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>Revolutionary War Units

1840 Census
> of Pensioners - Rev. War or Military Services...
> It is searchable and also has listings per state.

Contributed by
             Lorretta Sinclair <>
Explanation:  S, W. and R. precede the numerals.  They mean respectively,
Survivor, Widow and Rejected claims as, "S.4963, W451)  The abbreviation
Dis., means Disability, for which the veteran was pensioned.  B. L. Wt.
means Bounty Land Warrant, such as "B.L. Wt. 145-160-55" means that 160
acres of bounty land was granted on warrant No. 145 under he act of
Congress approved 3 Mar 1855 and "B.L. Reg-55" would mean Bounty Land
Register and that the claim for bounty land under the act was rejected.
When a veteran and his widow both applied for pension, all papers
pertaining to both claims are in the same envelope.  When a veteran’s
was admitted and his widow’s claim rejected an R precedes the file
her application being the last adjudicated.  The state listed is the
the soldier served out of, not from where he lived at time of

You can obtain a copy of the pension application by using this index and
completing form  NATF-80.  I received my blank forms by mail by writing
National Archives and requesting them.  The application I received was
really neat in that it detailed the soldier’s time in the Rev. War Army
well as told when he moved from Pa to OH.  There wasn’t much personal
but I found it invaluable in piecing this ancestor’s life together.

Rev. War Pension Applications:

SELLARS (or Sellers)
James, Mass., Navy, Privateer, Pamelia. W11794
Jordan, N.C., Mary, W26437; BLWt., 36551-160-55

Donald (or Daniel, or David), N.C., R9376
Hardy, S.C., R9377
Howel or Howell, S.C., S31357
Isham or Isam, N.C., S14428
James, N.C., S3872
Michael, Va., Catharine, W9282
Samuel, Pa., S37371

SOLLARS, Sabert, N.C., Va., S17113
ZELLAR (or Kellar), Conrad, Penn. Catharine, R5826 (also listed under
Kellar, Conrad)
ZELLARS, Michael, Pvt., NY., Wt. 8064 issu. 8/18/1790 to Joseph
Stringham, assignee



Enter Veteran Name:

Note: If you are searching by Veteran Name, key the entire name by formatting last name, first name
or a portion of the veteran name. Example: MARSHALL will display THOMAS MARSHALL JR.;
HUMPHREY MARSHALL; etc. A minimum of four characters must be entered. 

          Hugh and Sandy Sellers <>


Index to Revolutionary War Records -- National Archives
On microcopy #246, roll 65 Only two Cellers/Cellars names under
letter "c"

Private John CELLARS - 23rd Massachusetts Regiment Index Card #2333

Private Fredrick CELLERS OR Frederick Cellers- 3rd SC Regiment--Card #2332
  both names shown for Frederick

INDEX TO PENSION APPLICATIONS -- No Cellars/Cellers under letter C

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Subject: Dunmore's War
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Subject:  Dunmore's War

Kathleen Nichols recently wrote about the the Romney Pay Roll, "representing
a group of militia companies whose members were paid at Romney, (West)
Virginia for services performed in the 1774 excursion against the Indians."

Below are the lists for Captain John Harness, Ensign Stephen Ashby and
Captain James Parsons which I have copies of.  Names are alphabetically
listed using original spelling, with dates the units were paid.

