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Thanks for the info I will let mom know she will be thrilled! I know she is appreciative. If there is anything we can help you with let us know. We look forward to hearing from soon again. Thanks bunches, Paula Dear Marie, Thanks bunches for your prompt reply. This is difficult for me as I am trying to transpose from mom who does not have acsess to a computer. Please be patient with me. Mom says she shows David and Sarah Sellers and all 6 children born in Ohio? plus another child David Sellers b.4-14-1864. Mom has David Sellers birth as 4-9-1827 and Sarah Marie Rodgers as 12-16-1831. Eugene Sellers was born in Noble County, Kendalville, Indiana on 11-4-1862. Eugene married Anna M. Horner(b 4-7-1868, d 6-16-1651) in Wood County, Bowling Green, Ohio on 6--17-1885. Eugene and Anna moved to Sparta, Michigan on 3-15-1899. First child was Sarah Anna Sellers(b 11-4-1886, d 12-14-1913) she was born in Wood County, Deshler, Ohio. Sarah married and had one daughter Beatrice, who is my mom's mom! Eugene died 10-12-1907 in Sparta, Michigan. Mom also shows Sarah Rodgers Sellers parents as Eliphalet Rodgers(b 10-9-1795) and Hannah Jackson(b 8-23-1802). I hope this information is helpful to you. Mom is seeking information on David Sellers she says that she has been unable to trace him and would appreciate any help that you can give her. Thanks again!! Am looking forward to hearing from you again soon!! Sincerely, Paula Helsel

---------- > From: marie sellers hollinger <> > To: Paula & Paul Helsel <p&> > Subject: Re: Genealogy help > Date: Wednesday, February 12, 1997 4:47 AM > > Paula, we will need to work from NOBLE CO, IND = >
1860 = DAVID SELLERS 31, Ohio, shoemaker >
wife = Sarah 28, Ohio >
ch = Alonzo 9, Ohio >
Wm 7, Ohio (1853 they were in OHIO) >
Charles 5, Ind >
Eliphlet 4, Ind >
Martin 3, Ind >
Frederick,? Ind > >
I did not see David/Sarah/s marriage- probably an unposted county in > Ohio? > Eugene is probably on the 1870/1880 census -did not see in Indiana- > David SELLERS born about 1829 Ohio could have been in Civil War -may > tell where born- > Send info you have on Eugene- > names > dates > places > do not need all kids, > need a link of child - > when/where he is > questions/please ask > thanks, marie, iowa > where is Eugene in 1900 = > where married? > where first child born?

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Dear Marie, I wrote to you for my mother re: David Sellers. You said you were going to try and find some info for us. I hope this jogs your memory. Thanks bunches! Paula Helsel

PAULA - yes , have your file , it is under Paula, and had slid down! I believe I sent you the 1860 census info from NOBLE CO, IND- I did read 1850 WOOD CO, OHIO - NO proof here, but, it still looks good-

1850 WOOD CO, OHIO, JOHN SELLERS 43 PA ELIZABETH 36 PA ANDREW 17 OH CATHERINE 15 OH ROBERT 13 OH CATHERINE STROWSE???73 PA (probably a mother in law or remarried mother)

DAVID SELLERS 1827/9 is NOT here- I read 8 - 1850 OHIO census and did NOT find- but, there are 6 more OHIO COUNTIES that have David SELLERS - could NOT find ALONZO RODGERS/ROGERS again and did NOT see a WILL for him-

1840 WOOD CO, OHIO = JOHN SELLERS, page 410 and ALONZO RODGERS, page 404 1830 - quess I don't have ??and they should be here or in OHIO as David was born 1827/9 OHIO maybe on line - there is one made- and if here this early they could be in WOOD CO history =? or WOOD CO land entries =?

THIS is ALL the info I have - will add to your page and perhaps someone else will connect - 1880 WOOD CO, OHIO = JOHN CELLERS, perry twn-this is where they lived and HENRY CELLERS- i DON'T think I have??

THANKS for reminding me to up date you - usually, If I find some info to a certain COUNTY - I will post under WOOD CO, OHIO, etc, but, I probably just have a link (click on) and go to your page-

THANKS for sharing SELLERS, marie, iowa

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Thanks for the info I will let mom know she will be thrilled! I know she is appreciative. If there is anything we can help you with let us know. We look forward to hearing from soon again. Thanks bunches, Paula 

