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Pat, my name is rick b. sellers and I live in Atlanta.  I am working on my
family tree and am a bit stumped.
Thomas M. Sellers married Marish jane Sellers, 25 June, 1836 in Pike County,
Their son, Benny Franklin sellers is my  greatgrandfather, in houston Co., AL
in later years.
I would like to trace down Thomas and Moriah jane.  I dont know when they
died. I thought at one time they went to Bullock CO. Everyone else moved down
to Cottonwood, Benny Frank did, but his parents did not.
Let me know your rates, Im interested.
Rick Sellers   RickSarch @aol.com

prepared by Rick B. Sellers
e-mail at  RickSarch@aol.com
November 18, 1997

The following is a listing of the descendants of Benjamin Franklin Sellers(b. Nov. 5,1851) and lived in Cottonwood, Houston County, Al. He was the son of Thomas M. Sellers(b. 1811) in North Carolina.

The following text from page 247 is taken from the book written by Clark  Heaslett Watters and Elizabeth Stone Watters, 1974 entitled “Some descendants of William Sellers who was in  Tarboro, North Carolina, in 1750.” It is the beginning of the line for Benjamin Franklin Sellers and his descendants from Houston County, Alabama. I obtained a copy of Mrs. Watters book in 1980 from Fred Tucker of Decatur, Georgia.

pg. 247:
“ Thomas M. Sellers was born in North Carolina in 1811.  Thomas married his cousin Moriah Jane Sellers, who was born in 1820.  Thomas and Moriah Jane were married on June 25, 1836 and their children are:
        Benjamin Franklin Sellers (Nov. 5, 1851 - October 9, 1909), wife’s name was Rebecca (August 23, 1861 - August 11, 1940).
The 1850 census records of Pike County records the family as follows: Thomas Sellers 38, Moria 30, Frances 13, Richard 9, Missouri 11, Sarah 3.”

Our somewhat immediate family history line now begins from the above entry in Mrs. Watters book indicating Benjamin Franklin Sellers.

Benjamin Franklin is born in Pike County, Al. near Troy Al. Within the first twenty years or so he journeys to Houston County, Alabama with relatives, but it appears his father and mother stay in Pike County.  Benjamin Franklin is buried at Ramer cemetery, in Cottonwood AL.
Benjamin Franklin and Rebecca have the following children:
        Maxham Edward Sellers Sr. (July 3, 1883 - October 17, 1962),    Cottonwood ,AL., marries Blanche Bell McCardel (May 30, 1889 - June     3,1975).  Their descendants are listed in detail later in this paper.
        Gussie Sellers (Mar. 18, 1885 - April 8, 1975) married Charlie Grice. no        children.
        Bernard Dowdel Sellers (June 15, 1887 - Jan 11, 1952) married Grace     M. Sellers (July 18, 1897 - Sept. 25, 1968) no children.

        Jacob Winfield Sellers (Jake) (Aug. 10, 1889 - Nov. 10, 1971)                   married Dovie Bonner and had two (2) children.
                 James Paul Sellers (1910-1976) married Hawtence ? and had                      three (3) children. Their children are Larry Sellers, Donald Sellers                    and Harry Sellers
                Russel L. Sellers married Josephine ? and had two (2) children.                         Their children are George Lee Sellers and Pamela Sellers
        Richard Hollinger Sellers (Feb. 23, 1897) and married Blanche   Armstrong. no children
        William W. Sellers (Nov.18, 1894 - Feb. 26, 1959) never married.
        Repsie Sellers (Dec. 31, 1899) married Jake Copan and they had three    children. Dorman Copan, Charles Copan and Mary Copan.
        Whit T. Sellers (April 14, 1903 - Jan. 1, 1970) married Muriel Armstrong        and they had three (3) children. George Benny Sellers, Thomas Sellers,  and Jimmy Sellers
        Evelyn Sellers (Oct. 8,1905) married Bud Martin and had one child.                      Geraldine Martin who married Wade Andrews and they have 4                       children; Rodney Allen, Wanda Joyce, Caroline Marie and Beverly                         Dianne
        Ernest Ted Sellers (Oct. 2, 1907 - Jan 20, 1946) married Blanche        Armstrong and had two(2) children.
                Linwood Sellers and Betty Sellers.

