Sandy Burton

 "Didama Sellers b. July 23, 1867, Unionburg, Harrison County,IA,"
Surname: Sellers, Fry, Brown

 Didama Sellers married William Feltie Fry March 11, 1885 in
Unionburg, Harrison County, IA. Her father was Allen Davenport Sellers b.
November 13, 1833, in Crawford, Indiana, married Sarah Jane Coon October
15, 1855. Believe his father was Thomas Sellers b.Abt. 1793 in Steventown,
Rnsl, NY. Would very much like to know more about this Sellers family..

= picture of my great-great grandmother Didama Sellers
(Fry / Brown), her second husband William Brown and Lila.

Descendants of Thomas Sellers

SANDY, Very Interested in your Family -
PLEASE - Send Who Married and kids and Where they went=
WE try and link the families to counties/states Where our SELLERS went and
came from, SO, other SELLERS, etc can FIND US.
DON'T know where your NY birth came from on THOMAS SELLERS 1793?
CENSUS info, we have found shows birth in KY =
believe wife born maybe NY-

ADVISE YOUR family info and Will see if OUR into on these families helps!
DON'T have the 1880 census on these families = would show child DIDAMA=
wife of our SELLERS in Brown/Adams Co, OH=
DIDAMEIA? CURTIS, from memory.
WE are ON the right track, I believe?
PLEASE send YOUR family info = A small NAME,PLACE,DATE

THANKS, marie, iowa

Marie, thanks for writing back.  I've attached a gedcom file of my Sellers
line.  I hope that's okay.  I didn't send it to the rootsweb site.

The Family History Center has Thomas being married in Steventown, Rnsl, NY
and Kentucky and others, so I don't know what's right.  It also shows him
with several different wives.  I sure don't know what's accurate, but am
hopeful you can help.

I've also attached a picture of my great-great grandmother Didama Sellers
(Fry / Brown), her second husband William Brown and Lila.  I remember
Didama, and have a five generation picture of her with me and another with
my younger brother.  Have been to her gravesite and the name is spelled
Didama, but I do think it was meant to be Diadama.  Her second husband
William Brown died in Canada.

The back of the picture says "My Dear Husband, myself and daughter, both
dead."  We have no idea when that was written, but do think we have another
picture of the three of them when Lila was a young woman.  My mother
doesn't remember that Didama and William had children together, but...

I would really like to know more about this line of the family.  I only
found out several months ago that my great grandmother's maiden name wasn't
Brown.  My grandmother, who turned 90 in April, couldn't remember her
mother's maiden name, but after some research I found the two new lines of
Fry and Sellers.  I truly believe they have been easier than Brown would
have been.

Hoping to hear back from you or the rootsweb.

Thanks --Sandy

SANDY - Thanks - You have some Precious Family Info here.
AND will try and link this to your page and email , so Others can find you and PLEASE, always, send SELLERS a copy.
THANKS for being able to understand my letters, info, etc
I will catch up on getting your info/pictures, etc posted, THANKS, marie, iowa

I am sending you the url to our BROWN CO, OH page = I believe the members (some mayNot be active now and mayNot see your letter) are some of the ones connected to DIDAMA CURTIS and families that went to IOWA.= You may have to Click on Each HiLited name to Find?

WE try and Use Mostly Proven Documents, but, we get a little history in there also, msh

Brown Co, OH =
Harrison Co, IA =

THANKS FOR SHARING, we will get your info linked also!
marie, iowa

             Sellers, Thomas and Peter

             Sat, 28 Oct 2000 02:44:44 -0500
            "Joseph Burton" <>

According to:


4-12-1817 Clermont Co = Jacob SELLERS married Deborah DUNN
2-18-1820 Brown Co, = Peter SELLERS married Mary CURTIS

10-15-1819 Brown Co = Thomas SELLERS married Diadema CURTIS
SELLA   Susan           Woods, John             10-12-1833     Brown
SELLERS Augusta      Mann, Oliver P.         1-26-1862       Brown

I still haven't found evidence of  Allen Davenport's (Thomas and Didama
Sellers' son) birth in Crawford County, IN, but I did read that their
records were destroyed by a flood.  According to a biography of Alfred
Sellers in Harrison County, IA, Alfred traveled with his uncle, who I
believe was Thomas.  The biography also states:

"Of his earlier life, it should be said that he was born in Ohio, and was
the son of Peter and Mary SELLERS, who were natives of Pennsylvania and New
York respectively. They were the parents of two sons -- William (deceased)
and Alfred, our subject.

