Fri, 4 Jan 2002 19:39:04 EST

Happy New Years, I'm trying to trace my Sellers. My
grandfather was b.
Clarence Israel Maines Oct. 2, 1901 in Moscow, Clermont
County, Ohio, his
parents were Theodore Maines and Elizabeth (Lizzie) Cozar
Sellers. Sometime
in the 1920 my grandfather moved to Campbell County, Ky. I
know at sometime
they lived in Newport in 1939, Bellevue, Coldspring, and
Mentor, Ky. in 1932.
My mother doesn't remember  much about her, so we think she
died abt. 1940s
or early 1950s. After Theodore Maines died she married
William Baldwin. If
she is buried where must of my family is , she is must
likely to be in the
Evergreen, Southgate Cemetery, Ky.
If anyone knows anything about this branch of Sellers I
would love to learn
Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,
Roxanne Kammerer Ramsden
Highlands, Harris County, Texas

list a few.

can you give us the ages of Elizabeth Cozar SELLERS =
IF you can check a1900 Clermont Co, OH census for them = ?
Do you have an obit or death record.
KY has death records and may show where buried.
Do you use usgenweb? and go to KY, etc
WE had Early SELLERS/MAINES in CAMPBELL CO, KY , don't know
where they went. And
could possibly be connected, but, you'd have to follow each
family thro.
The only Theodore Mains I saw was born ca 1878.
SEND what you can. marie, iowa

           Re: Elizabeth Cozar Sellers

           Tue, 8 Jan 2002 22:50:30 EST

I don't have any dates yet, but I will let you know when I
do find any.
Do you still have any Maines family in Campbell County, KY?
I still have
Uncle's and Cousin's there. I haven't seen any of them since
1981, I hope to
get up there this year. My oldest Uncle is 80 yrs. old, he's
not going to be
around forever. I would love to be able to see him again and
hopefully get
some answers to a lot of my questions about our MAINES,
I hope I can learn something soon. My mothers family has
been my biggest
brick wall so far.

Best Regards,
Roxanne Kammerer Ramsden
Highlands, Harris County, Texas

ROXANNE, thanks. Yes, do NOT wait any longer. Advise, when
you get a small
names, dates, places and I'm sure someone can help a little.
There are many records on line also = CAMPBELL CO, KY =
marie, iowa
Subject:  Re: [OHCLER] Where are those cemeteries today?

Hello John,
I just recieved a packet from my Aunt yesterday. And she said that my
great-grandmother Elizabeth (nee Sellers) Maines Baldwin was buried at
Plainview Cemetery, Lot 96, she said that she also had these # 800- 120? and
that she wasn't sure why she had them written down, but thought they may be
I just started trying to find this cemetery last night, and I didn't have a
clue where it might be. Looks like you answered my question. I had planned on
sending it to the list to try and locate it.
Do you know if this is the only cemetery by this name in the Northern
Kentucky, Southern Ohio area? She was born in Kentucky, but her oldest 3
children were born in Moscow, Clermont County, Ohio and her youngest children
were born in Kenton County, Kentucky.
Also, do you know if this cemetery is On-line?
I'm also trying to find Theodore Maines, her first husband, my
Their last son was born in 1915. I found her in the 1930 Census in District
52, page 10 of Campbell County, Kentucky, Widowed.
Sorry this is so long.

Thank You,
Roxanne (Kammerer) Ramsden
Highlands, Harris County, Texas

born in Dayton, Campbell County, Kentucky
searching for; MAINES, SELLERS in Moscow, Clermont County, Ohio and Campbell
County, Kentucky, Kenton County, Kentucky, and Bracken County, Kentucky.
                    MEYER in Indiana, Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio, and
Campbell County, Kentucky.
                    KAMMERER, DEAN, CRAIL in Campbell County, Kentucky.

