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Robert C. Sollars Fri Nov 15 18:20:26 1996 SOLLARS: I wish to exchange information with anyone remotely interested in this name. Thomas Sollars (1782VA-aft.1870) was a rock mason. He had a tavern in Hardy Co., VA (WV) in 1805 which he built himself and I understand it is still in part standing to this day. It was on an old stage road. He served in the War of 1812, raised a large family, one son being William Rutledge Sollars. Thomas, it is believed lived out his life in Mineral Co., WV. As I understand he was in the 1870 Census living in the home of his son, Andrew Sollars in Mineral Co. Thomas' father was William Sollars, who I believe moved to Ross Co., Ohio in 1799/1800.

Ignatius Sollars (1769/VA - 1833/IN) moved his family to Deerfield Twp, Ross Co in 1799-1800 where he purchased 100 acres from Henry Massie on Deer Creek. He sold the farm in 1828 and moved to Vermillion Co. IN to keep up with his kids:
Nancy SOLLARS (1789/VA-1856/OH) m Jacob ATER 13 Apr 1804 in Ross Co;
Susanna SOLLARS (1792/VA-1878/IL) m Platt HULL 19 Feb 1807 in Ross Co;
Azariah SOLLARS (1796/VA-1870/CA) m Mary WAGGONER 01 Mar 1821, Ross Co;
Hannah SOLLARS (1799/VA-aft1850/I) m General SMITH 22 Sep 1913, Ross Co       [Hannah's dau., Lovey (1815/OH-1895/IL) m Jonas COIL 9 Feb 1834/ Eugene, Vermillion Co. IN.];

William SOLLARS (1803/OH-1854/Springfield IL) m Eliza GRANT 06 Feb 1828, Virden, McCoupin Co IL;
Ignatius SOLLARS, Jr (1807-1889) m Catherine SOUTHARD 19 Jan 1825, Pickaway Co, m(2) Mary WEST 13 Sep 1834/Eugene, Vermillion Co IN, m(3) Phoebe DeWITT IRBY 01 Mar 1842/Eugene, Vermillion Co IN.;
Malinda SOLLARS (1809-aft.1880/IA) m David CLINE 29 Dec 1825/Ross Co;
Truman R. SOLLARS (1812-1898/Blue Grass, Middlefork Twp, Vermillion Co IL) m Nancy GEBHART 6 Oct 1831/Eugene, Vermillion Co IN, m(2) Susan CONRAD 17 Oct 1870/Danville, Vermilion Co IL.

Ignatius Sollars Sr., had a brother, William Sollars (1760/VA-1833/OH) who has many descendants still in Ohio with whom I would like to exchange information with.

William Sollars (1760VA-6 Jul 1833OH) buried in Baldwin Cemetery, in
southeast corner of Madison Co., OH is the brother of Ignatius Sollars
(1769VA-1833IN).  Ignatius is on the tax rolls of Frederick Co., VA from
to1799 when he removed to Ross Co., OH for the next 28 years on Deer Creek
Deerfield Township. Nace even had some of William's children in his home.
William's son, John Sollars (1786OH-1855OH) married Catherine Stothard in
at his Uncle Nace's home.  Though a hazy memory, it is believed by more
than one
segment of William's descendants that there is Indian blood in the family,
from all my research it is strongly suggested that William had and Indian
as his their sons, Thomas (1782OH-aft1870VA), and John  (1786OH-1855OH)
both born in Ohio, and their son Michael (1797OH-______OH), and son,
(1798OH-bef1880OH) were all born in Ohio. Go figure, for during the 1780s
white man in Ohio country would lose his top knot very quickly unless he
something going with the Indians. I have often wondered if William was one
those taken prisoner and partly raised by the Indians and then returned to
whites.  He seems to have been a fellow footloose and fancy free until his
for he is absent from census records and tax rolls.  I suspect he was
with one of his children in his last years.

> Where he is in 1820/30 = can't prove. I thought he might be the one in
> records as this age on a court document Should Work on that Area
> to find the Co again.
> And see if Alkire/Conrad or Any Surname that used Hermanius as name, is
> there. This is a GOOD lead.
> We have Many Wills/Deeds posted on our MD SOLLARS,  but cousin Robert
> SOLLARS of Ignatius understands these families/can explain better than I.

