I am currently tracing my family history and my main line is SOLLORZ..but
this name changed to SOLORZ, SOLARZ, SOLARS....
I was wondering if I could be linked to your mailing list and possibly
to other people searching for this name.
My main history is linked in the Rydnik, Poland area but laso have links
Katowice and Sohrau in Poland.
If I could the mailing sent to the following e-mail address
Thankyou and I am quite willing to supply any information about my family
that you would take an interest in...

Kind Regards,

Richard Sollorz

        re-SOLLORZ family
        Mon, 28 Jun 1999 08:28:32 EDT
Thankyou for your reply re the surname SOLLORZ and SOLLARZ.. Here is the
information that I have and I hope it assists both your friend and myself.
My father, Horst Manfred SOLLORZ born 11/6/1944 in Geringswalde, Germany
brothers Anton Gunter SOLLORZ born 25/5/1930 in Chemnitz, Germany, Dieter
SOLLORZ, born 2/07/1935 in Lubben, Horst SOLLORZ born 29/08/1941 Berlin,
Germany and Matthias Anton Eberhard SOLLORZ born 21/07/1938 in Dessau,
Germany. They were the sons of Anton J. Norbert SOLLORZ born 3/6/1904 and
Gertrude Hilma GRUNDMANN born 11/07/1904 in Geringswalde, Germany and
4/6/1927 in Geringswalde Germany. Anton J. Norbert SOLLORZ had 3 brothers,
Raymond SOLLORZ born in 1912, Konrad SOLLORZ born 1907 and Eduart SOLLORZ
born 1909, and 1 sister Martha SOLLORZ born 19/01/1901. Their parents were
Anton Leopold SOLLORZ born 16/6/1875 in Bugutschutz and Martha Christine
PIECHA born 15/12/1875 in Kattowitz, Poland and married on the 24/4/1899
Kattowitz..  Anton SOLLORZ's father was Wilhelm Thomas SOLLORZ born
19/12/1844 in Rybnik and married to Anna DZIERZA born 9/10/1851 (married
24/10/1874 in Kattowitz). His father was Josef SOLORZ, born 4/12/1817 in
Rybnik and married (15/7/1840 in Sohrau Poland) to Maria POPPEK born
19/6/1819 in Sohrau. His father was Blasius SOLLORZ born 23/1/1779 in
and married (4/6/1803) to Fransiska SKUPIN born in 1777. His father was
Lorenz SOLORZ born 5/8/1752 in Rybnik ( surname also as SOLORS ) and
( 26/5/1778) to Johanna MADEGKA born 1746. His father was Franz SOLLORZ (
also known as SOLORS) born 4/9/1724 in Rybnik married to a Maria ???? .
father was a Horenz (Lorenz) SOLLORZ (or SOLORZ) born 4/8/1690 in Rybnik
married a Sotia (Sophia) ???. His father was Horenz (Lorenz) SOLLORZ
born in 1660 (?) in Rybnik and married a Maria (Marianna) ?????. His
was Mathias SOLLORZ (SOLARZ) born ???, died in Rybnik 31/08/1684 and
a Maria ??? who died in 1681 . His father was Martin SOLLORZ or (Mathias
Selser SOLORZ) who died in Sohrau in 1657...wife unknown..
That is most of the information I have on the family, I do have the death
dates of most  relatives but haven't contained them just in case you get
bored with what I have ! :)
My father has told me and some German passport records I have show that
SOLLORZ was usually spelt as it sounded to the writer and therefore the
result of SOLLARZ and SOLLARS was quite common.  Also, some death
certificates I have also show a lack of correct spelling for some
Lord knows I have the same trouble these days !!!!
Anyway, I do hop ethis information helps and am quite happy to swap more
 and copy of documents if required....if you have any links to these
please let me know... any help to find the lost nuts from our tree would
appreciated !! :)
Kind Regards
Richard Sollorz

I may not be available on this e-mail address shortly...would you be so
to refer all information to my work e-mail of

Thanks !!!!