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John SELLARS, page 144,     11010-30010-00
Leonard SELLARS, page 149, 10100-00100-00
Mickel SELLARS, page 150, 00010-00100-00 (born 1765/1784)
Philip SELLARS, page 150, 00100-10100=


Philip SELLORS 300110-2101002-9 page 13- REREAD
make a chart of kids/ages=

1830 =



Philip SELLERS 60 PA,born 1790)page 231, Covington City(married 2-9-1828 Bracken)
Kaziah 44 Ky
Lydia 21 Ky (1829)
Nancy 18 Ky=CYNTHIA
Israel 13 Ky
Foster 13 Ky
Andrew J. 8 Ky
Martha ? 7 Ky
Estha J. JAQUEY? 15 Ky


               Trying to see which of (John) Michael and Catherine (Dillman)
Sellers family I can find with
some certainty.  Found the following on Philip--
     He seems to have married twice and had two families.  Here are
the marriage entries from
Bracken County:

1. MB-February 13, 1809
Philip Sellers & Nancy Cooper
Philip Sellers and Micajah Cooper, secs.
S.D.Davidson, attest to MB

     In 1811, Philip appears on a bond, probably for sister-in-law:
MB-Rebecca Cooper and John Frazier
Phillip Sellers and John Frazier, secs.
John Payne, attest to MB
Consent-Micajah Cooper, father of bride
Phillip Sellers, witness to Consent

     Philip appears to have one definite daughter by Nancy Cooper
and several possible other
children, as Micajah Cooper and various
Gragston/Grayston/Gragson/Gregson names appear
1) The earliest one is particularly confusing, since two different
brides are listed.  The bond book
lists the bride as Nancy Cooper in the section on grooms, but she is
Mary Sellers in the section on
brides--with a note that she is Mary Sellars in the marriage book.
Checked the marriage book,
and it's Mary Sellars.  The name, Nancy Cooper, is problematic, since
Philip's wife's name had
been Nancy Cooper before her marriage.  I found Thomas Grayson,
presumably a widower, in the 1850 census.  He appears to be brother
of Richard (see below).  Guessing Mary Sellers is correct and that
she is probably a daughter of Philip and Nancy (Cooper) Sellers.  It
would make Micajah Cooper her grandfather.
Note that they have children named Mary and Thomas.
2) The second one is also confusing, since the bond book gives both
Richard/William as groom.
Marriage book lists William.   I found Richard and Eliza Grayson in
the 1850 census, so I assume
that Richard is correct.  Again Micajah Cooper is grandfather.
3)The third bond MIGHT BE a son of Philip and Nancy with in-law,
Richard Grayston, as
security (but for bride, not groom?).  Don't know for sure, but a
Jacques minor female appears in Philip Sellers' household in 1850, so
some relationship is likely.  Also, Richard and Eliza have a son
named George.

MB-15 April, 1829
M-16 April, 1829
Nancy Cooper/Mary Sellers and Thomas Gragston
Thomas Gragston & Micajah Cooper, secs.
John Payne, attest to MB
m-Joseph Carter

MB-March 7, 1834
Eliza Sellers & Richard/William Gragson/Griggson
Micajah Cooper & Richard Gragson, secs.
m-Peter Mains
Consent-Philip Sellers

Bracken Co KY, Census of 1850 (Everyone listed born KY)

Thos. Grayson   48   Stone Mason   900
no wife (presumed widower of Mary Sellers?)
Johnson Grayson   21
David Grayson      14
Mary Grayson       13
Thomas Grayson   11

#1363-John Grayson 42, Farmer 300; wife Adelia 35; 3 children
(did not find his marriage)

#1364-James Grayson 46, Stone Mason no amount listed; wife Mary 40; 6
(James married Mary Ann Martin)

Richard Grayson   44   Farmer   no amount listed
Eliza                    40
George                 17
John                      9
James                    7
Sarah                    5
Not named (F)        2

MB-January 26, 1842
M-January 26, 1842
George Sellers and Mary Jacques
George Sellers & Richard Grayston, secs.
John Payne, attest to MB
Richard Grayston's oath that Mary Jacques is 21.

     I do no know when Philip's first wife died, but he remarried in
1828.  This cannot be a Philip,
Jr., since he appears aged 60 with Kesiah aged 44 in the 1850 census
of Covington, Kenton Co
KY.  Her age fits precisely, so this must be the right Kesiah.

2. MB, Marriage and Consent-February 9, 1828
Philip Sellers and Kezziah Greene
Philip Sellers & John Wilson, secs.
John Payne, attest to MB
Kessine Greene, her own Consent + she is 22
John McDaniel, witness to C
m-J.M. Blackerby

     All of the children listed for Philip and Kesiah in the Kenton
Co KY census must be Kesiah's,
since none is older than 21.  Marie has listed them on the Kenton Co
page, but I will list again
here.In 1850, they were (all born KY) Lydia 21, Nancy 18, Israel 13,
Foster 13, Andrew J. 8,
Martha? 7.  Marie has also listed an Estha J. Jacquey 15.
     I know very little about this family.  Note that a Sovereign
Green married Mahala Waters, and
Leonard Sellers had a Waters connection.  Think one of the Fauquier
VA Kings was married to a
Green woman, possibly a Lydia.  Daughter Nancy may have been named
for Nancy Cooper,
Philip's first wife.  Monte sent a note (by Adeline Mullins?).  It
mentioned a McClanahan
greatgrandaughter through Israel's line.  Guessing that Jacquey is
Jacques and related to Mary
Jacques who married George Sellers.