I received William Lawrence SELLERS death certificate from Alabama.

It says: born Mar 17, 1870, died April 23, 1941 Jefferson Co, AL

His father was William SELLERS and mother, Martha NEILL.

The mother was born in Georgia, the father in Alabama

According to census, he and siblings were born in Florida.

Now to find where they might have married.....
William Lawrence Sellers, b 1871 Florida  d 1941 Jefferson Co, AL
   married Elsie Dora HOWELL, b TX
Their Children;
1) George Joe Wilburn Sellers b 1896 d 1943 b&d AL
2) Willie David Sellers b 1898 d    b&d AL
3) Monroe Sellers b about 1903 d    b&d AL
3) Attie Sellers b about 1907       b AL
4) Elzie Sellers b about 1909       b AL
5) Grace Sellers b about 1911       b AL
6) Tilda Sellers b about 1915       b AL 
7) Alonzo Sellers b about 1910      b AL
  From Census 1920, Jefferson Co, AL
1) George Joe Wilburn Sellers 
   married Ammie (Emmie)Elizabeth JORDAN
      b 1898 d 1964 married 1917, Jefferson Co, AL
Their Children;
1a) Leonard Sellers b about 1917 b AL
2a) Mildren Evelyn Sellers b 1920 b AL
3a) Wilburn Lee Sellers b 1923 d 1962 b&d AL
4a) Hugh Lindsay Sellers, Sr b 1926 d 1993 b AL d Shelby Co, TN 
5a) Bessie Marine Sellers--living AL
6a) Eva Mae Sellers b about 1932 b AL
7a) Franklin Delano Roosevelt Sellers-living AL
8a) Meredith Eugene Sellers--living AL
9a) Cecil A. Sellers b about 1939
10a) Frances Elaine Sellers--living unknown

2) Monroe Sellers b 1903  
   married Maggie Donaldson
Their children;
Lewis Donaldson
2a) Bill Sellers
2b) Margaret Sellers
2c) Monroe Eugene Sellers
2d) Clyde Sellers
2e) Vivian Sellers
2f) Howard Sellers
3) Willie David Sellers b 1898 d ____ AL
   married Lona Anne Kelly, b 1904 Jefferson Co, AL
Their Children;
3a) Lawrence DeWitt Sellers--living
3b) Willie Lee Sellers--living
3c) Mable Sellers b 1921 d abt 1923 b&d AL
3d) Jahew Sellers b 1925 d abt 1926 b&d AL
3e) Olin Sellers--living
3f) Marjorie Sellers--living
3g) Nathaniel "Bill" Sellers--living
3h) Martha Joyce Sellers--living
3i) Lois Ann Sellers--living
3j) James Donald Sellers--living
3k) Gary Wayne Sellers--living
3l) Geraldine Sellers--living (twin)
3m) Imogene Sellers--living (twin)
George Sellers , son of William Lawrence Sellers and Elsie Dora Howell
   married Amy Elizabeth Jordan in Jefferson County, AL  

dates unknown but prior to 1920

George died in a coal mine explosion, 1943, near Sayre, AL
Amy Elizabeth died at age 66 in Jefferson County, AL, early 1960's

Their children (still working on getting proper names, just have the
family nicknames;

1. Mildred E., deceased, married an ALLEN, then BURR
2. Wilburn Lee, died April 29, 1962, he was 39 years of age
3. Hugh Lindsay Sellers, Sr.   b March 4, 1926  Jefferson County, AL
       d  1993, Memphis, Shelby County, TN
      Married Grace Marie Wheeler***, Jan 24, 1949, Jefferson County, AL
***Marie is my mother-in-law, great person, and is of the Hallmark family,
I have the genealogy of that family, over 15,000 individuals, soon to be
updated; the work was originally published in 1984.
4. Bessie M. married  James WESTON, he is deceased but she is in AL
5. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, married, lives in AL
6. Gene, married, lives in AL
7. Frances, married, whereabouts unknown

Regards,  Sandy

  SANDY is connected to SELLERS on TWO sides!
son of
born 1866 and mother born 1873 TENN


Marie... When I put the Hallmark genealogy on the computer...she showed up...the parents of Ernest were Tennessee people and they had 7 children...the parents died in Oklahoma...I don't know if she was OK or TN....just a Sellers that I had in a lineage...I would say early 1900's is a good time for Ernest and Mary's marriage and probably TN. But all this is a guess.

I am working on the 1850 complete census (Sellers) of TN... I can put the county codes soon as I find the paper again... drowning in paper...Sandy

At 10:42 PM 4/11/97 -0700, you wrote: >SANDY - the SISTLER TENN marriages are very good - made a seperate >page- >and THANK YOU - >I found a little MARY SELLERS HALLMARK and I need to know where she >IS/born or child born, etc- >we should have a place for her- >I can check census names (on what I have ) >name - date- PLACE of birth/marriage or child born >PLEASE, marie, iowa > >

             Hugh and Sandy Sellers
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Wow, am I glad you wrote.  I just got back a week ago from there.  I tried
to meet with Margaret, but she wasn't home.  I left her a note.  Maybe on
vacation?  The landscapers were there (big property) but no family.  

I visited the Red Top Primitive Baptist Cemetery, Happy Valley Rd, Tallasee.
Saw what must be your relatives buried there.  Lots of Sellers.  As a matter
of fact I took pictures of several of the gravestones for another cousin,
Steve Rosen, who's g-g-grandmother's children married into the Sellers
family.  Also there is currently a man, Ben Whitehead, who lives on Bell
Branch Rd, which is off Happy Valley Rd, who married a Sellers.  He was born
1917.  Lives in the "backwoods."

These are the Sellers that a took pictures of.  Again, they are from Red
Top.  There MAY be more, I don't know.  There are three cemeteries in that
are:  Red Top, Boone, and some Missionary Church's cemetery:

     in loving memory
W.W "Bill"        Mary Garland               Mary is dau of Thomas and Nancy
Sept 9, 1858      Oct 19, 1867               CORRELL Garland.  Nancy is sister
Apr 2, 1937       June 20, 1948              to Minty.  Thomas is son of David
                                             and Jane WHITEHEAD Garland.  Jane 
                                             is sister to my
g-g-grandfather.                                               This is Steve
Rosen's line                                              ( 

Minty             Watson                      Minty is Arminta CORRELL, dau of
Apr 20, 1877      June 21, 1865               David and Nancy HARRINGTON Correll
Mar 26, 1918      Aug 19, 1941
    gone but not forgotten 

I don't see any GATEWOOD in the book.

At 08:13 PM 7/16/97 +0000, you wrote:
>Have you heard any more re the Whitehead book?  I called, and also
>sent a letter to the lady so her daughter-in-law who is handling
>the reprint would have my interest word as of yet.
>I have a bunch in my GATEWOOD lineage that I would like dated and
>things verified from another source...could we see if any connect?
>Regards, Sandy