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I am a descendant of robert and sarah sellers thru son luke, son eli bynum.son rufus vance. son elonzo bynum and am wondering if you have any information on will of sarah sellers probate in maury co. tn or of patience[parker] sellers, wife of james sellers
whom i believe to be father of robert. thanks in advance, ron sellers 

RON, thanks, I see we have a will listed for a SARAH SELLERS in 1838 MAURY CO, TN
Don't see where anyone has sent us an extraction from same? unless included on some of the pages?

Have you sent us a small NAME, AGE, PLACE of your connection to these family and where they went, etc.
PLEASE send, so we can link you to these counties/states we came from and went.

WE have had BYNUM family sharing also, but, I kinda got lost there on that family.
Thanks for Sharing what connections you have. marie, iowa 

Hope I can clarify what I transmitted last. I can verify that my father Elonzo Bynum Sellers was born in Maury Co. Tn to
Sellers and Willie Jane Dodson. R.V. was the son of Eli B. Sellers and Sarah Donaldson. Eli B. was the son of Luke Sellers
and Nancy Butts. Luke was the son of Robert Sellers and Sarah[Sallie] Bynum. I believe Robert to be the son of James Sellers
and Patience Parker. The will of James Sellers of Chatham Co. N.C. in 1804 0r 1805 shows a Robert Sellers as both a son
and an exsecutor of the will. Shortly I believe this is the same Robert Sellers who shows up in Maury Co. Tn. He was ohe of
the signers of the request for Maury Co. tobe formed in 1807. He was also a JP about 1809 or 1810. Then about 1812 there
is a record of an inventory of estste of Patience Sellers by a William Griffen. I also have one record of Robert's children listing
a daughter as Patience. I'm just trying to verify that is the son of James and Patience. I should have said that I would like to see
the letters of administration of Patience mentioned in 1812. As to the Bynum's they are mentioned often in Chatham Co.
records. In fact there is a little town just south of Chapel Hill N.C. named Bynum and in Chatham Co. Any further info from
you are any clue to further progress will be sincerely appreciated. Thanks,Ron 

MARCH 2008

Marie, Back in 1999 Georgia Fletcher created a list of Sellers in Maury and
Williamson Countys,Tn. I need to know the original source of this list as it
contains a Luke Sellers as the father of Three identified children, Martha
Ann, Nancy Tennessee, and Eli Bynum. For purposes of recognition in SAR I
need to validate that Luke is the father if Eli Bynum Sellers. but I don't
know the source of this infoirmation and Georgia's email address of that
time is no longer valid. Do you either know the source or do you know how I
can reach Georgia? Thanks,Ron

Ron & Elise Sellers []


RON, will send thru the Sellers discussion.
Georgia should respond.
Georgia L. Fletcher []
She'll know what you are discussing and may know where it is posted.
marie, iowa


RON, I see Georgia's response to you and will study, etc.

Thank you for contacting us on Sellers.

BUT, I see where we could use a dna test from you.
This proves your LINE of SELLERS, not your father, etc., BUT, his link to our older Sellers. YOUR Father and YOUR line will connect to our Proven line of Sellers in 1700, 1800, etc and we don't have many in this area, sorry, so we Really need your help. Just in case we have TWO lines of SELLERS here. Then it is up to us to prove fathers, sons,etc by wills, census, Paper work.

It costs about $100 and you use a swab in the cheek area, put in bag and mail to lab. YOU interested in doing?

IF you need financial help, advise, we May have sponsers to help with this line of Sellers and their relation. NO problem, you help someone else later down the line. I believe we need this test. If you would rather discuss private email = But, we/you will get more sponsers, ideas, etc thro this list.

We have had Good Help with our members.
We started with ONE member (well where would you start, marie!) and now we have about 50. 46? =

Results of these tests are shown at and family connectins below.

And a JOIN page =

IF you need Any help, advise.
Will study your chart and advise any ideas also.

Thank You, marie, iowa


Ron, I did receive your original email. I had surgery this past Wednesday
and have not felt like doing much.

Much of the information on this family is speculation. I just did a census
search for Luke Sellers and in 1830 he is living in Hickman County,
Kentucky, next door to Ebenezer Alexander, Sr., who married Lucy Sellers.
Lucy Sellers is the daughter of Isaac Sellers and Judith Johnson (my line)
and Luke Sellers was not their son.

John Sellers, who married Eleanor Kenny, also moved from Maury County,
Tennessee to Hickman County, Kentucky. In the history of Hickman County,
Kentucky, it states that John Kenny Sellers was born 1811 in Maury County,
Tennessee. John Kenny Sellers had a sister Jane Sellers that married
William T. Evans in Kentucky. I don't know any names of the other children.
I am not sure who John Sellers belongs to either. I have him as the son of
James Sellers, II and Unknown. James Sellers, II is the son of James T/Y
Sellers and Patience Parker. If this is true, Lucy Sellers and John Sellers
would be first cousins.

I will print what I have on Luke and my source:

1823 Maury County, Tennessee, Tax List living next to his father, Robert
Why did Luke, his wife, and daughter Martha die within a few days of each

Mrs. Clayton Church says this is her great grandfather and she was told by
an aunt that Luke Sellers and family went to Kentucky and presumably bought
land or was given a grant and Luke and his wife were both stricken with what
was called "milk fever" and all of the children were sent back to Maury
County, Tennessee, as orphans and raised by relatives. If this story is
true then Luke and his wife died in Kentucky.

Nora S. Church (Mrs. Clayton Church)
607 N. High St.
Columbia, TN 38401
(this address was in November 1970 so don't know if she is still around)

1830 Hickman County, Kentucky
Luke Sellers
1 male 30 and under 40 years (1791-1800)
1 female 30 and under 40 years (1791-1800)
1 male 5 and under 10 years (1821-1825)
1 female 5 and under 10 years (1821-1825)
1 males under 5 years (1826-1830)
2 females under 5 years (1826-1830)
Luke Sellers was living next door to Ebenezer Alexander

Georgia #1

Georgia L. Fletcher []


RON, want to make sure you receive, as not member ? And must be sent to All?

BUT, I NEED the AGE of your Luke Sellers =
And Age of his son =
Please send

Names without ages and places do NOT mean or help much to Prove a family.
I see a LUKE SELLERS born ca 1824 TN, son of James Sellers ca 1798 NC in PERRY CO, TN
This land is same as Maury , Hickman, Lawrence where these names are common.

What documents do you have on your family to help prove ?

HELP where you can. marie, iowa