Captain John HARNESS          October 17, 1775

John HARNESS, Captain                   Stephen RATCLIFF, Sergeant
Job WELTON, Lieutenant                  Makenny ROBINSON, Sergeant
Sylvester WARD, Ensign                  James Christy, Sergeant
ASHBY, Benjamin          HICKS, John               RATCLIFF, Edward
BARNETT, Edward          HINKLE, Paul              RATCLIFF, William
BORRER, Burgard          HORNBACK, Benjamin        RENNICK, James
BOGARD, Cornelius        HORNBACK, James           ROBERTS, Edward
BUSH, Leonard            HORNBACK, John            RYAN, James
BRYNS, Philip            HORNBACK, Michael         RYAN, John
CAMP, Richard            HAWE, Sickman             SCOTT, Benjamin
CARR, Conrad             HYAR, John                SELLERS, Frederick
CARR, John               JOBE, Leonard             SIMPSON, John
CARTWRIGHT, Samuel       JOHNSON, John             SIMPSON, Jonathan
CASEY, Benjamin          JONSON, John              STANGLEY, Jacob
CIMBELL, Lambert         McCARTY, Edward           SREEVE, James
CLARKE, Daniel           McDONALD, James           SREEVE, Joseph
CLARKE, Henry            MILLER, John              STROUD, Adam
CLARKE, John             MILLER, Michael           TERRY, George
CLERK, Abraham           NASE, Henry               WEASE, Adam
CRITES, Jacob            PANCAKE, Joseph, Sr.      WELTON, John
CROSS, Richard           PANCAKE, Joseph, Jr.      WERLY, John
DOYLE, Terrance          PARENS, William           WHETSTONE, George
ELZEWEEK, Thomas         PARSON, Charles           WHITMAN, George
FITZPATRICK, James       PARSON, George            WISE, Jacob
FOSTER, WILLIAM          PAUGH, Michael            WAGGONER, John
HALL, Zachariah          PAUGH, Nicholas           WOOD, Ebenezer
HELMICK, John            RATCLIFF, Benjamin        WOOD, John

             [PRIDGEN-L] SAR Patriot index CD


For Christmas Santa gave me a CD on Sons of American Revolution Patriot
I found the following.

Celeste Pridgen         m. Lewis Lanier
Etheldred Pridgen               m. Elizabeth Glasgow
Luke Pridgen                    m. Amelia Bowen    Bullock Co. Ga
Ruffin Pridgen          m. Dorcas Smith
Susannah Pridgen                m. Joshua Woods    Bullock Co. Ga
Nathaniel Pridgeon              m. _____Waller
Nelle Christine Pridgeon        m. Cooper Myers Cubbedge.....

        From: JON

An index to the papers of George Rogers Clark is available at

The site describes itself this way:

     "In 1991, Society of Colonial Wars in the State of Illinois
      and the Sons of the Revolution in the State of Illinois
      funded the microfilming of the George Rogers Clark
      collection of papers pertaining to the Illinois Regiment
      of Virginia State Forces, persons or matters relating
      to the Illinois Regiment. "

     "The microfilm edition consists of 13 reels
      containing 16,858 frames with some 85,000 images
      of original documents. There was usually more than one
      document per microfilm frame. The documents were
      dated from January of 1778 through November 5, 1834."

I found these entries in the index:

     Benjamin Sellers     microfilm reel #6, frame #357
     Nathaniel Sellers     microfilm reel #12, frame #343
     Moore A. Zelland?   microfilm reel #7, frame #388

Reel 6 covers March 1781 - June 1781
Reel 7 covers July 1781 - September 1781
Reel 12 covers September 1784 - No dates

Hope this helps!

Jon R. Stulce

The American Memory Section has added several
thousand post-revolutionary-era maps

The American Revolution and Its Era: Maps and Charts of North America and
the West Indies, 1750-1789 represents an important historical record of
the mapping of North America and the Caribbean.
Most of the items presented here are documented in Maps and Charts of
North America and the West Indies, 1750-1789: A Guide to the Collections
in the Library of Congress compiled by John R. Sellers and Patricia Molen
van Ee in 1981. The bibliography contains approximately 2,000 maps and
charts. Over the next several years many of the maps and charts in this
bibliography will be added to the online collection each month.

The collection is called Revolution Era Maps 1750-1789.

