Sandra Karnes wrote: > > Jerry, > Don't seem to see a connection..the only SELLERS I know about, for sure, > was living with my John M.Pickard & his family in Decatur Co, IN in 1850 > census. Good luck > Sandra

---------------------- SANDRA, thanks for helping! Took a quick look at DECATUR CO, IN, and WE don't have much ! WHO are you connected to ? I can only find 1 Sellers in 1850 and can look at 1880 census, if that would help- WE NEED all THE help we can get-

IF you send a little chart= names/dates/places - we make a page on it and TRY and link to these counties -

SO others can find anyone working that area! THANKS, SANDRA marie, iowa

There was a Herman SELLERS (23) & Felina SELLERS (16) living with my PICKARD family in 1850 Decatur Co, Indiana census..don't know if that helps any
             Sandra Karnes

WAS there a HEMAN N. SELLERS born 1-12-1828 died 9-4-1872
CLARK CO, IL? I see an old note here -(check out your
census and children! PLEASE ADVISE-msh  

In 1989 our SELLERS Letter group had a Louise Wendel, R2,6075 E.
Rte36/50, Decatur, Il 62521 who was
working on this family- referred to Phylema  Minerva PICHARD as dau of
Albert PICKARD and Azubah HINTON-

Marie, Thanks for the response..Yes, I was at one time in correspondence with Louise Wendell, but, unfortunately now that I am 99% convinced that our families are connected...I have not been able to re-establish correspondence with her. Thanks for the info,