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I am (I think) a direct ancestor of Hans Georg Soller through the Leonard
(or Leonhart?) Sellers line. I am interested in confirming this. My search
indicates the following line of direct descent:

1. Hans Georg Soller (b. 1615)
2. Hans Paulus Soller (b.1640)
3. Hans Adam Soller (b.1669)
4. Philipp Henrich Soller / Sellers (b. 1699)
5. Leonard Sellers (b. 1727)
6. Abraham Sellers (b. 1768?)
7. Ephraim Sellers (b.1801)
8. Levi Sellers (b. 1837)
9. Edwin or Edgar Sellers
10. LeRoy Sellers
11. Leon Sellers
12. Robert Sellers, Sr.
13. Robert Sellers, Jr. (me)

I would like to try to verify any part or all of this if possible. These
links I've established through a family bible which goes all the way back to
Levi Sellers. The rest I discovered throught internet searches.

By the way, has anyone been able to discover an ancestor earlier than Hans

Any help would be much appreciated.
Robert Sellers

my email address is: _racaesar@aol.com_ (


ROBERT, thanks for sharing.

Making a time chart on your family may help prove EPHRAIM SELLERS 1801 (which does appear to be your Levi Sellers 1837 ) to his father.

Several of our SELLERS have worked on these BUCK CO, PA families and perhaps has a chart to connect.

My charts are incomplete and doesn't show Abraham 1768 with son EPHRAIM. But, I only used church records as sources.
AND its very possible to have a child this age, so I would work on it more.
AND our Bucks Co, Pa does show him as a son. = don't see the proof right now.

MAYBE some of our SELLERS will share some Help here.

Thanks for sharing SELLERS.
marie, iowa


Dear Marie,

Thanks very much for responding to my inquiry.

The Abraham - Ephraim connection I ascertained from a book written by Edwin Jaquett Sellers entitled "Sellers Family of Pennsylvania and Allied Families" self-published in 1925 at p. 26. You can probably find excerpts of it online if you are interested. This book I believe is the source of a great deal of the information to be found for this area of the family however it stops at the Levi - Edwin connection. This is where my family Bible comes in and connects up to my grandfather (Leon Sellers). Hence, I am fairly certain that my list is accurate, however some info. on the internet to verify this would of course be welcome.

I am actually equally curious to find any ancestors earlier than the scion Hans Georg (b. 1615).

Again, thanks for your help.


ROBERT, thank you.

I do have the Edwin Jaquett SELLERS book on SELLERS.
can't find today. But, my extractions do Not show an Ephraim Sellers.
And extractions others have sent = I can't find Ephraim.

Your EPHRAIM SELLERS is born ca 1801/5 and married to Elizabeth and appears to be living in 1850 Bucks Co, Pa. with kids born 1828/30?
Where in 1830 and 1840?

Some of the kids of ABRAHAM and CATHERINE appear to be born/baptised in Mont Co, Pa,
But an ABRAHAM and CATHERINE SELLERS are still having kids here after 1808 when an ABRAHAM SELLERS died.
SO, we have TWO ABRAHAM and CATHERINE SELLERS having kids here.
AND I think I only have One family linked to them.

So, we/I have a problem.

Can you help?
THANKS for sharing SELLERS.

marie, iowa



I think the problem is that there a number of different Abrahams and Ephriams.

According to the Sellers Book, an Abraham Sellers was born on Nov. 6, 1768 (the son of Leonard Sellers) and was married to Catharine Kulp. There is no indication that I can find as to when he died. However, it appears they had 8 children (their last child as late as 1817), among whom was an Ephriam who I believe was born @ 1801. This Ephriam married Elizabeth Sheip and had 9 children among whom was a man named Levi Sellers who is my great, great, great grandfather. Also among those 9 children, was another Abraham who appears to have married an Amanda Markley. It appears they had 10 children including another Ephriam who died in infancy.

To make matters a little more confusing, yet another Abraham was born on June 30, 1758. He was the eldest son of John Sellers (whose father was Philipp Henry Soller -the original settler - and whose brother was the aforementioned Leonard Sellers). This Abraham married a woman named Sophia Bodder whose sister, a woman named Catherine Bodder, appears to have married Abraham's brother, a fellow by the name of Samuel Sellers. Samuel and Catherine appear to have had 11 children among whom was yet another Abraham!

I am not sure which Abraham it is that you have recorded as dead, but it might be the son of John Sellers. Do you have this fellow's dates of birth/death?

Thanks for your help!



ROBERT, thanks for helping.

found my Sellers book and will post these dates/names. with my church info.
Altho he does Not show sources on all, most are in the Pa church records.
We do need to document and continue the info he has given us.

Evidently , our extractions of this book i(SELLERS PAGES is Not complete ( but, it is appreciated, as is)
WE should have a complete extraction of this book.

ANYONE have??

I did see an EPHRAIM SELLER =
HOW did Edwin prove parent?

We seem to have Abraham and Catherine AND Abraham and Sophia KIDS here and
also MONT CO, PA, which appears to lay next door to Hilltown?

DO YOU HAVE them on 1800/1850 census, etc??
Where are they?

I see your Ephraim in 1850 , but, we Need Abraham and Catherine on census/land records, etc.
and Ephraim should be on 1840 census = where?

I don't know/remember who died 1808 , except what we have on Philip. I may have mistyped/quoted?

marie, iowa


I can confirm. 2d wife, Barbara, of Leonard Sellers dying in Bucks in 1805. Their son, Abraham married lady with name shown and my limited data shows 3 sons Enos, Ephriam, and David. Young lady in CA has tracked this half related side of my family but data is not on the net. Leonard's first born, Leonard, rests in Lima, Ohio and is my GG Grandfather. He passed in 1860. Happy NY, Roger Sellers


ROGER, thanks for helping. Just to confirm, you mean Leonard died 1805 not Barbara? Whom I have no death date for except after 1812. best wishes, marie, iowa


Hi Marie,
Yes, you are right. Leonard passed in Bucks in 1805. I do not have death date on 2d wife either. Janice Sellers has done extensive work on the offspring of his 2d marriage. She sent me 64 page hard copy of the whole thing nearly two years ago. She did quite a bit of census work on my side also. I took photos of some of the early Sellers graves when I visited Lima in mid-2004, for my 50th HS re-union. Time flies. Thanks for all your work. Roger

Jim and Marie,
Thanks very much for providing electronic version. I was not aware that author completed missed my line via Leonard's first wife. Good thing I did not see this at first several years ago. Gracias, Roger Sellers


Edwin Jaquett Sellers' book "Sellers Family of Pennsylvania and Allied Families" (Philadelphia: Press of Allen, Lane & Scott, 1925, 62 pgs) has been scanned and is available thru HeritageQuest. If you have access to HeritageQuest the pages can be downloaded with ease, and I have done so many times from home. The lineage for the Ephraims and Abrahams in question are pretty clearly idenitified in Edwin's 1925 booklet. I don't see a whole lot of specific nor individual dates listed for each, but the lineages are pretty clear along with whom they married and where they resided in many cases.

Michael Sellers

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