Andrew Jackson Sellers born 17 Jan 1840, died 6 June 1920, married Mary
Lucas, 8 May 1861 in Alexanderia Kentucky,  Mary Jane was born in 1836, the
daughter of Hezekiah Lucas and Judith Sims, Andrew and Mary Jane, had
following children, 1. Sarah Margaret Sellers born 4 April 1862,married
Mason, 2. Ida Jane Sellers born 13 July 1864, married John Holiday, 3.
William M. Sellers born 4 Nov 1866 married Mary Bridgeman, 4. Liddie
born 6 Jan 1870, 5. Elizabeth P. Sellers born 5 July 1875 married Charles
Camery, 6. Franklin Marion Sellers born 8 Dec 1868, in Covington Kenton
County Ky, died 18 Feb 1939 in Hamilton Butler Co. Ohio, married Mary Belle
Baker, on 25 April 1894, this is my Great Grandparents, they lived in
Hamilton Ohio, both are buried in Flagg Springs, had daughter Stella Mae
Sellers, this is my Grandmother. 7. Florence Gertrude Sellers born 27 Nov
1877 married Albert Shipp, 8. Maurice Sellers born 21 May 1879, 9. Jessie
Sellers born 27 Oct 1882. I have no marriage dates on any of the children.

REWOODS - Thanks for sharing your family - If you have collected Any Info
Census/wills/land/court records that we haven't posted yet. Would
copies. Most of our info-
that has been shared by our SELLERS =
follow the links, etc - if you have any questions, ask. marie, iowa

REWOODS - check your DATES of Parents =

What Age is Nathan SELLERS/COLEMAN = and when did they die=
I believe This family is on Sellers PA pages- Phil?

AND did YOU follow Thro the Kids of his to Next Generation?

Start =
What Age is Phillip SELLERS= born KY? memory
And Andrew Jackson SEllers born 1840 KY is living with PHILIP SELLERS in 1850 KY

ANDREW JACKSON SELLERS 1840 - May have been Civil War vet
and you could order his file and find out misc = sometimes info =somethings not much - But, you will have spent 10/20 before with same results

YOU will Be Told and Sent Many Charts/Info = YOU must research/check it out YourSelf =
WE have much  documentation on Some -
AND Not enough on others-

EACH Sellers has their Own Chart - which should show sources/documentations -
but, we don't All have it , yet

EACH State/County that we have received documents on are posted on the State/County Pages -
IF its Not there and Its Your County/State = Good Time to Find and Send IT.
We expect our SELLERS to share Their Family Info and sources/documents-

marie, iowa
============ wrote:

Help! My Great Grandfather Andrew Jackson Sellers, was born 17 Jan. 1840 to
Phillip Sellers and Kezziah Green. I have Phillip's parents as being Johannes
Michael Sellers and Catherine Dillman. My nephew has Phillips parents as
being Nathan Sellers and Elizabeth Coleman? Who is right? New to this, but
the nephew has been doing it a while. Please Help if you can.        From: 
    Here is the obituary for my Great Grandfather Andrew Jackson Sellers son of
Phillip Sellers and Kezziah Green, as it was written the the Hamilton
News, Hamilton Ohio: 7 June 1920
     Andrew J. Sellers died at the National Soliders home in the vicinity
Dayton Ohio, on Sunday morning at an early hour, of paralysis at the age of
80 years, four months and one day. He is survied by 2 sons and 4 daughters.
Wm. F Sellers, Fairfield Township, Frank M. Sellers, Hamilton Ohio, Mrs. Wm
Camery, Madisonville, Mrs. Grant Monut, Covington Ky, Mrs Gus Woodward,
Sharpsburg Ky. and Mrs Bert Ship of Sevenmile Ohio, 28 grandchildren and 15
great grandchildren. He was a vetern of  Co. C Fifth Ohio Volunteer
in the Civil War. He also served in the 10th Ky. Cavarly. The body will be
taken to Mentor Ky. for interment on Tuesday.

