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             Barbara Windrup <>(April 2000)

Seeking information on the Thomas F. Sellers Family.

Thomas F. was born in North Carolina 23 April 1815.  He married Nancy T.
THREADGILL on 9 Jan 1838 in Russell County, Alabama. Thomas died 8 May
1871 in Union Co. Louisiana. Nancy died 2 Jan 1901 in Union Co., La.

I am looking for the parents of Thomas F.

Thomas F. and Nancy had children: Elisha Thomas (E.T.), Amanda, Matilda,
William, Aletha (my 3g-grandmother) Riley, Martha Ann, Anna, Sarah,

Sally Mills

RE:THOMAS F. SELLERS 1815NC/1871 Union Co,La
married 1-9-1838 RUSSELL CO, AL
Nancy T. Threadgill    /1901 Union Co,La

checked some history/census and posted under those counties =

IF you could post info from these census - might know who they are and
be glad to send any info=

Wm THRENDGILL, page 70


Thomas SELLERS, page 556
Saah SELLERS, page 557
A.F. SELLERS, page 665

William CELLERS, page 4
Silas SPILLERS, page 8

I'm not sure what all you want me to send and to whom and where. I have
a copy of page 81, Russell Co, Alabama showing the entry for Thomas F.
Sellers for 1850, plus the a copy of the page for Union Co., La showing
his entry.  I have a bio sketch of William Sellers, M.D., son of Thomas
and Nancy taken from a book about Clairborne Parish, La.

Nancy Threadgill Sellers was the daughter of William Threadgill and
Nancy Smith.

I don't have any Russell Co., Al. marriages.

Thomas and Nancy's children are below:

1.  Elisha Thomas Sellers 
    b: 14 Dec 1838 - Ala.
    d: 27 Jan 1905 - Union Parish, La.
    M: Sarah Hodge

2.  Amada Sellers
    b: 1836 Al.
    M:  S.C. Kennedy

3.  Matilda Sellers
    b: 1842 Al.
    M: William Amonette
    Note: See census of 1870, Union Co. Akransas, Town of Garner, 
          page529, William Amonette, wife Matilda, son, Elijah and
          sister of Matilda, (A)Letha Sellers.

4.  William Sellers (Dr.)
    b: 6 Oct 1845-Ga.
    M: Sarah Ella Lowery
       29 Jan 1874
    Note:  William served with the Twelfth Louisiana Infantry Volunteers
           Company I

5. Aletha Sellers
   b: 1846 Alabama
   M:  George Washington McCall
       in 1874
   Note: My great-great grandmother

6. Riley Sellers
   b: 1850- Al.
   M: Tametia A. Terry
      28 Dec 1869 - Union Parish, La.

7. Martha Ann Sellers
   b: 1852-Ala.

8. Anna Sellers
   b: 1854-Ala.
   M: Thomas Mason
      6 June 1872- Union Parish, La.

9.  Sarah Sellers
    b: 1856 -ala.

10.  Ella Sellers
     b: 10 Aug 1858-Ala
     d: 22 Jan 1883-Union Parish, La.
     Note: buried in Smyrna Cemetery, La.


Sally Mills

SALLY, thank you - will add to your page-

I would like a reading of ALL the Sellers on that 1850 census of RUSSELL
CO, AL and also the 1860 Union Par, La - maybe could tell WHO they are!
WILL try and find-

I looked at the 1880 index and couldn't find Nancy - could be spelled a
differant way- might be your Wm?