Sun 10/6/2002 8:20 AM

I don't think our DAR ladies called Plainview the cemetary you are
looking for.
20-25 miles south of that Plainview at Rt 131 and Rt 727 and Stonelick
was a cemetary in Washington township the DAR ladies called MOSCOW
CEMETARY..They say it's on US RT 52. A huge ZIMMER Electric Power plant
was built at the west edge of Moscow 20 years ago.
1959,in vol 10,the DAR publihed
John Mains Feb 6 1807-Nov 27.1872
Matilda Estella-dau of John and A.L. Mains b June 23,1864- d Dec 17,1865
Perhaps one Phillip Mains was the pioneer,and perhaps Elizabeth Sellers
was from
nearby Bracken Co,Ky,whose nw corner is just up-river.
Marie H will send you a link to her excellant Sellers web page. My wife
has 2 ties to
the Bracken Co,Ky Sellers.
There were people on the Ky bank across the Ohio River from
Moscow,Ohio,who got
their US Mail across at Moscow,Ohio.

DEC 1, 2002
Hello Carol Sue,
I, too would like to know. I would like to find out more about Isham Sellers
and what is said or told about Gov. John Sevier, he is an ancestor of my
Uncle, Kenneth Sevier.
I have different articles about him from Cherokee Proud and Trail of Tears-
The Rise and Fall of the Cherokee Nation. My Aunt had told me that he was the
first Governor of Tenn., I then copied the information from the online
Aunt Florence is my Mother's sister, so far I have their line: Israel Sellers
and Mary ?,
Theodore Maines, Campbell Co., KY. and Elizabeth Sellers, Campbell Co., KY.,
Clarence Israel Maines, Moscow, Clermont Co., OH. and Catherine Georgia
Meyer, Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH.
Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,
Roxanne (Kammerer) Ramsden
Highlands, Harris County, Texas
born in Dayton, Campbell Co., Kentucky

feb 28, 2003
Hello Listers,
Since cemeteries in Ohio have been mentioned, I'm hoping that someone might
know where Plainview Cemetery, Newtonsville, Clermont County, Ohio is. Herm
on the OHCLER-L has given me a location, but I'm trying to get a physical
address, so that I might be able to get an interment card for my
G-Grandmother Elizabeth Baldwin (nee Sellers) (1st marriage Maines). Then I
might be able to get a copy of her death certificate.
Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,


march 8, 2003
Lu Juana Lipscomb []
GOOGLE search engine lists Plainview Cemetery, Newtonsville, Clermont Co.,
OH.  It gives a PO Box 264, Newtonsville, 45158 at Township
List Ohio and also tombstones for  MapQuest sent me to
GOOGLE.  Please check yourself in case I messed up.  Lu Juana

Plainview Cemetery is located on State Route 131 about 10 miles east of
Milford and about 1 mile west of Newtonsville.  It is a township cemetery
(Wayne Township) and the records are kept at the township hall.  The trustee
who oversees the cemetery is Donald Wilson. I believe the address that was
given is of the township hall.


march 16, 2003

According to the 1930 census, Campbell County, Kentucky, ED 52, Gubser,
Magisterial District 6, my GGrandmother Lizzie (Elizabeth Sellers) Maines

State Highway N0 10

    110 112  Maines  Lizzie       Head H   R      Yes  F  W  52  Wd  20  No
Yes  Kentucky  Kentucky  Kentucky    80  yes  Farming  General
                              Virgile       Son                Yes M  W  23 
S          No
Ohio         Kentucky  Kentucky    80  Yes  Farming  General
                              Raymond  Son                 X     M  W  20  S 
Kentucky  Kentucky  Kentucky    80  Yes  None
                              Everet       Son                 X     M  W  14
 S         No
Kentucky  Kentucky  Kentucky    80   Yes  Farming  General
                Baldwin   Wm          Boarder          Yes  M  W   54 M      
  No  Yes
Kentucky  Kentucky  Kentucky    80           Farming  General
            113   Mains  Clarence    Head     R       No  M  W   28 M   23 
No  Yes
Ohio         Kentucky  Kentucky    59    Yes Farming  General
                               Kathern      Wife H                  F  W   28
M     7  No  Yes
Ohio         Indiana      Indiana       59    Yes None
   crossed out-White  Charles      Step Son             M  W     9 S        
Yes Yes
Ohio         Ohio         Ohio           59    Yes None
                                Robert       Step Son             M  W     7
S         Yes Yes
Ohio         Ohio         Ohio           59    Yes None
                      Mains  Clarence Jr. Son                   M  W   3 6/12
S   No
Kentucky  Ohio         Ohio           59    Yes None
                                 Carolyn      Daughter             F  W     
2  S       No
Kentucky  Ohio         Ohio           59    Yes None
                                 Florence     Daughter            F  W   8/12
S       No
Kentucky  Ohio          Ohio