REWOODS - Thanks - Very Good

Do You have a TimeChart =
Years and Places Andrew Jackson SELLERS was in
1850 thro 1920)
Where kids born/married, etc will help get there =
(I had a note on Mentor Co = Laurel Co, KY= appears wrong , msh)

The HAMILTON , OHIO is kinda listed like a town /Not County/
(others appear listed like towns)

So would this be Butler Co, OH ?

ANY info you have on these Towns, kinda appreciated -

YES, we need the civil war file on Anderw J.SELLERS =natf form 80?
We Need All the Witness/neighbors who signed for him
IF you need Help here Advise =
We should have this Info to Link to - easily - I believe you can do On-Line now and we Need-

use the #'s and Company names you have listed
Altho I did see another or same enlisted from Kenton Co,  Covington, Ky Aug 11, 1862-
Many times they signed up in one unit/regiment and resigned to another, etc

AND, Need a Little Chart =
Kids names, ages, born Where
And Child You connect to, married whom,when,where and
Went to ?

THANKS for sharing, marie, iowa

             Grandview Cemetery- Mentor Ky.

Lot 42 - Sec. 4
John H. Sellers 3-8-46
Stanley H. Sellers- 1908
Harvey Sellers - 2-16-48 son of John H. Sellers
Rosie L. - 11-21-50 wife of John H. Sellers
John A. Sellers - 4-18-70 son of John H. and Rosie
owner John Sellers

Sect. 4 lot 55
Sellers- 3 unmarked graves
owner- Jack Sellers
upkeep- Bert Shipp
I believe this to be my Great Great Grandfather Andrew Jackson Sellers and
his wife Mary Jane, but can't find anyone with records to whom is buried

Sect. 1 Lot 38
M.C. Sellers - 1826-1901
Julian C. Sellers - 1834 - 1912
Martha Sellers - 1858 - 1924

This is all the Sellers I could find in the cemetery.
Grandview Cemetery is off Route 10 on Smith Rd, right before the Flagg
Springs Church and Cemetery

             Phillip Sellers


Taken from 1850 Census for Kenton Co. Ky
Phillip Sellers born: 1790 birthplace Pa
Kezziah Sellers born: 1806 birthplace Ky
1. Lydia M. Sellers born: 1829 birthplace Ky. (shown to be 21 on census)
2. Nancy Sellers born: 1832 birthplace Ky. (shown to be 18 on census)
3. Israel Sellers born:1837 birthplace Ky. (shown to be 13 on census)
4. Foster Sellers born: 1837 birthplace Ky. (shown to be 13 on census)
5. Andrew J. Sellers born: 17 Jan 1840 or 1842- the 1840 birthdate came
Civil War Records: birthplace Ky. (shown to be 8 on census) this is my
great Grandfather.
6. Martha Ann Sellers born: 1843 birthplace Ky. (shown to be 7 on census)
also on the census there is showing living with them a Estha J. Jaquey 15

Andrew Jackson Sellers married a Mary Jane Lucas, on the last information I
sent to everyone, I listed Mary Jane Lucas, as being the daughter of
Lucas and Judith Sims, I don't believe this is correct, as I have tracked
down the Mary Jane Lucas that we have thought was the one married to
and we do not have the right one. As the old saying goes two steps forward
and one step backwards! Andrew was married to Mary Jane Lucas, according to
obits we have on the children, but it is another Mary Jane Lucas. The
following children born to Andrew and Mary:
1. William M. Sellers born Nov 4 1866 Ky
2. Franklin Marion Sellers born Dec 8 1868 in Ky this is my great
Grandfather- married Mary Jane Lucas
3. Sarah Margaret Sellers born April 4 1862 Ky married James Mason 2nd
husband John Vastine
4. Maurice (Morris) Sellers born May 21 1879 Ky
5. Ida Jane Sellers born July 13 1864 Ky married John Holiday
6. Elizabeth Sellers born July 5 1875 Ky married Charles Wm Camery
7. Florence Gertrude Sellers born Nov 27 1877 Ky married Albert Ship
8. Jessie Sellers born Oct 27 1882 married Lawrence Woodward
9. Liddie Sellers born Jan 6 1870 Ky
(marriage information came from my Mother (daughter of #2 Franklin Marion
Sellers), and my Great Aunt #4 Gertie Ship, who I had the pleasure of
knowing, Gertie died in 1966.
Franklin Marion Sellers married Mary Belle Baker (this is my