*Information about all of Benjamin Franklin’s children except Maxham E. has not been confirmed.

Maxham and Blanche Sellers lived most of their life on County Road 33, northwest of Cottonwood in Houston County, AL. They are buried in the Union Hill Church cemetery located at the intersection of County Road 33 and Cottonwood Road from Dothan.  Maxham and Blanche had nine (9) boys and 52 grandchildren as listed below:
        Mira Beau Sellers (Mar. 18, 1908 - Feb. 1993) He married Arminda        McCoy (Feb. 5, 1903 - Sept. 20, 1933) and had three(3) children.
                Gladys Blanche Sellers(Dec. 11, 1926),married Myrl Mervin                       Bradow ( Jan. 22, 1908 - Sept. 21, 1995) and they have 3                                children. Gladys is the oldest grandchild.
                        Myrl Victor Bradow(Sept. 2, 1945) married Peggy Elaine                          Beecher(Dec. 16, 1947) and they have 3 children. Victor is                              the oldest great-grandchild
                                Chadwick Lanier Bradow Sr.(June 26, 1971) married                                       Jennifer Fai Ryckewaert(Feb. 7, 1975) and they have                             one child, Chadwick Lanier Bradow, Jr.(Sept. 23,                                        1993). Chad Sr. is the oldest great-great-grandchild                                    and Chad Jr. is the oldest great-great-great-                                           grandchild.
                                Robert Maxham Bradow (Feb. 15, 1974) and Matthew                                Myrl Bradow (Feb. 14, 1977)
                        Victor works for a construction company in Jacksonville and                             Peggy is a homemaker and they reside in Obrein, Fl.

                        Sidney Maxham Bradow(Feb. 1, 1952 - Oct. 26, 1953)
                        Wallace Dale Bradow(July 22, 1956) married Tammy Lynn                   Barth and they have 4 children;  Jessie Dale Bradow(Sept                                2, 1986), Holly Lynn Bradow( Oct. 29, 1988),  Kelly Ann                                 Bradow (Nov. 17, 1993) and Amy Jo Bradow (Aug. 23,                              1995)

                Henry Corbitt Sellers (Aug.30, 1929), no children. Corbitt was                  employed by the railroad and now lives in his father’s house in                         Cottonwood, Al.
                Louis Ralph Sellers (Sept. 15, 1933) married Helen Prouse and                   have one daughter.  She is Helen Denise Sellers (Nov. 5, 1967)                  and is married to Thomas Vann Smith Jr. (May 27, 1967). Louie                   Ralph is a shoe salesman and Helen is a homemaker and they                      reside in Thomasville, Ga.

        After Arminda died in 1933, Mira Beau married  Cora Lee                                 Strickland (July 30, 1909 - Nov. 1995). Mira Beau was a farmer                  and lived all   of his life in Houston County, on the outskirts of                      Cottonwood.  Mira Beau, Arminda and Cora Lee are buried at Union Hill   cemetery.
        Benny Frank Sellers - died as an infant and is buried at Ramer.
        Wallace Eugene Sellers (April 25, 1912 - April 8, 1974) married Ora     Mabel Nichols (Aug 16, 1908 - Aug. 25, 1978) and had two (2) children.
                 Jerri Lynn Sellers (April 23, 1948) married Robert Paul Walsh                  and had no children. Jerri Lynn works as a supervisor at Flowers                        hospital Dothan. Jerri Lynn resides in Dothan, Al.
                Janice Latricia Sellers (April 20, 1950) and married Yvon Bo                    Whitehead (Sept. 22, 1936 - Aug. 8, 1992) and have 2 children.
                        Heather Nichole Whitehead (July 10, 1977) married  James                                Matthew Motley (May 21, 1974) and have one child,                                       Matthew Neil Motley (Sept. 7, 1995). Latricia and her family                            reside in Cottonwood, Al.

        Eugene was a barber and lived almost all of his life in Cottonwood, Al. He      and Mabel are buried at Union Hill cemetery.

        Harry K. Sellers (Oct. 26, 1914 - Jan. 26, 1946) married Irell Harper.  Harry was a policeman in Columbus, GA. and died in Columbus. They       had no children.

