appreciate you sharing new info.
Could you give me an idea of WHERE this area of PA is now?
OR the area it cover then?

We are researching SELLERS families and appreciate your
THANKS for sharing.
marie, iowa

       Fri, 25 Jan 2002 17:25:38 -0700
       "H. Fazio" <

Subject:  [GMH] Early Settlers, PA Welsh Tract

Welsh Tract of Pennsylvania, The Early Settlers, extracted
from the Welsh Settlement of Pennsylvania, Charles H.
Browning, 1912, 1990, 2000. Softcover, 6x9, 296 pages, maps,
landowner's plat maps, and an everyname index. This is a new
book in new book condition.
An incredible amount of information is given on the earliest
settlers and their descendants of the Welsh Tract area.
Many, many families resided within the various land patent
tracts, which were immense. There is a world of information
in this book. The contents include:

Arranging Welsh Settlement
Welsh Land Companies
Thomas and Jones' Land Patent
Merion Adventurers
Families and Lands of  First Arrivals
Families and Lands of Second Arrivals
Lloyd and Davies' Land Patent
John Bevan's Land Patent
John and Wynne's Land Patent
Lewis David's Land Patent
Richard Thomas' Land Patent
Richard David's Land Patent
Welsh Planters and Servants

The Illustrations include:  Merion Meeting House; Map of the
Thomas and Jones Tract in 1683-4; Merion Meeting House;
Location of Merion Meeting's Land 1695-1804; A Section of
Holme's Map of PA ca. 1688; A Section of Scull & Heap's Map
of PA 1750; A Section of Read's Map of PA.;
Locations of First Meeting Houses; Haverford Tp (1690) East
Part; Haverford Tp., (1690) West Part.

Surnames include:  Abel, Abraham, Allen, Andrews, Armes,
Arthur, Ascue, Ashbridge, Asbridge, Ashcombe, Ashcom,
Atherton, Atkinson, Atlee, Aubrey/Awbrey, Bacon, Ball,
Barnes, Bartlett, Bate, Bealer, Beardsley, Bedward, Besse,
Beitaly/Bettly, Bryan, Bevan, Biddle, Bingley, Blackham,
Blackstone, Blackwell, Bond, Boulton, Bourge, Bowen, Bowle,
Bowne, Bradford, Brinton, Broadbee, Brock, Brockes, Brooke,
Brown, Browning, Buffstin, Bullock, Burge, Burnyeat, Burk,
Buse, Buttall, Cadwalader, Carpenter, Carpley, Cassel,
Chalkley, Chambers, Charles, Chew, Childs, Chorley, Clapp,
Clancy, Clark, Cloud, Coates, Cochran, Cock, Cofing, Colket,
Collet, Collins, Comfort, Compton, Cox, Cooke, Coopland,
Coppock, Corson, Core, Cowpland, Cox, Craffot, Creakbeam,
Cresson, Crosby, Cross, Crossman, Crothers, Cuaron, Cully,
David, Davie, Davies, Davids, Davis, Day, Deemer,
d'Invilliers, Dickinson, Dillard, Downing, Dreel, Duckett,
Duer, Dunbabin, Eckley, Edge, Edmundson, Edward, Edwards,
Ehret, Eliza!
beth, Ellet, Ellis, Emlen, Endon, Evan, Evans, Eves,
Faddery, Fish, Fishbourne, Fisher, Fleming, Ffloid, Ford,
Foulke, Forster, Fox, Fuller, Furby, Furness, Galloway,
Gallowell, Garrett, Garrigues, Gee, George, German, Gibbons,
Glenn, Good, Goodin, Goodwin, Goodson, Graeme,
Griffith, Griscom, Growden, "Gynn", Habard, Habart, Hallins,
Haney, Hank, Hankinson, Hardiman, Harper, Harris, Harrison,
Harry, Hastings, Havard, Havid, Haxett, Hayes, Heath,
Height, Henton, Herbert, Heth, Hibbard, Hicks, Higginson,
Hill, Hilling, Hinton, Hoffman, Hogg, Holcroft, Holland,
Hollowell, Holme, Hone, Hood, Hoskins, Howel(l), Hubbs,
Hudson, Hugh, Hughs, Hughes, Hulse, Humphries,
Humphrey(s)(ies), Hunt, Hunter, Hurry, Ingels, Ingram,
Jackson, James, Jance,
Jarman/Jarmain/Jarmon/Jermin/Jermon/Jormon, Jenkins,
Jennings, John, Johnes, Johns, Johnson, Jones, Jordan,
Keith, Kelly, Kenderdine, Kinchner, Kinsey, Latch, Lawrence,
Leacey, Leacock, Lehnman, Levick, Lewis, Lightnew,
Lippincott, Llewellyn, Lloyd, Lodovicus, Logan, Longworthy,
Lort, Lower, Lowry, Lukens, Margaret, Maurice, McCall,
MacVeigh, Malin, Maris, Markham, Marriot, Marchant, Marsh,
Marshall, Maruin, Mather, Matthews, Maud, Maurice, Mays,
Medlicot, Meigs, Mele, Mellor, Mendenhall, Meredith, Meteer,
ar, Miles, Miller, Millington, Mills, Mirick, Molineaux,
Montgomery, Moore, Morce, Mordant, More, Morgan, Morice,
Morris, Mortimer, Murrey, Musegrove/Musgrave, Nancarro,
Nealson, Needman, Nellson, Nicholas, Norris, Ogden, Oliver,
Orms/Orme, Osborne, Orin, Owen, Owens, Painter, Palmer,
Pardo, Parker, Parr, Parry, Parsons, Paschall, Pastorius,
Paul, Pearson, Pearsall, Pemberton, Penn, Pennington,
Pennock, Pennypacker, Penrose, Perot, Perrot, Peter, Peters,
Philip, Phillips, Phillipin, Pickering, Pinniard, Potter,
Potts, Powel(l), Poyer, Prees, Preeson, Preston, Price,
Prichard, Priest, Pris, Prothero, Pugh (evan), Pusey,
Quandrill, Ratcliff, Rawle, Read, Redman, Reece/Rees/Reese,
Reinald, Reynold(s), Rhoads, Rhode, Rhoderick, Rhydd,
Rhytherch/Rhydderch, Richard(s), Richardson, Rider, Ridgway,
Right, Ringgold, Roades, Robb, Robert(s), Roger, Ross,
Rotheroe/Rothers, Roules, Rowe, Rowen, Rowland, Rowles,
Rudyard, Russell, Rutter, Rytharch, Sandiford, Samuel,
Sanburn, Sanders, Sca!
rlett, Schley, Schrew, Scotharn, Scotson, Scott, Scourfield,
Sellers, Sharlow, Sharpless, Shepherd, Shippen, Shober,
Shoemaker, Short, Sibill, Simons, Simson, Sinex, Sinkler,
Sixmith, Sixsinth, Sixsmith, Skone, Skurfiels, Sky, Smedley,
Smith, Southworth, Stadleman, Stafford, Stalker, Steel,
Steinmetz, Stephens, Stephen, Stewardson, Story, Stout,
Sullivan, Sullivant, Symcock, Symmons, Taylor, Thomas,
Thomson, Tilghman, Toland, Tounson, Townsend, Travis,
Trevor, Trimble, Troth, Tunes/Tunis, Turner, Tudor, Vaughan,
Vaughin, Vaux, Vernon, Vincent, Wainwright,
Waker/Vaikaw/Walker, Wallis, Waln, Walter, Warley, Warner,
Watkin, Watkins, Watson, Watts, Wayne, Weaver, Welles, West,
Weston, Wetherill, Wharton, Wheeldon, Wheeler, White,
Whitpain, Wiges, Wilcox, William(s), Williamson, Willing,
Willis, Wilson, Wister, Wood, Woodville, Woodliffe, Worrell,
Wynne, Yocum, Young, and Zane.

