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oct 20, 2008

I found some blogs online you posted about your descendents from the Sellers line. James L Sellers was my great-great-grandfather. Nancy Emma Adams was my great-great grandmother. Her last child, Emma Zola Sellers was my great-grandmother. I have great memories of her. The 21st child of James L Sellers. (Yeah! Although great-great-grandma wasn't too happy with great-great-grandpa at the time.)

Her son Paul Sellers Verkin is my grandfather. He is living in LaMarque, TX. right outside of Galveston. He is 83 years old and is doing well.

I just started doing family research in July. Its amazing how many stories are in the numbers.
Of course, I would love to get in touch with you and ask you some questions.


Paul Ruiz de Velasco
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PAUL, thanks.

When, Where did Nancy Emma die?
I believe this is the Bell Co., Tx family?
I believe he was Civil War, but haven't proved where he came from.

Do you have other info?
Thank you for sharing.
marie, iowa
James and Nancy are burried next to each other in Resthaven Cemetery in Belton, TX. Nancy remarried a W. J. Cooper. Her Headstone says Cooper. So does her death certificate.

Nancy Adams
Birth: 07 Oct 1859 in Georgia
Death: 11 Apr 1920 in Belton, TX

I have attached pictures of the headstones, pictures, and documents.
Here are some more pics and docs.

JAMES L. SELLERS 1832/1911, page 1

JAMES L. SELLERS 1832/1911, page 2







JAMES LAFAYETTE SELLERS 1833/1911 booklet by Mrs. D.L.(Aline Lamb Sellers) in 1978 , page 1-33
JAMES LAFAYETTE SELLERS 1833/1911 booklet by Mrs D. L. (Aline Lamb Sellers in 1978, page 34-59
JAMES LAFAYETTE SELLERS 1833/1911 booklet by Mrs D. L. (Aline Lamb Sellers in 1978, page 60-93

PAUL, thank you very much for sharing with us.

I will share this info with our SELLERS members by you and link to BELL CO, TX and MAURY CO,TN. and this should help cousins, etc connect to you.
Keep us up to date on any documents.

I have some questions.

HOW did we prove MARTHA JANE SELLERS , March 1853 to RUFUS POPE? as his daughter?

HOW did we prove the CIVIL WAR file from Maury Co., TN to the J. L. SELLERS in Bell Co, Tx?
We have one from Alabama CW in Borden Co., TX ALSO,

I don't see this family in 1860, so how do we know where enlisted etc. OR parents or relation next to?
I tried to get an enlistment place, didn't see or went too fast?

I need the info on the parents of Carol Sellers = her parents names, ages, places. PLEASE SEND.
THANK YOU, I just have to SEE. marie, iowa


Hi Marie, I am in San Antonio and will be in WI next week. When I return home to Desoto, I will get back with you. Paul


NOV 25, 2008

Merry Christmas,
I know its a little early but I wanted to share a wonderful excerpt from a genealogy book with you that was written in 1978 by by Mrs. D.L. Sellers. I think you will find some interesting information and answers to your questions(see below). Let me know what you think and have a great Thanksgiving.
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Great to hear from you Paul.  When you find a living male Sellers, we need to do DNA testing.  My branch is off of James T/Y Sellers who died 1805 in Chatham County, NC.  Since your James Lafayette Sellers was born in 1832 in NC, he came to Maury County much later than the other Sellers in Maury County, TN.  James T/Y Sellers had a son named Young Sellers that stayed in Chatham County, NC.  He had several sons but I can only identify two of them.  Young Sellers died 1850-1860.
I am also wondering if James Lafayette Sellers had a sister named Mary Sellers that married Hellman Emler.  Hellman Emler and Mary are in 1860 Ripley County, Missouri, as well as a John Cellers born NC.  In 1870 Maury County, TN, James Lafayette Sellers says that John Thomas, his son was born in MO.  In 1870 Maury County, TN, James Lafayette Sellers is living near Hellman Emler.
I can wait to see what you have on the early members of this family.
Georgia Burnett Fletcher


