picture of Samuel born May 1842, Monroe Co.. Ohio. Son of John and Sarah (Crouse) Sellers


Samuel Sellers was the son of John and Sarah Sellers. He was born May 10,
1842, in Monroe Co. Ohio. He died October 23, 1924, age 82. in Clay County
Ill. He is buried at Odd Fellow Cemetery in Zenia, Ill. At the age of 18
Samuel was shown to be living in Noble County Ohio, with his sister and her
family. Ellen (Sellers) Porter and her husband David Porter.( 1860 Census
In the month of November 1863, he enlisted into Company H. 31st Regiment
Volunteer Infantry. He fought in the Civil war, and was discharged in 1865.
He married Permillia J. Miller on September 14, 1865, in Noble Co. Ohio.
was the daughter of Jacob and Jane Miller. She was born Dec, 24, 1847. and
died at age 29, date Nov, 13, 1876 in Wayne Co. Ill. Samuel was described
5 foot 3 inches tall, gray eyes and sandy hair. In the year of 1867 Samuel
and his family (6 children) moved to Wayne Co. Ill. The children of this
union were Mary Jane born July 20.1867 in Noble Co. Ohio.--John James born
Oct, 15, 1868, he married Hester Wimberly May 10, 1890, John J. died July
1908.--Phoeba Ellen born June 20, 1869, she married Dudley Wimberly May
10.1885 she died April 27,1935.--Nancy Ann born June 15, 1870, married
Alexandria Corr? Feb, 20, 1888, she died Dec, 15,1891.--Sarah M. born Dec,
29.1873, she married Daniel Ott April 5, 1891, she died Jan, 3,
Jacob born Sept, 5, 1875, married IDA Grandon April 5, 1891, he died______.
Samuel remarried to a Writha J. Centers date Nov, 23, 1879, no children
born of this union. They lived on a farm in Clay Co, Ill. Writha died on
20, 1918. and Samuel lived about another six years. They are both buried in
Zenia. Ill.---------- John James son of Samuel, with wife Hester lived in
Salem Ill. When John was age 41, he was hit by a passing train and killed.
was said that John was robbed and pushed under the train, but this was
proven. This happen in Salem Ill. In this union were eight children
born.-Minnie M. born 12-29- 1891.--Charlie Lee born 2-1-1894, died
10-14-1982.--William Robert, born 2-10-1896 died 4-21-1962.--Samuel D. born
4-19-1898, died 5-12 1923.--Harry D. born 9-12-1900, died
E. born 2-6-1903, died 3-14-1975.--Cleo, born 5-2-1905, died
1-28-1974.--Henry Otis, born 5-10-1908, died
Charles Lee son of John James was born and died in Salem Ill. he was
at St. Genevieve Mo. on May 17, 1915. to a Miss Ethel Jourdan. To this
were born three children.--Charlie Ottis, born 2-19-1916, he died
4-5-1987.--Robert Irene, born 6-14-1918 Salem Ill. died 8-21-1980 Salem
Ill.--Wilma Rose, born 12-9-1923 Salem Ill.

Charlie Ottis Sellers, son of Charlie Lee Sellers, married first Erma
on July 1, 1938. and were divorced 10-10-1946 at Salem Ill. His second
marriage was to Iona Wygretta Chasteen, she was born 9-13-1916 in Centralia
Ill. she died 9-20-1987 in Salem Ill. He and Iona were married in Texarcana
Ark. 6-9-1953. To this first marriage a child was born, date? died shortly
after birth.--another son was born to this union, Larry Neal, born
Salem Ill. He died 7-31-1978 in Centralia, Ill. from this second marriage
born, James Lee. born 2-24-1954 in Salem Ill.-----------

James Lee Sellers son of Charlie Otis Sellers, married a Miss Carol Diana
Gordon on the date of 1-29-1977 in Centralia, Ill. she was born 7-24-1954
Centralia, Ill. Three children has been born of this union. Jeannie Diane
Sellers born 6-22-1978 Centralia.----Benjamin Lee Sellers born 1-15-1981
in Centralia. and James Andrew born 12-26-1989 in Mt Vernon ,IL.
James and Carol Sellers
 214 WestPort Drive
Salem, Ill. 62881