        Gaston Barnett Sellers (April 12, 1916 ) married Emma Marie Layfield    (July 19, 1921) and they had  five (5) children.  Gaston was a barber and       lived most of his adult life in Columbus, Ga., and Marie worked for the city    of Columbus in the tax office. Their 5 children are as follows:
                Margeret Camille Sellers (Mar. 28, 1943) married                                        Mack Kinser and have two (2) children, Carol Ann Browne (Jan.                   15, 1965) and Amy Diane Kinser ( Amy Diane Kinser (July 14,                     1969). Camille is a nurse and is now married to Ray E. Mitchell                         (Feb. 26, 1941) and     lives in Lanett, AL.
                Kathryn Marie Sellers (Jan. 24, 1945) married Jimmie Charles                    Jackson (April 10, 1939) and have three (3) children.
                         James Charles Jackson (Dec. 133, 1966) married Angela                          Venable (Oct. 5, 1969) and they have one child, Regan                           Marie Lyn Jackson (Dec. 13, 1996)
                         Michael Glenn Jackson (Nov. 22, 1967) married Karen                            Armstrong (Sept. 11, 1971) and they have no children.
                        Jill Ann Jackson (Feb. 3, 1976).
                        Kathryn is a nurse in Columbus and Jimmie likes to fix up                               old cars.
                Gaston Barnett Sellers Jr. (July 17, 1948) married Theresa I.                   Culverhouse (July 24, 1950) and have two (2) children.
                         Michael Scott Sellers (June 2, 1970) and                                               Stephanie Marie Sellers (April 14,1973). Gaston is now                          married  to Susan Craig Walters (Jan. 7,1951), and they                                 live in Smyrna, Ga. Gaston Jr. is a salesman and Susan is                               an archeologist.
                Harry Stephen Sellers (Dec. 24, 1949) married Catherine                                         Mooney (Oct. 4, 1953) and have two (2) children.
                        Lindsey Martha Sellers(May 20, 1985) and Nicole Marie                           Sellers (Sept. 14, 1987). Steve is in the                                                       Navy and lives with his family in Slidell, LA.
                Gregory Bruce Sellers (Oct. 17, 1957) is married to Nora                                Crabtree (Oct. 20, 1948) and live in Columbus, GA.
        Robert Dorsey Sellers Sr. (Aug. 29, 1919 - July 31, 1992) married       Florene Baxley (Nov. 5, 1924 - Sept. 24, 1991) and had five (5) children.       Bob Sellers was a barber and Florene worked as a bookkeeper and they    lived most of their adult life in Columbus, Ga.
                Robert Dorsey Sellers Jr. (Jan. 11, 1948), married                                      Shirley  Gage (July 19, 1949) and have two (2) children.
                         Tiffany Marie Sellers (April 24,1976) and David Bradley                                Sellers (Jan. 9,1981).
                 Dorsey is an electrical engineer for Fieldcrest Cannon Mills and                       Shirley is a federal employee at Fort Benning and                                       they live in Columbus, Ga.
                Margaret Omega Sellers (Sept. 17, 1949 - Nov. 11, 1949) died as                         an infant and is buried at Union Hill cemetery in Houston, Co.
                Ricky Baxley Sellers (Feb. 10, 1952) married Nancy Kathleen                     Blake (July 15, 1947) and have two (2) children.
                         Erin Marie Sellers (Jan. 14, 1981) and Jeffrey Blake Sellers                   (Mar. 18, 1982).
                Rick is an architect with Lockwood Greene and Nancy is a federal                        employee for GSA and they live in Atlanta, GA.
                Zeila Ann Sellers (Dec. 18, 1954) married Ronnie Lee Salter                     (Feb. 5, 1949). Ronnie has two (2) children from a previous                             marriage.
                        Ronnie Lee Salter Jr. (Dec. 16, 1970) married  Stacie                           Cannon (Jun. 11, 1976) and they have one son, Andrew Lee                        Salter (Aug. 11, 1991)
                        Allison Rachelle Salter(Mar. 4, 1976).
                 Ronnie is a math teacher,      Zeila is a substitute teacher and they                  live in Cusseta, Ga.
                Bruce Edward Sellers (Dec. 21, 1958) married Teresa Burkett                     (April 10, 1954). Bruce is a teacher and Teresa is a designer for a                     metal building manufacture and they live in Columbus, Ga.
        Howard Gemaelly Sellers (Feb. 16, 1921 - Dec. 7, 1993) married Betty    Jean Bryant (Feb. 16, 1932 - Nov.  31, 1978) and they had  three (3)
                Howard Cregg Sellers (May 26, 1953) married Pamela Lynn                                 Prather (July 29, 1956) and they have two children;                                     Alexandria Jean Prather Sellers (Dec. 23, 1989) and Tyler                               Cregg Prather Sellers(Mar. 20, 1992).
                Sharon Denice Sellers (Sept. 22, 1955) married Steven Ray                               Moutschka and they have one daughter, Shawn Michelle                            Moutschka (Dec. 15, 1977).
                Shawn Van Sellers (Dec. 13, 1960 - Dec. 1965).
        Howard and Jean lived a short time in Columbus, Ga., but moved to       southern California and raised their family there.  Cregg and Sharon and        their families live in middle California, just north of Fresno. Cregg sells     medical equipment and Sharon works in the medical field also.

