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My husband's line on the Wikerson side has Some SELLERS.

Do you recognize any of these names or could you put me in touch with
someone fronm Johnston Co. researching Sellers.

Some names:

Alsey Sellers married Cintha (?Cynthia) Milliner Date of Bond 13 June
1846  Ryan Sanders Bondsman and Thos. Bagley (W)

1860 Census SELLERS, Alsey  36 w Framer
....................Cinthia 31  wife
....................Jane    12
....................Alex    11
....................James    9
....................David    7
....................Mary     5
....................Martha   2




MOSES WILKINSON/WILKERSON is one that comes to mind as we have a MOSES

would appreciate a small chart of names/dates/ages =

YES, in my JOHNSTON CO, NC books there are Wilkerson/Wilkinson which I
haven't posted - will review

Send to me and I will forward your reply to the SELLERS
discussion group -
Thanks, marie, i owa

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I am sending you all I have in hopes that it may also help
someone else.

I do not have a Gedcom file or a program. Atleast the Family Gathering
program I have I don't have much in it. And none on this family. I am
trying to learn to use it.

This info was typed in Page Maker 5.0 and then Pasted into a Mailer.
It did not tranfer into my mailer  lined up so I will attemp to
straighten it out.If It does not come to you straight, Please forgive
me. That happens in mailing a lot and I do not know what to do about it.
I have NetScape 3.1. Internet program.

Please help with these families if you can.

Thanks so much.  Please mail me Privately.
Send me the  address for Sellers list.


James Thomas Ward  was my Husbands father.

James mother and father were:

Mother: Maude Wilkerson   d/o Reuben Wilkerson and FannieChildress
Born:     1889
Died: 22 Oct. 1982
Married: LeRoy "Roy" Ward   s/o Dempsey Ward  and Nancy Raper
Born:  May 1881

OBT. of Maude Wilkerson  from  Smithfield Herald

  Maudie W. Ward ,93 of Route 3,Kenly, NC

     Mrs. Maudie Wilkerson Ward of Route 3, Kenly died Tuesday following
a period of
declinding health.
    Mrs. Ward, 93, was born in Arkansas.She was the daughterof the late
Rueben and Fannie Childress Wilkerson.
   The furneral was held at 3 o'clock Thrusday afternoon in the chapel o
Grizzard Funeral Home in Kenly. The Rev. Jimmy Barfield officiated.
Burial was in Kenly Cemetery.
   Surviving are three sons James Thomas (Jim)Ward on Henerson, Marvin
Ward of Route 1, Kenly,
and Clinton Ward of Route 3, Kenly. 10 grandchildren ,and 20

PARENTS OF Maude Wilkerson;

Father:    Reuben Wilkerson     s/o Reuben Wilkerson and Reldy Parnell
(married bond date
27 Nov.1833) Jack Jackson
Mother:  Fannie Childress        d/o Milton J. Childres  born in
Mississippi& Jane Sellers born in
                                                      Johnston Co.

 Fannie  was   Born:  June 3, 1868 grave stone.
                     Died:  Dec.9, 1926 in Smithfield;
                     Buried :  in Oakland Heights
                                    12 Dec.1926.    She was 58 years 6
months and 11 days old.

I was told by Clinton Ward that Reuben Wilkerson was full Blooded
Cherokee( I do not know if this
Is true or not. Also that he was in the trail of tears march. It would
have to be the Rueben Wilkerson that married Redly Parnell I would

 I have this 1900 CENSUS OF  Reuben Wilkerson

EAST Beulah Precinct  13th day of June 1900  JOHNSTON CO. NC

At 147/148
WILKERSON  Reuben    Head  w  m  Sept.  1857  42  m 18 yrs. NC  parents
         Fannie J.   wife  w  f  Jan.   1867  33  m 18 yrs. NC
parents  Ark.
          Loretta   daug.  w  f  Oct.   1884  15  s
          Addie L.  daug.  w  f  Sept.  1886  13  s
          Maude L.  daug.  w  f  July   1888  11  s
          William   son    w  m  June   1892   7  s
        Rilda   J.  daug.  w  f  Feb.   1899   1  s

Another Census I have :

JOHNSTON CO. NC     1860  Beulah  Township

WILKERSON    Rilda        f          66         Keeping House  (mother
of Reuben above)
         ? Lorinda        f          34          at  home
          Narcissa        f          24          at  home
           Nathan         m          19        farm  labor
           Ruben          m          21        farm  labor