The Maryland SollErs line descends from John and Ann Sabrell SollErs,
founder of
the name in Maryland from Kempsey, Worcestershire, England ca.1653 to Ann
Arundel Co., then later to Calvert Co., MD where he died in the year 1700.

As for the Sellars/Sellers lines of Kentucky I do believe that all are
German origin to PA then to VA then KY, and some from PA to KY as well.

Well, I hope I have been of some help to someone, as I am not real clear
as to
whom I am providing this information for or exactly what they are looking

Bob Sollars

ROBERT = Thank YOU - Am forwarding to SELLERS discussion group,  and
> APPRECIATE you Sharing with us.
> HERMON was sending possibilities for MONOS T. SELLERS 1785VA/1861IA
> married 1820 Pickaway Co, OH
> connection to the HERMANIOUS name of ALKIRES  surname-
> Good- they are in same area of Michael STUMP and GEO SELLERS in 1780's
> Hampshire Co, VA
> And he mentioned the MD Sollars and I forwarded thinking you could
> explain better than I = Reason You received AND you Did a Good/Better
> Job explaining-
> YES, I see where you connected ALL the OHIO born SELLERS/SOLLERS  to WM
> SOLLARS 1760/1833.
> WE don't have to Agree to Get to An End Result - Will keep Searching for
> this WM SELLERS 1760 and more Info.
> I am interested in this you wrote=   "Nace even had some of William's
> children in his home.William's son, John Sollars (1786OH-1855OH) married
> Catherine Stothard in 1808
> at his Uncle Nace's home"
> NOW you mean the Wedding was at Ignatius SOLLARS home - NOT living with
> HIM?

Wedding yes, living with, not sure!

> Thanks, did Not have this info,msh
> Well we have NO 1800/10 census to prove
>  How about 1820 - WERE these kids all his? (Ignatius)
> Remember, I can't find MONOS SELLERS on an 1820 census -
> I am going to reread the 1820 Pickaway/Madison/Ross Co, OH census Soon-
> I am Sure I read 1820 PICKAWAY for AnyOne WmSellers 1769 age- don't know
> about Ross, kinda thought so - I think I have 1820 Madison -

Should you find a Sollars/Sollers with a male listing that could be
Sollars (1760-1833) please let me know!  I'd think he was living with his
son, John and Catherine Stothard Sollars who lived in Madison Twp.,
Co., OH which is just a couple of miles from the Baldwin Cemetery in
Co., OH.   John Baldwin established this cemetery.

> And John BALDWIN from Frederick Co, VA is buried also in same cemetery
> and he may be in the MADISON CO, OH census?
> ROBERT - Thanks for Helping and Sharing and Understanding -
> marie, iowa

You are doing a great job Marie... of course you know that, but it don't
hurt to hear it from others now and then.

Bob Sollars

I researched the Maryland Sollers family from stem to stern in search of a
connection for my Ignatius Sollars (1760-1833) but found no connection...
close but no
cigar,  I now have the largest collection of material on the Maryland
Sollers and
Allied Families, due to my indepth study over the past 40 years.  I have
Conrads in my line, My great-grandfather, Truman R. Sollars (1812-1898)
married Susan
Conrad, whose grandfather, Abraham Conrad, was born in KY - have details.

Have you learned any more on Isaac Sellers who was killed by Indians in
Beaver Co., PA defending a fort in th late 1700s? He  was in the same
neighborhood and time that Isaac Sollers/Sollars was around Pittsburg,
who died in Dec. 1789 in KY. It seems both Isaac's had decendnants that
moved along the same trail to Ohio settlement, but regardless of the
recorders of names, butchering the surnames of both at times the
fescendants managed to keep the root name in tack for the most part.