Mr. SELLERS, of whom this sketch is written, was united in marriage during
the month of June, 1841, to Betsy Ann KINNET, daughter of Thomas and
Elizabeth KENNET, by whom five children were born -- Mary, Salem
Elizabeth, Amanda, and Jane.

After nearly a quarter of a century of married life, Mr. SELLERS was bereft
of his wife, who died about 1864, and three years later, married Matilda,
daughter of Henry and Frances PECKENPAUGH, who were natives of Indiana, and
had a family of eleven children in the following order -- Justice, Stephen,
Lewis (deceased), May (deceased), Harvey, Thomas (deceased), Didama
(deceased), George, Matilda, Parker, and Virginia.

By Mr. SELLERS' second marriage, six children have been born -- Emma,
February 8, 1878; Annie, April 7, 1869; William, July 1, 1870, deceased;
Mary, August 7, 1873, deceased; Lovinia, September 21, 1874, deceased; and
Rosy, May 19, 1877.

Mr. SELLERS' second wife had been previously married and by such union had
two children -- Leona, born October 10, 1860, and Edora, January 17, 1862.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 458.
Family Researcher: N/A "

The history of Harrison County states that "Mrs. Thomas SELLERS was the
first adult to die within the township. She was buried on section 14, in a
neighborhood cemetery."

Still haven't pinned down Thomas's parents, but now I think it's possible
that one of his brothers was Peter.

While looking for Curtis information, I found this great site at:

It helps answer the Sellers men and Curtis ladies connection.


I read all the information about John Sellers  marriage to Elizabeth Fee.
Is it possible that they are the parents of  Michael, Peter and Thomas
(Peter and Thomas married Curtis sisters) from Brown County, Ohio,
IN and Harrison County, IA?

I have been in contact with another Sellers researcher whose father tried
find Michael, Peter and Thomas parents names for 60 years and she's been
looking for 20 but they haven't pinned it down.  They think his name was
John and the mother was Elizabeth.

>From all the information in the prior years queries, am I right that this
John Sellers, Jr.'s father was John Michael Sellers married to Catherine

If anyone knows, please let me know if I'm way off base.

Thanks --Sandy

SANDY, thanks for following thru with the info. So, you must have found the
Bracken Co, KY info
if you are talking about Elizabeth FEE?

IF have several members on here that are Closely associated with these
and perhaps have put together a chart on same and maybe will SEND us info.

I don't think these are the same JOHN SELLERS = the one in Bracken and the
in Adams/Brown Co .
The John SELLERS who went to IN is the one who sold  land he owned  in
Adams/Brown Co, OH while he lived in PERRY CO, IN.  HIS wife at that time
But I don't think this is the JOHN SELLERS in KY that died with wife
SOMEONE help me here? (believe info is on the Bracken Co,KY page)

I haven't worked on these counties for awhile. But, All our info is there
to use
and try and sort out.
AND I'm Glad you are following thru with it.
AS I'm sure you read, John, Michael, Peter SELLERS names are used often on
papers in ADAMS/BROWN CO, OH.
THIS JOHN SELLERS was born before 1775 (1820 census)
DON'T know if we ever proved him after 1820? But, he had a possible son
John in

DID you find his page?

HOPEFULLY, some of our MEMBERS will contact us with MORE info.
THANKS for following thro with the info that we do have. marie, iowa

 Allen D. Sellers and Sara Jane Coon were divorced about 1872.  Allen sold
 his land and we believe went to Oklahoma.  Sara took her youngest and
 children and went west.  She evidentally left my great-great grandmother
 Didama Sellers behind.  If anyone has any information about this, it would
 be greatly appreciated.