          "Sue Hallock"
Hi Marie:
     Okay here is what I have on Eugene Sellers, my great grandfather.
     Eugene Sellers-born 11-24-1862-Kendalville,Noble County,Indiana. Son
of David Sellers-born- 1826-29--Sarah Mariah Rogers-born- 1831.
      Eugene married Anna M. Horner-born4-7-1868 Wood County,Ohio. Married-
6-17-1885- Bowling Green,Ohio.
     Children-- Sarah Anna Sellers - 11-4-1886--12-14-1913
                     Franklin Harry- 12-31-1888
                     Guy Emanuel - 8-5-1896
                     Loyd David - 2-8-1900
      Sarah Anna Sellers married James Klinghammer (Horton)-6-17-1906-Grand
Rapids, Michigan.
      One Daughter-my mother- Beatrice Catherine Klinghammer(Horton).born
3-29-1907 Sparta,Michigan-died 11-29-1971-Grand Rapids, Michigan.
       Eugene and Anna moved to Algoma Twp., Kent County,Michigan in 1899.
In 1906 they moved to Sparta, Kent Co., Mi. Eugene died 12-10-1907 in
Sparta, Kent Co., Mi. Anna Horner Sellers died 6-16-1951 in Sparta, Mi.
     Marie, it seem like my cousin found David-wife Maranda in Wayne Twp.
Noble Co, indiana living in household of Southwind, on 1850 Indiana
census.We thought this was a good possibility. I'm not sure about Civil
war- family at some point may have been Quakers. Will do some checking on
Civil war.
     All for now, thanks for your help. Oh how do I send a query type
letter to the discussion group????
      Thanks again, Susan

             "Sue Hallock"

           Hi Peter,

Am working on Frederick Zeller, born ca1796 and came to U.S. from Hamburg,
Germany about 1820 or 1821 with 2 children Frederick II m. Hannah Shidler,
and don't know the other childs name. Went to Maryland and then to Stark
Co. Ohio. Frederick Zellers I--will lists my gg-grandfathers children but
have not yet made connection.



Thanks. This is same Frederick Zellers. Went to Seneca Co. from Stark Co.
Trying to link him to David S. Sellers as all of David's children are named
in Frederick's will. The David listed is not the right one. David S.
Sellers married Sarah Mariah Rogers and went to Noble Co. Indiana. Somehow
they are linked but haven't figured it out yet. Perhaps nephew of
Fredericks? or youngest child?


             "Sue Hallock"
        Here are the list of heirs in "Mack" Sellers will dated July 13, 1923.
"Mack" Sellers owned the Cedar Springs Clipper Newspaper, Cedar Springs,
Kent County, Michigan.

Charles N. Sellers               brother            75        Beulah,
Mrs. LaRhue S. Mateer        sister             77         Seattle, Wash.
Leonard M. Wingert             nephew           52         Seattle, Wash.
Mrs. Mabel Heston Drisko    Grand niece    35         Seattle, Wash.
Rhuie Heston French           Grand niece    32          Seattle, Wash.
Donald W. Heston               Grand Nephew 22         Seattle, Wash.
Stanley Heston                   Grand nephew 20          Seattle, Wash.
Robert O. Heston                Grand nephew 29          Seattle, Wash.
Leonard Sellers                   Nephew          45          Stockton,
J. Frank Sellers                   Nephew          54         Elma, Wash.
Harry J. Sellers                   Nephew          49          Elma, Wash.
Mrs. Lillie Everett                Niece              40          Mancos,
Laura B. Hoback                 Niece             51           Maple City,
Maymie Messenger             Niece             41           Raymond, Wash.
Orace Sellers                      Nephew          20           Jasper,


Beulah Co = Pueble Co,=20/30 miles east of Custer, Co
Seattle, Wa = King Co
Stockton, Ca = San Joaquin Co
Elma, Wa = Grays Harbor Co
Mancos, Co = Montezuma Co
Maple City, KS = Cowley Co
Raymond, Wa = Pacific Co
Jasper, Mo=Jasper Co, Mo

Frederick Sellers II, born December 26, 1817 in Germany would be brother of
David Sellers, born April 9, 1827 in Ohio. Both children of Frederick
Sellers (Zellers) born June 10, 1796 in Germany. Fredercik I and wife
Charlotte came to U.S., 1820-1821 with 2 children.

Frederick II and wife Hannah Shidler were in Pleasant Twp., Seneca Co.,
Ohio in 1850. I believe that I posted that and the 1860 for the Seneca Co.

We are still working on where they emigrated to and any other counties they
may have been in.

As far as I know so far, David Sellers was the only one of the family that
went to Indiana, married and had family and came to Michigan. Can find no
one to connect him to in Michigan. And still cannot make any connection to
Leonard McKnight Sellers of Penn.-Mich.

Still searching, Susan

Our William Henry Sellers, b.April 22, 1853, Indiana, d. February 8, 1918
in Clyde, Sandusky Co., Ohio--married Francis L. Whitman, b.August 11, 1858
Ohio, d. May 14, 1915 in Clyde, Sandusky Co., Ohio--I know they had one
daughter Leona M. Any other children I don't know.