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PIA - sending thro our SELLERS discussion group = They Will Help us sort
out these families!
And will post info collected to our Sellers  States/Counties -
Did a Fast Check and I Did NOT see a NICHOLAS CROUSE in WASH/GREENE CO,

ANYONE have?
Thanks - Stay In Here -
WE will connect SELLERS families by SHARING -
marie, iowa

Pia Crouse wrote:

> Mari!
> Sorry it took me one day to get back to you.Between my
> kids and all of this it got to be kind of crazy
> yesterday with all the things I found out.I am still
> waiting for two of my people to get back to me about
> this Catherine Stewart thing.I have kept all these
> printouts from everyone through the year and now I do
> belive I can get a connection.
> My husbands ancestors are:His name is Glenn Crouse his
> father was Ernest Crouse who died in his 40s from
> cancer,his father is Layton Crouse b. 1900 who married
> Ivy Victoria Breese who is still alive.Laytons father
> Thomas Campbell Crouese who married Ella Rock,Laytons
> father Layton Crouse who was b. Aug.23,1827 in Greene
> Co. and d. Sep.29,1890 he married Catherine Thomas d/o
> Eli Thomas and Sarah Knight. Laytons father Samuel
> Crouse b. Jul.24,1798 in Greene Co.Pa and died Sept.
> 30,1881.He married Rebecca Fordyce Jan.1,1823 in
> Greene Co. d/o Jacob Fordyce and Elizabeth Guthrie.
> Samuel son of William Crouse b. 1765-1774.He married
> Elizabeth ?. William son of Nicholas Crouse b. 1727
> maybe earlier died in Ten Mile Creek Creek,Greene
> Co.Pa
> He married Eva Crap/Craph/Crop/Croph.
> I have a family History of these Crouses on my e-mail
> that I can send out if anyone wants it.
> I have developed an intrest in all these Crouses is
> why I am looking for more inf. about all of them.It
> started with the younger Nathan and somehow I got in
> touch with other people about all this and that's how
> we got into the Nicholas son William.He had a son
> William b. abt.1804 that married Mary Sellers daughter
> of George Sellars and Elizabeth.They had a son Nathan
> Crouse that did marry Catherine Stewart. b. 1836 d/o
> Jesse and Rachel Stewart. He died in the war and now I
> have reason to belive that she did marry Nathans
> brother William for a few years and had at least two
> children by William.Now what happened to William I do
> not know.If they got divorced or if he died too I do
> not know as of yet.Then she married Daniel Stewart and
> had one or two children with him too.
> Now I have this Crouse family on the family treemaker
> and I am not the greatest with the computer yet.I need
> to learn how to export theese files or I will send
> them out by snailmail.
> Any other questions that I can help with I will be
> happy to help out with.Thanks for your time.
>              Pia Crouse

