I am a direct decenden of Hans Heinrich Zeller, have volumes of information, am now
the official Historian of the Zeller family that meets yearly in Lebanon
County.  Maybe we can help each other. To give you an idea how I fit in;
   Hans Heinrich Zeller
      Johannas Zelller
           Peter Zeller
                Henry Zeller
                    George Zeller
                         Isaac Zeller
                              Calvin Franklin Zeller
                                    William Clyde Zeller
                                         William Charles Zeller   (me)
Now the last four starting with Isaac last name was Zeller(S) the "s" was
added then
would like to ask what you have on Fort Zeller, information about it, I am
asking because I am doing a booklet on it and would like to see what other
people have so may include in it.
Thee is a ZELLER FAMILY  Reunion on  July 13th in the city of Lebanon,
Pennsylvania, more details later on ..
I want to start a ZELLER web page and put this innfo on it or make it
Also what information do you have on the Lady Clothilde de Valois...
Do you know anything of the jewel case she carried ...??
Must run now Marie, if I can look up anything for you or you may direct
anyone who has questions about the family to me and use this address.. 
the address Peter 5471 is from my ggggg grandfather Peter Zeller who was born
1745 and 1745 in reverse if the number I use.. I have also a lot of pictures
and have been asked to make up a booklet of the family f rom the time they
areived in America to the time they settled in Lebanon County..
the Frot Zeller book hopefully when sold can provede money for repair of the
Old Fort Zeller..
Bill Zeller

Hans Heinrich Zeller born 1693 died 1 may 1756 married Anna Maria Perigal
Of those children was a Johannas (John) born in 1723 Johannas (Hannas)
married Anna Maria Becker, they had two children 
John Phillip and John Peter ( my decendent. Anna Maria died as a result of 
Peter's birth 
Hannas married again to a Catherine Laurer, they had 4 other children,
of those was Frantz Paul, boirn 8 April 1751 and died 3 Oct 1821
he married Elizabeth Aurand they had 13 children of those children was 
Valentine who was born 1 August 1794 in Monroe Twp., Berks County, Pa.
died 18 Mar 1864 
Married Anna Maria ZELLER ( that is no error, dont know which Zeller family
this was havent researched it yet.. Valentine married Anna Maria 20 April 1815 
in Lebanon Cty, at First Tabor Church, Pa.
They had 8 children as follows 
Peter born 1 oct 1818 
Maria born 6 Jan 1823 
Isaac born 7 May 1825 died 1 Nov 1897 
Rebecca born 30 Nov 1829
Frederick born 17 Nive 1832 
John Francis born 1 Apr 1816
Agustus born 2 mar 1827
Elias born 6 Aug 1834

My records show that Valentine and Marie moved to Licking County Ohio.. They moved to Jackson Towship Franklin County Ohio in 24 Une 1844, Valentine died atr Columbus Ohio


your question about Peter Zeller, this Peter Zeller was son of Johannas and
Anna Marie Becker..
Peter was born 6 Dec 1754 in tulpohocken Twp., Berks Cty. he died 2 April
1771 in Mifflinburg, Union county Pa. Is buried in the "Old Mifflinburg
Cemetery with many of his family, Wife Catheryn, daughter, son who was
(simple) his oldest son John and next son Henry..

 Peter had 7 children;

Johannas (John)    born 28 May 1776 died 12 Nov 1843
        married a Rosina (no last name)
Henry                    born 10 Feb 1778 died 28 Jun 1846
        married Margaret  (no last name)
Johan Jacob           born 21 July 1781 died sometime between 1820 and 1830
         (was simple)
Maria Catherine       born 18 Oct 1783 died _______?
         married Shoder
Elizabeth                 born 25 jan 1785 died 9 Sept 1811
         married Frederick Bartges
         (buried next to mother and father)
John Adam         born 4 July 1787   died 13 Jan 1854
         married Elizabeth Hoover
Andrew               born ______1800 died before Sept 1820

Peter's wife Catheryn Wilhelm
     born 3 Oct 1752    died  24 Oct 1808

date of marriage 2 April 1771

were married at the Christ  Lutheran Church in what is now Lebanon County

Peter's mother died after childbirth, (Peters) and was burried the day that
Peter was christined or (baptised in church) as a result some papers say
Peter was baptized dead in his coffin..

