Half Century Salida Landmark Gone


School Passing Mourned By High And Lowly Alike


Gaye Education, Sheltered Tramps


Salida {Stanislaus Co.}, June 3rd, 1928 - A landmark dear to the

hearts of the high and of the lowly has passed from existence

with the razing of the old and abandoned Salida School House,

whose weather beaten walls had for years given shelter to hordes

of tramps.


   In the earlier part of the fifty years during which the walls had

stood they had housed children, more or less happy, who now

are growing to manhood and womanhood and some of whom

have achieved prominence.


                             Reverts To Widow


   The site for the building was deeded to the district by Mart

Byrum, a pioneer of Stanislaus County. The deed contained the

normal reversion clause and when after half a century, the school

site was abandoned for one more centrally located, title went to

the donor, a widow, who sold the property to William Hamilton of

Canada, who ordered the building razed.


But there was an interim between the time when school was held

elsewhere and when the building was sold. It was during these

years that ragged itinerants sought shelter there from the frosty

blasts of Winter winds and cooked their mulligans, quarreled

among themselves and slept off the effects of sugared alcohol.


   Tramps far and wide are said to have known of this haven.


                       Early Education There


   To many men and women the news that the old Salida School

is no more will bring a flood of early rememberance. Judges,

doctors, business men and women will recall school days spent



   J.C. Covert, formerly superior judge of Kings County went to

school there. So did Dr. Clara E. Finney of Modesto. Attorney

J. M. Walthall, Modesto; W.A. McGinn attorney, Bakersfield;

Leslie W. Burks, attorney, San Francisco. A.G. Elmore, county

superintendant of schools, Modesto; A.B. Shoemaker, known

as the "bean king"; C.A. Miller {Charles Allen Miller, son of

Catherine Sellars Miller}, realtor, Oakland; Dr. Mabel Finney

-Bennett, San Francisco; Mrs. Ora Hatton, wife of a Modesto

attorney; Mrs. Mattie Root Langdon, wife of a Stockton physician;

D.K. Young, cashier of a Modesto bank and scores of others.


{Reconstructed from a Modesto newspaper article}