SHERRY - Thanks for helping -

REWOODS - Send Your Connection to PHILIP SELLERS of KY - So We Know Where
to Look and
And we can Link these to your page, etc

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marie, iowa
====== wrote:

> MARIE and ALL,
> I think this Phillip belongs to the Michael Sellers family but cannot
prove it.
> John McDaniel married Polly Sellars in Bracken Co KY 1800.  Michael
Sellars on bond.  Although it appears impossible that Michael and Catherine
could be Polly's parents, Michael could be her father by another marriage
or a close relative, if her parents were dead.
> John McDaniel was on the marriage bond of Phillip Sellars and Keziah
Green in 1828.  Has to be my John McDaniel and the same one who married
Polly Sellars.
> There was a marriage of a Phillip Sellers to Nancy Cooper in 1809, so
this may be a second marriage or a different generation.  Still the
McDaniel tie suggests Michael Sellers family.  Note Micajah Cooper on bond.
> I know of no connection between Nathan Sellers and McDaniel, unless there
is also a Michael Sellers in that family who has not surfaced and who could
have signed Polly's bond in 1800.
> Would like to know what makes nephew think of Nathan Sellers.

Mentor Ky is in Kenton Couny Ky I believe. Hamilton Ohio is Butler County.
think Andrew stayed right in Northern Ky after his marriage. I have some of
the childrens marriages, will send them. We sent for the Civil war records
and only recieved one page, and that was a page for his pension. The next
time I send any information I will try to be more specific, and make sure I
put counties in. Rhonda

I found a document and I am not sure what it is, can anyone tell me? It has
been copied and cut down in size. It reads as follows

Know all Men by these Presents:
That we _A J D Sellers and G W Green (writing is hard to read, this name
looks like Green) are held and firmly bound, unto the Commonwealth of
Kentucky, in the just and full sum of One Hundred Dollars, current money,
the payment of which, well and truly to be made, We bind ourselves, our
heirs, ect..jointly and severally, by these presents, sealed and dated this
8th day of May 1861. The condition of the above obligation is such that,
whereas there is a Marriage shortly intended to be solemnized between the
above bound AJD Sellers and Mary J. McLiley (also hard to read the last
could be McSiley) Now, should there be no legal cause to obstruct the same,
then the above obligation to be void, else to remain in full force and
virtue. Signed by A J D Sellers and G W Green



It's a marriage bond.  In the past it was common for grooms,parents,
guardians, or other responsible persons of property to guarantee that a
marriage would take place in the near future (usually within a few days).
A monetary penalty was part of the bond, should either party default.  I
suppose this occasionally happened, but I don't know of anyone who ever
paid. It's the equivalent of today's marriage license in the sense that
minors had to have permission, and so on.

Guessing, but I think the bride's surname may be McAliley.


Sherry,Thanks for helping. Have you ran across any McAliley's in your
research on the Sellers? I know my GGGrandfather married a Mary Jane but
not find a maiden name for her, and do not even know if that bond is Andrew
Jackson's or not, because of the D.

Sorry, I don't have any info on McAliley.  Just "looks like" that could be
the surname on the bond.  Did you list the county that the bond was from?
If you did, I missed it.

