Kenshowind@aol.com (April,2000)
    To all:
Any new findings on the family of Robert SELLERS & Sarah HALL? They lived
Burke Co., NC prior to the move to Washington Co., IN by abt 1817. Here is
quick list of this family:
Robert SELLERS b. March 10, 1765 and d. by 1827 at Washington Co., IN. He
Sarah HALL April 29, 1783 at Burke Co., NC.

Children: Sarah who m. John R. DUCKWORTH (my line); Elizabeth m. Benjamin
SIMMONS; Rebecca m. Samuel HARTLEY; Anna m. Jacob FISHER; John SELLERS died
unmarried, but left an interesting probate record that is on file with the
Washington Co., IN Historical Society; Moses W. SELLERS who m. Margaret
LITTELL; Rachel H. SELLERS m. George CAMPBELL; Joshua m. Martha HUME;
m. James CUNNINGHAM; Ambrose C. SELLERS m. Polly SHEPARD; and Young SELLERS
(no further info on him).

According to probate of John SELLERS, family members scattered far and
My line moved to Putnam Co., IN near Greencastle. My research questions at
moment are:

1.Is Sarah (HALL) SELLERS a dau of John & Mary HALL of Burke Co., NC?
2. Is Robert SELLERS a son of Robert SELLERS Sr. of Burke Co., NC?

Would like to hear from others researching these families. Great to see
an active list.


My Web site will direct you to Gendex data for those who want a closer look
at some dates, etc....Hope to add some of the SELLERS data on my homepage

RANDY- So Glad to have you - Yes, have added to Clark/Wash Co, INDIANA-
NOT much new on Burke Co, NC
Believe we need to check out MORE people that may not be SELLERS and study
also where they went=
NOW we can make a page for SARAH SELLERS DUCKWORTH of BURKE CO,NC, dau of
Haven't checked out much on the HALL and we should -
I believe we have the connections of living close in BURKE Co, NC
Young SELLERS has been connected by a couple members and one found his
second wife
in IOWA with child.
Robert SELLERS jr= not LISTED on Moses SELLERS dairy!
But listed as heir on the land of ROBERT SELLERS and MOSES was Adm
AND have added more info on Robert,jr
AND more info on JOSHUA
AND more on MOSES
Contacting a lady on Clark Co, Sellersburg Cemetary - probably mostly Moses
and probably?? mother Sarah, OR was she buried in Wash Co, next to Robert?

WISH we had more NC =
WHERE have you been working ?=
NEW info=

DID a little in Putnam Co, IN- Still MORE to do!
IF we eliminate some of the families as related - perhaps we can sort the
OR , perhaps, we need more info on their neighbors and WHERE others came
CHECK OUT  all those NC births-

A LOT of info we had on PRODIGY - is ALL on paper and NOT on web - so need
also AND some may be from your files!
I WILL check out your web and THANK YOU for sharing- marie, iowa


I believe will lead you into your Robert and Sarah Hall SELLERS and follow
to Clark and etc. 

Randy L. Franklin
Ydnar49@aol.com wrote:

> Marie:
> In response to Kathy's query on the SELLERS & HALL I would like to make
> comment or two. These families have been a part of my genealogy research
> several years now. I have been able to sort some things out, but many
> about the SELLERS & HALL families remain a mystery. Your website
supplies the
> best information and I am grateful for that. Anyway, I have long
> that a John HALL Sr. & his wife Mary are the ancestors of many of the
> that were connected with the Robert SELLERS Sr. descendants. Kathy had
> about other children of John HALL Sr. We know that their was a John HALL
Jr. and wife
> Susannah WHITE daughter of Joseph WHITE and wife Martha LUSK.
>  Joseph WHITE
> left a will in Knox Co., TN for the year 1793. His wife, Martha  was the
> executrix of the estate and she later transferred ownership of her
> land in Burke Co., NC to John HALL Sr. This land (as cited in HUGGINS)
was on
> Silver Creek "whereon John Hall Jr. now lives, and make title to John
> Sept. 16, 1795"
> Joseph WHITE was living on Silver Creek, Burke Co., NC at the start of
the Rev
> War. He was an officer in the Rowan Militia in late 1775 early 1776.
> in HUGGINS book she mentions a John HALL & Mary as needing aid because
> were old. She also has a death date of 1810 for John HALL.
> That provides a couple of more children to a John HALL of Burke Co., NC.
> they all part of the same family? That is what I have been trying to
> for sometime now. Same with the SELLERS. Do these families go back to
the PA
> HALL & SELLERS who were the publishers? Interesting research questions
> follow.
> I did not post this to the group as it was more for the HALL family than
> SELLERS, though they are so intertwined as to make impossible to treat
them as
> separate groups.
> Randy L. Franklin
> (of Robert SELLERS Jr. & Sarah HALL)

