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Hello list Iam searching for some information on my grandfather George
Washington Sellers he was born Feb 11, 1898 in Wolf City Hunt Co. Texas,
Died May 5, 1971 in Hugo, Choctaw Co. Oklahoma,his parents are George
Washington and Elizabeth Amanda (Mandy) Sellers maiden name Bartly they
were married Jan 5 1889 in Rockwall Co. Texas. My grandfather was married
3 times to Zelea Pease, my grandmother Ruby Mae Sellers B. Nov 4, 1904
Dennison, Grayson Co. Texas D. Dec 10, 1964 Hugo, Choctaw Co. Oklahoma
and Ruby Pierce B July 22, 1902 Texas  D. Feb 1986 Hugo, Oklahoma. I have
tried to get a Birth Record on George but it has been unsuccessful as
they have none for that year, so iam hoping maybe somebody has info

im searching for information on his son George Washington "Wash
Sellers and wife Rebecca, he is said to have died in the mexican war
1847. George had 7 children one of which is my ggrandfather George
Washington "Wash" Sellers B.1843 McMinn Co. TN married to Susan Pease
then to my ggrandmother Amanda Bartley. I hope somebody may have info on
this line
Paula Glovick

Searching for information on my gr. grandmother Amanda Bartley B abt.
1867 in Alabama she married my gr. grandfather George Washington "Wash"
Sellers Jan 5, 1889 Rockwall Co. TX.  Amanda and her sister were orphaned
at an early age and first moved to MS then to TX to be raised by their
uncle. When George died in 1910 she married Henry Bitters or Betters she
died 1917 Allen, OK any info would be appreciated

Paula Glovick 

We have some SELLERS working on TX that may be more knowledgeable and
they can send info.
Is that same place you tried? Sometimes the State has, when the County does
Not and viceversa

Copy of SS papers may contain birth copy?

                       74743  Hugo,
                       Choctaw, OK

Sorry, haven't learned how to copy and paste an internet Frame! marie, iowa

thanks for the info. i have found that info also and it is wrong, its
suppose to be 11 Feb 1898 he died may 4, 1971 maybe they couldnt read his
writing I`am going to go to the ssa and hopefully get it fixed

paula glovick wrote:

> Hi List
> I hope somebody can help me. How do i get a delayed Birth Certificate and
> who do i try to get one from? my grandfather was born 1898 in Wolfe City,
> Hunt Co. TX but i have tried to get a B.C from county and state but they
> have no records and in Ok he went in to the Military and also got a
> social security card which requires proof of birth, as i understand his
> last wife had recieved one but nobody knows how she got it. Any info
> would greatly appreciated.
> Paula

In Mississippi, I was able to get one from Bureau of Statistics for my
father. Most of them were applied for in the 1940s. Call any Medicare or
Medicaid district office and most of them can give you the phone number to
call for a delayed birth certificate.


Try the National archives web site. 

Paula, I'm not sure from where you are writing but if you have a military
base close by, go to them and get the address for RCPAC (Reserve Components
Personnel Center) in St. Louis. They are the repository of Army records.
might possibly have something on you GF.

Delayed B/C usually had to be verified by one or both parents. My father
mother both had delayed B/C from AR. If your GF had a Social Security #,
the Social Security Administration should be able to check his records.
Remember that Bible records also were used as proof of birth in some
Frank Horton

             Jane <>

Lots of people who later had Social Security numbers, never had a  birth
certificate - delayed or otherwise..  Besides the Bible record, they
also established dates of birth by means of school records, baptismal
records, passports, affidavits from older siblings, if parents were not
living, etc.  Why not send for a copy of the SS application papers?

Hope this helps.


        paula glovick <>

TNJefferson] Edward George Sellers 1794

Hi List
Iam searching for information on children for Edward George Sellers born
abt.1794 Jefferson Co.  He married Sarah (Sallie) Witt born abt. 1798
Jefferson Co. They were married March 8, 1818 Jefferson Co. His father is
John Sellers born abt. 1760 PA mother Rebecca George born abt. 1763 PA
they are believed to be my gr grandfathers George Washington "Wash"
Sellers Born 1843 grandparents. Any info would appreciated
Paula Glovick

Amanda Elizabeth Bartley B abt 1867 in Alabama D 1917 Allen OK She had
married my gr grandfather George Washington "Wash" Sellers Jan 5, 1889
Rockwall Co. TX Amanda and her sister were orphaned at an early age and
were moved from Alabama to MS then to TX to be raised by their uncle name
unknown. Amandas parents are believed to have been born in Alabama also.
Amanda and Georges children are Ernest Jackson, Rebecca Ann, Trease,
Homer Edward,Eartha Doll, Bertha (Twins) David, and George Washington Her
step children are George Edward Sellers, Minnie Mae Sellers. Any info
would be greatly appreciated

PAULA - I believe the LDS has copies - they have some books catalogued
on their LDS site on line - don't know if these are. Also the Texas
State Library has . I still use them for lookups .

And I believe our ED SELLERS has a chart on the Witt/Sellers from the
time we were searching in McMinn or Grainger Co, TN. connecting to Jeff
Co, TN.
I'm sure he'll send it to us - otherwise, will look it up. The Jeff Co,
TN minutes and the Witt and George Wills, prove several kids.
marie, iowa

paula glovick wrote:

> Can anyone tell me how or where I can find "The Sellers Letters"?
> any help appreciated private email is ok
> Paula Glovick

There's a couple queries
The marriage in Jeff Co,Tn
A land deed
Have you been to the Sellers Jeff Co,Tn web page=

I believe part of this family went to Newton and  McDonald Co,MO - marie, iowa

George Washington Sellers B. 11 Feb 1898 Wolfe City, Hunt, TX
D. 4 May 1971 Hugo, Choctaw, OK  Ruby Mae Hukill B. 4 Nov 1904 Dennison,
Grayson, TX D. 10 Dec 1964 Hugo, Choctaw, OK

Gr Grandparents;
George Washington "Wash" Sellers B. 1843 McMinn Co. TN  D. 1910 Hughes
Co. OK
Amanda Elizabeth Bartley B. Abt 1867 Alabama D. 1917 Allen, OK

Gr Gr Grandparents;
Unsure (Believed to be a George Washington and died in the mexican war)
Unsure( Believed to be Rebecca)

Believed to be Gr Gr Gr Grandparents;
Edward George Sellers B. Abt 1794 Jefferson, Co. TN Sarah (Sallie) Witt
B. Abt 1798 Jefferson Co. TN

Gr Gr Gr Gr Grandparents;
John Sellers B. 1762 PA  D. 22 Aug 1839 Hamilton, TN  Rebecca George B.
Abt 1763 PA  D. 12 Aug 1839 Hamilton, TN

Gr Gr Gr Gr Gr Grandfather Christian Sellers Sr. B. 1718 Zurich

Gr Gr Gr Gr Gr Gr Grandfather Jacob Zellers 1696 Zurich Switzerland