Here is what I have in my notes on Sabe, I found it a good many years
ago, and thought it brought my Ignatius Sollars (1769-1833) a bit closer
to being connected to them on this side of the ocean.  still think there
is a possibility, but a slim one Through Robert Sollers' first born,
John Sollers in Jan. 1699, St. James Chruch Register, Anne Arundel Co.,
MD: (what is his chart , so we can check/follow, msh)

Sabritt Sollers (1772-1834);
Frederick County, MD Militia, War 0f 1812, SOLLERS, Sabritt. Major of
1st Battalion, 20th Regt. under Lt. Col. Wampler;  apparently not called
into service; b. 24 Aug.1772, son of Thomas and Ariana (Dorsey) Sollers
and grandson of Sabritt Sollers who married Mary Heighe daughter of
James Heighe of Calvert Co., MD and great-grandson of John Sollers who
died in 1699 (1700).
 Our subject, Sabritt Sollers married Mary Dorsey 25 Dec 1806. She died
26 Feb 1820; he died 17 July 1834.
Sollers Homestead, Liberty District, Frederick Co., MD. Buried nr
Libertytown. WILL of Maj. Sabritt Sollers, names children: Thomas
E.Sollers, Sarah Sollers, Mary Sollers, Ariana wife of Thos. G. Maynard,
Susan Sollers, and  Margaret Sollers (minor)., Ignatius Waters,
guardian. Will mentioned LAND: 190a devised by his father Thomas; 190a
of a tract conveyed by BASIL SOLLERS; 15a of Mount Felicity; 82a of
Mount Pleasant; 182a of contiguous parts of Mount Mures, Carmack's
Farewell, Walnut Ridge, Warfield, Richard Coale, Abraham Jones, John
Dudderar, Nicholas Hoy. Land divided; Deeds included in file. 26 Oct.
1837 (pp 366-395) Frederick Co, MD

Thank again. Back to you.
Bob Sollars

Robert C. Sollars wrote:

> Marie,
>     I have an entire family of Sollars' that seem to have just
> vanished> after the 1880 Census in Illinois.  I have often wondered if they may
> not> have taken on the SELLERS spelling... Do you have a TRUMAN SELLERS in
> your
> files?  He is of the family of Charles M. (b.1840, Springfield, IL)
> and Mary> (b.1846) Sollars. Children:
> Allen (1866), Truman (1869), George (1872), Minnie (1874) and Gertrude
> (1878) Sollars. All born in Illinois
> My Notes:  What became of this family? This information on Charles,
> Mary and> children is from the 1880 Census of the town of Bushnell, McDonough
> Co., IL.
> No further information: did they move to Canada?  The Soundex should
> be> checked for 1890, 1900, 1910 for surrounding states.
> Charles M. Sollars was in the Civil War  Sept 10, 1862 Co.H, 116th
> Regt Ill.> Inf. During the siege of Vicksburg, he deserted at 2nd battle of
> Champion> Hills, Miss., May 15,1863. Captured by Confederates in Arkansas just
> over> the Mississippi.  Later exchanged in Missouri. Dishonorably
> Discharged.
> Charles later attempted to have the Dishonorable Discharge reversed as
> to> receive a pension. Request was denied.
> Should you cross any of them in your research, PLEASE let me know - 35
> years> of searching has turned up nothing from my end.
> Bob

BOB - I believe I checked indexes a long time ago with NO results-
I do continue to look for - but, sometimes, forget the name Charles,

I haven't checked the CANADA Sellers index - don't know if I have-
Perhaps, I will put a hi-lite on your page for CHARLES - so when I go
glance/check- will know who I'm checking on.

On the post I sent on Verm Co, In and Verm Co, Il marriages -
Can you indicate the ones you know or are yours - so can sort out the
Thanks for helping, Robert,
marie, iowa

            marie sellers hollinger <>
            "Robert C. Sollars" <>

ROBERT - 1890 CASS CO, NE, page 1, Tipton precinct =
He is Not on the 1900 NE soundex

The 1900 indexes I have read - mostly soundex and does Not list Everyone -
he has Not been
on there. OR a Truman Sollars born IL - I do watch for IL births.
Ray C. 15 Mo, son
don't believe I reread MO 1880 for the family.

