WILL dated 11-2-1827, probated 2-12-1828
Heirs = wife, SARAH,Adm
youngest son, Ambrose C.
12 children
(not named here,names listed in   probate papers listed below)


12 children/heirs from WASH CO,IN probate papers=
ELIZABETH born 5-12-1785 married when/where/NC? BENJ SIMMONS

SARAH born 3-22-1787 married 8-10-1810 Burke Co,NC JOHN DUCKWORTH

REBECCA born 12-4-1788 married when/where NC? SAMUEL HARTLEY
1820=Hartley, Samuel         202     300010  10010 

ANNA born 3-28-1790 married when/where NC? JACOB FISHER
1820 Wash Co=Fisher, Jacob           208     100010  10010   100
JOHN born 6-13-1794 / died 11/1839
heirs were his brothers/sisters/and their heirs   

MOSES W.  8-22-1796 Burke Co, NC married 2-22-1817 Clarke Co,In
Margarette LITTELL

RACHEL H. born  8-16-1798 dec'd 8/1847 MARRIED Wash Co 2-27-1817 GEO CAMPBELL.
8/1847 had dau ELIZ CAMPBELL and Rachel and Geo dec'd. 
1820 =Campbell, George        224     100010  00100   100 

JOSHUA born 12-17-1800 dec'd 2/1847 married 7-2-1823 Wash Co
Marthe HUME 
(8/1847 probate court Moses W. Sellers appointed guardian of
JOHN Y. and JAMES SELLERS, sons of Joshua Sellers,deceased and each 
to receive a 1/6 of 1/11 part of land,subject to widows share,Rachel 
(There is also a Joshua SELLERS marriage 4-2-1835 
Clarke Co,Ind to a RACHEL CLARK msh)

ROBERT born ca 1802 (NOT listed in Moses diary record?)
(listed as heir of land of Robert Sr son, JOHN=  married 10-29-1822
Clarke Co,In NANCY RODMAN (Shelby Co,Il)

CANDACE born  2-20-1803 NC MARRIED 5-16-1833 CLARKE CO,IN

YOUNG born 5-4-1805  married  11-24-1830 Morgan Co,In 
married 5-4-1843 Morgan Co,In
AMBROSE CARLTON born 10-22-1807 married 8-12-1830 Wash Co,In
POLLY SHEPHERD (shows youngest son on Robert Sellers will of 1827)
1860 in Clark Co,

DATES of birth taken from diary of Moses W. SELLERS (son of
owned by Warren Stewart Sellers. 1312 Sportsman Dr.,  Jeffersonville, In 47130
812-282-4053 (no date for this info)

Erect by great grandaugher, Mrs. Kent SMITH

Sharon Cemetary is in Wash. Twp., Wash. Co., IN.  In the Wash. Twp. Cem.
book, page 450, I find listed:

SELLERS, ROBERT, b. 1765, d.1827; sp: Sarah Hill; note: Robert was a
Revolutionary War soldier. (we have no record posted,msh)

There is a note in the cemetary book that says there are many people
buried at Sharon Cem., but only a few stones remain.  Robert is the only
Sellers reported as buried there.

Franklin Twp. Cem. book, page 47:
FARABEE, MARGARET, d. 2 Oct 1862, aged 26y, 10m, 10d; 2nd wife of Alfred
Farabee; dau of Moses W. and Margaret Sellers.

I checked all the other Wash. Co. cem records, except Crown Hill, which I
don't have, and these are the only references to SELLERS in them.

I don't have any Clark Co., IN records, so I really can't help you there.
Sorry.  Hope the above is some help.  Later. JWM



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Subject: Re: family history
Date: Tuesday, September 8, 2009, 9:46 PM

Dear Jack,
I am so fortunate that my grandfather Pinckney Sellers did a lot of research of our family tree.  Here is my line of ancestors.  You will have to decide whether we are both related to Robert Sellers.  It looks to me like they are one and the same:
Warren Stewart Sellers, born born August 24, 1919 in Sellersburg, Indiana (me)
son of Warren Stewart Sellers, born in Sellersburg, Indiana on July 16, 1900 and died at the young age of 20 on March 3, 1921 in St. Louis, Illinois
son of Pinckney Sellers born in Sellersburg, Indiana on April 27, 1868 and died in Wood River in 1937, buried in St. Louis
son of Absolom Littell Sellers born in Sellersburg, Indiana on October 26, 1824 and died in Sellersburg, Indiana on March 25, 1870
son of Moses Wilkerson Sellers born in Burk County, North Carolina on August 22, 1796 and died in Sellersburg, Indiana on June 1, 1868
son of Robert Sellers, Sr. born in Delaware or Chester County, Pennsylvania on March 10, 1765 and died September 27, 1827 in Washington County, Indiana.  He was a Revolutionary War Soldier.
son of William Sellers (born in England) in 1725 and died 1804 at age 79.
Here is some of the things I have about Robert Sellers (born March 10, 1765 and died in 1827.  He was married April 29, 1783 to Sarah "Sary" Hall, who was born February 9, 1767 and died September 7, 1860.
Robert is buried in Sharon Cemetary in Washington County, Indiana near the city of Salem.  He was a Revolutionary War soldier and his grave has a marker to attest to that by the DAV.  His wife is buried in Sellersburg, Indiana.
They had twelve children:
1.  John L. (oldest son) born in 1784
2.  Elizabeth Simmons (Benjamin) born May 12, 1785
3,  Sarah Duckworth (John) born March 22, 1787
4,  Rebeccah Hartley (Samuel) born December 4, 1788
5.  Anna Fisher (Jacob) born March 28, 1790
6.  Moses Wilkerson (Margaret Littel) born August 22, 1796
7.  Rachel H. Campbell (George) born February 27, 1798
8.  Robert, Jr. (Nancy Rodman) born October 29, 1800
9.  Joshuah (Martha Hume) born February 20, 1803
10. Candace Cunningham (James) born 1804
11. Young (Alice) born May 4, 1805
12. Ambrose Carlton (Sally Shepherd) born October 22, 1806
These entries I found in the Salem Historical Library:
Year 1821: Trac t Book Entry of Washington County, Indiana shows that the NEqtr., Section 30, town to North (Franklin Township) Range 5 East was purchased by John Sellers (son of Robert, Sr.)
Year 1827:  John Sellers, Robert Sr.'s oldest son married on 27 November 1827 Mary Johnson, widow of Peter Bertau in the parish of St. Landry, Opelausas, State of Louisiana.  Mary had three minor children, George, Mary Ann  and Jane.  John had considerable property in Louisiana as well as a quarter section in Indiana.
Year 1835:  John Sellers died in 1835 in Opelausas, Louisiana when he as 50 or 51 years old and on September 29 an executor was appointed in St. Landry Parish.  In Indiana Moses W. Sellers, John's brother, was appointed Administrator of John's Estate for disposal of his property in Indiana.
Year 1840:  On 13 November 1840 Moses Sellers, administrator of the estate of John, his brother, filed the accounts and they were equally divided among his 11 brothers and sisters.
Year 1846: On March 16, 1846 the tract owned by the deceased John Sellers, son of Robert, Sr. and described under the 1821 date above was sold to George C. Carter, son-in-law of Robert, Sr. and husband of Rachel Sellers Campbell.
Let me know what you think.  Your friend (relative?) Stewart Sellers
P.S.  By the way, Sellersburg, Indiana was named for Moses Wilkerson Sellers, who laid the town out, was a Baptist preacher, merchant and the first postmaster of the town.