             "Sherry Mazzetti" <>
    Can't really give you a page
number.  From the Valley Forge site, go to the Muster Roll search page.
me, it was a two-step process to get there.  Had to click "Muster Roll"
twice.  At that page, you can search by soldier's name, state, or regiment.
I did the first and last.  For Michael Sellers, the following is listed:


Personal ID:  VA08174
Lname:  Sellers
Fname:  Michael
Rank:  Private
Rank Type:  Rank and File
State:  VA
Regiment:  8 VA
Division:  3rd Division
Brigade:  4th VA Brigade
Company:  Crochan [sic]

Monthly Status Data:
December 1777: Fit for duty
January 1778: Fit for duty
February 1778: Fit for duty
March 1778: Fit for duty
April 1778: Fit for duty
May 1778: Fit for duty
June 1778: Fit for duty

Note that entries of some other men is even more brief.  I found the
presumption that the group wintered at Valley Forge in the entry for
(Captain) William Croghan.  I have not gone back to my info on Michael's
service record to see if anything in it conflicts with that assumption.  I
know that it does not mention Valley Forge.

FNAME: William
LNAME: Sollers
RANK: Private
RANK TYPE: Rank and File
DIVISION: 3rd Division
BRIGADE: 3rd VA Brigade
COMPANY: Arell [Notes indicated that Captain Arell resigned and was
probably never at Valley Forge.]
DECEMBER 1777: Fit for duty
JANUARY 1778: Sick Present
FEBRUARY 1778: Fit for duty
MARCH 1778: On Command
APRIL 1778: On Command
MAY 1778: Fit for duty

FNAME: Frederick
LNAME: Sollars
RANK: Sergeant
RANK TYPE: Non Commissioned
DIVISION: 5th Division
BRIGADE: 1st VA Brigade
COMPANY: Third Vacant
JANUARY 1778: 
MARCH 1778: On Furlough
APRIL 1778: Name on Roll without comment
MAY 1778: Name on Roll without comment
[Notes concerning this group indicate that most were recruited from PA,
although they were part of the VA Brigade.]

FNAME: Michael
LNAME: Sellers
RANK: Private
RANK TYPE: Rank and File
DIVISION: 1st Division
COMPANY: Captain Jonathan Hallett
DECEMBER 1777: Name on Roll without comment
JANUARY 1778: Name on Roll without comment
MARCH 1778:
APRIL 1778: Name on Roll without comment
MAY 1778: Name on Roll without comment


LNAME: Sellars
RANK: Private
RANK TYPE: Rank and File
REGIMENT: 1 Dragoons
BRIGADE: Cavalry
COMPANY: Colonel Theo Bland
DECEMBER 1777: Fit for duty
JANUARY 1778: Furlough
FEBRUARY 1778: Furlough
MARCH 1778: Furlough
APRIL 1778: Fit for duty
MAY 1778: Fit for duty

             "Sherry Mazzetti" <>
This is the "history" page for the 8th VA Regiment (Michael Sellers of
Bracken Co. KY). The others (for the other soldiers) is also available

Division: Third
Brigade: 4th VA
History: Organized Feb.-April 1776 at Suffolk County Court House from
Frederick, Dunmore (Shenandoah), Berkle [sic], Augusta, Hampshire,
Fincastle, Culpepper Counties and West Augusta District.
Entered Valley Forge with 86 assigned, 53 fit for duty, left Valley Forge
with the 4th VA.
Previous engagements: Chesapeake Bay, Charleston 1776, Northern New Jersey,
defense of Philadelphia, Phila-Monmouth.
Staff Officers
Colonel Abraham Bowman
Lt. Colonel John Markham
Major Jonathan Clark
Major Alexander Morgan
Company Officers
Captain Jonathan Clark
Captain David Stephenson
Captain Thomas Berry
Captain Robert Higgins
Captain William Grogham [sic]
Captain John Steed
Captain Abraham Kirkpatrick
Captain Abel Westfall
Captain Isaac Israel
1st Lt. John Graves
Staff Officers
Chaplain [none listed]
Quartermaster martin Carney
Adjutant John Smith/Abraham Kilpatrick
Paymaster Hezekiah Stokes/William Baylis
Surgeon Cornelius Baldwin
Surgeon Mate Frederick Humberg
Quartermaster Sergeant Asking Shippey/Arthur Johnson
Sergeant Major William Palmer/John Hardin
Drum Major Nicholas Niel
Fife Major William Luscomb [sic] -

