SARA'S PAGE (nov 2005)

i would like be a part of searching my husbands sellers name. i'm new at
this but i'v learned alot already. my sellers roots go back to william
albert sellers,he was borned in alalabama,his father was born in georgia
his mother was from the census of noxubee cty,ms.dated june
1900 . he was listed as the head of family with a wife named addie
davis,she was born in miss.her folks came from s.carolina.their were
shelly eugene sellers,deada sellers,william howard sellers,lucille
sellers, dewey paulette sellers
if any body has any thing going further i would like to add into what i
already havemy email is address is sara
sellers 2750 old hwy 27so. vicksburg,ms.39180 thanks

SARA - Thanks -

Mrs C.SELLERS, 25 MS/Nov/childbirth

W.A. 20AL, SON (ca1860)(WmAlbert?msh)
J.P. 32 AL, SON
J.H. 4 MS, SON (yes, msh)
W.H.  8 months MS, SON

JAMES W. SELLERS 77 GA - 7/1822
NANCY 72 AL, wife
WILLIE MAY 1 MS, GGS(great grandson

Evidently I didn't post info on Your Wm SELLERS -
Could You send us the ages, etc -
Is this possibly your W.A. SELLERS born ca 1860 AL?
son of JAMES and Nancy SELLERS?

Then we need to look for a JAMES/NANCY marriage =
1870 Index =

AND this JAMES SELLERS born ca 1823 GA
married when/where=
and has kids born 1860's AL
SHOULD be on an 1860 CENSUS - where?
Thanks for any help, marie, iowa
mari im not sure if i'm doin everything ok but here goes;in the
miss . census for 1900 noxubee county list a william a.sellers as
male born dec 1861-age 38 number of years married says he was born
the state of ala. his father was born in georgia and his mother in ala   .
his wife is listed as addie  white female born feb. 1861 age is 38 number
years 18 addie is listed as being born in miss.,her father was born in
s.carolina also her mother was born in s.c.        born to this union were
the following children: shelly e.<eugene> sellers,son, born . jan 1884 age
16, single --.father born in ala. mother in miss.   second child, daughter
born in nov 1886 "deada" sellers,age 14.   the 3rd child was william
h.<howard> sellers ,son,born may 1893 ,11 yrs. the next #4 was a daughter
,lucille, born feb 1893age 7 the 5th child was dewey <paulette> sellers a
son born in sept1889 age was 1 year old.                              this
last child was my husband's father; he,  knew very little about his
father  . altho he did tell of his living in suqualak,ms which is in
cty,  his father moved at some point to monroe ,la. and was a deputy
sherrif? or some thing close he also had a boat co, called sellers boat
they later moved to new mexico in or around 1920 to a place named
mountainaire . they homesteaded  there along with  other family members
daughter deada     was married to ed ingraham they had there own section
did the other children  at some point shelly e. died within 6 mos. of his
wife leaving 3 children, mary ,gene , billy. they went to new mexico to
with grandparents william albert and addiesellers. later they moved to
descendants living in ark are mary sellers , in mo. right above ark . line
in nixa is where gene sellers lives,   that is all i know at this point i
shaking the branches while they are still attached.  wish i had started
some yrs ago . before direct descendents were still living , but i was
raising 4 little  sellers boys of my own. now i want to do this for their
children   sorry marie but after i got started i could'nt stop. if this is
of any use to anyone well i enjoyed doing it          sara sellers

        "sara sellers" <>

Mari, my copy from the census of 1900 was not real easy to read, I sorry i
forgot to in clude the state of birth for all of the children of William
Adieu <Adieu Lucille Davis>Sellers>This info was word of mouth from this
couples grandson, Gene Sellers, the one living in Nix,Mo. I will go back
local library to see if  can find any  or  listing for birth &  death. I
will make plan to go to  Jackson archives for further listings . the more
I'm into this the more i like it . i do have pictures  , but i don't have
scanner yet to send them. thanks

written to Noxubee cty historical for info on the connection between the
Sellers listed in the census for the years----1870--1880---1900---Noxubee
cty,Ms.   1870 list shows Wesley Sellers--wife Nancy----1880 lists J.W.
Sellers wife N.J. Sellers----1900 list a James W. Sellers---wife Nancy---
These all seem to tie in with William Albert Sellers-- the ancestor I am
researching . There is some Indian blood somewhere , so there is interest
this website,   thanks Sara Sellers