Family Search. Org

Israel Sellers married Mary Carter Demoss b. 1846, Campbell County, Kentucky

1880 Census Gubser, Campbell County, Kentucky
Family History Library Film  1254407
NA Film Number                 T9-0407
Page Number                      293D

Sellers Israel      Self    M    Male     W    43   Ky   Farmer              
  Ky  Ky
           Mary       Wife  M     Female W    33   Ky   Keeping House     Ky 
           John        Son   S     Male     W   15   Ky    Farm Hand         
Ky  Ky
           Gertrude  Dau   S     Female  W    7   Ky    At Home            
Ky  Ky
           Charles   Son   S     Male      W    5   Ky                       
      Ky  Ky
           Elizabeth Dau   S     Female  W    1   Ky                         
    Ky  Ky

According to Film at the Kenton Library, Campbell Co., Kentucky

Maines Everett E   8-9-1915   Kentn   83  4E+04  Sellers  Lizzie
Maines Harold  E   3-3-1913   Kentn  30   1E+04  Sellers  Lizzie

Maines Raymond shows to be born in Kentucky, too. Have not found this yet!

According to my Grandfather Clarence Israel Maines death Certificate he was
born Oct. 2, 1901.
Parents: Theodore Maines  and Elizabeth Sellers.

According to my Mother's birth certificate he was born in Moscow, Clermont
County, Ohio.

So far I've been unable to locate a copy of his birth certificate.
I wrote to Ohio Vital Statistics and they replied that they do not have
births before 1908. They sent me the address and phone number for Clermont
County Probate Court, which I contacted and they could not find him either.

According to a copy of his Social Security Application it also says that he
was born Oct. 2, 1901 in Moscow, Ohio. to Theodore Maines and Lizzie Sellers.

I also have a copy of his Internment Card from Evergreen Cemetery, Southgate,
Kentucky which states same.
I'm still searching for more, will keep you informed, better this time!
Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,
Roxanne (Kammerer) Ramsden
Highlands, Harris County, Texas
born in Dayton, Campbell County, Kentucky

Searching for; Maines, Sellers, Demoss, Barker, Hamilton, Houseman,Stuart.
                     Meyer, Wuest, Riley, Seitz
                     Kammerer, Dean, Crail, Thoeny

march 16, 2003
ROXANNE, thank you. this helps try and locate these families in Some years.

have you done the 1900 OR  1910 census by hand, page by page , esp this
township? and look for diff spellings?
ALSO, diff counties made from CAMPBELL may help.
ALSO need marriage license info on ELIZABETH 'LIZZIE' SELLERS 1878
=BONDSMAN, security, etc.

and YOUR copy of 1930
But, not in 1910 and 1920. I just used index.

AND I lost Israel and Mary or Melvina!

WHO were THEO MAINES parents? ages, etc?

I do see this info and believe this civil war file should be ordered, there
should have been a pension claim # on here? evidently, I didn't copy. sorry.
MANY of these pension files, esp if wife files  , lists the kids.

Israel Sellers found in:
Veterans' Schedules - U.S. Selected States, 1890 Military Records
    State:  Kentucky
    County:  Campbell Co.
    Location:  Grants Lick
Microfilm Page:  51

israel sellers
f53rd ky inf
melvina, wife
foster sellers
h 15 ky inf
wife sarah e.