Do you know who the parents of your grandmother Lucas might be.  There were
Lucas families in Bracken, if the marriage book is any indication.  One of
them, Payne Lucas, married a Tibbles women and we already have a
Tibbles/Sellers marriage in Bracken.  I also note marriages of Lucas to
Wilson and Gilham--families that married McDaniel in Bracken.


Thanks Sherry for all the help. Wasn't sure what the bond was. It doesnt
a county listed on it, like I said it has been cut out of something, I
it is for Campbell County because I found the marriage Certifcate for A.J.D
Sellers and Mary Jane McLilley? dated 8 April 1861. looks like AJD didn't
want to lose his money, marrying on the same day as the bond! I have
for Mary Jane McLilley? not sure if it is McLilley as the writing is hard
make out. Thanks to everyone on this list you are all so helpful. Thanks,

             "jag" <>

Hello Rewoods & List:  The document you have posted is a MARRIAGE BOND.
This was done in at least Alabama, to insure the groom would show up for
the wedding or forfiet the bond money.  Hope this helps you.  Lynda, T

  Andrew J Sellers
Enlist Date Enlist Place Enlist Rank Enlist Age
20 August 1864   Corpl 19

Served Ohio  Enlisted B Co. 174th Inf Reg. OH Mustered Out at Charlotte, NC
on 28 June 1865
Source: Official Roster of the Soldiers of the State of Ohio

  Andrew J Sellers
Enlist Date Enlist Place Enlist Rank Enlist Age
01 February 1864   Priv 35

Served Ohio  Enlisted C Co. 5th Inf Reg. OH disch
Source: Official Roster of the Soldiers of the State of Ohio
Abbreviation: OHRoster
Published by on 1886

Found on    On a form we recieved from the Archives, Andrew is
listed as serving in C Co. 5th Inf Reg Oh. and also in his obituary it
he served in C Co. 5th Inf Reg Oh. From census, and his obituary, his birth
was in 1840/42, he is listed above as being 35 years old when he enlisted
1864? The very top Andrew is 19, but a different company? this is all the
Civil War records I have been able to find.

Andrew Jackson Sellers and Mary Jane Lucas ( myGGreat Grandparents) their

1.Franklin Marion Sellers (my Great Grandfather) born: 8 Dec 1868 in
County Ky  died: 18 Feb 1939 in Hamilton Butler Ohio, married: 19 April
in Campbell County Ky, to Mary (Mollie) Baker born: 7 July 1879 in Campbell
Co. Ky, died: 27 Oct. 1944, in Hamilton Butler Ohio, daughter of Joseph
and Ella Warden. Franklin, Mary, Joseph Baker and Ella Warden are all
in Flagg Springs Cemetery, in California Ky.

Children of Franklin Marion Sellers and Mary (Mollie) Baker
1. Kathleen (Katie) Sellers born: 22 June 1890 in Ky, died: 1970 in New
1st marriage was to a Phillips  2nd to a Stalls and 3rd to a Knipper
2.Raymond Sellers born: 17 May 1901 in Ky died: 29 July 1949 in Hamilton
Butler Ohio married Mattie Proffitt on the 3rd April 1920 this was his
3. Stella Mae Sellers (this is my Grandmother) born: 22 Nov. 1922 in
County Ky  died: 21 May 1921 in Seven Mile Butler Ohio married Chester
on 7 July 1920 in Hamilton Butler Ohio, Stella Mae Sellers is buried in
Spring Cemetery, she died 2 weeks after giving birth to my Mother.
   1. Mary Hilda Morris (my Mother) born: 7 May 1921, raised by her
Grandparents Franklin Marion Sellers and Mary (Mollie) Baker, went by Mary
Hilda Sellers, until her marriage on 31 July 1937 to Joseph Henry Wahl,
she found out, who she thought were her Parents, were really her
Grandparents. My Mother is still living.
4. Ellen Sellers died young
5. Lulu Sellers died young

