July 2004

Dear Marie, My ggg Grandfather Jacob Zeller [ also Zoller ] was born April 18 1777 in Pennsylvania died 1848 in Brecknock Township, Lancaster County , Pennsylvania. His first Landpurchase was arround 1799. He is buried at St. Johns Luthern Union Cemetery in East Earl Township, Lancaster County, PA. His widow Anna Maria Shupp born in Brecknock Township April 13, 1777 and daughter of George Adam Shupp and Anna Maria Keiffer Shupp, moved to Darke County Ohio [ AGE 78] with her son George and his family. Are the DNA tests available to this Zeller family members?Thanks , Richard Zeller, 2320 N. Alberta St. Portland, Oregon 97217 emailthanksforsharing@msn.comPnone 503.285.5706


RICHARD, thanks.

Yes, you can use our group price and we will show results on our SELLERS


there is a link on that page for results and members families.


WE need a dna test on a male SELLERS, etc from Rockingham Co., VA also.


Thanks for helping. marie, iowa


OCT 2004

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> From: Richard Zeller []
> Sent: Friday, October 08, 2004 1:57 AM
> To: marie sellers hollinger
> DearMarie, I just got back the dna results and I do not know how to
> them. I made 1 "connect'  [ with a GENETIC DISTANCE-1 ]   to


> RICHARD, thank you. I believe we may have other SELLERS, etc interested in
> this result.
> As Edgar Sellers family =
> 14465 = = (sept 2004)=
> Edgar R. Sellers Jr. (self) 1936 TX
> Edgar R. Sellers Sr. (father) 1895 OK-1942 TX
> Jonas Lafayette Sellers (grandfather) 1853 TN-1944 TX
> James M. Sellers (g-grandfather) 1827 TN- 1866?TN
> James Sellers (gg-grandfather) 1806NC?- 1843 TN
> John Sellers (ggg-grandfather) abt 1786 - ???? (Not Proven)
> AND your family =
> 23792 = =
> Richard Zeller
>             ggg Grandfather Jacob Zeller [ also Zoller ] was born April 18
> 1777 in Pennsylvania died 1848 in Brecknock Township, Lancaster Co., PA
> His widow Anna Maria Shupp born in Brecknock Township April 13, 1777 and
> daughter of George Adam Shupp and Anna Maria Keiffer Shupp, moved to Darke
> Co., OH [ AGE 78] with her son George and his family
> ==========
> I believe in one place it suggests the 25 marker test.
> and this info =
> The Graph: In each case a common ancestor is shared between two
> In the case of 12/12 (a perfect match) the common ancestor is considerably
> more
> recent. For that reason, many people who share a surname will share a
> perfect
> match. Many surnames are much older than a few hundred years and two
> people may share a surname but only match 11/12 or even 10/12. In these
> cases, as the graph shows, the MLE of when their MRCA lived could be much
> further back in time. Translation: you are related but probably much more
> distantly.
> ===
> Others my be able to explain better.
> Complete chart =
> marie, iowa

From: Ed Sellers []
Sent: Friday, October 08, 2004 10:48 PM

Hi Richard, I'm glad to hear that we are that closely related. I have not
visited the Rootsweb DNA site in a while, but i will check it out. I have
been disapointed that I was not more closely related to some of the other
researchers whose ancestors were in TN & NC about the same time that mine
were there. I am not surprised of the different spellings, I have found my
ancestors listed as Cellers, Sillers, Sollers,etc. in some of the past
censuses.I have been confused by finding many exact matches on "Y-Search" in
their worldwide listings when all of these matches are with different
surnames. I'm sure that you have seen my family tree which is proven only
back to about 1806 in TN. I am pretty sure that my GGG-grandfather was John
Sellers, born about 1756-1776. but I have not proven this. I will check out
the DNA site and get back to you.
Edgar Sellers



Dear Marie, Thank you for taking the time to email me. Just wondering if you have a guess if this puts my family in the Zeller/Sellers family from Maryland? I am still pretty confused as to what it means as my family has always been known as Zeller/Zellers except in one census where they were identified as Sellers. Thanks again, Richard Zelleremailthanksforsharing@msn.comphone 503.285.5706


RICHARD , thanks.

This is a Very Interesting chart, but, we do Not have enough links to this family to prove or See where it comes from.

WE could use another test from a Zellers OR a Sellers in the TN line.

YOUR Zellers line in Lancaster Co, PA, born ca 1777PA? has not been proven?

There were many Zellers there and some wills, etc.

DO you have any brothers/sisters in Lancaster or that went to Darke Co, OH with family?

Did you send us where ANY of your Zellers went to after Darke Co, OH?

Please do so.

I am sending a copy of this to David Zellers = perhaps he knows Any info OR can send thro Zellers list for help?

Edgar's line (ED, confirm this,msh)connects to McMinnville,(McMinn),Tn which we believe connects to Jeff Co, Tn, made from Greene Co, Tn , where we have Peter Sellers 1750, etc from VA and Sebart Sollars 1758 VA , etcfrom VA. And John Sellers 1768? (do we have a better date on his age? msh)

ED, fill any gaps you can, msh.

Maybe we should Work more on these Families?