ADVISE what you find , marie, iowa

march 17, 2003

LDS-1880 Census
Census Place                     Grants Lick, Campbell, Kentucky
Family History Library Film  1254407
NA Film Number                 T9-0407
Page Number                      314C

Aleck Bell                           Self   M   Male    W  30  KY     Farmer 
        KY    KY
Lizzie Bell                           Wife  M  Female W  27  IL       Keep
House  GER  GER
Mary  Bell                           Dau   S  Female W  16  KY     At Home   
    KY    IL
Nancy Manes                      Other S Female W   22 KY     Domestic       
Finnie Manes                      Other S  Female W    8 KY                  
        KY   KY
Theo Manes                        Other S  Male    W    2 KY                 
         KY   KY

Ancestry. com

Kentucky Death Index,  1911-2000

Mains, Theodore
Volume:            22                   Certificate:    10943
Death Date:       2 April, 1924    Death Place: Campbell
Age:                  046                 Residence:

Don't know for sure if Nancy was married or the S on the census is a mistake,
possible!  There were several mistakes on the 1930 census for my family.
The 1881 UK Census had the same mistake on my husband's GGGrandmother saying
that she was Single and the daughter of her Mother-in-law.
The Maines/Manes spelling, the same mistake was made on all of the Maines
families in Campbell County in the 1880 Census.
The 1930 Census if you noticed Maines for Lizzie and the 3 youngest sons was
spelled correctly, but on the next line for my Grandfather Clarence Maines
the E was left out, my Grandmother Catherine's name was spelled with a K and
the end was not spelled correctly either.


Roxanne (Kammerer) Ramsden
Highlands, Harris County, Texas
born in Dayton, Campbell County, Kentucky

june 17,. 2003
Hello Sherri,
Sorry, I haven't gotten back sooner.
Mary M. Maines is my mother.
There were 4 more children born before Uncle Irv and 2 after Mom.
Clarence Israel Maines Jr. b. 1926?, d. Mar. 2003
Carolyn Juanita Maines b. Mar. 17, 1928, d. Sept. 29, 1971
Florence Elizabeth Maines b. Aug. 27, 1929
Raymond Stanley Maines b. Nov. 24, 1932, d. Aug. 14, 1993
James Richard Maines b. 1942 ?, d. Apr. 3, 2002
Vivian J. Maines d. Dec. 7, 1945 age 3 mo. 26 dys

Donald Edward Maines b. Apr. 24, 1937, d. Mar. 14, 2001

My Grandmother had 2 children to a previous marriage, to Earid White.
Robert James White b. Dec. 7, 1922, d. Jan. 13, 2000
Charles White b. 1923 ?, goes by the Maines name.

If I can add anymore , let me know.

Best Regards,

Roxanne (Kammerer) Ramsden
Highlands, Harris County, Texas
born in Dayton, Campbell County, Kentucky

june 20, 2003
Hello Marie,
According to the 1930 census Elizabeth (Lizzie Maines) was 52 years old,
which would have her to be born around 1878/1879. Also she is found in Gubser,
Campbell County, Kentucky.
In 1880 census you will find Israel Sellers in Gubser, Campbell County,
And he has a 1 yr. old daughter Elizabeth.
I believe that is who my Grandfather Clarence Israel Maines got his middle
name from.
I believe Mary Nancy Maines got her name from Elizabeth's mother Mary and
Theodore's mother Nancy.
My mother got her name from her 2 Aunt's Mary Nancy Maines and Margaret
Meyer, hence the name Mary Margaret Maines.

At the Kenton County Library you will find the birth of Lizzie Sellers to
youngest son.
Harold E. Maines, b. 3/3/1913
Everett E. Maines, b. 8/9/1915

I have the print out of that page.
I have a copy of my grandfather's Social Security Application and Death
Certificate that state that Theodore Maines and Elizabeth Sellers were his parents.