        Pia Crouse <twinpine_99@yahoo.com>

I just spend sometime writing to you all and comes out
as failed delivery.What I have so far on these Crouses
I have loaded on my family treemaker wich I am having
a hard time to export since I am not to good with this
computer yet.But I will be happy to print out what I
have for you and send it by snailmail.
My husbands line does not directly connect with the
Sellars but I have developed an intrest for all the
Crouses to see where they went ect.
Startin in the beginning there was Nicholas Crouse b.
1727 maybe earlier who married Eva
Crap/Craph/Crop/Croph.They came to Greene Co. and died
here.They had a son William Crouse b.1765-1774,he
married Elizabeth?.One of their sons William Crouse b.
abt.1804 died Jan.22,1866 in Greene Co. Pa.He married
Mary Sellars d/o George Sellars.George Sellars also
had two sons that married two sisters of William.
Any how William and Mary had a son Nathan b. abt.1829
in Greene Co. that married Catherine Stewart b. 1836
d/o Jesse and Rachel Stewart. Nathan died in the civil
war late in the war.I have received that they had 4
children:Rachel,Mary Jane,Thomas and Lenora.Lenora b.
Now I also received a letter saying that Catherine
Stewart d/o Jesse Stewart and Rachel married William
Crouse and had 3 children:Nora,Lizzie and William.Fits
with the names.
I found a paper at Cornerston from Church of
Christ,Pleasan Ridge,Gr.Co.Pa.2 miles s.w. of
Waynesburg.In there it says that Catherine Stewart d/o
Jesse and Rachel Stewart married William Crouse.No
This William could be Nathans brother.What happened
here?Did William die or did they get a divorce? I do
not know right now.
1880 census of Center twp.Gr.Co.Pa
Stewart Danile 67 farmer
Catherine 44 wife
H.W. 26 son works on farm
Charley 2 son
Nora 15 stepdaughter
Lizzie 9 stepdaughter
William 5 stepson
1880 census Center twp.
Orndoff William....
Crouse Thomas 18 boarder farmer
1880 census center twp
Abner Huge...
Crouse Mary Jane 24 servant.
This is all I know for now.Do not get excited I will
surely share what I have.And I supose that the durbin
adress in for Helen.Wich I do belive lives around the
area where I live.I can hand deliver it to you.I live
around Old Concord.
If there is anything else I can help with let me know.
Have a nice day.
                  Pia Crouse

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> HI - I kinda think We asked for Your Chart /Family
> connecting to Same
> Which May Connect to SELLERS =
> Which we sure we Share=
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> alltel wrote:
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> > From: Pia Crouse <twinpine_99@yahoo.com>
>> >
> > > First of all a big thanks to everyone that has a
> > > intrest in this Crouse line.This is going to be
> a
> > > somewhat confusing letter.I need help!
> > > The first Nathan b.1765-1774 son of Nicholas
> Crouse no
> > > one knows anything about.Him and his brothers
> were
> > > suppose to have gone to Brooke Co.WVa and died
> > > there.The brothers names Peter and George
> Crouse.
> > > Now for the 2nd Nathan wich by now I am confused
> and I
> > > am doing the big guessing game.
> > > I received a letter from a nice lady asking if I
> knew
> > > about a William Crouse who married Catherine
> Stewart
> > > children: Nora,Lizzie and William.Cahterine
> daughter
> > > of Jesse and Rachel Stewart.
> > > Then I receive a letter from another nice
> lady.Saying
> > > she has an old letter wich states that Catherine
> > > Stewart daughter of Jesse and Rachel Stewart
> married
> > > Nathan Crouse and they had 4
> children:Rachel,Mary
> > > Jane,Thomas and Lenora.Nathan died in the war
> and
> > > Catherine remarries Daniel Stewart.
> > > I find at Cornerstone a church paper with some
> Crouse
> > > names on it.Church of Christ,Pleasant
> Ridge,Greene Co.
> > > Pa. In there it says that Catherine Stewart
> married
> > > 1.William Crouse 2.Daniel Stewart.
> > > 1880 census for Center twp.
> > > Stewart Daniel 67 farmer
> > > Catherine 44 wife
> > > H.W. 26 son
> > > Charley 2 son
> > > Crouse:
> > > Nora 15 stepdaughter
> > > Lizzie 9 stepdaughter
> > > William 5 stepson
> > > 1880 census Center twp
> > > Abner Hugh......
> > > Crouse Jane 24 servant
> > > 1880 census Center twp
> > > Ordoff William....
> > > Crouse Thomas 18 boarder farmer
> > > So what comes out of this.Did Catherine marry 3
> > > times??? Nathan that died then William Crouse
> wich
> > > could have been the son of William and Mary
> Sellars
> > > Crouse and in the end Daniel Stewart.
> > > What happened to William??????
> > > Something for us all to figure out.
> > > Something small I found too at Cornerstone.
> > > Buissnes derectory in Center twp.Greene Co. Pa.
> > > Nathan Crouse from Pa. date settlement 1827 he
> had 20
> > > sheep and no acres.This has to be the first
> Nathan
> > > that I am trying to find out about.
> > > Maybe the people doing the Stewart line can help
> us
> > > here to get this straighten up.
> > > Thank you all for taking the time to read all
> this.
> > >                   Pia Crouse