        Jeannine Harber <wjharber@feist.com>

I think combining the databases would be a good idea.

My gg grandmother was Frances Burks, married to Philip Cook in Putnam
County, Indiana 27 Aug 1829.  She was the daughter of Alan Burks.  Her
mother was probably Elizabeth Townsend    According to census
information she lists her Mother as born in SC.

The Indiana Marriage Records database to 1850 on the internet shows
Frances Burks married Philip Cooper, but it is a database entry error.
Cross reference the names and it shows Philip Cook married to Francis
Burks and Philip Cooper married to Mary Bond.  This is an error that is
being perpetuated.  It will make it interesting for research among the

Below is a short outline of Frances Burks family.  Any additions or
corrections would be welcome.  Frances Burks Cook and family moved to
Davis Co., IA about 1850  and with the exception of Philip Cook, Jr.,
moved on to Wayne Co., IA about 1859, according to the obituary of
their daughter Sarah Jane, my great grandmother.

I am in the process of having some research done by the Wayne Co., IA
Genealogical Society and hope to have a little more informaiton on the
Iowa years.



Descendants of Allen James BURKS

 1   Allen James BURKS b: 1771 in VA  d: 1864 in IN
..  +Elizabeth TOWNSEND b: in SC  d: Aft. 1840 in Putnam Co., IN
....... 2   William Burks b: Abt. 1803
...........  +Mary Owen  m: 29 Nov 1831 in Putnam Co., IN
....... 2   George T. Burks b: 10 Aug 1799 in KY  d: 1875 in Marion Twp
Putnam Co., IN
...........  +Mary Duckworth  m: 07 Sep 1834 in Putnam Co., IN d: 02 Jul
1866 Father: John Duckworth Mother: Sarah Sellers
....... 2   Frances BURKS b: 1806 in KY  d: Bet. 1880 - 1885 in Wayne
Co., IA
...........  +Philip COOK b: 1807 in KY m: 27 Aug 1829 in Putnam Co., IN
d: Aft. 1870 in Wayne Co., IA Father: James COOK Mother: Francis BEASLEY

....... 2   Delila Burks b: 19 Nov 1809 in Mercer Co., KY  d: 12 Mar
1882 in Cloverdale, Putnam Co., IN
...........  +James Denny  m: 13 Jun 1835 in Putnam Co., IN  Father:
Elisha Denny Mother: Polly Hedger
....... 2   Allen James Burks, Jr. b: 10 Jun 1814 in Mercer Co., KY  d:
05 Sep 1892 in Maryville, Nodaway, MO
...........  +Elizabeth Chadd  m: 14 Apr 1836 d: in Clark County, MO
Father: Daniel Chadd
.......  *2nd Wife of Allen James Burks, Jr.:
...........  +Mary Smith Waggener  m: 15 May 1856 in Clark Co., MO
Father: Alexander Waggener Mother: Cassandra Smith
....... 2   Elizabeth Burks b: Abt. 1816 in Mercer Co., KY
...........  +David E. Allen  m: 28 May 1844 in Putnam Co., IN
....... 2   Melvina Burks b: 28 Sep 1821
...........  +Daniel Reitzel   d: 1873