LNAME: Cellers
RANK: Private
RANK TYPE: Rank and File
DIVISION: 4th Division
BRIGADE: 2nd MA Brigade
COMPANY: Captain Nicholas Blasdell
DECEMBER 1777: Name on roll without comment
JANUARY 1778: 
MARCH 1778: 
APRIL 1778: 
MAY 1778: 

In checking the online Library of VA records, I realized that: 1) I had
failed to list this William Sellers and 2) He is the man who made a Bounty
Warrant Claim in 1835. His card is right next to John Michael Sellers in
the files. William lived Mathews County in 1835, served in Captain Peter
Bernard's regiment. Says 2 VA Regiment. Affidavits in online papers in the
file from William Diggs and William Sellars (spell var.) He is also listed
as Cellers. Daughter Mary Sellers petitioned. Note that the Valley Forge
papers show him in 2 VAST Regiment. I am not positive what the "ST"
signifies. The rest seems to match up. SHERRY

FNAME: William
LNAME: Sellers
RANK: Private
RANK TYPE: Rank and File
DIVISION: 5th Division
BRIGADE: 1st VA Brigade
COMPANY: Bernard's
JANUARY 1778: 
MARCH 1778: On Command (in York Garrison 3/15 to 4/15)
APRIL 1778: Fit for duty
MAY 1778: Fit for duty

SHERRY, Thanks for all. We have some of the Rev War info on film and I'm
sure some/more on line.
WE will try and add info from any documents we have to the Rev War Files
and VALLEY FORGE I listed as same and will make notations Under Each Name.

WE also have individual pages on some of our Rev War SELLERS that have been
shared by members .
DON'T believe they are ALL  listed on REV WAR.
Some were just listed under the STATE, per their Pension Files?
WOULD be nice to have ALL names on REV WAR page? and link to states they
Enlisted -
Claimed pension and  Died?
DON'T know if we have all this info - BUT, we could Keep adding to same.

Thanks for sharing,  marie, iowa

#S9476 (extraction from film and there may and maynot be More info on the
Enlisted in 1777 = NORTHAMPTON CO,  Easton, PA
after 1780 = GREENE CO, PA
and then ohio 1815? to 1833 to RICHLAND CO, OH (now Ashland)

(I believe this was later proven to be SULZER,msh)

The _Pennsylvania Archives_, Series 5, v.3, p.797 has 
a March 1778 muster roll of the 3D Vacant Company 
of the German Regiment at Valley Forge commanded
by Lt. Col. Lewis Wiltner.

The officers are:
Capt. Philip Graybill  

Lt. William Rice
Lt. Martin Shugart
Sgt. William Rumelson
Sgt. Frank Sollars
Sgt. Geo Stauffer
Corp. Joseph Hook
Corp. Jacob Etter

       Thu, 16 Aug 2001 10:49:40 -0600
       "Rhonda Houston" <>
Women and the American Revolution Discussion
For those names of Revolutionary War Women
Please notice down at the bottom the sources are give for most...some worth
exploring to find other names.
WOMEN IN INTELLIGENCE American Revolutionary War

Claghorn, Charles Eugene. Women Patriots of the American Revolution: A
Biographical Dictionary. Boston, MA: Scarecrow Press, 1992.

Surveillant 2.5: "Among these 600 biographies of women who performed
patriotic acts are details on those who spied for the Americans."

 Currie, Catherin. Anna Smith Strong and the Setauket Spy Ring. Port
Jefferson Station, NY: C.W. Currie, 1992.