 (mother and father of LeRoy "Roy"  WARD who married  Maude WIKERSON

1900 WILSON CO. NC CENSUS ( ? SpringHill TWP.  I did not write it

At 363/366
WARD  Dempsey          Head      w      m     Jan.  1848       56     m
33 yrs.
        Nancy          wife      w      f     Feb.  1850       50     m
33 yrs.
      Frances           D        w      f     Apr.  1877       23     s
    (?)Fannie           D        w      f     Oct.  1883       16     s
   LeRoy "Roy"         son       w      m     May   1881       19     s
      Charlie          son       w      m     Apr.  1886       14     s
         Etta           D        w      f     Feb.  1888       12     s
      Joesar           son       w      m     Mar.  1890       10     s
       Polly            D        w      f     Mar.  1891        9
       Nancy            D        w      f     Apr.  1892        8     s
   (?) Annie            D        w      f     May   1895        5     s
      Jarvis        Grandson     w      m     May   1899        1     s

The names with a ? by them I could not read clearly.


JOHNSTON CO. NC marriage Bonds

page 143
Groom                      Bride           Date of Bond
Bondsman and Witness
Millner,  Furney        Ailsey Lynch      13 Mar. 1839      James
Roberts    (w) ?Wm   H. Watson
                       (Cintha's mother)

page 191

Sellers, Alsey       Cintha  Milliner     13  June  1846     Bryan
Sanders  (w) Thos. Bagley

page 44

Childers, Joshua Milton   Jane Sellers    28  Mar.  1865        Elisha
Moore (? Meers ? Moors)
                           m.  --Apr. 1865  by P.Godwin, J.P.     (w)
James H. Parker, clk.


page ?   JOhnSTON CO.NC Register 1881 -1900

Race           Groom            Bride& Parents              Date, Place,
& Official

W    Wilkerson, Reubin        Fannie Childers              4  Sept.
1883  W. F.  Gerald'Reubin & Rildy Wilkerson    James & Jane
Childres                     W. F. Gerald, J.P.



Johnston Co.NC  1850    page 268

House Number ? 99 ( can't read. sent to me by relative)

SELLERS, Alsey            25        m              Farmer
       Cynthia            22        f        ( her father came with
railroad to Mitchner Station)
          Anne             3        f
     Alexander             1        m

This was Cynthia Millinder above.

1850 WAYNE    CO.     NC        CENSUS

Housenumber 168/168

MILANDER,  Furniford          36         m   Head   Wheelwright
              Alsey           30         f   wife
               Mary           10         f
             Martha            5         f
             Alsey             2         f

1860  JOHNSTON    CO.    NC   CENSUS

House number  ?133or 633
family    605

SELLERS,  Alsey        36         m     Head              Farmer
         Cythia        31         f     wife
          Jane         12         f
          Alex         11         m
         James          9         m
         David          7         m
          Mary          5         f
        Martha          2         f
Wilson, John           27         m    DAY LABOR

Below this name I have three other Sellers. (I do not know if they are
This info sent to me by a distant  relative.)

Family number 256

SELLERS, Augustus        31       m     Head        Farmer
185      289        NC
          Patsey         20       f     Wife

House number  192
SELLERS,   Daniel           24       m      Head       Timber  Getter
1355     1843    NC
           Sarah            26       f      wife
   Twin    George            2       m
   Twin    Nancy             2       f
         William            20       m                 Timber   Getter


Same page I was on.

Family number 201

SELLERS,  William H.   33      m     Head  Farmer  235   358  NC
            Harriet    28      f     wife
            Mary               f
    Twin   Lizzie    8/12      f
    Twin    Ann      8/12      f


1910     ? Lower      Oneals      Twp.    ? ( I do not have the County

family number 58

WILKERSON,  Rubin   Head        m     w        63       Farmer
        Fannie J.   wife        f     w        45
       Willie  A.   son         m     w        17
       Rilda   J.   daug.       f     w        11

At the end of this info on the same page it saids:

Here ends , (Thank Goodness) , the enumeration of Lower Oneals Township.
            Josiah Stancil, Enumerator- His spelling were the worst that
I've ever tried to read- I've wondered how he ever got the job of Census

I do not know if all the info above is  in the book it was taken from or
not. Or if it was an actual Census, It was mailed to me this way.


family number 665
WILKERSON,  R-     48   f   Seamtress      125      NC
      Narcissa     18   f
        Reuben     12   m
        Nathan     10   m
 PARROT,   Ann     72   f   note:  (born  1788)

JOHNSTON   CO.  NC    marriage bond

GROOM                 BRIDE            DATE OF BOND          BONDSMAN
Wilkerson, Reuben    Reldy  Parnell   27  Nov.  1833      John   Jackson

This is all. Please I hope someone can help.

This is my husbands family. He is originally from Middlesex, NC

Thanks for any help. Please excuse this type of Posting.