Claiborne Co,La
s.e. 23 la, wife
E.T. 5f, LA
B.B. 1M LA
Mona LEE 9 LA, servant

I didn't check the GA census - they are next and may have been land
changes -
WAS William 1845 born in GA - by bio? DID it say county/town?
The only other marriage I had was ELISHA L.(must be T.) SELLERS
12-26-1872 to Sarah A. Hodges in Union Parish, LA-
Thanks Sally, 
marie, iowa
        Re: Sellers-Threadgill
        Mon, 25 Aug 1997 08:22:03 -0400 (EDT)

I think you have it posted under Russell Co., AL.
Thomas F. Sellers b. 23 April 1815, farmer, d. 8 May 1871 Union Co., LA m. 9
Jan 1838 Russell Co., AL (Age: 40, 1850 Census Russell Co., AL; 1860 Census
LA Age: 45. Married Nancy T. Threadgill Age:30 in 1850 b. Dec 1815 Anscon
Co., NC 
d. 2 Jan 1901 Union Co., LA in 1900 Census Union Co., LA Age: 84 living with
Elisha T. Sellers; 1860 census LA Age: 43. Parents were William Threadgill
and Nancy Smith. William's parent were John Threadgill and his parent was
John Threadgill and his parents were Deodatus Threadgill b. 1657 France or
England married Jemima  Burrows.  Deodatus' parents were William Threadgill
and Thomasine from France.
Thomas F. Sellers and Nancy T. Threadgill had 10 children.  1.  Elisha Thomas
Sellers b. 14 Dec. 1838 AL, a cotton planter, d. 27 Jan 1905 Union Parish, LA
 m. Sarah A. Hodge 26 Dec 1872 Union Parish, LA.  2.  Amanda Sellers b. 1836
AL m. S. C. Kennedy, cotton planter.  3.  Matilda Sellers b. 1842 AL m.
William Amonette
4.  Dr. William Sellers, MD b. 6Oct 1845 Russell Co., AL near Columbus, GA
served with the Twelfth LA Infantry Volunteers Co. I (1850 Census Russell
 Co., AL;
1860 Census LA  Age: 14 and  Book about Clairborne Parish,  LA) married 29
Jan 1874 Sarah Ella Lowery  5.  Aletha Riley Sellers b. 1846 m. George
Washington McCall  6.  Martha Ann Sellers b. 1852 AL 7.  Anna Sellers b. 1854
AL m. Thomas Mason 6 June 1872 Union Parish, LA  8. Riley N. Sellers b. 1850
AL m. Tametia A.
Terry  9.  Sarah Sellers b. 1856 AL ( 1860 LA Census Age: 4)   10 Ella
Sellers b. 10 Aug 1858 AL (1860 Census LA Age: 2) d. 22 Jan 1883 Union
Parish, LA buried Smyrna Cem, LA.
Information from Census:  1850 Russell Co, Al  p. 81 and p. 70; 1860 Union
Parish, LA; 1900 Union Co., AL  and Sally Mills
   and Sellers Web page and Linda Threadgill.
1850 Census: Russell Alabama

Thomas Sellers: age:40, Occupation: Farmer, Birthplace: N.C.
Nancy               30                                  N.C.
Amanda              14                                  Ala.
Matilda              8                                   "
William              6                                   "
Letha                4                                   "

1860 Census: Union Co. Louisiana, Town of Downsville

Thomas Sellers      45      farmer                     N.C.
Nancy               43                                  "
E.T.                24(m)                              Ala
Matilda             16(f)                               "
William             14(m)                               "
Letha               12(f)                               "
Riley               10(m)                               "
M.A.(Martha Ann)     8(f)                               "
Anna                 6(f)                               "
Sarah                4(f)                               "
Ella                 2(f)                               "

*Value of real estate 3,400
 Value of Personal Property 11,710

The William Sellers in Claiborne Co., La. is the son of Thomas F. and
Nancy.  From his bio in" Biographical and Historical Memoirs of
Claiborne parish, Louisiana":
William Sellers, M.D. is a practical physician and surgeon of the
village of Summerfield, where he has done much to alleviate the ailments
to which the human body is heir.  He was born near Columbus, Ga.,
October 6, 1845, being the fifth of ten children, seven of whom are now
living:  E.T. (a cotton planter of Union Parish, La.), Amanda (widow of
S.C. Kennedy, who was a planter of this parish), Mattie(deceased) three
other daughters residing in Texas (their husbands being planters) R.N.(a
resident of Texas) and Dr. William.  The youngest two daughters died in
the last few years. The parents of these children, Thomas F. and
Nancy(Threadgill) Sellers, were born in N.C., the former being a planter
by occupation, and now deceased and his widow being a resident of La.
.............Dr. Sellers entered the medical dept. of the Louisiana St.
University of New Orleans (now Tulane, this being in 1868) and in 1870
graduated with distinction in a class of about 75.