Surveillant 3.4/5: "Biography of New York State Spies in Setauket. Anna
Smith Strong was born in 1740 and worked as a spy in the American

 Randall, Willard Sterne. "Mrs. Benedict Arnold." MHQ: The Quarterly Journal
of Military History 4, no. 2 (Winter 1992): 80-89.

"After the Americans reoccupied [Philadelphia], and before she was nineteen,
Peggy [Shippen] married Military Governor Benedict Arnold and helped him to
plot the boldest treason in American history.... Peggy Shippen was, new
research reveals, the highest-paid spy of the American Revolution.... [S]he
actively engaged in the Arnold conspiracy at every step."

 Sellers, Charles Coleman. Patience Wright: American Artist and Spy in
George III's London. Middletown, CT: Wesleyan University Press, 1976.

Constantinides: The focus here is on Wright's "social and artistic life.
There is very little on any espionage she performed on behalf of the
American revolutionary cause."
(found this on Patience Wright)

       Thu, 30 Aug 2001 10:06:56 -0600
Subject:  [A-REV] Mapping the American Revolution and its Era  Library  of

Mapping the American Revolution and Its Era 
John R. Sellers 
Senior Specialist 
Manuscript Division 
Library of Congress 

<A HREF="">Mapping 
the American Revolution and Its Era</A> 


Subject:  Roster of the Continental Navy - Naval History of
the Revolutionary War

 Esek Hopkins, commander-in-chief, December 22, 1775.
James Sellers


As you know, I have been trying to find info on Johannes Michael aka John Michael, usually called Michael Sellers of Bracken County, KY. We know he was raised in Lancaster Co., PA, although his known Revolutionary War service was as a private/drummer/fifer in a VA Regiment. It has been stated that his parents were Jacob and Ursula (Sorgin) Zellers, but firm proof seems lacking.

Recently, there have been some notes on Zellers who are supposed to be descended from Jacques Sellaire (spelling varies) and Lady Clothilde de Valois. Some of these reported descendants lived in Lancaster Co., PA, if I read the info posted on the LDS website (and other places) correctly. Without seeing more documentary evidence, it appears to me that a couple of families, perhaps even one from New York, have been joined together in these lists. In any case, I am not sure that they are reliable.

Three Zellers in this familyDavid, Henry, and Peter appear on the 1753 Assessment List of Heidelberg Twp., Lancaster Co., PA. I think that this was Berks Co. earlier. Peter is, I think, supposed to be the father of two of the soldiers listed belowPeter and Michael. There may be two Michaels. One in the 2nd Battalion, 6th class is definitely listed as Peters son. Another is listed as 2nd Battalion, 7th class, apparently at the same time. A separate card for a Michael Zeller states that the time of service commenced Sept. 25, 1781. No battalion is listed but the class is listed as 7th, so if there were two Michaels, this would seem to be the one who is NOT Peters son. I find it interesting that Peter was a drummer, since Michael of Bracken was also a drummer. From talking to one of the "experts" at Old Williamsburg, VA this fall, I do know that drummers had to have some skills. Michael of Bracken clearly served from VA, but I wonder if he could have returned to Lancaster!
 to provide some late brief service in the militia. Probably not, but I am putting it out there for examination. I find it intriguing, at least. Comments welcome.

The following is a list made from the ARIAS cards at the Pennsylvania Archives website. I have copied only those listed as ZELLER(S) and added battalion or other notes only to those from Lancaster Co., PA.