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Hi Georgia,
Can you explain "we need to find a living male Sellers." My great great grandfather was James L. Sellers. Will that work or do you need his son's, son, son? I have been in contact with several direct Great grandsons of James L. Sellers.Can you give more information on the DNA process, cost, and details? I have also attached the entire book by Aline Sellers in sections. It is very interesting to read and has a great amount of information on James L Sellers decendents. She did a tremdous job.
Just wondering if you use a geneaolgy software?
Have a great day,
On Thu, Nov 27, 2008 at 12:00 PM, Georgia L. Fletcher <> wrote:
Paul, what we need to do is find a living male Sellers.  Since James Lafayette Sellers had so many kids that should be easy to do.  I know this family is connected to my Sellers in Maury County, TN but I just do not know how.
I am a descendant of James T/Y Sellers who died in Chatham County, NC.  He has a son Isaac Sellers who married Judith Johnson.  I descend from their daughter, Melinda J. Sellers.  Most of James T/Y Sellers sons ended up in Maury County, TN.  James T/Y Sellers also had a brother named Robert Seller Sr. that lived in Burke County, NC.
I don't have any pictures of Sellers as my line ends in the early 1800's except for the female line.
I am going to try and find out what happened to Margaret and Sarah J. Sellers that married Fitzgerald men (probably brothers).
Do you have the complete book that Aline Lamb Sellers wrote in 1978.  I would love to have a copy if you do.
Happy Thanksgiving.  I've got to start cooking.
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I agree! If you have any more information, documents or pictures on John Sellers and his decendents, I would definitely appreciate it.
How are you related to the Sellers?
I am attaching a picture of James L. Sellers. Enjoy. Also my home number is 972 223-4378, My cell is 469 855-2092. Call me anytime. I would love to talk with you.

On Wed, Nov 26, 2008 at 7:11 PM, Georgia L. Fletcher <> wrote:
I think the John Sellers in 1850 Lewis County, Tennessee is James Lafayette Sellers family.
In Maury County, Tennessee in the early 1850's we have a marriage for a James Sellers, Margaret Sellers, Sarah Sellers and Mary E. Sellers.
Margaret Sellers married W. P. Fitzgerald on 28 September 1853 Maury County, Tennessee
Sarah J. Sellers married David J. Fitzgerald on 22 June 1854 Maury County, Tennessee
Mary E. Sellers married Hellman Emler on 26 October 1856 Maury County, Tennessee
Also James Lafayette Sellers said he had 5 sisters and 1 brother.
The 1850 Lewis County, Tennessee census is listed wrong on the sheet that you sent to me
William Sellers was not age 7/12, but was listed as 6 years and then on the next page is a daughter, Rebecca A. Sellers, age 7/12.  That would make him have 5 sisters and 1 brother.
1850 Lewis County, Tennessee
John Sellers, 50, VA
Elizabeth Sellers, 30, NC
James Sellers, 20, NC  Is this James Lafayette Sellers?
Margaret Sellers, 18, TN
Sarah Sellers, 18, TN
Caroline Sellers, 13, TN
Mary E. Sellers, 11, TN
William Sellers, 6, TN
Rebecca A. Sellers, 7/12, TN
This is the correct census reading and James has 5 sisters and 1 brother.
There are other member of the Sellers family that lived in Lewis County, Tennessee also.  I know they are connected to the Chatham County and Burke County, NC Sellers but I don't know the connection yet.



Paul, when I say we need to find a living male Sellers, I mean a living direct male Sellers descendant of James L. Sellers.
This must be James L. Sellers = son= son=son until we find a living male. He would carry the last name of Sellers.
The DNA process is using a cotton swab in the mouth and I think it cost approximately $100. I am going to copy Marie Sellers Hollinger on this letter so she can explain the DNA project to you and how to get signed up and exact cost. Marie is the Sellers List Administrator and a very valuable source of information on Sellers. Thanks for a copy of the book by Aline Sellers. I look forward to reading it. I use Family Tree Maker as my genealogy software.
I'm hoping we'll be able to tie your family to James T/Y Sellers of Chatham County, NC.
We'll have to do a lot more research to find the exact link however. MARIE, will you please respond to Paul regarding his questions on DNA.
Georgia L. Fletcher []
nov 28, 2008


GEORGIA, thanks.