It also lists his children and also says....."In March, 1863, Dr.
Sellers enlisted in Company I, Twelfth Louisiana Infantry Volunteers and
was ordered at once to the front, under Gen. Joe E. Johnston and took
part in battles as follows: Jackson(Ms) Resaca, Atlanta,Kenesaw Mt. (all
in Ga.) and was with Hood's expedition in Tn. and was afterward at
Kindston and Bentonville, N.c, the latter being the last engagement of
the war."


> SALLY, thank you very much!
> I'll try and read the other SELLERS/SOLLARS on these census and see if
> we can tell where ANY of them came from -
> so we can try and find out WHERE in NC born!
> MY southern states info is scarce and hard to come by -
> BUT, we gradually must keep linking these NC/SC SELLERS to GA/AL/LA,etc-
> Will post info when I read it-
> THANKS again, Sally,
> marie, iowa

I have several pages of Sellers marriages from Alabama, N.C. and Union
Parish, La.
Also some cemetery records for Smyrna Cemetery in Union Parish.
Court records showing an inventory of Thomas Sellers estate.

Would you like for me to make copies and send to you via snailmail?
If so, I will need your address.

Although I am a native of South Texas, I am living in SLC at the time
just so I can do some research at the Genealogy Library. I just
discovered the other day that I can use the computers down there and
search through the Family Tree CD's.  Have you been to the Family Tree
web site. It lists all the cd's available to buy, but I can view them
down at the library.  There is one cd that has early NC, Ala. and
several other states on it.  I can sort out the Sellers names and send
you a copy if you like.


         Hugh and Sandy Sellers <>

>From one of my genealogy buddies....has an INGRAM connection to my
side of the family....Sandy

At 04:09 PM 5/4/97 -0500, you wrote:
>In your book on the THREADGILL family...are there any SELLERS
>listed....on the Sellers Mailing List there is a query regarding
>Threadgill/Sellers in the Alabama area (I think)...
>Regards, Sandy
>Hi Sandy
        Yeah! There are about a dozen listed:

                Nancy Threadgill (William(4), John(3), John(2), Deodatus(1))
married Thomas F. Sellars in Russell County Ala. Jan 9,1838. Mancy was born:
ca 1820 in Anson Co. NC. She was the daughter of William and Nancy (Smith)
Threadgill. The 1850 census shows their family to be;

                        Thomas Sellers b:1838 in AL
                        Amanda Sellers b: 1839
                        Matilda Sellers b: 1842 in AL
        `               William Sellers b: 1844
                        Aletha Sellers b; 1846

        The ancestery of Nancy Threadgill is given back to Deodatus
Threadgill b:1657 in France and England.

        In addition: Willerbee Anna Threadgill married Leggette Sellers in
about  1940 in Anson Co NC. This late vintage union is  probably not of
interest to your inquiring party.


SANDY  - Thank You! -
THIS is THOMAS SELLERS 1815 NC family-
don't believe? they connected/THREADGILL  until RUSSEL CO, AL-=

but, will post ANY Sellers/info into ANSON CO/NC

and Continue these LINKS -
JAMES SOLLAR , page 40
Wm THRENDGILL, page 70
NEED ABOVE CENSUS INFO to prove/disprove  to=
WM CELLERS, page 4
SILAS SPILLERS, page 8 (we do have a SILAS SELLERS)
WM TILLMAN, page 8 (we have Tillmans here also/send chart)

WE need this info that has NEVER been posted-

SALLY wrote=
I have several pages of Sellers marriages from Alabama, N.C. and Union
Parish, La.
Also some cemetery records for Smyrna Cemetery in Union Parish.
Court records showing an inventory of Thomas Sellers estate.