>         From:
>              "alltel" <hsdurbin1@alltel.net>
> Hi Gang,
> Here is a Sellers family, thought you all might like
> to read.
> Sincerely,
> Helen in Pa.
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> Sent: Thursday, November 18, 1999 6:22 PM
> Subject: [PAGREENE-L] Nathan Crouse
> >
> > Hi there I am looking for inf. about two Nathan
> > Crouses.The first one born abt. 1809 and was
> listed in
> > the buisness directory in Center twp. estlishment
> date
> > 1827 he had 20 sheeps and no acres.
> > The other Nathan is a son of William Crouse and
> Mary
> > Sellars he was born abt. 1828 and married Kate or
> > Carolyn.If any one would know anything about these
> two
> > Nathan I really would be so appreciated.
> > Thanks a lot,
> >                Pia Crouse

Hi Pia, I need your help. My name is Dennis H. I was the one that gave you
the name and address of Carol Sellers of Salem Ill. a few months back. I
be sending an e-mail with this question to Carol, Marie, and Jim. I come
the line of George and Mary Sellers of Green County Pa. This line of the
Sellers of Green County has laid dormant, =not worked, as far as the
genealogy research that has been done. For I have as yet came across
researching this family line. I don't want to seem to be opening a
box. But is there any compiling evidence, that John and Sarah ( Crouse )
Sellers had a son named George.? We know that the 1820 Census of Green
County, John, is listed having a son age under 10.  And that John is not
listed for this same county 1830 census. We do find John living in Perry
Monroe County Ohio in the 1840 census address given as 018.  And close by
next door to John, address 019 is a William Sellers. Just assuming that
William Sellers is listed as age between 20/30. Could this be John's son
was listed in said 1820 census? (Has any one done research on this William
Sellers.? ) I know that I am walking on thin ice hear, for I have done very
little research on this family line. I know speaking for myself and for
Carol, we have not found John in the Monroe County 1850 Census.( has any
else found him in said census.?)  In the Genealogy Queries where I came
your name and your research on this George Sellers born in Green County
1815, and who married a Evaline, and who died in Monroe County Ohio Oct,
30.1884, you seem to tie this George with the family of Samuel Sellers, who
was the son of John. Should I assume that sense you are working this
line, that you have some kind of Will or other document that has proven
family connection? I do take it that you have some proof that has his birth
1815, and from Green Co.. Pa.-- I am not saying that this George is not
John's son, but is there any actual document proof that John had a son name
George?  The reason that I ask, is while I was in Waynesburg Pa. doing
research on my family line, I ran into a man at the courthouse that had
done research on the Sellers. And sense my family line has remain dormant,
with no one researching it, he just assumed that the Atkinson Sellers that
married an Elizabeth Morris in Green County was the son of David Sellers.
what I am wondering is, if there isn't any actual documents that list
as the son of John. Could this be the same situation as was with Atkinson??
That there is this George Sellers born in Green County year 1815, And just
where does he fit in?  We know for sure that George and Mary Sellers had a
son George, and that by the 1840 Census of Center Twp. That this son George
was born between 1810/20. and by the 1850 census that he seems to have left
the county for parts unknown. I know that some might say, what does it
who son this George Sellers is, John's or George and Mary's, that we all
descended from the line of Christian and Elizabeth Sellers, but to us who
have been bitten by this genealogy bug, the fun and challenge is to sort
just what kid belongs to who. And without taking any shortcuts.  If any one
of you, have said document proof, I will put this possibility aside, and
on searching for my George. IM hopeful that you will take the time to
this letter.  Thanks.    fdh.  Dennis.