 Other names in Harrison County I'm researching:

 Brown, Condron, Fry, Gum/Gumm and Leytham.  I'm really having a tough time
 with Condron and Leytham, but do have some information to share.

 Thanks --Sandy

SANDY,    Thanks. I believe this John SELLERS here is an Older SELLERS,
from/thro KY?
IN 1820 they only had a son 16/26=  (1794/1804) living with them = could
indicate she was ca45 in 1794/1804? = her born ca 1749/1759!

JACOB was born ca 1793 KY
MICHAEL was born ca 1780/90 PA per dau Mahala
PETER was born ca 1780/90 ?
THOMAS was born ca 1795/1800 KY (in 1880 who ever gave the census info
him born OH and his  parents born left blank (someone didn't know?)

DO we have some kids born 1800/1803 OH? - MAYBE WHEN we have the first land
deeds posted IS when he came to OH?

AND we have a GEO SELLERS born ca 1785 PA in 1850 BRACKEN CO,KY

IF he came from /THRO KY , we would need to go back to the EARLY KY land
deeds/tax lists=
and I am NOT sure we have ALL these JOHN SELLERS followed thro. AND see if
have an extra JOHN SELLERS?
Member JAMES SELLERS proved the JOHN SELLERS to our HARRISON CO, KY page=

This JACOB SELLERS appears to have went thro VERMILLION CO, IL=
before going on to Keokuk Co, Ia.
AND from memory, We tried to trace/prove a JOHN SELLERS to this area?
I believe we have a couple members working on this family AND if they have
ideas, etc, Please Send.

The JACOB SELLERS, war of 1812,  from Adams/Brown/Clermont had a land grant
IL? Will see if we have this info posted?

THANKS for sharing, marie, iowa
Joseph Burton wrote:

> Is it possible that John and Elizabeth Sellers listed on the Perry County
> Census of 1820, are the parents of:
> Jacob Sellers who married to Deborah Dunn -- April 12, 1817
> Michael Sellers who married Catherine Burgett -- Late 1700's early 1800's
> Peter Sellers who married Mary Curtis -- February 18, 1820
> Thomas Sellers who married Diadama Curtis -- October 15, 1819
> I'm also wondering if there was another son named John and a sister Ruth
> with this family?
> All of these Sellers are listed in the Brown County Ohio 1820 and 1830
> census with the exception of Thomas.  I can't find him in 1820, but maybe
> he's with the Joseph Curtis family.
> Michael and Thomas remain in Brown County for 1840 census.
> I'm not sure where Jacob is in 1840, but believe he's the same one on the
> Keokuk County, Iowa census in 1850.
> Thomas is on the 1830 and 1840 Crawford County, Indiana census.  In 1850
> he's  on the Warren County Illinois census.  Then in 1856, 1860, 1870 and
> 1880 (living with Eliza Jane and her husband Barton S. Parker) he's on
> Harrison County Iowa census.
> In what I've seen in the Sellers information and elsewhere, all four
> "brothers" claim to have been born in Virginia and/or Kentucky.
> After Thomas' wife dies, he marries her sister Mary, who was also the
> of Peter Sellers.  Mary's son Alfred also goes to Iowa and maybe son
> William?
> Alfred's Harrison County Biography, calls Thomas his uncle.  It's been
> presumed that it was because his father Peter and Thomas were brothers.
> It's possible they weren't brothers at all, but Thomas would be Alfred's
> uncle through his mother and her sister Diadama.
> A lot of Sellers' relatives and extended family must have moved to Iowa
> the same time; Peckenpaugh, Parker, Curtis and possibly Coon.
> If John and Elizabeth are the parents, where did they come from?  Do you
> have any idea what Elizabeth's last name was?
> Thanks for all your help and listening --Sandy

I recently received this information from Jim Shaw, a descendent of Allen
Davenport Sellers and Sarah Jane Coon's son William Allen Sellers:

This afternoon, I visited a man named Steve THOMSON, in Orem, Utah, who
descends from Joseph Lehi SELLERS, through his daughter Elizabeth
JOHNSON, and through her daughter, Lucy (I think).  I was referred to him
Belva LOCHER.  He has the standard SELLERS family group sheets, a number of
pictures of his mother's and grandmother's families, and a short narrative
written by either his mother or grandmother about their families.  Among
items in the Books of Remembrance, I found a copy of the divorce decree
issued by Utah County to Sarah Jane Coon SELLERS.  It looks to be the
original copy issued to Sarah Jane from the Probate Court, due to its
yellowing and delicate condition.  I made a copy of it, and its
transcription follows.  I will try to get a copy of the divorce file from
Utah County.