PAUL, been going to write all week, but, wanted to look up some more charts you hadn't sent.

If you have complete book of Aline Lamb Sellers, would appreciate. I did receive a few pages, but, didn't show kids, etc.

What You/We need is a male Sellers from any of your families that will do a dna test.
Any of James L. Sellers 1833 male kids and their male kids or their male kids would be a good start. = GGor GGG grand kids = that are Male Sellers.

You will need to follow James Sellers 1833 kids thro their families and find a living male Sellers.

I haven't continued his kids on, so don't have in front of me. Going to do all week.

But, I believe he had sons
Willis Franklin?
And These boys had WHAT kids = (which mother makes NO diff) ONE of their sons/grandsons probably could be living and able to do test.

It costs about $100 It is a cheek swab and it is mailed to you and you mail back = all from home.

If financial problems, advise, sometimes we can get a sponser to help now and you help others later.

IT does Not prove James L. Sellers 1833 father, but, it proves his parents blood line, maybe to our SELLERS here in Maury Co., Tn.

James L. Sellers 1833 lists his dad as born NC on all CENSUS except, 1910 which shows VA.

GEORGIA has worked this area = it is HER area and much info on these lines.

Send what kids you have connected and perhaps we can follow thro.

I did NOT find John Sellers 1800 VA after 1850?
Did he die, move?
Did wife remarry?
Some of our DNA charts results =

Thank You for sharing SELLERS. marie, iowa


PAUL, You stated below = = I have been in contact with several direct Great grandsons of James L. Sellers. = if these are male SELLERS, any of them will work. GREAT. keep in touch. marie, iowa


Marie, I found James L. Sellers' sister, Mary Sellers Emler who married Hellman Emler in Maury County, TN, in 1860 Ripley County, MO.
There is also a John Sellers in Ripley County, MO. Hellman Emler is back in Maury County, TN by 1870 and living close to James L. Sellers. I'm not finding them after 1870.
James' first son was born in MO so it very likely was Ripley County, MO.
I know this line is related to my line but I just cannot figure out how. We have many unidentified sons of the sons of James T/Y Sellers of Chatham County, NC and also Robert Sellers Sr. of Burke County, NC.
I'm thinking John Sellers is probably the grandson of James T/Y Sellers or Robert Sellers Sr. Two of James L. Sellers' sisters married Fitzpatrick men in early 1850 in Maury County, TN.


GEORGIA, thanks. They are in Bell Co., TX in 1880, etc. (James L. ) marie, iowa


Hi Marie, Thanks for the information. Here is the entire book by Aline Sellers. I would appreciate any charts or Family Tree files(ftm or ged files) that give information on John Sellers -1850 Lewis County - and his decendents. Paul
(See above,msh)


PAUL, thank you. Very Helpful.
I don't have a chart on JOHN SELLERS 1800 VA/TN living in Lewis Co, TN. that continues on.
Lewis County is a piece of Maury, etc , TN that reverted back to Maury Co., TN. in just a few years/no dates out tonite. Some of his kids appear to have married here. Did he move to Mo or die?
What happened to daughter Caroline? doesn't seem to have married in TN? couldn't find in MO either.
Lots of questions to work on.
I believe we need to take Each of John Sellers 1800 and follow his kids thru their marriages and where they went.
Then the census takers went to all initials and no names and not easy to follow.
And we may have missed some or misspelled?
And we must study Each connecting county until they move, as this land is one mile or less apart and county land changed. BUT, we must try. Keep in touch. HELP where you can. marie, iowa