Hi List!  I am somewhat new to this list.  I have been receiving digest
mode for a couple of months, but this is my first message.

             John & Elizabeth Sellers, Springboro, Warren County, Ohio
I was at the Springboro Cemetery last weekend to take pictures of some
headstones (Sellers & Sheets).  One of the markers lists
John Sellers b. 25 Feb 1700 d. 12 Jun 18_3.  I can't read the date it looks
like a 6.

I make the assumption that the Elizabeth Sellers (mother of George M.
Sellers 1819-1851 who was married to Rowena G. Mundy  1835-1858) is John's
wife because of other markers that say dau of John & Elizabeth Sellers
(Nancy Crossley __ Nov ___ (marker broken in half right on the birth date)
to 20 Dec 1864) and one that says son of John & Elizabeth Sellers (James
unfortunately the picture does not show any dates).

Elizabeth's marker has 1796-1891.  So my questions are, do you know:

   - Is this John the one that was married to Elizabeth?
   - Did this John live over 100 years?

As to my connection to Sellers, Sarah Sellers Sheets was my

Thanks, Robin

I would be happy to share the information I have, however, it's not much.
I've only recently really gotten into doing my grandmother's side of the

As to:
>>we show George  H. SELLERS born 1819 married Rowena Mundy as son
>>of Christian 1768/1841 and wife Mary A. Elizabeth Snider 1782/1852.

I thought Elizabeth was HIS mother because her gravestone is on the left
(when facing George & Rowena's) and has MOTHER on the top and Martha
is to the right.  The Marker for George is George _M._ Sellers, and Rowena
G. Mundy, his wife.

Perhaps there is someway I could send pictures of these two markers to you
after I've scanned it in?


ROBIN and ALL - Please check and see if we have ANY corrections to this
chart OR
info on the
GEORGE H. SELLERS 1819 son of Christian
GEORGE H. SELLERS 1824 son of  John

YES, we also had a George Mundy Sellers=

NEED SOME HELP here from Members that have been working on these families!
ANY 1860/1870 CENSUS? I haven't found them on a census yet ?

ROBIN, yes, I'm sure our members would enjoy a picture. You can send to me
=   and we put it on the SELLERS web page and then I send the
url page to our members to view. We can't send attachments etc Thro Rootsweb
mailing list.
marie, iowa

ROBIN, Thank You for sharing. We show John SELLERS 1790/1863 Warren Co,OH
and Elizabeth GALLAGHER 1795 with twin sons Harvey G. and Geo H. born ca 1824.
BUT, we don't show them on the 1850 census? But, they are listed on sister
Martha's will of 1884!
Anyone have them ANYWHERE on 1850 census or later?
Robin, would you like to share the Sarah's childrens names/ages/married
whom and
went Where with us?
Thanks for sharing, marie, iowa