In the Probate Court of Utah County, Utah Territory

Sarah Jane SELLERS, Plaintiff
vs     Decree in Divorce
Allen D. SELLERS, Defendant

This cause coming on regularly to be heard upon the complaint of the
Plaintiff the affidavit of defendant's absence from the Territory, the
affidavit of Publication of summons, the affidavit of mailing the said
summons within the time thereof and the evidence of said Plaintiff free
all legal exceptions being fully heard and considered by the court.

The Court finds that the allegations set forth in the complaint are true,
that the parties herein were legally married in Harrison County state of
Iowa on the fifteenth day of October A.D. 1855, by a Justice of the Peace
the said County of Harrison,

That said Plaintiff is a bonafide Resident of Utah County, Utah Territory
and has so resided in said County for more than one year previous to the
Commencement of this suit.  That the application for the relief sought for
was made in sincerity and of her own free will and choice.

That more than two years to wit: about five years prior to the commencement
of this action the said defendant deserted the said Plaintiff without any
just cause or provocation and that since the said time of desertion the
defendant has absented himself from the said plaintiff and has utterly
failed and neglected to provide for said plaintiff and her minor children,
That there is one child aged seven years named Joseph Neph SELLERS now with
said plaintiff.

It is therefore ordered adjudged and decreed in pursuance of the statutes
such cases made and provided, and the Court by virtue and authority of the
Power therein vested does order adjudge and decree that the marriage
heretofore existing between the said Plaintiff Sarah Jane SELLERS and the
defendant Allen D. SELLERS be and the same is hereby dissolved and that the
said parties are and each of them is freed and absolutely released from all
the obligations thereof, and that the said plaintiff is hereby declared to
be a ferna Sole and restored her maiden name of Sarah Jane COON and that
said plaintiff have the custody of the said Joseph Nephi SELLERS and that
the costs in this case taxed at twelve Dollars be paid by said plaintiff,

Done in open Court this 10th day of June A.D. 1878,

      Warren N. DUSENBERRY
      Probate Judge

Territory of Utah
County of Utah

I, Wilson H. DUSENBERRY, Clerk of the Probate Court of Utah County, Utah
Territory, hereby certify that the foregoing is a full true and correct
of the original decree of divorce on file in my office in Provo City, Utah
County, Utah Territory,  As Witness my hand and the seal of the said Court
in said Provo City this 30th day of January A.D. 1879.

      Wilson H. DUSENBERRY
      Probate Clerk

Sarah took her youngest child, Joseph Lehi (not Neph as the decree states)
with her and left behind the rest of her children:

Symanthy, Mary Alice, William Allen, Solomon, Emma, Nephi and my
grandmother Didama Sellers.  Some were still minors.

Also, Jim sent me this, a letter from Didama.  H. Allen Sellers is a son of
Joseph Lehi Sellers.

I found in my files a copy of a letter Didama BROWN wrote to her nephew,

The envelope was addressed to H. Allen Sellers, 126 So. 1st West, Rigby,
Idaho.  The return address was Mrs Didama Brown, Woodbine Iowa.  The
postmark was Woodbine, Iowa, dated 6 P.M., Mar 31, 1948.  The stamp was a
three cent stamp.  In 1989, the letter was in the possession of Allen
SELLERS, in Menan, Idaho, from whom I got a copy.

The following transcription is exactly how it is written, except for a
little bit of formatting.