I don't have 1910 IL - Better would be 1910 McDonough Co, Il and read for
Did the IL death state who signed his death certificate?
Where any of the others listed as dead? (his kids, wife)
Otherwise, they should show up someplace - I thought out West? might be a
good place to
find them - Not so far.
And I don't have 1900 Canada - don't know if it is available!
Best Wishes, Robert - will keep in touch. marie, iowa

Robert C. Sollars wrote:

> Hi Marie,
>    I hope this finds you well and happy I was wondering if you might have
> anything on this fellow whom I found in the  Illinois Department of
> Health, Death Index By Name - Illinois Deaths 50 years and over (Run
> 04/04/97, Page: 1,576):
> CHARLES SELLERS, male/white,  age unknown, Certificate No. 0026002, died
> 9, 1916, in McComb, McDonough Co., IL - File date Oct 10, 1916
> I am hoping it might be our Charles M. Sollars, born in 1840 in
> IL, married c1865, Mary, b.1846, by whom five known children were born:
> Allen S.1866, Truman 1869, George 1872, Minnie 1874, Gertrude 1878.  All
> were born in IL.
> What became of this family? This information on Charles, Mary and
> is from the 1880 Census of the town of Bushnell, McDonough Co., IL. No
> further information: did they move to Canada?  The Soundex should be
> for 1890, 1900, 1910 for surrounding states.
> Charles M. Sollars was in the Civil War  Sept 10, 1862 Co.H, 116th Regt
> Inf. He was in a number of bloody battles, but during the siege of
> Vicksburg, he deserted at the second battle of Champion Hills, Miss., May
> 15,1863. Captured by Confederates in Arkansas just over the Mississippi.
> Later exchanged in Missouri. Dishonorably Discharged.  Charles later
> attempted to have the Dishonorable Discharge reversed as to receive a
> pension, but request was denied.
> Bob Sollars
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> Robert C. Sollars
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ck , msh

Charles M Sollars Tipton, Cass, Nebraska Private 1862 = Co H, 116 ILL VOL INF, OCT 1862

from marie/per
1880 ORANGE CO, IN, Orlens, =
> CHARLES V. SELLERS 40 IL (ca 1860)
> EMILY J. 11 IN
   Sorry, no one here I am aware of being  evenly remotely related to my

Bob Sollars

            "Robert C. Sollars" <>
            marie sellers hollinger <>
            1 , 2

   It is good to see you still hard at it going strong in family pursuit!
   Capt. Peter Sellars/Sellers of the Shenandoah Valley was of Rockingham
Co., VA as early as 1757, and likely close kin of Christian Sellars.  What
do you have on old Pete?  The Rockingham Sellars/Sellers people have always
been of interest to me as they were next door to my Sollers/Sollars people
in Shenandoah and Frederick Co's VA.
   I believe the father of my Ignatius Sollars (c1769VA-1833IN), and known
brother, William Sollars (1760VA-1833OH) was a "William Sollars" of the
Sheanadoah Valley of VA ... My kingdom for any news of this WILLIAM
SOLLARS!!!  And there had to be other siblings of Ignatius and Elizabeth.
Family folklore of the Sollars descendants who remained in Virginia (now in
Mineral and Grand Co's WV) has it that one brother was killed by Indians...
like much folklore, the horrible act is sharply remembered, but the given
name, date, place, and time have long been forgotten... I keep hoping
something will turn up in records, but nothing does.  It is possible that
the siblings of Ignatius and William were girls, and many girls of these
early times are lost perhaps forever as they married and took new last

You asked who of my line was from Parke Co., and Fountain Co., IN --- Any
SOLLARS, SPAIN, SPRAY, for any year!

I purchased ""  and a 1st cousin once removed, Anthony L.
Sollars(computer whiz) designed it for me around my material.  I now have the
Sollars/Sollers lines from here, England and other places in the world on
it.   Did you check my NEW Web Page:  < >
My Best Regards,
Bob Sollars


july 2006

ROBERT, have I sent this to you before?

Where did this family go/die?

It has to be yours?

Charles M Sollars Tipton, Cass, Nebraska Private 1862 = Co H, 116 ILL VOL INF, OCT 1862

Best wishes,
marie, iowa