Relatives of Peter are spread out Mary Ellingson found out that we were
related, her side starts with Peters first born John or Johannas, of Johns
children was a Peter and a Daniel, well Mary Elligson came from John's son
Peter who had a family near where his grandfather lived in Union county and
later moved to Ohio, then Ind and Ill then Nebraska. Still looking for
Daniel's family who went with him.

Will let you digest that and will pass along more Marie.. Now may I ask,
where do you fit into this Zeller family ???

Dont forget the reuniuon is 13 July  1997 in the city of Lebanon,. exact
location I will let you know later if desired. Might put it on the web if you
want to and can...

Think I said, feel free to pass out my address here if you care may be able
to help some one..

Bill Zeller


Hello Judy, came across your Email in reference, and the Harrisburger
Morgenroth, newspaper, what do U know anout this paper ??

In my gggg grandfathers will was some pages from this paper, is there any way
to get old copies or this paper, what was saved and then copied, of course,
is not very easy to read..

Judy what can you tell me of this paper, would guess was a pouplar paper with
the Germans in Pa, got as far north as Lewisburg and Mifflinburg.. Still
trying to solve some of those mysteries of Genealogy.. hahahah

Peter Zeller wrote:
> DearMarie, Received your E-mail here and see you need the Zeller who migrated
> to Ohio. There are a lot of them, be best to mail them to you, if you would
> please send me your mailing address will print these out and amil them to
> you. We are talking of at least 5 Zeller families moved to Ohio in the middle
> 18's, and they all "Went fouth and really multiplied"..
> Bill Zeller
BILL, thats what I need - WHERE they went - so we can link it to that
county - APPRECIATE your help-
Marie Sellers Hollinger
12871-285th St.
Mason City, Iowa 50401-9118

Hello Marie, been looking over old Emial and wanted to send you another
letter and see if you gained any more informatioin since out last letter
dated 97-03-02..??
Still seeking additional de valois info and any Zeller families out west.
Have you run into any out there in Iowa and states west of Iowa?? 
Can you bring me up on your latest infor please may can add some
Bill Zeller
PS:>>> wanted to ask if you had address fo this  guy doing research you
talked about in your E-Mail called Kevin and have you heard of a
WashingtonZeller ?/ and who is he ??

             " jesse smyth" <>
Hi Bill,
   I found a page in a biographical encyclopedia at my local library
 which contained the following info:
   Jacque de Sellaire (1660) met Clothilde de Valois (huguenots) at
Deux Pont 
(zweibrucken) and were married in France around 1682, had two sons, 
fled from France after the revocation of Edict of Nantes, later fled to
England under protection of Queen Ann. Came to America in 1710,
(Jacque became citizen of Great Britian in 1709.)
Jacque died during the voyage to America, his widow and two sons settled 
in Scholarie, New York. The eldest son, Jean Henri (Hans Heinrich)" Zellers"
(name changed in America to accomodate German atmosphere) was born in France
around 1684. He married Anna Maria Briegel.
The rest of the entry talks about his son Francis Paul (Paul Frantz), 
then Francis Paul's son Daniel, (one of seven children), 
then Daniel's daughter Henrietta C. The second son of Jacque and Clothilde 
is not mentioned by name. If you need the rest of the page, let me know.
> Searching for Zeller family, who first settled in New York State in
> 1710 and
> later moved to Pennsylvania. Or any who stayed in New York State.
> Perhaps any
> Zeller families that when arrived in New York in 1710 went to other
> states ?
> Also Searching for a HENRY and MARY MARIE ZELLER who lived in Union
> County in
> the middle 1800's
> thanks
> Bill Zeller
IF I have followed your chart correctly - We could use more
History/Census/Wills etc in Franklin Co, OHIO
Please send any info you have on this county.- Sometimes starting
earlier and Proving back helps.
I have corrected some of your Peter/Bill ZELLER links and added more-
I'm sure you have read info posted on NewYork and Pa pertaining to these
Thanks , marie, iowa
feb 2004
Debita []


Do you have another email address for Bill Zeller.  He had , but I tried to send him an email and it bounced.


I was reading his page and I think I am descended from the same line as him (settle Union Co., PA).



Deborah Gilbert

Ontario, Canada 


Social Security Death Index =
 William Charles Zeller Last Residence: 44320  Akron, Summit, Ohio Born: 6 Jan 1921 Died: 17 Feb 2009