SALLY - SEND and I will post to these counties/states-
many times it takes one PROVEN info to county/state!
I BELIEVE we need 1850 and before info =

WHO is MONA LEE born ? living with Wm SELLERS on 1880? census - we have
NC SELLERS married into LEE'S in the APPLING/LOWNDES area of GA - I
believe it was JAMES/JOHN LEE married CINDERELLA SELLERS - I don't
believe I have her childrens names - INTERESTING!

WILL KEEP on adding the pieces-
THANKS for sharing, SALLY,
marie, iowa

            Sally Mills <"">

I found Thomas Sellers in Union Parish, La. on the 1870 census. He was
listed in the census index as Thomas P. Selers.

On the 1880 Union Parish cenus, Nancy Threadgill Sellers, widow of
Thomas is living with her son, Elisha Thomas along with two of E.T.'s

On the 1900 census Nancy is still living with E.T.  He is still in Union
parish but on the soundex he is Elisha T. and you can barely make out
the Sellers name.

I will send you copies of everything I have on the Sellers if you will
send me your snail mail address.


SANDY, thanks-
I did find Nancy 84 sc - 12/1815 on the 1900 Union Co,La soundex
living with Elisha T.
Never found on the 1880 soundex-
I would be interested in where her dad Wm Threadgill is in 1840?=
I see NO connection to Sellers in Anson before some came to Al/Ga-
but, need to check on them also and sometimes, this helps prove or know
which county to work on!
Thanks Sally,
Marie Sellers Hollinger
12871 - 285th St
Mason City, Iowa 50401-9118

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        Barbara Windrup <>

I used to live in Salt Lake City and moved back to Texas last summer.
My husband got sick in July and died in October and I am just getting
back to doing a little genealogy and am trying to get my email and
snailmail addresses updated.

My old email was:

My new address is:

My snailmail address is:  Sally Windrup
                                            316 Fitzgerald
                                            East Bernard, Texas  77435

East Bernard is about 50 miles southwest of Houston.  I haven't been in
to the genealogy library there since I have been back in Texas, but
after SLC, I am so spoiled.  Hopefully, I will get back into doing my
Sellers line soon.

I am descended from Thomas F. Sellers who married Nancy Mason.  I see
that you still have some of the postings I sent you online.
Hopefully I will be back to finding ancestors soon.
Sally Mills Windrup

I have just recently returned to doing genealogy after a two year lapse
due to several illnesses and deaths in my family.  I used to live in
Salt Lake City but am now in my native Texas.

I am descended from Thomas F. Sellers, born 23 April 1815 in NC.  He
married Nancy T. Threadgill (b.4 Feb 1817) in Russell County, Ala. 9
January 1838.  Thomas died 8 May 1871 in Union Parish, La. and is buried
at Smyra cemetery there.  Their daughter, Aletha (Letha) was my
great-great grandmother.  Letha was married to George McCall.

I have lots of information on the Threadgill's and a bit on Nancy and
Letha's brothers, Elisha Thomas, William and Riley and pictures of their
graves that I will be glad to share.

I don't have any information on Thomas F. and I would love to know who
his parents were, etc.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I used to use the name Sally Mills and my old email was thru Concentric

I still go by Sally, but have entered all queries with my real name
Barbara and my real last name Windrup.

My new email is:

and I live in a small farming community about 50 miles southwest of
Houston.  I have only been in to the Clayton Genealogy Library once but
will be going back soon and will be glad to offer my help on any of my
direct line or any of the Sellers who came to Texas.

Barbara (Sally) Windrup

SALLY - Welcome Home -
Do we have any New Info on Threadgills ? Was Wm Threadgill her parents?
He was on one of the census, but, don't know his age - might be on the
Do they have obits for her in 1901?
Was Thomas in Civil War or Indian War?
Can you help me on where our second census posted below belongs?

ALL - DO You Know ANY of these SELLERS = ADVISE
marie, iowa