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Harrell's and Sanderson's Lookup from The River Counties:

*Perry County 1820 Census
Elisha Harrel
Males, 26-45=1
Females, 0-10=1, 16-26=1

*Stewart County Court Minutes
Monday, 4 May 1829

Deed of conveyance for 100 acres from Thomas D. Parker to Jesse Acree, John
R. Acree, Ezekiel Harrell, William Parker, Nathaniel Parker, PollyAcree and
Isaac Acree.

*Iron Convention
Montgomery County
Iron Convention which met in Clarksville on the first Monday in October in
1854.  The following furnaces, ofrges, and rolling mills were represented:

Montgomery Furnace - G. A. Harrell

(From Clarksville Jeffersonian, 11 Oct. 1854.)

*Index to 1840 Census-Stewart County
James Sanderson

*Early Dickson County Marriages
William Sellers to Nancy Sanderson, issued and solemnized 22 Aug. 1829 by

*Montgomery County obituaries
Sanderson, Mr. Daniel B., died lately in Mobile, Ala., one of the editors
the Mobile Gazette, formerly of Clarksville; died a few days afterwards,
wife.  (Tennessee Watchman & FR 21 Nov. 1819.)

*Index to 1840 Census, Dickson County
Jacob Sanderson

*Wayne County Marriages
J. L. Sanderson to Araminta A. Brazier
Solemnized ? by Wm. Hanes, J. P.
License issued 2 Jan. 1860

Wm. Overton to Susan Sanderson
License issued 2 April 1860

Jasper Sanderson to Adeline Sanders
Solemnized 13 June 1861 by King Prater, J. P.
License issued 13 June 1861

*Dickson County Miscellany
Saunderson, Jacob, vs Nancy Sullivan and Elisah Sullivan--petition for
distributes share, 7 July 1820.

*Hough Cemetery, Lauderdale Co., Ala.
Sanderson, Bobby Eugene, 10 Jan. 1950 - 12 July 1951
Sanderson, J. Noah, 22 May 1867-23 Nov. 1956
Sanderson, James A., 16 June 1892-1 May 1934
Sanderson, Ella, 2 June 1871-27 Nov. 1933
Sanderson, Frances J., 19 Jan. 1844-8 Nov. 1906
Sanderson, Josephen, 19 July 1842-5 March 1902
Sanderson, James A., Jr., 7 Jan. 1919-29 Oct. 1971
Sanderson, John H., 1871-1945
Sanderson, Josie V., 1879-1951

*Montgomery County Obituaries
Sanderson, William, 74, died this morning beyond Greenwood; buried at
Greenwood Cemetery; father of 22 children, 18 living.  (Clarksville Leaf
Chronicle 25 July 1899.)

*Perry County Deed Miscellany
Dabbs, David, deeds to Richard Dabbs land on waters of Buffalo River noth
the northeast corner of an entry in the name of Samuel Harrell; mentions
Hurricane Creek and the conditional line between E. D. Griffin and David
Dabbs, 125 acrea; recorded 11 Dec. 184?; witnesses, R. M. Thomas, James

*Humphrey's County Deed Miscellany
Adams, Benjamin J., to Isaac K. Adams, 28 June 1855, land, mentions north
E. Harrell's spring branch;

Sanderson, Biddleman, Bidelman, Holland-
Seeking all kinds of information about this family line:  William Sanderson
(Saunderson), and his wife Jemima, daughter Lucy and daughter Nancy.  the
migrated from Cumberland County, Virginia, to Maury County in early 1800's.
william died 16 Feb. 1808, Jemima in 1849.  Lucy Sanderson married John
Biddleman (Bidelman), who owned property on Embargo Street, Columbia, as
early as 1812.  Their daughter Rosina Jemima married Newton Holland,
of Kemp Holland the Rev. John Holland, about 1837 and moved to Holly
Springs, Marshall Co., Mississippi.  Need proof Lucy was the daughter of
William Sanderson and wife of John Biddleman.

*1824 Tax List-Maury County
Harrell, Josiah, Land-223, WP=1
Harrell, Peter, Land-0, WP=1

*1832 Tax List-Maury County
Harrell, Thompson, Land-0, WP=1
Harrell, Graves, Land-223, WP=1
Harrell, ?, Land-0, WP=1

*Index to Tennesseans in Northeast Arkansas

Amanda Carson, a native of and reared in Lauderdale Co., TN, was th second
wife of Joseph W. Harrell of Buffalo Township, whose first wife died in Fe.

*1820 Stewart County Census
Richard Harrel
Males, 16-18=1, 18-26=1, 45 & up=1
Females, 0-10=2, 10-16=1, 26-45=1

*Stewart County, Selected Marriage Records
W. D. Sanderson to Mary J. Rougemont, 15 Feb. 1883

*Montgomery County Marriages
Married on the 19th, W. W. Suter to Miss Mary Sanderson of Stewart County.
(Clarksville Jeffersonian 29 Nov. 1854.)

*Stewart County Court Minutes
6 August 1833
Deed of conveyance Ezekiel P. Harrel to Nathaniel Acree.

*Power of Attorney Book, Wayne County
Minerva A. Crossno of Haywood County, Tenn., makes Thomas J. Montague of
same place, her lawful attorney to demand her dues from the estate of
Montague, deceased, late of Wayne County, Tenn.  5 Jan. 1861.  Att.: K. D.
Bryant, E. Harrell

*1810 Maury County Census Index
Jemima Sanderson
Lucy Sanderson

Debbie Champion
1999 Stewart County Santa!!
Merry Christmas!!!

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Happy Thanksgiving to all!

My name is Larry Smith, and I've been enjoying your posts for a while.  I
wish I had more time to get involved, but most days I'm lucky if I have
to check my E-Mail at the end of the day.   I live in California, but a lot
of my roots are in Stewart, Montgomery, and Trigg Counties.

My Great Grandmother was Willie Bryant (b.1881) daughter of Milas Alexander
Bryant and Eliza Jane Harrell (b. 1856).  Can anyone help me with
information on Eliza Jane Harrell?

Milas was the son of George Washington Bryant and Nancy Rose.  Does anyone
know anything about Nancy's parents, Richard Rose and Sara Harrell?

Willie married Elliott Sanderson.  I know that his parents were Franklin
Sanderson and Minnie Harrison.  I'd really appreciate any information on
Sandersons and Harrisons.

Thanks, and Happy Thanksgiving