Mrch 30, 1948
Woodbine, Iowa
Harison Conty

Dear Allin Sellers

I hope you ar all well as it leavs me well enough to get out and rake an
clean the yard it such a big pace to clean so much land it was so dirty to
when I came here I hope Joseph is so he can walk and go places.  I cant
well walk very good. My feet hirts me I hope my Brother will be better I
Just couldn't hardly sleep last night for thinking of him have to having
that cind of a operation I hope he pul through if the lord sees fit I was
with him we grew up to gether the cambers raised Nephi they say to me why
don't to come out here his folks is now I don't now much about my folks as
was raise in the place Pa took me.  They dident want me to now my people
then when I was old enough to work out I found my people and I married in
in my one people Frys that is my daughter name now she is married to Mr
Condron and her father did a bow 10 years later my children is all from Mr
Fry then later I married Mr Brown.  He buried up in Canada he died in the
year the War started I bin down hear since I was 75 My daughter don't live
very far from me she has six garls al but one was home on easter sonday
all married when she got home from chirch they had dinner so we don't now
much eather one of us now much a bout our famly recking I sent for her to
see an read your letter she Don't now any thin a bout my people she don't
rember her father I have 4 cildren did here when I lived here before I went
Canada.  I will close for this time some one will write an tell me how

      this is Didama
       Woodbine Iowa

I dident now that grandma name was spelt Diadama Sellers  I never nowed
only what chapmans ses Nephi never told me so I cant think of any more
to say so good by write some

      From Aunty     Didama Brown

Jim also sent the obituary notice for William Feltie Fry, Didama's first

Also in my files was a copy of an obituary for William Feltie FRY.  It was
published in "The Saints' Herald", the Official Publication of the
Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Volume 43, Number
49, page 800, published 2 Dec 1896, at Lamoni, Iowa.  The transcription

FRY - William F. FRY, born April 6, 1859, died November 10, 1896, after
an illness of six weeks.  He was not a member of the church, but his
parents, Henry and Eliza FRY, were, as also his wife.  These are left to
mourn, as well as four little children.  Funeral services from the
church, Missouri Valley, Iowa.  Sermon by A.M. FYRANDO.

I would also like this to go to  Should I send it
there too?

Thanks --Sandy

This is pretty long, but please bear with me.  I think I may have found who
raised my great-great grandma Didama Sellers Fry Brown!

The Joseph referenced below Marie, is Joseph Lehi Sellers, the son of Allen
Davenport Sellers and Sarah Jane Coon.  I've been in contact with his
granddaughter.  He's the only child Sarah took with her when she left
Harrison County, IA.  He was born March 29, 1870 in Union Grove, Harrison
Co., IA, died December 01, 1952 and is buried at Menan, Jefferson Co., ID.
I believe his wife was Sarah Dee Warthen (Worthen) and they married January
19, 1898 in Springville, UT.  I think the Aleen might be Allen.

(original census would show all members living in family)


Another son of Allen and Sarah's, Nephi, born May 10, 1865 in Missouri
Valley Unionburg, Harrison, IA, died August 11, 1950 and is buried at
Springville Evergreen Cemetery -- Sec. B Lot 23 Pos. 8, next to his mother.
Nephi was also left behind in Harrison County, IA and raised outside the
family.  He never married, lived in Springville, UT and in Ventura, CA

Sarah Jane Coon Sellers, divorced Allen Davenport Sellers, June 10, 1878.
She married George Mason May 09, 1878.  (Interesting dates, huh?  Married
before she was divorced?)

Our Pioneer Heritage
Volume 5
The Mormons in St. Louis
In St. Louis-1840'S
A Tribute

On April 8, 1849 the Henry Ware docked in New Orleans and among the
passengers were George Mason and Mary Ann Beard, who had been united in
marriage on board ship by President Robert Martin. Accompanying them on the
voyage were William, brother of George, and Matilda, sister of Mary Ann.
two men secured work on a boat which enabled them to take the women with
them to St. Louis where all planned to live until they had earned enough
money to take them to Utah. All these young people were loyal members of
Church and soon George was appointed by President Nathaniel H. Felt to
as a teacher in the branch established there. It was during this time that
Phillip and Matilda became acquainted and later were married.

Also, the Samantha Jane Sellers who married Joseph Darnbrough Reynolds
mentioned on the Sellers Utah page, is the daughter of Allen Davenport
Sellers and Sarah Jane Coon. She followed her mother to Utah.