           I see where Phillip Sellers was born in Ky. Thanks for pointing
that out to me. I think my nephew has been grasping at straws, and not
proving anything, just taking it for granted," Why waste your time",
proof what do you have? A bunch of names that is not your family, and that
what I have here. My Mother started doing the family history before she got
sick, and the nephew took it up. I think most of the things my mother found
are fairly correct, but when the task was continued it has turned into a
mess. My GGreat Grandmother was Mary Jane Lucas, but not of the family my
nephew has her in, but it may tie into yours. I will send what info I have
them. They appear to have came from Virginia to Middleburg Casey Co. Ky,
the name Samuel is in the family. I think he is listed as Samuel Johnson
Lucas b. 1814. If you want the information I have on the Lucas family, from
Casey Co Ky, let me know. Thanks again for all your help, and I hope the
Lucas family I have is yours, then I can return the help. Rhonda


I see one fact for Phillip being Michael's son--believe his Rev War file
says Phillip lvg. Kenton (but I should check that again).  If he's
Michael's son, he was almost definitely not born in PA but KY.  Reportedly,
Michael married Catherine Dillman in Bourbon Co KY in 1786.  Doubt that
they returned to PA.

Would like to know if you have any other LUCAS info that might tie us
together.  Outside chance but the widow of my greatgreatgrandfather's
brother married a Samuel LUCAS in IL.  Think he was Sam Sr., and it was his
second marriage as well.  He died just a few years later, and the widow for
a third time (and outlived him, too).  I can look up the date of marriage,
but I am guessing that it was about 1870.  Think Sam Sr. born in the 1830s
or 40s.


Trying to find information on Mary Jane Lucas who married Andrew Jackson
Sellers. Children were: Sarah Margaret Sellers married James Mason, Ida
Jane Sellers married John Holiday, William M. Sellers married a Mary
Liddie Sellers, Franklin Marion Sellers married a Mary Belle Baker,
P. Sellers married a Charles Camery, Florence Gertrude Sellers married
a Albert Shipp, Maurice Sellers married Anna Scott, and Jessie Sellers.
Some of the Childrens obits listed their Mother as Mary Jane Lucas. Can't
find anything on her.

Elizabeth P. Sellers d/o Andrew Jackson Sellers and Mary Jane Lucas
b. July 23, 1875 in Newport, Campbell, Kentucky, died December 9, 1921 in
Mt. Carmel, Clermont Ohio, married Charles William Camery, on July 23, 1895
in Pendleton County Ky. Charles William was born, July 30, 1875 s\o John
Camery and Jane Jones. Charles died Jan. 15, 1951, in Batavia, Clermont,
Ohio. Children of Charles and Elizabeth (Sellers) Camery are:

William Owen Camery  b. April 26, 1918 in Goshen, Clermont, Ohio
d. Dec. 11, 1918

Clarence Wintworth Camery  b. Jan. 23, 1899 d. July 22, 1963 married Flora
Inez Foster on Aug. 18, 1920

Lawrence Price Camery  b. Dec. 8, 1901 in Big Sinkin, Lee, Kentucky,
Margaret Geisen

Gertrude Alice Camery  b. June 3, 1903 Paris, Kentucky  d. Nov 1980 married
Roy Philhower  June 9, 1923

Hazel Florence Camery  b. Dec 25, 1905 Big Sinkin, Lee, Kentucky  d. Jan.
27, 1963 married Anthony Barber Mazza May 8, 1926

Mary Jane Camery  b. Nov. 25, 1907 Mansulona, Michigan married Gatch
2nd marriage to an Eggleston

Sarah Margaret Camery  b. April 4, 1910 Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio  d. Nov.
28, 1978 married Charles Robert Moon, second marriage to William Oberlander
April 9, 1931

Nellie Beatrice Camery  b. May 1, 1913 Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio  d. 1977
married Joe Rapp July 17, 1933, second marriage to a Wolf

Viola Bulah Camery  b. April 8, 1915 Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio married
Charles Grieve Garley Auchterlowe

Infant Camery died at birth