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Henry Purgett – Purgitt – Purget   was born in 1753 in Franklin Town, Maryland.  “ The Henry Purgitt after whom Purgittsville is named, was on the Hampshire County, Virginia tax rolls as early as 1782. Joseph Neville’s survey record reports  “then  id Henry Purgate enter 400 acres of land on the waters of  Mill Creek adjacent to the land of  John Moffatt and John Glaze to the north side on Jan.7, 1785’(45)”. In 1794 Henry received a land transfer of 137 ½ acres on Mill Creek from Elizabeth Fidler (Fiedler), who had gotten the land in a land transfer from her son Jacob  on 12/10/1794. Elizabeth was the widow of George Fidler.  Henry married Elizabeth and resided in Hampshire Co. Virginia.  Henry’s large log house is located in Purgittsville on the west side of the highway and at one time it was used as a stage coach stop.  Henry  “…Enlisted in 1778 in the Relolutionary Army in Hampshire County, under Captain Abraham Johnson in Colonel Johson’s Virginia Regiment and served a little over 6 months. Ended service in 1781 …Received pension  in Hampshire County, 21 Oct 1833.” (West Virginians in the American Revolution, assembles and edited by Ross B. Johnson, p. 229. Va. No. 16977, No. S. 18170 – pension application number).  The will of Henry was written Feb. 4,1835 and was probated on March 27,1837 (Early Records of Hampshire Co.). In his will he leaves the 137 ½ acres of land on Mill Creek to his oldest son William  “…after the death of my wife and myself together with all my ploughs and horse …….restof my 6 other children to be divided equally.” It is felt by this writter that he may have been married before as he was 41 when he married Elizabeth. Only guessing on the ages of the children.  The large log house that was his is now owned by Lawrence High (as of 1988). Historic Hampshire pub. 1976 has pictures and articles of Purgetts.

  William Purgett
Received the 137 ½ acres in Henrys will.

Frederick Purgett     Born in Hampshire Co. , Virginia and died after 1860 in Ohio. He married Mollie Schoemaker in Virginia (no records) They had 10 children, but only one lived., Henry. Frederick served in the war of 1812. He was a farmer who emigrated to Twin township, Ross CO., Ohio,. Hewed out a farm in the midst of the forest and spent the remainder of his life there. He was a whig and afterward a republican. Frederick is listed as a member of the 1st session of  Presbyterian Church organized in 1841 and was a member of the church council (History of Ross and Highland Co. pg.303). Land records of Indiana show an 80 acre  purchase for a Frederick Burgett with a home address of Ross CO. IN 1836.

Henry Purgit …was born March 17,1817 in Twin Townhip, Ross Co., Ohio and died April 21,1895, burried in Belmont Cemetary, Illinois.  On Feb. 18,1839, he married Margaret Stipp who was born in 1817 and died March3,1840. She was 23 and is burried in Bourneville Methodist Cemetery, Twin Township,Ross Co., Ohio. (ref. From Bourneville church records).

Margaret purget…born Twin Township, Ross CO. Ohio 1840 , married J.J. Schultz and became step-mother to his children : Philip, Osborn, Ivy, and two daughters.