Samantha (Symanthy) Jane, born February 20, 1836 in Missouri Valley,
Harrison County, IA, died July 5, 1922, buried at Evergreen Cemetery,
Springville, Utah.

Treasures of Pioneer History
Treasures of Pioneer History: Vol 4
They Came in 1855
Joseph Darnbrough Reynolds-England

On November 22, 1877 his wife, Elizabeth, passed away leaving him with
small children. On May  9, 1878 he married Samantha Jane Sellers who became
the mother of six children. Although Joseph was  always busy in community
affairs, he never forgot the important thing that brought him to America.
His  Church was almost uppermost in his thoughts and actions. In 1882 he
started merchandising and for thirty years was one of Springville's
successful merchants. In 1887 he married Sarah Ann Williams and  shortly
after fulfilled a mission to his native land.

And...  I asked Joan Boyd to do a lookup in the Harrison County 1880 Census
to see if any Sellers were living with a Chapman family.  Didama referred
to that name in her letter to her nephew.  Joan got back to me with this

1880 US Federal Census, Harrison Co., Iowa.
Union Township
page 1 (or stamped pg 137A) Ed. 88.

Sellers, Thomas 80yrs. old, living with Parker family. Listed as

Sellers, Salem 34 yrs. old, occupation Showman.  Living in his household
were the following:
Wife: F. Virginia 34 yrs. old  occupation: Keeping House
Daughter Francis A. 14 occupation: At Home.
Daughter: Alfaretta 11 yrs. old, in school
Son Jesse L.9 yrs old, in school
Son, Charles A , 7, at home
Son, Salem A 4, at home
Daughter, Mary M. 9/12, at home.

(I believe this is Alfred Sellers son.  Alfred is the son of Peter Sellers
and Mary Curtis.  Alfred's wife was Elizabeth Ann Kinnett.)

There were 3 Chapman families, but none had either a Didama, or a Nephi
living with them.  But...

Cass Township page 11 (or stamped 126A)
Dwelling # 155, Family 159.
Chapman, Thomas 54, Farmer, B. England
Chapman, Debra Jane, 38, Wife, Keeping House, B. England
Champman, Charles Dikes, 20, adopted son., farming, B. California. Father
New York, Mother B. England.
Chapman, Dedama, 12, Daughter, in school, B. Iowa., parents born in England

My Didama would have been 12 in 1880 having been born in 1868.  If Allen
daughter Almeada in 1875 (second marriage in Oklahoma), he would have had
leave Harrison County in 1873-1874.  That would have been about the same
time Sarah left for Utah.  If this is Didama Sellers, she could have been
living with the Chapman's for 5-6 years.  I wonder if they adopted her?

At the Harrison County Website, there's a biography for Thomas Chapman as

CHAPMAN - Thomas CHAPMAN, whose residence is on the south line of section
of Cass Township, has been a resident of the county since 1865, when he
settled on his present place, consisting of a fractional quarter section.
is a native of England, born September 23, 1825, in Wiltshire, and is a son
of William and Mary (GREEN) CHAPMAN, and was the fourth child of a family
ten children. His father was a farmer, and died in England. Two years after
his father's death his mother came to America, and died in Harrison County.
When our subject was sixteen years old, in England, he commenced working at
shoemaking, which he followed most of the time until he came to America, as
well as one year afterwards. It was during the month of January that he bid
farewell to his native land and sailed for America, landing at New Orleans,
and from thence by boat up to Council Bluffs, and during the year 1851
purchased the farm in Boomer Township, Pottawattamie County, Iowa. But like
so many others at that date, he saw visions of golden wealth and
and in 1852 started for Salt Lake, crossing the plains with ox-teams. He
remained in that country twelve years, just prior to his settlement in
Harrison County. In the fall of 1851 he had assisted in surveying a part of
the section lines in Harrison County.

