Beady was born August 26, 1822 (presumably in Robertson Co., TN) and died in
1863. She married as his first wife, Jeremiah Fyke on January 28, 1841 in
Robertson Co., TN (in Rob. Co. Marriage Bk).

They had the following children: 1) Mary Ann Fyke born April 5, 1844. Died
Jan 27, 1926. She married William Boyd Scruggs on July 15, 1860 in Robertson
Co. (in Robertson Co. Marriage Bk) This is my ancestor!

2) Granberry B. Fyke was born February 8, 1847 and died June 18, 1922. He
married Ella Solomon on May 13, 1875.

3) Julina Fyke was born in 1849 and died in 1918. She married William Henry
Perry in 1867.

4) William Davie Fyke was born January 17, 1852 and died May 9, 1927.

5) Benjamin Foster Fyke was born December 10, 1854 and died in 1923. He was
a graduate of Vanderbilt in 1877 and practised medicine in Robertson Co. He
was married to a Lizzie Wells on October 10, 1879 and later to a Mary Ann
Walker on October 15, 1889.

Lots of wills, deeds, court minutes, marriage books, etc. list and show these
people in addition to family Bibles, etc.

Howell Sellers was known as Beady's father from family tradition passed down
on many sides of the Fyke family and the old Sellers home in Robertson Co.
was just across the way from the Fykes. As I mentioned in my previous
E-mail, a suit was filed by Beady and Jeremiah (after Howell's death) against
Larkin, concerning the sell of some land by Howell to Larkin and the money
paid, but they lost.

I would appreciate knowing what else you have concerning this family. Such
as the names confirmed and unconfirmed of Howell's children. Obviously Beady
was very young when Howell went to Illinois so why was she left in Tennessee
and with whom. Her grave site is next to her husband Jeremiah's on the old
family farm in Robertson Co. There are markers for both.

If by some strange chance Howell was not her father, then the only
explanation I could make would be that he was her grandfather, his son
having died young and he took care of his daughter-in-law and her child,
Howell being the only father she ever knew. Perhaps the daughter-in-law even
remarried and that is why she remained in Robertson Co. after he left for

Again, any further information and sources you can send me would be immensely
welcomed. My grandmother is 84 years old and not getting any younger and
there is an elderly Fyke cousin with whom we share information both of whom
are greatly interested in anything to do with the Sellers and the Fike's /
Fykes. I can give you my home address if you like and again, much thanks!!!


My name is Ronnie Ragan. Howell Sellers of Robertson County, Tennessee ws my great-great-great-great-grandfather, but other than knowing that he ws the father of my ancestor Beady Sellers, I know of nothing else concerning him or her mother, etc. Do you know anything more about Howell Sellers, such as parents, wife / wife's, children, etc.

In fact, until I found the information regarding his birth in Chatham Co., and the Revolutionary War records on your web site, I didn't even know that. Having seen your census information from SC, I would guess that Howell might have had more than one family as he would have been quite up in years when Beady was born.

Also, by his name being Howell, does he fit in with the Howell family at all. There was an Abner Howell with son John and daughters Nancy and Susanna living in Robertson Co. as well. Nancy married Nathan Fike and it was their son Jeremiah who married Beady Sellers, Howell's daughter.

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. And Thanks!!


No, I haven't had a chance to go that route of late. I do know that Howell did not write a will in Robertson Co. and I have seen a number of his deeds, but haven't read them all. The last one I saw was the piece of property he sold to Larkin which wound up as a part of the lawsuit involving Larkin and Beady.



        FW: Fike's in Robertson Co.
        "A Underwood"
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might have some interest also.

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Saw your page on this
, thought I'd chip in with some info I had. My mom's a Fike, which is where
my interest comes from.

John Fike, born ca 1720, married ca 1739 to Elizabeth, is the . Lived in
Edgecombe Co., NC and Granville Co. They had 7 sons: Malachi, James, Nathan
(my line), John, Elijah, Elisha, and Tyre. Malachi got a grant of land in
Robertson Co. for the Revolutionary War services of his brother James (died
1778). He eventually moved on to Logan Co. KY, though at least one of his
kids, John, died in Robertson Co., in 1827. Other children were James,
Elisha, Rachel, Elizabeth, and Ann.

My Nathan above, was born in 1746, and married a Susan Fooshee, and had 3
kids, George, Elizabeth, and Abel (my line). I have in my notes that this
Nathan died in 1827 in Tennesse - don't know if that was Robertson Co., by
chance or not. Given some the Robertson connection above and below, I
suspected it might. Be interested to know if you know where some of your
Robertson Fike's are buried.

There is another Fike line, which I suspect is tied in somehow with the
above. The patriarch here is Josiah A. Fike, born 1794, in South Carolina,
and died 1860 in Marion Co., IL. He fought from Tennessee in the War of
1812. Moved to IL in 1830. He married Elizabeth Richardson in 1815,
presumably in Robertson Co. They had 9 kids, the first 5 in Robertson Co.
Unfortunately in my notes all I have is the name of one daughter, born
named Arvilla.

Though it clearly sounds like a german name to me, the best info I have is
that these Fike (was sometimes Fyke early on), came from Ireland, though
perhaps their origins prior to that were more germanic. 

             Bill Simpson <>
I think that is Roberson County (not Robertson), named for a Revolutionary
War hero and large landowner.  The county today is approximately 1/3
African-American, 1/3 Native American (Lumbee) and 1/3 white.  The county
seat is Lumberton, the last North Carolina city of any size you see going
south on I-95 from up nawth to Florida.

                                Bill Simpson