha jane hackney sellers taken soon after they were married



of peter sellers and wife's anniversary that was posted in an old newspaper



peter sellers children. the son is peter t. sellers, and the youngest looking girl on the end is vada sellers schmidt, and i forget the other two girls names but you can refer back to the census info you have on peter sellers in texas


this photo is of vada sellers schmidt youngest daughter of peter sellers of texas and her oldest son rodney albert schmidt.


im really not sure who this one is of but it is in the old album of sellers photos i have. it may be  remembered by someone who may have one like it so i thought i would forward it on to you in high hopes it may be in someone elses old albums or collections. i have more but im not sure who they actually are. how i wish people would have thought to label them in prior years.  hope this helps link us to some other sellers out there. thanks sara



SARA, thanks.

We have members of our SELLERS discussion group trying  to help Connect your family.


THIS is a HARD family to follow = could be missed on census,etc. remarriage of mother or? hard to follow.

SO we need ALL the help you and others can give.


YOU did obtain his PLACE of birth,   = from what record? =


DID he have an obit?

Death Certificate?

ANY brother/sisters? that may be here in HARRIS CO, TX?


I SEE a possible link to PILLOT family = wife born LA.

ANY info on this?

Please share what you can.


NOV 2, 2003

The info i have on peter sellers came from some research a deceased relative in houston texas that was actually working on the schmidt side of our family tree. I also have an old newspaper clipping of peter and delia jane hackney sellers 75th wedding anniversary  it states that peter was born in lafayetta,louisiana on july 12,1841 and moved yr.s later with his parents to texas where he has resided ever since and he married dlilia hackney on may 24, 1860 thay had four children to attend the anniversary party they are as follows: mrs. h.c. dixion and mrs. j.e. schmidt mr. p.t. sellers  and mrs. f.z. tompkins ,and i have an old photo of peter sellers  at the age of around 80 yrs old. and one of peter sellers and his grandson leonard schmidt.  i also ahve an old derogotype of peter and delilia at a young age it is a small one outside is leather and the inside brass and velvet.i will try to scan and forward them to you. i also know peter could read and write , i also have in my p!

ossession an old autograph book of his daughter vada's and he wote her a note it is signed your loving father peter sellers and was signed in the year of 1894.



nov 2, 2003


SARA, thanks. these are precious keepsakes.


IF you can't find an obit or death certificate showing his parents, I would check out each child  of the ACHILLES SELLERS living here in 1850. 

He appears to be from Lafayette Co., LA since 1823. when an ACHILLES SELLERS married ADELAIDE BROUSSARD . was one of Peter's daughters named Adelia? or could that be connected to Deliaha?


 PETER and DELIAHA married 75 yrs? or son Peter?

some census and info posted on our TX and LA pages and a link to your info. hopefully someone may connect to your family.


YOU can us usgenweb to go to harris co, tx, etc and ask for lookups or check the cemeteries, etc.

Please advise any new info.

marie, iowa



NOV 3, 2003

yes peter was born in Lafayette on july 12,1841 and moved to texas two yr.s later with his parents. peter and delilia jane hackney sleers children are  p.t. sellers all i have on the son is the initals and daughters are adelia , sallie and the baby was vada . i told you of the autograph book i had of vadas and how her father peter signed it. you also mentioned the name dupree as maybe being a relative of peter sellers  and i knew i had heard mention of the last name dupree .well guess what i was taking acloser look at young vadas autograph book and a there is a note and an autograph of a ella dupree. the book is also signed by another cousin signed charles e. saigling (at least that is as best as i can tell about charles's last name ) the book is extremly ols and fragile it is so beautiful and has such sweet notes from friends and family and little victorian flowers and decals still pated on some of the pages.