November 20, 1847, he was united in marriage with Amelia WILLIS, in
She died in Salt Lake, April 9, 1856, and in 1857 he was married to Mrs.
Deborah J. BLAIR, daughter of James and Rebecca (HALL) BUSHNELL, a native
England, born October 11, 1819. She was the youngest of a family of four
children, and was married in the land of her birth January 2, 1841, to
BLAIR, who was born in Ayrshire, Scotland, May 5, 1810, and was the son of
John and Jane BLAIR, who came to America in November, 1856, landing in
Boston, and from there he took up his journey to Utah, coming in cattle
to Iowa City, being under the supervision of Daniel TAYLOR and Edwin
missionaries of Brigham YOUNG.

>From Iowa City to Salt Lake City the long march was made by the Mormons,
which sect this family belonged, by means of handcarts heavily laden with
their household effects, books, keep-sakes, and trinkets. Nearly the entire
way across what was then known as the Great American Desert this little
band, our subject's wife, husband and three children, which had been driven
by persecution from the Mississippi States, were obliged to subsist on a
pint of flour per day and it will be remembered that this was in the
Shortly after leaving Laramie, WY, the snow was deep, and in many places
they were compelled to wade through it waist deep, as the oxen gave out.

Mr. BLAIR, MRS. CHAPMAN's first husband, who necessarily enters largely
this sketch, while in England and a subject of the Queen, was one of the
Royal Guards. He was six feet and three inches high, and served in the
capacity of one of the Royal House Queen's Body Guards, and Mrs. CHAPMAN
possesses a regimental coat he wore, and a sword which was presented to him
by his Colonel. While crossing the plains this man fell a victim to
starvation, as did one of the children, and died at Rocky Ridge. When the
party reached Independent Rock they were compelled to halt for nine days on
account of a snow blockade, until teams reached them from Salt Lake,
bringing provisions and some clothing, allowing them to leave their
hand-carts and ride the remainder of the journey. Like great military
campaigns of the Civil War, the hardships endured, the sacrifices made and
the lives lost, can never be fully described or thoroughly understood by
one who did not march through the enemy's land. The survivors of the late
war, and those who withstood the torture of an Andersonville or a Libby
Prison can in a measure enter into the spirit of the suffering entailed by
that terrible conflict. So it is with the exodus of the Mormon people, from
winter quarters, near the present site of Omaha, across the desert land of
Nebraska and Colorado, at a time when they were hundreds of miles from any
other human creatures than the savage tribes of the Indians, and fortunate
indeed were the many thousands of their number who became "Apostates" this
side of the Missouri River and withdrew from that people on account of
polygamy; for while they sought out homes on the eastern shore of the
Missouri River, in many of the southwestern counties, in Iowa as well as in
Missouri, and endured the hardships co-incident with frontier life, yet
escaped the religious imprisonment and disgrace of those who became Brigham
Young's followers in the far West.

Our subject and his wife are members of the Reorganized Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Politically, Mr. CHAPMAN is a supporter of the Democratic party, and stands
high in the community in which he lives.

Mr. CHAPMAN adopted two boys in Salt Lake City -- George P. and Charles G.
DYKES. The former was nine and the latter four years of age, and were
motherless. George P. remained with the CHAPMAN family until twenty years
age; and Charles until twenty-two years, when he married. He now resides in
Muscatine County, Iowa, and has eighty acres of land. They were both cared
for and treated as their own children.

Source: 1891 History of Harrison County Iowa.

The biography mentions no children of their own.  Since they adopted two
boys, they could easily have adopted Didama or at least given her their
name.  Didama indicated in her letter to her nephew "I was raise in the
place Pa took me..." and "I dident now that grandma name was spelt Diadama
Sellers  I never nowed only what chapmans ses."

Oooh!  I think this might be great-great grandma!

Any help anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated --Sandy

SANDY, what a nice story/book for your family.
Iowa does have 1885 state census. Adoption papers would be in the court house, but, with both parents gone? don't know. They may have just raised her as their own and used their name. And Not mentioned in bio.  Didama knew she was a SELLERS, married under what name?

Do you know where Allen went? to OK  (Ottawa Co, Ok) and his other kids? where he died? We have a member, Juanita that was searching for an Allen Sellers from down south that went to OK/ TX. Don't remember if we ever had an 'extra' one or not. Thank You so much for sharing,  marie, iowa