Thanks for the census info (if you read /have complete listings on these
- send and will post on that county/state page - may help Others.And the
SELLERS name may help someone else recognize this family. marie, iowa

Mari, My William Albert Sellers' Father was from Georgia, as it shows in
censuses from Ms. I don't know which county to start in I've tried
close to Ala. border but with out any luck. The name of the father was
Wesley Sellers born in 1820, His wife was Nancy , she was from Alabama ,
I don't know her maiden name, Wish I could find their marriage records
Thanks for all you do ,   Sara

Mari , that was a good lead. I found a 1855 census in Tallapoosa County
,Alabama. It listed ,a Sellers family, JW Sellers male over 21 years , he
was age 35 at this time, A female over 21 years of age this would be
Nancy,she was age 29 at this time . One male under 21 , This would be
,He was age 07 years at this time, One female under 21 years , This would
Sarah ,she was age 9 years at this time. These ages are based on the 1870
census in Noxubee county ,Mississippi. I also received from Noxubee county
from Genealogy Society , The following marriages were sent to me from
Noxubee County,Book # 1-575- 18Dec1881 -JP Sellers married Mary Ann
Elizabeth Jones----- Book 3-8620Oct 1884 JP Sellers married Letitia
This seems to be the same person , there was a preacher shown - ML
M.G. at the methodist church.  In book # 2-339 on 22 Feb. 1883 ,married
Addie Davis . The preacher was JJ Jackson M,G, Baptist Church.---Book
on 9Sept 1897WH Sellers married Minnie Clemens J.R.Moore,JP.--Book# 11-238
17Jan1901 JA Sellers married Mrs. Minnie Sellers,RM Evans. MG.---Book #
26-251 , 6 Aug1927 Minnie B. Sellers married Roger Simmons. I have more
I got from The Georgia  marriages in Decatur County , My James Wesley
Sellers came from there ,I will Send them as soon as possible. Also some
Georgia cemetary inscriptions. , Sara Sellers

SARA - Good - I notice in 1855 TALLAPOOSA CO, AL we also have a THOMAS
ANYONE know Who this is?
In 1840 TALLAPOOSA we have NO Sellers listed as head of house
In 1840 COOSA CO, AL (lays next to Tallapoosa) = ALFRED SELLERS
Was he Same as on EARLY AL Land records?
And Where in 1850?
marie, iowa

             "Don Sellers" <>
I see you are doing a lot of research in Decatur County, Ga.. This is
where my
Sellers line begins. I have a lot of data on my own line and find that I
related to almost all of the Sellers' in the county. If you will send me a
list I'll have a look see and maybe we connect.
There are two spellings Sellers/ars in the county as of today. Both are
connected. A census taker misspelled one of my gguncles surname.


Marie, You haven't heard from me in a while. I'v been busy reading all
the material that has been coming in. Now I'm so confused, anyway I
settled down and started to look thru what I already have. I realized I
had enough info already to work with. I need to Start with my James
Wesley Sellers, He was born around 1820 somewhere in Ga.In stead of
going back further on that name I need to concentrate on his other
children, They may lead clues that will tie them all together.His
daughter was Sarah Sellers ,she was at home at age 24, 1870, Noxubee
county but where did she go ?Also a brother Jaimes P. was still at home
at this same time. There was a J.P. Sellers who married in Noxubee
county, Mississippi, in 1881 also again in 1884, Were they the same? I
hope to make a trip to Noxubee County , Miss, and see what I can find.
It is a few hours drive, Hope to convince husband to go along too.
Thanks for your help in helping find James Wesley Sellers and his
marriage to Nancy J. Butler in Tallapoosa county in Ala.year of 1845. I
appreciate all you do and don't let the ones who don't want to do their
part upset you.  Sara Sellers

SARA - You are doing fine - Thanks-
Do we have an  1880 census on JAMES W. SELLERS born ca 1823 ga?
This will tell Where his Parents born =

He is Very close to the Abel SELLERS in Coosa Co, AL
Abel SELLERS and wife Esther WALL born in SC
and several kids born in GA and moved to  Coosa Co, Al (next door to
Believe you have the links to our AL and GA pages - Use them and also use
the query pages on the US gen web for these counties/states =
sometimes you need to study/search all surrounding counties.

But, we do have this THOMAS SUPP SELLERS to check out his age , etc and
WHERE married=

Will keep adding info to these counties - As All send/contribute -
CONTINUE ON - Thanks, marie, iowa