        Maxham Edward Sellers Jr. (Mar. 12, 1923 - Mar. 21, 1975) married       Lorie   Hayes (Sept. 25, 1929) and have two children.
                Danny K. Sellers (Jan. 25, 1947) married Susan Rebecca Hall                             (June 26, 1948) and have two children. Britt Seaborn Sellers                    (Oct.4, 1966) and Tinley Lorie Sellers (Jan. 26, 1972).                                 Tinley married David Craig Wallace in May, 1997. Danny                          and his family live in Columbus, Ga.
                Neva Jo Sellers (July 18, 1953) married William Ira Bruner Sr.                          (Feb. 2, 1953) and have three children. William Ira Bruner                              Jr. (Jan. 4, 1980), Russell Tyler Bruner (Nov. 15, 1982) and                            Bonnie Kathryn Bruner (June 8, 1985). Bill is an executive                              with Coca Cola and Neva is a homemaker and they reside in                       Marietta, Ga.
        Maxham Jr. spent his adult life in Columbus, Ga. and owned a shoe store         and  Lorie was a homemaker. Lorie is now married to Alfred Everett      James and lives in Columbus, Ga.
        Jack Dempsey Sellers (Feb. 27, 1926) married Martha Jane McCarty        (Mar. 7, 1932) and have three children.
                Deborah Jane Sellers (Jan. 1, 1952) married William Durden                              (Jan. 29, 1952) and have two children. William Gresham                          Durden (May 3, 1982) and Kathryn Jane Durden (June 19,                          1987). Bill is an owner of  a plastics company and Debbie                               runs Berry Patch Farm, a pick and pay berry farm, and their                             home, in Woodstock, Ga.
                Jack Michael Sellers (Sept. 28, 1955) married Leslie Lassiter                   (Feb. 3, 1965) and they live in Atlanta, Ga.  Mike has his own Real                     Estate firm and Leslie is a veterinarian.
                Stanton Dempsey Sellers (Aug. 17, 1960) married Karla Susan                             Oberstadt (Sept. 2, 1960) and they have two children.                           Ashley Jeanne Sellers (Mar. 15, 1986) and Stanton William                               Sellers (Jan. 19, 1991). Stan is in the Ga. Air National                                Guard  and Karla is a homemaker and they reside in                                      Bonaire, Ga., near Robins Air force base. Stan Dempsey is                               the youngest grandchild and Stanton William is the                                      youngest great-grandchild.
        Jack is a retired shoe salesman and lives in Manchester, Ga., and Martha        is a retired homemaker and lives in Thomaston, Ga. They raised their    family in Columbus, Ga. 

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Marie, got your reply, Thanks.
Yes, this line if from Pike County Alabama.  Then Benjamin Franklin
to Houston County, Al. (Cottonwood, Al.)  You are correct of the lineage
stated, back to North Carolina.
I'm still searching for where and when Thomas M. Sellers and his wife
Moriah jane sellers, they died.  Any help appreciated.