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 My g-g-g-grandfather was Ethelred (Eldred) Sellers (supposedly) born in
 Brunswick NC (supposedly) between 1700 - 1775.  I am descended through
 son Almon Lewis' line. Almon (b. 1807) married Prudence Robbins (b. 1808)

 I bet these two Ethelred's are related, because my g-g-g-grandfather
 with my g-g-grandfather Almon to Pike County Alabama. But how they are
 related, I do not know....

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Looking for Etheldred Sellers born @ 1810-1815, NC, married Julia =
 Stephens in 1836 in Pike Co., AL, had several children--one of
was =

Almon L(ewis) Sellers  - (Son of Ethelred/and Penelope ?. Almon born
31July1807 in Brunswick, NC)
Prudence  (Born 3May1808 NC, married to Almon 15Jan1829. Prudence dau. of
Joel Robbins/Mary Reaves)

Their twelve (12) children follow:

Edmund (Middle name Eldred. Born 1Jan1830 NC)
(Penelope Jane born 2June1832 NC)
Mary (Middle name Eliza. Born 27April1834 NC)
(Prudence --- was a twin to Mary Eliza. Died as an infant.)
Christopher (Middle name Columbus - went by "Kit" or "C.C." Was 1st child
born outside NC - Kit was born 2April1836 near Tallahassee Florida.)

**Solomon  ( "Sol", middle name Reeves. Born 23Jan1839 Pike Co. AL)  ** I

Joel (Middle name Lewis. Born 27Jan1841 AL)
Sarah (Middle name Ann. Born 13Jan1843 AL)
Elizabeth (Born 12Feb1845 AL)
John (Middle initial A. Born 12 Mar1848 AL)
(Simeon born 14April1850 died as an infant AL)
(Angeline born 25Nov1852 Coryell Co TX)

** Solomon Reeves Sellers (b. 23Jan1839) and Sarah Rebecca McDonald (b. ?
Tennessee or Louisiana) were married 7April1878 in Coryell Co. TX.

Their children follow:

Rena Ellender b. 21Jan1879 d. 5Sep1917
Willis Green b. 28Apr1880 d. 18Sep1938
**Simeon Reeves b. 4Jan1882 d. 26Oct1955   **I CONNECT TO THIS LINE***
Mary R. V.  b. Mar1884
Marcellus Stephen b. 23Mar1886 d. 6Feb1966
Emily Bell b. Jan1888

**Simeon Reeves Sellers and Sadie Belle McDonald (b. 24Nov1893, d.
21May1973) were married on 27Apr1914.

Their children follow:

Ouida Nell b. 31Jan1915 d. 4Jun1973
**Semion Reeves, Jr. b. 7July1920 d. 5May1990   **I CONNECT TO THIS LINE**
Kenneth Albert  b. 21Aug1924  d. 11Feb1959
Billy Donald  b. 5Jun1929 d. 12Nov1986