I am related to Sellers both on
 mother and father's side. My paternal gggg grandparents are John and
 George Sellers who resided in Jefferson County, TN. Their daughter Mary
 Sellers (m. Samuel Douglass) is my ggg grandmother.

 On my mother's side my ggg grandparents are James Jefferson and Susan
 Sellers. Their daughter Susan Sellers Johnson Carmon is my gg
grandmother. I
 know almost nothing about them, only that they lived in Union County, TN
 they are buried at Carr Cemetery in Maynardville, TN. James Jefferson
 was born 12/18/1825 and died 8/9/1915. I do have a list of possible
 Louise Manerva Sellers, b. 6/22/1848; William Moses Sellers, b.
 James Jefferson Sellers, b. 12/25/1851, d. 5/27/1859, Susan Ellen (or
 Sellers, b. 4/6/1856, d. 5/28/1929 - Susan was married first to Pleasant
 Moment Johnson, and secondly to ? Carmon; Harriett Elizabeth Sellers,
 b.5/26/1857, d.10/3/1880; Sarah Adeline Sellers (Monroe), b. 11/26/1859;
 Martha Levenill Sellers, b. August 11, 1861; John Robert Lee Sellers, b.
 11/13/1863, d. 9/4/1885; Isaac Alfred Sellers, b. 5/4/186.

 These were names found in an old book. Another name listed in the book
 Emily Ann Sellers b. 5/9/1886, d. 5/13/1947 (I believe she married a
 Family members remember her being referred to as "Cousin Emma or Emily",
 I'm sure she was not a child of James J. and Susan Sellers.

 Some of these Seller's are supposedly buried at Greenwood Cemetery in
 Knoxville, TN.

 I also have some "Names of Household" on the 1870 Union County Census:
A. L.
 Sellers, Nathan Sellers, Thomas Sellers and William Sellers.

 I have just discovered the Sellers family on my mother's side and have
 begun to research them. I'm sure there must be a connection to the
 County group, but I haven't been able to find it. Maybe someone can help

 Thanks for this great Seller's page!

TMCREY - Thank You - lots of info!
and Knox and Grainger lay next to Jefferson Co
So, we are not talking a great distance between these SELLERS on the 1850
CAMPBELL, KNOX CO TN.CENSUS - I did look these up today, so if they aren't
on these pages, will try and add to them later.
In 1840 in these counties, Samuel SELLERS appears to be only one with kids
There is an 1839 Jefferson Co WILL of SAMUEL SELLERS with wife Eleanor-
DOES ANYONE HAVE original ? - Please Send or try and read.
Otherwise, believe I would order some civil war files and try and find
place of birth.
DOES Anyone else connect to this family and help PTMCREY connect?
UNION CO, TN (will add some more links to these other counties)=
Please send copies thru this Sellers list. marie, iowa

My Sellers family is connected through Jefferson Co, TN, buried in
Cem., Knoxville.  I'm listed under Elizabeth's page on your site.  Look
forward to sharing any and all information with anyone interested.

Elizabeth Dempsey

My James Jefferson SELLERS was born in TN December 18, 1825. He lived in
Union County, TN and is buried there. J. J. died August 9, 1915, and is
buried at Carr Cemetery in Maynardville, TN. J. J. was married to Susan
BAYLESS. Their children were:
Louise Manerva Sellers, born Jun 22, 1848
William Moses Sellers, born November 15, 1849, died August 2, 1932, and is
buried at Greenwood Cemetery in Knoxville, TN. William was married to
Ann Chesney. William was a Knox County magistrate and a member of Broadway
Baptist Church in Knoxville.
James Jefferson Sellers, born December 25, 1851, died May 27, 1859, buried
Carr Cemetery, Maynardville
Susan Ellender Sellers, born April 6, 1856, died May 28, 1929, buried Carr
Cemetery. She was married to 1. Pleasant Moment Johnson and 2. John M.
Harriet Sellers, born June 25, 1857, died October 3, 1880, buried Carr
Sarah Adeline Sellers, born November 26, 1859
Martha Levenill Sellers, born August 11, 1861, died April 21, 1882
Isaac Alfred Sellers, born May 4, 1866
John Robert Lee Sellers, born November 13, 1863, died September 4, 1885,
buried at Carr Cemetery
Emily Ann Sellers born May 9, 1866 died May 13, 1947 and is buried at
Greenwood Cemetery. She was married to W. S. Brown.
Most of these children were born in Union County and grew up there.

I have previously posted this information, but have added a little more. I
have received a death certificate on James Jefferson and it gives his
as J. J. Sellers born Grainger County, TN and names his mother as ELLEN
BROCK. The best I can tell on the death certificate ELlen was also born in
TENN. It is hard to read.

Can anyone relate to this family?