Can't see/connect the ages, But, remember, WE do NOT know the generation gap on the dna test!

Thanks for sharing and helping.

marie, iowa

Hi Marie, My Jacob Zeller has been proven. Jacob's widow Anna Maria Shupp b.also 1777 is buried in St.Johns Luthern Cemetery in Darke county Ohio

Marie, census of 1800, Brecknock Township, Lancaster County next to the farm of Michael Beam was the Widow Zeller-- 1810 there was only a Jacob Sellers there, --1820 there was only a Jacob Sellor there-- 1830 Jacob Zeller was farming the farm next to the the Beams,-- Jacob died on the farm and was buried at the St. Johns Luthern Church Cemetery in/at East Earl, Lancaster,County PA. I posted an abstract of his will on ZFW. Jacob's widow moved with her son George Zeller [SENIOR] and his family to Adams Township, Darke County, OHIO just after my great grandfather George Zeller [JUNIOR] was born in Lancaster County in 1854. After they moved there ,they were identified in the Adams Township census of 1860 as George Sellers. Adam Zeller of Germantown, Ohio purchased in 1810, the 180 acres that they [ my ggg grandmother and my gg grandparents ] lived on a mile from Bradford, Ohio. From: marie sellers hollinger in early PA. Luthern church records my family was Zoller with umlaut.

Jacob's birthplace was PA. He was in Brecknock Township, Lancaster County,PA. by the late 1790's. I have just received new info on Zeller families in early western Ohio history, and my impression is that my Zeller line has connections to both the Muddy Creek and the Fort Zeller families. thanks, Richard Zeller


RICHARD, thanks.

Is Jacob Zeller 1777 proven to one of the Zellers' families in Lancaster or



We have a John Sellers ca 1768 in Jeff Co., Tn closely related, but Not

Provento our Sellers inMcMinn Co, Tn which many are brothers connected

to Burke Co,. NC.


We have Sellers in Greene Co, Tn from VA

We now have this chart of yours and Edgar's with one marker diff, which

should indicate a close relation. And I can't quite follow how!

But, we have the info!


Thanks for sharing with us.

marie, iowa

Marie, my line in TN was in McMinn Co. & Roane Co.not McMinnville. I wouldlove to prove the father of James Sellers b. 1806. For various reasons Ibelieve it was John the brother of Micah or at least I think his name was

John. Edgar Sellers

EDGAR, sorry

McMinnville is Warren Co, Tn

Yours is McMinn Co, Tn.

Marie, iowa

The possibility that I see that Edgar Sellers and Richard Zellers are

related is this:


I have that Edgar Sellers' line goes back to Robert Sellers Sr. of Burke

County, NC.If DNA shows that Richard's line is related and is from

Pennsylvania, perhaps Richard is a descendant of Robert Sellers Sr.'s

brother, John Sellers, that supposedly went back to Pennsylvania and settled

in the Philadelphia area and had a corn mill.We know nothing about this

John Sellers other than family history showing 3 brothers - Robert Sellers

of Burke County, NC, James Sellers of Chatham County, NC and the missing

brother John Sellers that settled near Philadelphia.


Georgia L. Fletcher []


Georgia, how do you connect my line to Robert Sellers Sr.of Burke Co. NC?




Edgar, does your line go back to James Sellers and Charity of Burke

County, NC?I think this James is the son of Robert Sellers Sr.




nov 2004



MARIE, I am 98% sure that Philip and Dorothy Zeller were the parents of [ or at least closely connected to]  my GGG Grandfather Jacob Zeller. In the 1800 census Widow Zeller was living on the same farm that my GGG Grandfather Jacob Zeller had ownership. I have a copy of the original doc that states the value of the farm was 240 pounds, and that the 24 acres had a dwelling house of Log of one story by 21 feet in length by 18 feet in depth; stable and small shop.It was situated adjoining land of Michael Beam and others. [U.S. Direct Tax 1815]. This same farm was occupied by: 1800 census-Widow ZELLER;  1810 census- Jacob SELLOR;  1820 census- Jacob SELLER;  1830 census-Jacob SELLERS;  1840 census- Jacob ZELLER [and] George ZELLER [my GG Grandfather]; 1850 census- Anna Maria ZELLER [my GGG Grandmother], George and Elisabeth ZELLER. After the birth of my Great Grandfather George A. ZELLER in 1854, the family moved Grandmother Anna Maria at age 78 to Adams Township, Darke County, Ohio [they were listed in the 1860 census as SELLERS]to the property that was purchased in 1813 by Adam ZELLER [ the son of Johan George ZELLER, of Tulpehocken Township, Berks County, PA.] who moved to Germantown, Montgomery County, Ohio in 1805, along with his brothers Bishop Andrew Zeller and Henry Zeller.    I know that these are supposed to be two separate families, but I am beginning to suspect that the two families are somehow related. Adam ZELLER also purchased property in 1813 just 200 feet from the house where I was born in Versailles [formerly known as Jacksonville] Ohio. Darke County, Wayne Township. I thank you for reading this.   p.s. I am sure that the same Adam ZELLER also purchased properties [most always near or next to railroad tracks] for the pioneer ZELLER families of Starke County, Ohio