Sometime in 1840, Henry, moved to Lafayette Township, Madison Co., Indiana, securing a tract of land which was covered with beech trees. He cleared the timber  and there made his home. (ref. Portrait and Biographical Record, Iriquois Co., Ill.  Pp.353-4). He returned to Ross Co., Ohio and married Lydia Mustard of Pike Co., Ohio (b. Aug. 21,1825 and died Nov.28,1891, burried Belmont Cemetery, Ill.)  on Feb. 18, 1842. They returned to Indiana and took Margaret with them. While living in Indiana, they had 12 more children. The 13th child was born in Illinois. (ref. 1850 and 1860 census ,Lafayette Township, Madison Co., Indiana).
In 1865, Feb., they moved to Belmont Towmship, Section 11,. Irpquois Co., Ill. And bought 270 acres of land. As of 1893, Henry owned 240 acres, all in one body, and an 80 acre tract nearby. He was very successful and his farm was considered quite valuable. He belonged to the Methodist Epescopal Church and gave liberally to its suport. His first presidential vote was for William Henry Harrison and his last ballot for the grandson, William Benjamin Harrison. He was a Whig and then a Republican.   Lydia died in 1891 and in July of 1893, Henry made out his will (ref. Copies of will, trusteeship  and sale documents from Frank and Iris Purget, Hulbert, Oklahoma). In his will he directs his trustees, John Davis and Josiah Williams to first pay all his children $375. With the exception of Frederick, to make up for the value of a team of mules advanced to him. Then directs them to sell everything and after bill, to divide equally the balance among  his children. The one exception being that the trustees give to one of his daughters sums from time to time and invest the rest and at her death should go to her children. But … “that the husband of my daughter shall not receive nor have control of any  part”…”and carry out this part of my will strictly”  Henry died April 21, 1895. The public auction was held on Tues. May 28th, 1895 with 2 conditions. Anything under $5. Was to be paid in cash and all sums over $5 , a credit of 12 months upon approval at 7% interest. The sale netted over $20,000.

Frederick Purget   b. April 1, 1843,  Indiana

Eleanor Purget   b. June 15, 1844, died May 28, 1851, Indiana

George Calvin Purget   b. Dec. 5, 1845, died March 30, 1851, Indiana

Henry Stipp Purget    b. Nov.1, 1847 , Indiana

William Stallard Purget  b. April 16, 1850, died Feb. 3, 1932 , Indiana

Jasper Purget   b. Jan. 26, 1852, Indiana

Almira Purget  b. April 1, 1854, Indiana

Orpha Purget  b. Dec. 27, 1856, died Jan. 4, 1912,Indiana

Newton Purget   b. Feb. 18, 1858, Indiana

Mary Jane Purget   b. Jan. 21, 1860, Indiana

Amanda Purgett   b. Aug. 21, 1861, Indiana

Butler Purget   b. June 6, 1864, died Jan. 23, 1868, Indiana

Phillip Sherman Purget   b. Oct. 4, 1866, Illinois

*ref. Indiana census
*note: more extensive history in second section of Purgett geneology

Henry Purget  (checking Pickaway Co., Ohio history =  came from Hampshire Co., West Virginia, 9 children,  4 born in Va.)

George Purgett

Mary Purgett    married ----------Recor

Elizabeth Purget    married --------------Shoemaker

Rachel Purget    married Henry Sulser (Suber)  Aug. 15, 1825

Hi Marie,
I have been trying to send you some e-mail for the last 2 weeks but had
your address typed in my book wrong. Hope this one gets to you.  Thanks
for getting me in touch with Judy from Wi., she is a cousin. Attached is
the first draft of my Purgett geneology. The Valentine Purget, I think,
might be a brother to Henry , there is a lawyer by the mane of Purget
also at that time.
Thanks again and hope this helps with your Sellers list.
Diane Kleinke-Purgett

