Pupils of Salida School Supplied

   the Leading Attractions - A

           Beautiful Scene.



  The Woodmen's Camps of San Joa-

quin county gave a delightful picnic at

Koch's Grove, Ripon, on May 3d. The

day was beautiful, and private con-

veyances and special trains poured

1500 people into the grove, comprising

delegations from Stockton, Lodi, Tracy,

Lathrop, Modesto and the surrounding



   The grove, which is a lovely spot,

 seemed to be in gala dress for the

 occasion; even the stately trees waved

 a welcome, and the grassy carpet

 beneath was luxuriant in its verdure.


   The sixth Regiment Band of Stockton

discoursed melodious strains and kept

the merry dancers busy. The merry-

go-round and various games interested

the children and older folk alike. A cake-

walk was one of the many attractions.


   During the morning the children of the

 Salida school district, specially invited

 to contribute towards the program, gave

 a pretty calisthenic drill, finishing with

 Delsarte movements. The girls composing

 the drill corps were arrayed in white, with

 gay-colored caps. The drill was followed

 by fancy  marches by the school pupils,

 these leading to the ceremony of crowning

 the May Queen, which was rendered

 impressive by the recitative being

 accompanied by soft music. The kneeling

 children made a picturesque scene amid

 the sylvan surroundings.

   The Queen then waved her hands, and

 her maids of honor followed to the May Pole

 with its graceful sprays of green and

 gay-colored ribbons. Each picked up her

 ribbon and the Queen led them through the

 many changes of the May-pole-dance, which

 finished with the final braiding and undwinding,

 danced to the music of a gay polka.  It might

 have been a scene in English woods of a

 century ago, had the May pole been a real

 forest child.

   The Queen was miss Nellie McGinn. Her maids

 were Anna Root, Leila Fellows, Coral McGovern,

 Carrie Messick, Ora Root, Mabel Finney,

 Grace Davis, Viola Hintze, Civilla Beasley,

 Stella Rasmussen and Florella Finney. The queen

 was escorted to her coronation by Roy Sellars.

 Lynn Finney and Anna Root led the fancy marches

 and Carrie Messick was captain of the drill.

   The school is to be congratulated upon a marked

 success at very short notice, having had but little

 time in which to prepare.


    The State Deputy of the Woodmen and a drill team

were present and exemplified the beauties of the

ritual to the fellow members-exclusively, of course.

  The State Deputy and the drill team will shortly visit

Modesto Camp.

   Miss Susan Dale of Modesto was voted the

handsomest young lady on the grounds, an honor

carrying with it an order on a Stockton photographer

for a dozen fine photographs.


A Witness


{This article appeared in a local newspaper around

 May 3rd, 1900 - Transcription by Hal Rogers. See

 accompanying photo of the

 Salida School May Pole Dance}