Elizabeth's second husband was William Baldwin, He is her boarder in the 1930
According to a letter that my Aunt Florence wrote me Elizabeth Sellers Maines
Baldwin is buried at Plainview Cemetery lot# 96. She also has these numbers
she wasn't sure if they were important or not (800- 120). She told me that the
cemetery was some where around Batavia, Clermont County, Ohio. I have since
found out that it is near Newtonsville. Herm has given me the location for the
cemetery, but at this time I have been unable to get a physicial address for
it, so I can try to get an internment card for her or a picture of her tombstone
with her date of birth and date of death. Then I could possibly get a copy of
 her death certificate.
Mom said that she barely remembers her grandmother and grandpa Bill, she was
born in 1939, so I'm thinking that Elizabeth died sometime in the 1940's.

I'm still searching, will let you know when I learn more.

Best Regards,

Roxanne (Kammerer) Ramsden
Highlands, Harris County, Texas

 june 20, 2003
ROXANNE, thank you for sharing and making a time line.

ADDED this info = check it out yourself and Advise =
WHERE is this GREEN connection = memory= to Philip SELLERS? msh) 
    Census Place:    Grants Lick, Campbell, Kentucky
    Source:    FHL Film 1254407  National Archives Film T9-0407     Page 319B   
    Relation    Sex    Marr    Race    Age    Birthplace
Fletcher DEMESS    Self    M    M    W    39    KY
    Occ:    Farmer    Fa: KY    Mo: KY
Lydia DEMESS    Wife    F    M    W    51    KY (is this Lydia Sellers 1829 , dau of Phil & Keziah?,msh)
    Occ:    Keeping House    Fa: PA    Mo: KY
Eliza GREEN    SDau    F        W    21    ---
            Fa: ---    Mo: ---
James GREEN    SSon    M    S    W    19    KY
    Occ:    Works On Farm    Fa: KY    Mo: KY
Martha MARTIN    SisterL    F    W    W    35    KY (his this Martha Sellers  1843, dau of Phil & Keziah?,msh)
    Occ:    None    Fa: PA    Mo: KY
Andrew SLAUGHTER    Nephew    M    S    W    13    MO
    Occ:    Works On Farm    Fa: VA    Mo: KY
Oscar MARTIN    Nephew    M    S    W    3    KY
    Occ:    At Home    Fa: KY    Mo: KY
Keziah SELLARS    MotherL    F    W    W    72    KY
    Occ:    None    Fa: ---    Mo: --- (is this ISRAEL SELLERS 1837 mother?, msh)

DATE OF SERVICE = OCT 24, 1864 TO MAY 25, 1865

Melvina Sellers found in:
Census Microfilm Records: Kentucky, 1920
    Age:  76    
    Gender:  F    
    Race:  W    
    Birthplace:  KY    
    State:  Kentucky    
    County:  CAMPBELL    
    Locale:  GRANTS LICK    
    Series:  T625    
    Roll:  564    
    Part:  1    
Page:  265A     =LIVING WITH
JUNE 21, 2003
Hello Mari,
Philip Sellers and Keziah Green are the parents of Israel.
Thank you for the added information.
Have you by any chance come across anything else on Israel's twin brother

Several weeks ago you asked someone about their Snider connection, any
particular Snider's that you are interested in? And What area?

The reason I ask is, My Aunt Carolyn Juanita Maines first husband was a
Snider, so are her 2 oldest son's. My cousin Clarence (Dale) Delbert Snider has
done some of his line. It's on the World Family Tree #7, which I have and I also
have it written down and in my Tree as well as one of the branches.


ROXANNE, thanks.
only info I have is BRACKEN, CAMPBELL, KENTON CO, KY.

civil war file numbers = WHICH we NEED copies of same.

I don't recall the SNIDER family, perhaps someone will and advise.
THANKS for sharing, marie, iowa

june 2004

I found a photo of  Goodson Sellers

                           Abilene High School 1927-28

You can find it at

Good Luck!


Best Regards,



Roxanne (Kammerer) Ramsden

Highlands, Harris County, Texas

born in Dayton, Campbell County, Kentucky