I read with interest the info on Sellers .  Daniel Cook who m. Martha Warren
Norwood was my great grandfather.  My grandfather was his son, Samuel Calvin
Cook who m. Mary Gullett.

      I am very interested in learning more on the Sellers/Cook connection.  I also
have a first cousin-in-law who is working on this line.  I am sending to her a copy of the info online.  

      Please advise as to how and where I may learn more.  Also, I would LOVE a
copy of the grave markers mentioned by Ernest.    Do you have his e-mail address?

      I live only a few miles from that cemetery, but understand that it is rugged.  (I have just had a knee replacement.)  I attended the funeral of a cousin, Bain Henderson,  at the Henderson Cemetery near there back in the Spring.

      Do you know of others working on this line?

(Robbie F. Cook Purser)
 Sunny South, AL     

ROBBIE, thanks. will send thru our SELLERS group.


If you would like to put dates and places behind your names, OR send a small chart on your family, we will post and try and link to where our SELLERS/COOK families were.


Last address I have for Ernest was 1999? and on his page.


Thank you for caring.

marie, iowa

Thanks for your reply.  I'll do that soon.  I  very anxiously turned on the computer
tonight to see if I heard.  I am so pleased to get your info.  My mail from Ernest did not go, so apparently that address is not any longer.

      I think that I told you that Joan Johnson attended the Cook Reunion here at my
house, June, 2001.  We had approximately 125 "Cooks."  She is such a pleasant
person.  She must have moved since then for I have attempted to call her but the
number has changed.  At that time, she was still teaching.  We meet the second
weekend in June each year and her 2000-01 school term had not ended.  (I am a
retired teacher and recall thinking how awful it would be to have a fun weekend
in June, but have to RETURN TO SCHOOL!!!!!!!

      I hope that you can help me on this line.


ROBBIE, thanks.

Hopefully, the SELLERS group can help when you send a little more info and places.


WE had two SELLERS gals (dau's of Samuel died Sampson Co, NC), but, need to search more on their families.


Ernest had done a lot of work on COOK connection, so I would follow his ideas thro first.


Thanks for sharing SELLERS.

marie, iowa


   I intended to ask whether you know the "Ernest Sellers?"  Of course, I do not.  I am in Alabama.

      I believe that I told you that Daniel Cook and Martha Warren Norwood Cook, who m. in the Darlington, SC area and migrated to AL (Wilcox Co.) near Camden, were my great-grandparents.  They built beautiful "Cook Hill" which continues to stand and
continues to be occupied by  Cooks.  Nearby is the Cook Family Cemetery which has perpetual care and in which  Daniel and Martha, my grandparents and my parents are buried.

      Daniel Cook's sister, Alice (Allie)  m. the Sellers.  They are buried at Millers Ferry  in a cemetery on the Henderson Place.  Some of the Sellers are buried in the Capell Cemetery.  These are some of the Calvin Cook Sellers',  I believe.  There was
supposed to have  been a Calvin Cook Sellers for  5 generations.   One of my Dad's
sisters m. a Capell,  and the Capell Cemetery is just beyond my aunt's old place.

      We have another Sellers' connection somewhere in there, too.  I must get the
Book of Cooks and see if  I can't recall that connection.
       I am getting over a total knee replacement and still spending a  great amount of
time in therapy, but will make an added effort to photo copy and get info to you.  I
enjoy family history and want to learn more on this connection.


                  Robbie  Cook Purser


    I am photo copying from books for another "Sellers" connection and will be happy to  mail  same info to you.  I do not have a scanner, so must "snail mail."  I'll
be happy to  do so if you will send your mailing address to me.
      You and I have some of the same Sellers'.

                  Robbie Cook Purser

ROBBIE, thank you.



Please check the COOK history/book for UNITY COOK and RHODY COOK.


SAMUEL SELLERS will 10-13-1784 Sampson Co, NC =

Thank You for sharing SELLERS, etc.
marie, iowa