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1634,not 1734,for Lord Baltimore's arrivial. Then Wm Penn followed his
early Quakers,on the Welcome of 1682, and his Pa and Del were,in part,on
lands earlier given Baltimore. Like the creek you mention is both in
modern Washington
Co,Md and Franklin Co,Pa. [old Cumberland Co,PA. ] . 1700-10 Penn and
both settled colonies astide the debated line,but further east. 1730's
Cresap attempted
a Md colony 20 miles into Pa at Columbia-Wrightstown,Pa.
Til 1744? Prince George Co Md extended to the west. Then Frederick Co was
w Md,and then, 1776, Washington Co,Md was cut from Frederick. Please
watch for
Jones on the creek,that I have even seen spelled Kennedy-gig.
 Anyway,the creek is the 1st west of Hagerstown,Md, where nw of town was
Salem Reformed church,where,1778,my Gerrmanic Adam Fisher,and Welsh
wife,Susanah Jones,Christened their eldest. 176? was when Mason-Dixon
surveyed the Pa-Md line putting the headwaters of that creek in Pa,and
it's mouth at Williamsport,Md,on the Potomac. At Town creek,further west-
Hancock,Md,Maryland is only 1 1\2 mile wide. The state could have ended
there if
Mason-Dixon had hit the line.
Abt 1752 was the [Va] Ohio Company fort at Wills Creek,or Cumberland,Md
1754 Va's Col Geo Washington was defeated at Fort Necessity,Confluience
1755 British Gen Braddock was defeated south of Pittsburg,Pa.
1757, we finally drove the FRENCH from Pittsburg. Forbes followed Grant.
1753 land surveyed by Tom Cresap?
My wife has the s Brown Co,Oh Burgett's. Gal m a Sellers,then, 1839,
Mahala Sellers m James Kirkpatrick is her line.
Purgitt ,[and neighbors?] should show on a ships list,to
Salisbury Plains was the 1730's name for that valley around Hagerstown,Md
Further sourth,it is called the Shenadoah Valley of Va. 2 main creeks in
The one you mention and east of Hagersburg,ANTEDIUM CREEK,where a most
bloody battle was fought in the 1862-63 era.
Fort Frederick was west of the creek,or nw Williamsport,and just east of
the 1st
mountian. It guarded the Potomac's pass thru the mt.
On Fri, 21 Sep 2001 21:26:45 -0500 john kleinke <kleinke@thesurf.com>
> Hi Herman,
> Almost a year ago you helped me decipher some materials about my 4
> ggrand Henry Purgett and his survice in the Rev. War. (He helped
> build
> Ft. Laurens)
> Now my problem is  Matthias Purgett. I have a Land patent made out
> in
> 1684 with alteration 1696 and instructions 1712. Registered in
> Secretarys office in London 1738.  Then registered in land office in
> Frederick Co. Md. in 1754. The land was surveyed and filed 03 April
> 1753
> Land lying in Conigocheigh.
> Question : Does this mean that Matthias came over sometime between
> 1738
> and 1753? Or were these land patents made out ahead of time and a
> name
> filled in?
> I have a copy of the original land pastent and it doesn't look like
> the
> name was added. I thought Lord Baltimore didn't get the land until
> 1730's.
> Have Matthias on rent rolls in 1754  and 1756. In uncollected rents
> 1768/69 is a listing for Matthias Burgett heirs. But in 1760, I have
> a
> George Burgett administrator of Matthias Burgett, late of Frederick
> Co.,
> Md.
> In the Md. State Archives under Assembly Proceedings  Vol. 55  pgs.
> 316-319 dated 02 Dec. 1757 is a letter written to Hor. Sharp  from
> Alexander Beall. Tells about trying to get the farmers from around
> Frederick Town to bring in the horses and waggons to take supplies
> to
> Fort Cumberland. This George Purgett is listed twice as bringing in
> his
> team but then leaving when he heard that they weren't going to pay
> for
> use until after the trip. The names listed in this letter are some
> of
> the names in the administrative account of Matthias Burgett by
> George
> Burgett.  In this letter he mentions being in Frederick Town
> (Frederick,
> Md.) , Manococy River  Mouth of the Conegocheigh, and Fort
> Frederick.
> Mouth of Siddling Hill and Gut beyond Town Creek.
> Questions:
> Where is this place?  Where can I get an old map?
> What were the cercumstances that they had to send troops? Wasn't
> this a
> little late for French and Indian War?  Point me in the right
> direction.
> I'll look it up and sure read about it.
> I really appreciate your time but couldn't think of anyone else
> besides
> you and Martha who combine genealogy with history.
> Anything will help.
> Diane