$23.50 plus $3.50 media mail postage and handling.

Good evening, Marie.

The Merion Meeting House is in present day Montgomery
County, PA. Priod to 1784, it would have been in Philadelphia County.

This book has been sold, but I could order another one, if you are

Helen Fazio

HELEN,  thank you.
WE are  interested in  SELLERS/ZELLERS as we did have
families here in 1693
and 1729 PHIL CO, PA.
WE had a member send us recently 1734? PHIL CO, PA SELLERS
and I am sure they
would connect?

AND we are interested in them and their neighbors.
Are you doing lookups ? OR you had the book and sold it,
SO, now you don't have the info?
I am sure you will be receiving many letters AND I thank you
for sharing.
marie, iowa

Sun, 27 Jan 2002 21:34:08 -0600
          "H. Fazio" <>
I sell books, & I have sold this one.

This book has  Richard Lloyd who m. a  Hannah, dau. of
Samuel & Sarah Sellers in 1736 at the Darby MM of Quakers.

THANKS for going the Extra Mile!
Best Wishes to You.
marie, iowa

       Re:3 Welsh Tracts around Philadelphia early
       Mon, 28 Jan 2002 07:21:36 -0500

Marie,I'm from Abraham [Abrams] and Wynne [Winn]   [AND
Jones[?]in the earliest Welsh Tract
mentioned below,which is just west of downtown
Philadelphia,west of the
Schukyl sp?
River. IT dates from pre 1680.when the Welsh,like Dr Thomas
Wynne, bought
a big tract while still in the British Isles. Quakers
in the Welsh Tract" is a book I own. Most owned downtown
Phila lots at
one early date.
Then nnw of Philadelphia 20-25 miles was the 1698 Gwynedd,or
North Wales
, tract of my Foulke's,and Pres Grant's Roberts and
Griffiths [his
Simpson's adjoined this sw Ohio farm. Episcopalian and
children became Quaker,in part.
3rd was a Welsh Tract of Pecander Hundred-New Castle Co,N
e Cecil Co,Md.  Welsh iron miners for Iron Hill. 1710 era. A
portion of
them moved to
Welsh Neck, SC. bAPTISTS