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I am new to this stuff. What I have so far:

My GGG Grandfather: James Sellers - born 1764 Lincoln County, Kentucky Married Mary Polly Crawford

My GG Grandfather: Harrison Perry Sellers, Born June 9, 1813 In Kentucky - Married Margaret Van Landingham -

My G Grandfather: James Harvey Sellers, born Feb. 8, 1836, Jennings County Indiana Married Philen Jane Goltry

My Grandfather: William Dennis Sellers Born May 9, 1870, Melrose, Iowa Married Alma May Hull

My Father: Willis Paul Sellers, Born August 11, 1916 Married Vera Maxine Mullins

And finally, Me, Robert Dean Sellers, Born Jan. 18, 1944 in Downey California

Can anyone connect to this?



Thanks. Any idea of the European ancestry of Nathaniel Sellers?


My best guess is that our line of Sellers were from Northern Ireland before
coming to the Colonies. Some bios of descendants say they came from Ireland,
one said Scotland and another said they were Scotch-Irish. I 'm leaning
toward the Scotch-Irish origin. The area of Cumberland Co., PA where they lived
was predominantly Scotch-Irish and our Sellers were Presbyterians.



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Hi Robert,

I believe there are several members who are descended from James and Mary
Crawford Sellers. I descend from his uncle Samue Sellers. James is believed
to be the son of Nathaniel Sellers of Cumberland Co., PA.

Here's a link to what I have on your branch of the family:


Jim Sellars


Any idea as to which Crawford family Mary (Crawford) Sellers connected to? I see from the gedcom that she was born about 1773 in Virginia. I have many, many VA Crawfords in my line, mostly emerging from Augusta County, VA, in the mid-to-late 1700s. Was just curious if Mary's parents have ever been identified.

Michael Sellers


Jim - I think your assumption about the origins of your ancestors is
correct. I went to our ancestral home in Middletown, PA(Dauphin Co.) and
spent several days in the town library doing family research. Between that
search and previous ones, I found that the Presbyterians in Scotland were so
ostracized that they began moving across the Irish Sea to the Ulster area in
NE Ireland. They fared no better there because the Irish had no use for
their religion. Over time, they migrated to America--the earliest ones came
in through the Carolinas, and later arrivals entered through northern ports.
When they first arrived, they were known as Ulster/Scots, later changed to
Scots/ Itish and Scotch/Irish.

Carl Sellers

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ROBERT, thank you for sharing your SELLERS family.

We do have helpful members willing to share with you. Some are listed on our Lucas Co., Ia page , Putnam Co, IN .

We also have a SELLERS dna group which I'd like you to look at some results our members have =

Would be very interested in having yours and I don't believe JIM SELLARS? Is a member either. Both of these would be important.
In proving our ancestor SELLERS.

Thank you for helping.
marie, iowa