Richard White <>

               My great great grandfather: Jacob Sellars (probably from NC) m. Georgia
Ann Joiner in Pulaski Co., GA 1838

My great grandfather: Richard M. Sellars b. 7 Oct 1846 at Hiwassee
(Towns Co.), GA - d. 15 Jan 1926 Grady Co., GA. m. Mary Ann Haven from
Lee, FL in Thomas Co., GA on 23 Dec 1874.

My grandmother: Martha Bama Sellars b. 20 May 1884 at Thomas Co., GA -
d. 23 Apr 1963 in Tallahassee (Leon County), FL.  m. Charles Henry White
at R.M. Sellars' house near Cairo, GA 19 Jan 1902.

The home of Richard
M. Sellars near Cairo, GA, was in Thomas County, GA, when my
grandparents married there, but since 1 January 1906 it has been in
Grady County, which was created by the 1905 Georgia legislature from the
western part of Thomas County and the eastern part of Decatur County.
Many current-day descendants of this Sellars line reside in Grady

Richard White
Tallahassee, FL

RICHARD - thank you - 1850 DOOLY CO, GA, lays next to PULASKI = JACOB
SELLERS - have you read this census?

The Elizabeth SELLERS/married PEACOCK in 1833 Pulaski Co, Ga
Same time as Jacob SELLERS/married Joiner in 1833 Pulaski Co, GA
has a letter from a SELLERS connecting to NC county = our misc GA page=
but it doesn't have many links

try your page for a few GA links =

WE need ALL these County Census posted - would save so much time - I fast
read the page you sent us  and will reread for info - Thanks, marie, iowa