Frederick/Lancaster (moved away)
George/Lancaster/3rd Battalion
George/Phila. City
Henry/Lancaster/2nd Battalion
Jacob/Lancaster/5th Battalion
John/Lancaster/3rd Battalion
John/Lancaster/9th Battlion (poor man appealed 1779)
John/Lancaster/3rd Battalion Sgt.
Michael/Lancaster/2nd Battalion, 6th class in 1781 (Peters son)
Michael/Lancaster/2nd Battalion, 7th class in 1781 (another Michael, I think)
"on a touer [sic] of Duty to Bucks County July 8, 1782" (7th class Michael)
Peter/Lancaster/3rd Battalion Drummer
Philip/Phila. City
Tobias/Lancaster 2nd Battalion
Wendel (3 spellings)/Northampton
I need to clarify the Michael Zeller, Rev. War PA cards.  After re-examining them, it seems clear that the Michael Zeller who commenced service on Sept. 25, 1781 went on a tour of duty to Bucks County as a Private in the 2nd Battalion, 7th class.  He served again on Nov. 1, 1782 in the same battalion and class.  I believe that to distinguish the "new" Michael Sellers who served in the 2nd Battalion, 6th class on Nov. 1, 1782,  the note "Peter's son" was appended.  This one is also listed as in the 5th Company.  My question is whether one of these Michael's could be Michael of Bracken.  If the LDS and other records are correct, Peter's son was born about 1764, so he is not a good candidate. SHERRY

John Michael SELLERS of Bracken Co.,KY was born ca 1760 in Germany and came
when quite young to US with parents. That might eliminate the 1753 Zellers.

I remember someone sending the JACOB and URSULA SORGIN ZELLERS info and some
dates, but, don't know if we have a page on them and where went?

IF we had copies of some or ANYone that had a pension would help also.

The NY ZELLERS/SELLERS came quite early.
Some of the immigrants have been traced, but, did we ever find one that fit
in with John Michael Sellers 1760?

Maybe someone will send some info or ideas.  Thanks, marie, iowa

> I have Michael's pension file and his military service file.  I
> submitted the latter a long time ago.  Nothing prohibits him from
> returning to Lancaster Co., PA after his VA military service and
> serving in the Lancaster, PA militia.  Although an archivist's
> abstract of Michael's pension indicates that he lived in
> Shenandoah Co., VA, Catherine's application is not so clear.
> Here is what that part says:  "was a native of Germany and came
> to the United States when very young and settled with his parents
> in Lancaster Count PA--that at the breaking out of the
> Revolutionary War he was in Woodstock, in Shanandoah County, VA,
> at which place she thinks he enlisted into said Company and
> Regiment, though she cannot say positively, but thinks if he did
> not enlist there, he returned to Lancaster County, PA, and there
> immediately enlisted, though her impression is that he did enlist
> at Woodstock VA."  I believe that she was correct about his
> enlistment at Woodstock, but it is clear that !
> she thought he might still have ties to Lancaster.  It is not
> even certain by what is stated that he was actually living at
> Woodstock, although I assume he was.  He joined the 8th VA (aka
> German) Regiment.  If you want me to dig out the exact dates of
> service, I will, but I know that he had plenty of time to return
> to Lancaster and join the militia.  There are records showing a
> Jacob Zeller arriving on the ship Fane.  There are reportedly
> records (I checked the microfilm but gave up trying to find the
> entry--too hard on the eyeballs at the end of a day) of the
> baptism (1741, I think) of a Johann Michael Zeller son of Jacob
> and Ursula at Dewangen, German.  What I haven't seen is proof
> that this is the Jacob who arrived on the Fane (or that this is
> the Michael we are looking for).  Among othe records, I did find
> a record for Peter Zeiler arriving in 1765 on the ship Polly.
> Think that is probably too late.  If Michael was near Mack
> McDaniel's age (Mack born abt. 1752), he coul!
> d possibly have been a son of one of the men in the Heidelberg
> Twp. lists, BUT I am not saying that he is.  Just find it
> possible that he is one of the Michael's, possibly related to
> Peter.  In any case, he must have had a family in Lancaster some
> time before the Rev War and we have not found it. SHERRY

SHERRY, thanks. Believe you already have. but, might help.
if you see anything. advise.
I don't think we have a complete list of ships?  Weren't some lost, etc?
 marie, iowa

Ship Fane 1749 =
immigrant page